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I tweet WAY too much. | | she/her/bro asexual/demiromantic/panflirt | | BizOps PM for @Microsoft's @WatchMixer & opinions are my own | | content rating 18+ 😘

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Good news, everyone! @kavmac Fair point @elybeatmaker Right I am shocked tooOne time vertical video is definitely better. @ConcealedBones RIGHT @DatFailGamur I see you Jess. I very much see you. @Hanse00 @Sacheverell How about Y E S @Hanse00 @Sacheverell I like that answer better Gonna go with that oneOk so the logic here Is that If you have a fire pit And you put a fire in the fire pit And there are smores fixings… daughter and I would both like one, please and thanks. @mkbeanbuilds *wordless spine crushing hugs*Is there anything more wonderful than the sweet sweet cuddles of a therapy kittyyyyy know that "rivals accidentally falling in love" is a massively overworked trope But I still love it
@MattSalsamendi @SuitJames Welp @SeraphimRedd Pressures for us to be self reliant adults are pretty damn real for womens? @workshopcraft EXACTLY. @Viking_Lass Well Youre my butts And if you dont mind me being silent mostly You can talk at me all you want You has my number @Viking_Lass I feel for you, I do, but I struggle with overly friendly strangers on normal days, and now that I hav… im bored. Gates open to tavi and tavi only why would I do it the easy way when I can do it the over-the-top-obsessive way?Me: I want to build an acnh amphitheater! Also me: ok, where? Me: suburbia? Also me: not enough room Me: by the bea… ok u can call me pumpkin 🥺🥺🥺🥺Cherry started calling me "motor" and I was like, whatever Cherry, just notice me senpaiii Then Sydney started cal… #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch pitch: "Hi, I've put literally no thought or effort in, but I'd love a handout. Can I pick your brain?" Great…
Retweeted by Graph 🍊 SweetCreek @dmynerd78 I checked and all i see is skull srry @dmynerd78 Maybe? I dunno. Gonna boop off for a second, brb and we can check thenTIL that baby deers sound like kittens @larissa72a Ive got people coming and going all day, so better stay putPs, there are new things on the swap board, so. @larissa72a Morning! I'm up and gates are open. Poke when you're ready for dodo :3After I get bored of having my gates open, all leftovers go to @Tavinnea for her fundraising strim next week. Come… Sunday! dm for code @Vooness Awww was hoping was pasta Cuz I miss you And was gonna volunteer to help with leftovers Enjoy your husband man's drink mixing <3 @SynistyrTV Amazon I think?Babayaga! @SynistyrTV Joooin me"I hear you struck my son. May I ask why?" "Well sir, he uh, stole John Wick's car." "..." "And he shot his dog" ".… @Vooness Whaaat is that? @Yirggzmb down, 4pm hot ask @DatFailGamur Still love to see it. 💋 @larissa72a Possibly tomorrow? Gonna do dodo code tomorrow @SantaDevs Yeah, we're still quite locked down here and I'm still seeing people gathering sans mask. I'm staying h…
@LenaAxios @Antijingoist <3Gates still open, but I'm afk for a while. Come swap & catalog to your heart's content! Will do again tomorrow, an… @NihonTigerLP Niice @Antijingoist damnit was that you? I just saw your exit on screen 😭hi @NihonTigerLP Just checked, have tail but not tip. Welp @NihonTigerLP 🤔 did i not have one? Someone may've swiped alreadyUpdate Graphy needs >right Ptera wing I think that's the one that will finish my fossils!! :D @Tavinnea Basically anything out is fair game for you/teh stream. Tomorrow when im over it, let's coordinate a transfer of stuffs, ye? @Tavinnea I think i have a few of those xD @misterjkr Yes plsrain stopped uwu #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch Graphy needs >Dunkleosteus >Megalo left >Opthalmo skull >right Ptera wing Here is thing to help you determine which fossils you need @Raikon_Chemlyk ... @Raikon_Chemlyk Ass.IF YOU PROMISE TO TAKE A THING TO @Tavinnea'S ISLAND FOR ME, I WILL GIVE THANK YOU THING TO YOU… @Tyranostradamus SUE is hiding from the public this weekend.Graphy needs >Amber >Dunkleosteus >Brachio chest >Deinony torso >Megalo left & right >Opthalmo skull >right Ptera wing🍊 suggested donation is stack of bait, pls deliver beside my house 🍊 bring fossils for swap if you want, or just co… weekend!! gates open now! I'm gonna need an actual RSVP from you today, to determine how much effort I'm putting in to this. Cuz atm I thi… @RocketBearLive @heatherfofo @WatchMixer One I am delighted to be in on the know. <3 @steinekin 😱 @MrGraphoniac @Sacheverell Sweetheart. I love you.Hi. You should know that today is @RhynoLion's birthday. Come wish happy birthday to the coolest potter while he th… @AshZification yepEver sit down to have a snack with your kid only to wake up hours later in a puddle of drool? yeah me neither @HintShade AAAAHHHHHHH @Vooness @steinekin @EthanRothamel 10/10 best thread on the internet today @joehills My 7yo is watching the last airbender rn 😍
@EpicLaLaGirl @Livvyloll 💯 I'm here for this. 😘Today we're celebrating 3 years of Mixer! Thank you to all our streamers, viewers, and communities. You've made Mix…
Retweeted by Graph 🍊 SweetCreek @dot83 Ooooohhh @MaxAmpere_ Why dad Whyyy @LenaAxios YepIsn't it fun how a sinus cavity can make you think your tooth is rotting out @WBFBDeni Mmhm @WBFBDeni That jerk @RocketBearLive @navithesquirrel @LuckyShotsMIX HARD AGREE
@obcfamily BUT DID YOU TOUCH IT AND DID YOU LOCK IT WITH YOUR OWN HANDS A FEW TIMES TO FEEL THE CLICKTune in next time to find out how the unkempt hairs on my neck are going to start the next great depression!My OCD part 2: Fingers: ok we touched it. Seems locked Eyes: see you're just paranoid Mind: fine can we go to bed… OCD be like Mind: is door locked? Eyes: affirmative OCD: but is it really Eyes: yes OCD: did you touch it Finge… @CultOfAlan I Fuck Howd you know @pvponline The very best!! @MaxAmpere_ WHY DIDNT I SEE THIS SOONER. Are you still up Because I neeeeeed dad time @BrenDRenders 'Twas a mid work day whine. <3 I miss the sounds of the office so much
@MsKMills2017 @NyvenaPlays I built this city on rock and roll.I need you to call me in video and I need you to type to me No, not talk, type with your clicky keys you will have me entranced for hoursI FOUND AN OPEN CAR WASH AAAHHH THAT'S A WHOLE SPOON BACK @MaxAmpere_ @Tyranostradamus Mmhm @Tyranostradamus @MaxAmpere_ I prefer to cat. @LifeSzTeddyBear <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 hello dear friend. @The_Vendelo Teaaach meee @Belindashort @Tyranostradamus I honestly don't mind slipping out of the limelight myself, I stopped getting so man…