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Americanism NOT globalism, Will be our credo! Husband, Father, Proud P & T Veteran, LivePD tweeter

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@startupdaemon @iridium_xenon Power. . . this is all over... These 'nurses' should face prison time for abandoning these older folks. drugs are now in clinical trials, and the Trump Administration is working to make new therapies and treatments a…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @vicenews The Chinese Communist Party called... You're suppose to cradle the balls and work the shaft.BREAKING: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said several dozen State Department employees have contracted COVID-19 inc…
Retweeted by Grat McCallThat's what happens when people are zinc deficient... but I'm only a love doctor @BadCOVID19Takes Has he though?
Retweeted by Grat McCallWhite House news conference at 5:30 P.M. Eastern. Thank you!
Retweeted by Grat McCallCoronavirus pandemic: From 1 to 750,000 cases: 19 weeks From 750,000 to 1,500,000 cases: 9 days
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Retweeted by Grat McCallKeep this body on ice.. full autopsy. Himalayas are visible 125 miles away in India for the first time in 30 years after coronavirus saw pollution le…
Retweeted by Grat McCallWord to the wise... Make your own mask or procure a different source. The first wave of Chinese masks are not tru… fuck this guy already! You line up for his vaccine... that's all on you! a Happy Passover to all those celebrating in America and around the world!
Retweeted by Grat McCallWATCH LIVE: Gov. Newsom gives update on California's response to the #coronavirus outbreak
Retweeted by Grat McCallNow we can say there is hope. @MailOnline Why is a UK publication parroting CCP propaganda? I mean @WHO propaganda?Is it really a second wave if the first wave never stopped? Chinese nationals are still entering US thru a travel ban loophole allowing entry if last time they were…
Retweeted by Grat McCallFrance to extend nationwide lockdown as coronavirus death toll nears 11,000; President Macron to address nation on Monday - AFP
Retweeted by Grat McCallDEVELOPING: Even though the number of people tested has swelled, padding the denominator, the U.S. fatality rate fr…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @ShepardAmbellas Is that mask from china @disclosetv It seems to be behaving slower than excepted...Are we sure R0 on coronavirus is currently sitting at 5.7?Sobering statistic from National Guard chief: mortuary affairs teams removing 150 bodies a day from NYC dwellings,…
Retweeted by Grat McCallGen Joseph Lengyel, head of National Guard, says 28,400 National Guard now serving on front lines of COVID response…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @startupdaemon And I'm just sitting back waiting for the second wave...Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome
Retweeted by Grat McCallThere’s way more evidence that coronavirus was developed as a bioweapon than that Assad ever used chemical weapons.
Retweeted by Grat McCallBecause it a BIOWEAPON!, Bernie is unwilling to give up his delegates, and wants more of them! What’s that all about?
Retweeted by Grat McCall938 new coronavirus deaths in UK in past day, a record high
Retweeted by Grat McCallIn addition to being a sociopathic grifting ghoul, Candace Owens also can't do basic arithmetic.
Retweeted by Grat McCallSo where are those LARPing Campaign workers who were going to burn the towns down????
Retweeted by Grat McCall @ddebbie8 Historically... plagues seem to come in waves. And the second wave is usually the worst.What did @BernieSanders recieve in return for dropping out this time??? 4th Summer house 3 part book deal Executiv… @realDonaldTrump Flatten the curve or live under this free taste of democratic socialism...FLATTENING OF THE CURVE!
Retweeted by Grat McCallI guess everyone is rejecting their free taste of Democratic Socialism...JUST IN: @BernieSanders is suspending his presidential campaign
Retweeted by Grat McCallOnly 35,300 tests administered... is right!
Retweeted by Grat McCall @Seattle2019nCov 60% of 200 million... somebody is making a killing off of Washington state.And shit like this is why lockdown will continue... bunch of selfish M.F's. from Wuhan: Plague Edition. @SFGate You mean like most of the @WHO January posts? @abbiabbiabbi420 @SacCountyCA Great they can get one of those hotel rooms everyone in the state is paying for... just make it mandatory.
@abbiabbiabbi420 @SacCountyCA Yawn... Not an issue in sacramento county. Any other virtue signaling you would like to vomit forth? @abbiabbiabbi420 @SacCountyCA Lulz. You actually think there isnt a difference... how very naive. California is pr… @abbiabbiabbi420 @SacCountyCA 1: you're a moron. 2: we are spending millions on hotel rooms to house them. 3: Homel…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @SacCountyCA Why are you forcing citizens when the homeless are free to ignore? This is straight up bullshit!BREAKING: The company that owns the Logan's Roadhouse restaurant chain has closed all 261 of its locations and fire…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @Acosta WHO could have been heroes... instead they are the villians. chose to be political... now they are villians Where were you the first time you saw @stassi do stand-up? #VanderpumpRules
Retweeted by Grat McCallWhat?
Retweeted by Grat McCallI dont understand why everyone is using zoom?'ll become a space miner!
Retweeted by Grat McCallGovernor Gavin Newsom says he's considering, along with the legislature, to provide direct payments for financial r…
Retweeted by Grat McCallJust cancel the elections now because of inherent fraud of mail in voting... census too County set to open first #COVID19 #coronavirus isolation and quarantine center on Wednesday
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Retweeted by Grat McCall @disclosetv So is this with social distancing factored in?Cant wait for the JuSt ThE fLu crew changes to... there is no proof social distancing worked.From the Young newser, 56 homeless in isolation in city facilities, while 150 have been moved to motels
Retweeted by Grat McCallThe @USNavy has been pussified. say they've calculated for the spread of #COVID19 a median R0 value of 5.7.
Retweeted by Grat McCallRound 2 of infections is about to begin... call it what it is... The Round up of 'unhoused' people has begun. letter was sent to the press before it was sent to me. These press leaks politicizing the intelligence communit…
Retweeted by Grat McCall#BREAKING: Coronavirus deaths in France surpass 10,000 DEVELOPING:
Retweeted by Grat McCallI appreciate all the best wishes I have received. I have been retested and I am negative. I have started volunteeri…
Retweeted by Grat McCallWhen this happens... you have three days to get your food and secure a place to hunker down. Itll get nasty when… what point do we start rounding up journos for treason for openly pushing Chinese govt propaganda
Retweeted by Grat McCallFor some... the lifelong maiming will be worse than death. HEADLINE: Wuhan enters lockdown again as 2nd round of infections begin....Fascinating! you in Sacramento or surrounding counties and still working? Are you an "essential employee"? Daycare workers,…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @startupdaemon @TheSocrateej I was thinking dumbass douche bags... @StefanMolyneux Such large amounts of propaganda.. Needless to say, there is probably a connection.The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @BadCOVID19Takes How does anyone listen to that charlatan?! We should be at the point where officers are passing out masks. @stillgray Its cause he went pro gun, and pro family in his break out directing debute... @startupdaemon @TYGRproductions Oh please of please have smoking be the win on this one.Seven pharmacy employees at the Kaiser Westside Medical Center have tested positive for COVID-19. Now, the pharmacy…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @RealErinCruz We need to be responsible and cremate the bodies now... every religion has suspended burial requireme… #Wuhan Under the cover of darkness a body in Wuhan is being secretly transported, The community property ma…
Retweeted by Grat McCall @ai1qaz2wsx3edc Just get a good multivitamin... typical ones have 5 mg or so of zinc.