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Peter @gravemorgan Portland, OR

Independent multimedia journalist based in PDX. She / her.

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RT if you would like to see your local police department completely dismantled. Tryna see something.
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You can find me here this evening! And you can also bring donations here 👉🏾👈🏾
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@AdamDerivative Bwhahaha @rjgarage @Jahdi_ 😂😂😂 👏👏👏 @dennis_antifa This obviously means immediate bloc ice cream party is needed. It’s for the movement.Explosion theory debunked @Fvck122 Thank you! @NEnd161 AgreedView from Washington park where you can normally see all of downtown lit up. A little bit cool to be out in the big… @Fvck122 Where did you see that?Took a walk up to Washington park, the alleged source of outtage. There’s a HUGE construction project going on up h… @jetseidl Wow what a view! Eerie and a little bit coolAccording to Portland General Electric, close to 10k without power in PDX RN (which I guess relatively is not so ma… and bright flash up near Washington park (transformer?) and now at least half of downtown that I can see…
@Master_Dingo @acab_bitch I LOVE A GOOD GEMINI
Now do the thing where you tip Griffin $13.12 please @Fox1Run But if they do - OLIVIA IM SORRY I CUT YOUR LIGHTS, but also no one likes you in the building because you… @Fox1Run They are definitely not cool enough to follow me on TwitterNope not kidding, yes I instantly felt like a monsterListen it’s been a long day in Olympia and I just got home and impulsively cut my neighbor’s Christmas lights with… @acab_bitch @GriffinMalone6 @squiremate @PDXRosieRiddle Hi I know I inserted myself into a convo that A) didn’t inv… of cots are being unloaded from the buses...implying the troops are planning on sleeping IN the capitol? counted 110+ guarding the gates around the building when we walked into at least a hundred more unloading. front gates of the capitol in Olympia’m at the capitol building in Olympia WA, which is currently surround by 50-100ish fully armed national guard and…
Remember when fascists tried to take back downtown pdx and antifa beat their asses and chased them out of the stree…
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My personal hero, @alankesslr
For years, the FBI knew — but did not warn the public about — the fact that white supremacist infiltration of law e…
Retweeted by Peter @TangentPdx You’re welcome 😘How the Americans stormed the capitol: #Capitol #civilwar2021 #Trump
Retweeted by PeterToday feels like that very obnoxious Rent song Police Murdered Someone Tonight
Retweeted by Peter @ZakirSpeaks About to make halibut bleu and some mashed romanesco! It’s been A LONG DAY @R3volutionDaddy “Those faggot cocksuckers” Umm comparing cops to me is insulting.
Retweeted by Peterwanna feel old? it’s still today
Retweeted by Peter @lesbianwastes Some versions of what people think are happening / why are absolutely WILDMy new favorite thing to do at work when someone brings up the coup (which is every 5 minutes) is to pretend like I…
Two images, separated by 95 years.
Retweeted by PeterTrump talking to his supporters like 2nd graders: “go home, we have to have peace now. We love you, you’re very spe… Trump terrorists were prepared to take hostages today.
Retweeted by PeterFirst image: Capitol tear gas after six hours of chaos. Second: Portland residential street filled with tear gas…
Retweeted by PeterCops are taking selfies with the terrorists.
Retweeted by PeterMeanwhile in n Salem shit they’re literally breaking into the Capitol
Retweeted by PeterWhen protesting, for maximum effectiveness and minimum interference or risk of injury from police, make plans ahead…
Retweeted by Peter @Krubuntu I’m worried. Not quite scared yet, but a shirtless Nazi with a volknut tattoo stood on the dais in a cham…
Retweeted by PeterMarauding protesters vandalize Speaker Pelosi’s office.
Retweeted by PeterPodium has been removed
Retweeted by PeterRemember when feds/cops gassed Portland BLM protesters so hard it was visible from space
Retweeted by PeterThe goodness we all needed today ❤️ is a good livestream for DC rn DC, right now. This journalists is providing pretty good OTG coverage of DC right now (here and IG). heard @baaascom was arrested tonight for trespassing while taking pictures *on the sidewalk* with press badges…’m just going to say, this entire thread of Proud Boy fails made my night. Thank you @chadloder am getting vaccinated at Claire’s
Retweeted by Peterwhat are the chances the dems will get us the $2k stimulus? (read all before deciding)
Retweeted by PeterNo matter what happens tonight, I just want Mitch McConnell to know that I hate him. ❤️
Retweeted by PeterAlso, Peninsula Park, 8pm tonight. In solidarity with Kenosha, in support of justice for Jacob Blake. I, I know it’s not policing as it is today, I believe it’s in defunding and ABOLISHING the police. Cop:… uh huh Protestor: …and so its the entire institution of policing that is FUCKED UP Cop: Well I know you think… Okay, well I’ve been there Protestor: Okay? Cop: I have personally been attacked, while I’m working, while I a… Oh okay then what are you speaking about exactly? Cop: We are talking about a generalized experience rig… point I am trying to make to you is that people have come to my place of work… Protestor: But not your home. Co… Well you wouldn’t run, cause you wouldn’t be able to run out of there, if we had your house surrounded you wou… What if you couldn’t run, what if I was there with all my other cop buddies and we were trapping you in your h… There is a database online. Cop: So you are changing the subject, you don’t want to answer my question,… can disagree on that, right? Protestor: they’re facts. Cop: They’re not facts. Protestor: I feel like you’re get… These all feel pretty emotional officer, are you feeling a lot of emotions about me saying that police b… So if I were to come and attack you right now, what would you do? Protestor: *chuckles nervously* I would prob… was recently sent an audio recording of a Portland Police officer ‘hypothetically’ threatening to attack and burn…
Alright, I’m headed home for the night. I leave you with this burning trash can selfie from tonight. I’ve loved / b… @ZakirSpeaks YUPHAPPY NEW YEARS FROM MY BURNING LUNGS IN PORTLAND OR! #PortlandProtests tear gas scenes from Portland New Year’s Eve #PortlandProtests Or New Year’s Eve #PortlandProtests a standoff in Portland OR #PortlandProtests gas deployed in Portland #PortlandProtests scenes from Portland on anew Years Eve #PortlandProtests push cops back as they retreat and try to mace the crowd while firing munitions in Portland OR… cops in downtown portland on new years eve #PortlandProtests cops have arrived #PortlandProtests beautiful scene in downtown Portland on New Year’s Eve #PortlandProtests shit, riot declared #PortlandProtestsWell if it ain’t the symbol of the fuxkin year, a dumpster fire! #PortlandProtests LRAD makes an appearance and declares an unlawful assembly #PortlandProtestsThe federal courthouse on New Years Eve in Portland OR #PortlandProtests are let off and a “LAND BACK” banner is hung outside the federal courthouse. There are around 150 people… a reminiscent way to ring in the new year - 100ish people in bloc dance in the street outside the JC, undercov… are marching north on 17th nowZ
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Jfc account is providing excellent coverage of what’s happening in Minneapolis RIGHT NOW. Things are happening OT… y’all watching Minneapolis RN? Because the police just murdered another person, crowds are gather and it’s goin… is the scene at 36th and cedar as of 11:25pm, where police shot and killed a man Wednesday evening just after…
Retweeted by PeterAgreed 🥺 y'all going to reform this?
Retweeted by Peter5th Annual New Year’s Eve Noise Demo for incarcerated persons
Retweeted by PeterSame same, but different, but still same
Retweeted by PeterI guess I’m live tweeting and a sports journalist now. I’m two ciders deep, forgot to wear socks, and know nothing… 100ish ppl in bloc mill around the soccer field, some kicking a ball around & stretching. Hilariously, ther…