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Gray Connolly @GrayConnolly Sydney, NSW, Australia

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@MrNukemCocaine @SirajAHashmi With a very contrite John Cena apologising to PRC viewers that there are no Uighurs b… @PatrickDeneen @aimeeterese @SohrabAhmari @WhatsLeftCast Onward march for the RealignmentLast night’s conversation with @aimeeterese and @SohrabAhmari on @WhatsLeftCast was a highlight of my year thus far…
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @MrNukemCocaine Keep your friends close and clearly @SirajAHashmi closer it seems @MrNukemCocaine Doing what I can hereThe Realignment marches on .... @muso1947 @Basilwazil Missing your parents at any age transcends all politics @gwabi @matttburke Indeed. Suspect that Matt would burn all these in service of the latest year zero directiveWomen in elite gentlemen's clubs is the final form of "more👏🏻female👏🏻drone👏🏻pilots" discourse
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyRTYI @Alicia_Smith19 - Australia limiting AZ Vaccine. Earlier this year it was going to be the Vaccine that most o… @RobHarbin8 Actually that is trueNB: under any form of conservatism as that term has always been understood, media providers would be required to pr… but hmmm .... we share the Crown and have many obvious similarities but Australia is a federal constitut…
This is how you get President DeSantis
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyGOP already weaponizing this. Centrist Dems are against CRT and Biden along with progressive Dems have put themselv…
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyClosing American pipelines while opening Russian ones is anything but putting American interests above Putin's.
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyIn the great tradition of narodniks going to the people in the Russian countryside, or the rusticated youth of Chin…
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyThis is how you hold politicians to account. They have made a commitment that will affect everyone’s life and mus…
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @oysta Not all carbon emissions are equally dangerous - like how the coronavirus mysteriously stopped spreading during protests last yearWell yes of course, when you use crypto you change the world by heating it up. It’s built into the design.
Retweeted by Gray Connollyidk seems like some people are mad MT got rolled and enough of the electorate liked it?
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @jamesmiller62 Plod but yesMy melancholy duty is to bring soundness to unsound places - including the national broadcaster. Like St Paul, I am… balances the Whig to my Tory. But for the exorbitant salary paid to Big Ted, we would have a Statler and Wald… fate here sadly .... @TimHarcourt @ABCthedrum Thank you Tim. Most kind @thespybrief Will add as I must that Carol Wotjya was named for the last Habsburg emperor, Karl, by his soldier fat… want millennials focused on intersectional equity so that they forget they have no home equity.
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @nhannahjones I’ve read the “sacred texts” and the academic mystification isn’t enough to conceal that what you cal…
Retweeted by Gray ConnollySuspect there is somewhere in the Comintern archive a vast array of planning documents on how to destroy the West b… @thespybrief I remember when John Paul II was dying and media talked about how young Carol Wotjya in Cracow had Jew… @thespybrief Which was a Polish not some sectarian Catholic matter. There were Catholic Belorussians (still are). T… @thespybrief I should add that Russia and Russians (even 2nd/3rd generation expat White Russians) are proud of thei… done to the Russians on their win. Play much better when they play their traditional game. One of many great a… matter of effectiveness: "modern fighter planes" do not survive missile bombardment of air bases. 3/4-month train…
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @exjon @byzantinepower @Extrachelle "Look, this is less about you and more about me righting the privilege indices.… @GrayConnolly @byzantinepower @Extrachelle Nikephoros, the Pale Death of the Saracens, was just checking Cilician privilege.
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @thespybrief I think Russia gains more power by 'drafting' ivo China & that Russia wants the chaos that China & als… @Christopher_W_G @thespybrief I have had to stop myself throwing things at the screen reading thisThis idiocy needs the always intersectional Byzantines @byzantinepower @Extrachelle @exjon to provide responses to… @_BillHowe "Do not get ahead of me"Biden would know that the US did occasionally meddle during the Cold War (the degree is overstated) & when it occur… Tech Serf legislator class @KatyaSedgwick The 'please kill me last' demoGood morning all & OTD in 1932, thousands of First World War veterans, who will become known as the "Bonus Army", c… Mannerheim as Regent of Finland in 1919. He was previously a General in the Imperial Russian Army and a loya… any bold visitor plucked up the courage to ask Mannerheim how it was possible that the hero of a nation that h… every Australian of the idiocy of having Europeans coach the Socceroos. You are not all Germans and Dutch.… Russian goal. #FINRUSRussia are getting like England - despite being in good positions, no one wants to take the shot. A not particularl… @GrayConnolly It seems to be something of a love/hate relationship. I was surprised to see that, despite their rece…
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyThe Russians are playing the Finns in the old Soviet Red jersey .... clearly no love lost here #FINRUSFinland was an imperial Russian grand duchy ....the story goes that Baron Mannerheim always kept a portrait of the… @JRRCollins Absolutely agreeMassive memes of Winter War #FINRUS @ElizaJBarr Very sound parentingEveryone in the Western alliance should wish President Biden well here. It is good when the US President engages in… good to visit the national broadcaster and check in on the ABC’s in-house Tory, Sir Edward Bear, aka “Big Te… @AngelikaHeurich @ABCthedrum @bairdjulia @emma_husar @Graemeinnes @annabelcrabb Thank you very much, Angelika, you… discussion on @ABCthedrum tonight. All about #auspol politics & who gets a voice at the table of power… & hea…
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyA talented and experienced KGB officer understands that influence operations exacerbate existing ideological divide…
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyMy thanks to the @ABCthedrum team for having me on tonight's program and for everyone watching and commenting at… the actual adults were in charge. To left of shot, Robert Gates, and to right of shot, George Schultz. Also wh… @carmyol Not at all. I am a proponent of broccoli and lettuce with an appropriate protein @GrayConnolly @ABCthedrum Slumming it at “our often unsound public broadcaster”.
Retweeted by Gray ConnollyI am on ⁦@ABCthedrum⁩ tonight at 6pm on the ABC - all comments, criticisms, and creative ad hominem sledging, will… @JRRCollins the scorpion cannot help poisoning the frog etcNever forget that China - for all its aggressiveness - cannot actually feed itself and power itself in its own curr… @zerogeewhiz RTYI @CaroDiRusso @gbponz @GemmaTognini @RobertCandelori It is at least a Mediterranean reality one must not try to cross if not a universal rule @gbponz Portuguese are the same - this is a subject discussed often with our Italian correspondents @CaroDiRusso an… I crank up 90s grunge .... moments in Woke WASP male apologetics - outstanding @SenatorHume work as well @GarthGodsman Yes there were many sacred cows turned into hamburgers by "Life Support"Apparently, Malcolm was a member of The Australian Club for 36 years and he only noticed yesterday that it had no f… @JulianBurnside can confirm/deny @creativemercury @cindynorth1 Cindy is real.Narrator: "Biden did not awkwardly wait as he was snoozing" @CaroDiRusso @kloussikian @RemyVarga Apparently our own Malcolm - on a break from his usual duties as the ABC's Poi… @kloussikian @RemyVarga So until yesterday, this Geoff Cousins fellow and Malcolm Turnbull etal were unaware that t… to be done ⚡️
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @GarthGodsman Might watch reruns of "Life Support" when SBS comedy was actually funny @jamesmiller62 @thomas_violence Look, Mr Violence here (curious choice of name) needs to look within, I suspect.Where I suspect a lot of this ends up .... a sort of Orwellian social credit system where you have to wave the righ… have upset the 'SBS Comedy' demographic....again. recommend every word of @20committee on NATO & the former Soviet periphery: "The fundamental fact is this:… Paul Dibb: "China and Russia are allied in a quest to refashion a world order that is safe for their respectiv… @StopItILoveIt @sabinewolff Finally! @mmbrenn Thank you .... and my compliments to this stalwart. @moutet @HumphreyBohun Yes, Peugot did make iirc a turbo sports car that was quite good. @MochaLite My fear is that for women like my late mother, their women only spaces lose out. Which is what I see behind all this, really. @mmbrenn Perhaps but 'feed the brutes' is a wise maxim @moutet @HumphreyBohun I was the youngest so I got an old Ford Laser Ghia that was handed down by my older siblings… Fenyvesi on Archduke Otto von Habsburg's vision for the European Union:
Retweeted by Gray Connolly @HumphreyBohun @moutet The first car we had is always special .... even a prius, I imagine @sabinewolff I do not really care but I would care, on principle, were the sexes reversed as I think women should h…, the odd Sushi is fine but it is not sufficient - as Robert de Niro said of Sushi to Billy Crystal, "you invit… @moutet I presume you would never drive anything that is not French or perhaps British, in any case.
The Prius is good as a taxi.