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@arnemancy eagerly anticipating the elemental component of your planetary class, doc
@ShakerSamman you wouldn't be you if not @brandonstosuy @arjununcle yes, and then we ended up touring with Yamantaka // Sonic Titan who are the best family… well yeah every boomer who survived is conservative or financially secure. There are boomers who have been fighting this…
Retweeted by meredith in retrograves... whoa. even if I hadn't just reread 'Comte de Gabalis' i'd be thinking about salamanders rn @glitchbottle file under 'investigate ROC THE MIC rights for intro theme' (seriously we need to talk this week I have an idea) @harvest_goth MOODrealizing after this + my previous 'watching scientists interrogate the meaning of modern dance' tweets, i probably… @glitchbottle add it to the whiteboard, this is peak paid subscriber content @chrysolipsist there's a near-intersection of those two archetypes where tbh I fit quite nicely @DeathSentencePC @brandonstosuy y'all @mollygmollyg I've had this before at an extremely floofy place in brooklyn I think has since closed, but now remem… dreamed a normal morning, where I woke up and fixed an elaborate coffee drink with lots of colored powders… of 11/10 in Virgo: Despite everything, things are starting to get better. You know exactly what you were plann…
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THREAD: I’ve been really cryptic about what I’ve been going through recently in the industry, but I’m really ready…
Retweeted by meredith in retrograves @adultmomband you've got my support -- fuck this lecherous shit
@AmyRosary yé˜ns î, håte it[jacques cousteau voice] ah, ze chark. natchural enemee of ze pingwin @GrimKim kim I shake my boots out every time I put them on bc house centipedes. you are not alone('the Subject generates its own observation/analysis/etc' isn't exactly a galaxy brain thought on its own of course… @3k_james no but coincidentally, @brandonstosuy reminded me just yesterday of this interview on @thecreativeindp wh… dream: I was in a lab with scientists observing, behind glass, pairs of modern dancers. one scientist explains… to whom you attribute the revelations of science. physicists and chemists are incredible, but so are apples, rocks and ballerinas
@JohnHenryDonner as u know i have a pynchon neck tattoo and it took me even longer to put that one together tbh @ThatWerewolfTho u know I love 🦇 this 🦇 song 🦇 @jimatdeltaco @DPasquesi @fenbranklin @EricAllanKramer @CharlieBeckwith @kickstarter @LindaEmondNYC @sonya_cassidy @DPasquesi @fenbranklin @EricAllanKramer @CharlieBeckwith @kickstarter @LindaEmondNYC @sonya_cassidy @yaysusan've got 30 hours left to make this magickal QTPOC Witch Comix anthology come to life -- as well as a reprint of… @mwspence @jimatdeltaco help I want this show to keep existing and I want to write for it I need this @fenbranklin @EricAllanKramer @CharlieBeckwith @kickstarter @LindaEmondNYC @sonya_cassidy @yaysusan @isthisdavidury @EricAllanKramer @CharlieBeckwith @fenbranklin @kickstarter @LindaEmondNYC @sonya_cassidy @yaysusan @isthisdavidury @CharlieBeckwith @EricAllanKramer @fenbranklin @kickstarter @LindaEmondNYC @sonya_cassidy @yaysusan @isthisdavidury @EricAllanKramer @CharlieBeckwith @fenbranklin @kickstarter @LindaEmondNYC @sonya_cassidy @yaysusan @isthisdavidury this today!!!!!!!!!! anyone/everyone with anything to do with this show: you've got a sworn lynx who will defend the honor of the lo… @CharlieBeckwith @fenbranklin @kickstarter @LindaEmondNYC @sonya_cassidy @yaysusan @isthisdavidury @EricAllanKramer @CharlieBeckwith @fenbranklin hey if anyone involved with the show is reading this (i'm verified so there's always… i have NEVER tweeted along with a show before, and I will stop after this, but there's a wholesome ass series…[five episodes to the face later] ... there is actually an augury of birds man
@azrael2393 holy shit it's a beautiful day MARCOokay I LOVE this show behind the times, i JUST heard about (and started) Lodge 49. one minute into the show the main character has… Swinton for Sally Potter's ORLANDO. Photographs by Karl Lagerfeld, @voguemagazine, July 1993.
Retweeted by meredith in retrogravescompelled to take one (1) moment and say: bigtime meeting @DeMarko becoming coworkers then pals, definitely a high…
@broazay an immense need @vilecreature666 @perfectworldpr @ArrJayEll extremely excited about this also, i submit from underneath a pile of notebooksIn independent music "business" nobody comes before the bands, nobody sits above the bands. If you think you're abo…
Retweeted by meredith in retrogravesoh my GOD @thehoodwitch is 5 years old today!!! Wow 😭🥳
Retweeted by meredith in retrograves @Sogayweall let me know if this works i still get emails telling me to lean in @edgargonzelaz (have you seen the matapocos candles i sobbed, patron saint of extremely goodbois)[thread, very good]
Retweeted by meredith in retrograves @MmeClairevoyant soooooo relatable
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hey guys 😈 mari 😈 lwyd 😈 time 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 it starts getting dark at 4 oclock: shroud of turin was not a sheet maskthought a lot today about how most popular & encouraged self-care mandates (staying hydrated, 'cleansing,' prayer/m…
@CaitlinWolper i yell every time I see this i fucking love kiki smith so hard @silfrsmith blessedly he has not forgotten about us
was going to tweet the good news of @silfrsmith writing another book (yay!!) then was reminded of how useful this e… @silfrsmith and that energy is why I recommend your book to everybody -- just saying :))
Why do demons love apostrophes? They show possession. I’ll see myself out.
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my neighborhood is absolutely swarming with little witches tonight. yes there are spiderman ballerina cowboys and a… @DeMarko that's 'cre-masterful' my good dudeannual moment of silence for the halloween costume i've vowed to do for over a decade, having yet again let opportu… have heard the news and i am affected her what she really wants this Halloween: equal pay & an ancient sword.
Retweeted by meredith in retrograves.@kickstarter x @kapitaalutrecht host 3-day #LGW19 hang-out & meeting place with live interviews, listening session…
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a woman outside obviously scolding the living shit out of someone on the other end of the phone but singing every w… @glitchbottle @Patreon spoiler alert i'm going as 2007 britney for halloween because JOSEPHINE MCCARTHY SNATCHED MY… SHIT IT'S A HALLOWEEN MIRACLE @glitchbottle did another episode with my hero, the human I actually want to be… @glitchbottle HOW COINCIDENTAL I WAS JUST COMING ON HERE TO SCREAM MY HEAD OFF YOU DIDN'T WARN ME SHE MADE FUN OF MEso i can't pass a post like this w/o zooming in on the book. i see pipssissiwa, seven power candle, instructions to…
Black Mass of the Week Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (Jesús Franco, 1977)
Retweeted by meredith in retrogravesdude rly got it
somebody at work called me pagan so now i automatically get thursday off as a religious holidaybad news: the 4 AM insomnia is back good news: @Shudder exists. AND they have Hagazussa. AND it's spooky week. AND…
@SabinaStent @rachsyme strong leonor fini vibe here I think @rachsyme new moon in scorpio = there's a void in the depths of my soul that I will plug with yards and yards of velveteen tapestry
aaaaoooooooo werewolves of london @HooklandGuide very honored right now i'm hyperventilating thank ui brought home bagels and my best friend, who is visiting from manchester, shouted 'YOU'RE A LEGEND' so i yelled ba… @meherbaba9 paging @Nicolam777
me @ life
taking wild stabs at somebody's sun sign is nonsense but when you know you KNOW (9/3)posting for posterity: my best friend just showed me my first maria bamford video. it took ~2 minutes and one joke… @malloryomeara @FolkloreThurs THE BOOK ROCKS ASS OKAY @FolkloreThurs @malloryomeara &ICYMI -- at the bottom of my @thecreativeindp interview with @haxan_cloak I snuck in… love @FolkloreThurs - this week is all about MONSTERS, a subject incredibly dear to me. here's some books about m… @ZOLAJESUS I steal everything from my ancestors Hall and Oates @nyarlahotep SPEAK FOR YOURSELF PAL
@hetherrfortune @tristanreveur goddamn if I didn't click the little red heart on this tweet with the scarred-up busted hand :( @erik_davis @commune_mag @lydialaurenson woo, love to see my techgnostic heroes supporting the ol' crowdfund conjure 🤘 @RyhanButler hello I have about a hundred fabulous recs through my job, I will DM you!