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ICYMI: #disability is everywhere! Wanna learn more? Pre-order/RT @alyssashmalyssa ‘s book! Something positive for… make good hunting partners and would never sleep together (except that one drunk night in Tennessee when thei… the second trans werewolf hunter from my comic which does not yet exist... she’s 45 and ~really~ good at putti… @adampknave @arianabeewitch I think it’s at the same time as SPX so I’m gonna aim for a table thereComic artists— Rose City Comic Con? Y/N/M??? Table is $! But I’m curious....Uh-Oh! Rich Friend is Picking the Restaurant:
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @RichcBarrett @mike_daws I’ve defithad a publisher say “the sweet spot is 50 Amazon reviews” because algorithms and… @mike_daws I’ve thought a lot about this in the past several years and tried many things, just to see what sticks.… all graphic novelists! We're thrilled to sponsor a residency exploring Jewish themes and content with…
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniSo that’s deadass all neck? I need a minute to process.
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniAndrey Surnov (2017). Evening.
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniMeet @Danez_Smif: St. Paul's internationally celebrated black, queer poet (and selfie icon)
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni4. A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns.” A wonderful resource for all who strive to be more inclusive. The…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @JulieFalatko ✨yes!✨I (a cis woman) will admit I hadn't thought about why "preferred pronouns" is bad until I read A QUICK AND EASY GUI…
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniA #drawnselfie for 2020 along with a new intro: I'm Breena Nuñez and I make memoir/autobio comics about being a sen…
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniNew! Week-long intensive residency for eight Children’s book or graphic novel creators interested in developing a m…
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniJust got my contract copies of Everything Is Beautiful, And I’m Not Afraid! The book is real and I really do have a…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @ErnieLies @alyssashmalyssa I have an idea for the bedroom
@gendereveal A pal added me to a binder fb group that‘s specifically about when your work gets rejected when I was… @gendereveal No joke, there was a conference by the Binders folks years ago and I applied for a scholarship to atte… @lillydancyger @mollywoodstock @reblgrrlraechel Seconding @mollywoodstock and everyone they listed!! @VERWHO Y e s congrats!!!#toonme 😘 @MrPeanut @_greasetrap_ is this advertising genius? @MrPeanut @_greasetrap_
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @CreatorAdvisor @alyssashmalyssaWe love a FREE AND ACCESSIBLE resource!☀️ F*CK ME: A Guide To Getting Off And To Getting It On- a FREE zine written by Al Washburn and @heathercorinna for… @itsteensy @autostraddle Thank youuuu!!!This is so so good
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniWe all make zero dollars bc I didn’t plan it out well!! But damn, the memories are priceless.Archie-Con: full of queers & the brats of the comic industry. Didn’t win that award? Neither did I! Success is what… disability-focused tattoo designs by @alyssashmalyssa continue to be amazing @alyssashmalyssa
@AndreaDemonakos TY 💕🖤This is such a compassionate response to an incredibly painful dilemma.
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniI don’t think this is an article about cheating - I think it’s an article about communication, and bravery, and bei…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni“Cheating is a form of allows us to momentarily be with someone else, maybe even be someone else. Hones…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @jeannakadlec @autostraddle Thank you 🖤Im the most grateful that @daemonumx has a newsletter and i get to geek out over how smart and talented she is 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniThis writer wrote a fake ass social justice book. Don't read it because it a) the pinche book sucks and b) it will…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni💕LGBTQ twitter: I’m trying to get a hold of activist Victoria Cruz! If you have any contact info, please pass it on my way! DMs open 💕 @KaeLynRich THANK YOU 😭GOODNESS ME, @grease_bat! THIS IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD! :chef's kiss: Truly the best advice on "should I cheat?" I'v…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @MrSexsmith 👀 watching this thread 🔥Can’t stop thinking about them... 🐺 album came out 6 years ago today and my life has never been the same since...
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni“Cheating is a form of allows us to momentarily be with someone else, maybe even be someone else. Hones… @ericjschuster I really wanna make it happen! @HolePunchToys Lolololol @Abby_Greydanus Cake matches your’s perfect...happy bday! @VERWHO How did I miss this!!👀👀In case it wasn’t obvious: he’s gay.What if...i ventured into fantasy....and drew a comic about a trans werewolf hunter...? 🧐 @scumbelievable Jesus christ
I’m by far not the best person but by far the worst thing I’ve ever done is accidentally touch the mailman through…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni"...I don't wanna take on accessibility in a way that relieves a venue or an organization of their responsibility t…
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @babyitsmb @alyssashmalyssaStill practicing on procreate @TKetner Omg hahahah @IgnatzHaderach I purposefully try to not put in a million hours on a page/panel bc I know the reader is gonna spen… @niv_tales Thank you!Trying to learn Procreate and I feel like I’m trudging through mud! I know it’s intuitive but learning new things a…
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Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanniyear of the rat! ✨🐀💖
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @alyssashmalyssa I love this!!!🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni @RubyGraceLevine Second one
Retweeted by Archie Bongiovanni"I would live in filth and not think anything of it, if it weren't for my partner." Honestly BIG SAME @grease_bat
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniA @hclib librarian forgave my (giant) overdue library fee (from checking out a BOOK ON CD years ago). Now I’m addic… @gabydunn @MalBlum It’s charming!! @gabydunn @MalBlum I died omg 😂😂regular weekend: damn hope I have time to do laundry three day weekend: 𝓂𝒶𝓎𝒷𝑒 𝐼’𝓁𝓁 𝓌𝓇𝒾𝓉𝑒 𝒶 𝒷𝑜𝑜𝓀
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniA new Weekly Roundup is now available! Listings of new jobs in animation, illustration, comics, writing, and more.…
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@autowin Seriously I think I can smell George’s breath even when his mouth is closedI am one thousand percent confident this can happen, collectively, to all of us as we turn forty too. And then fift… ✨only✨ think you need to know about turning 30 is that everyone in their thirties loves being in their thirties.I love chaos!!! @alyssashmalyssa Naturally, I love this @stickermule 89,212! @breenache The open-palmed pause staring at “Rebecca” when they finally meet for the first time @alyssashmalyssa @ChrisDStedman Charming on every level!
@AnjleLatihaC When Joey saw the eggplant emoji and he was all “whats that? A purple chili pepper” AND when shuby wa… @mshyne I KNOW 😭😭 @CaitMarieM "aroused" was such a TERRIBLE CHOICE!! I wish Karyn had been on longer!! @mshyne Shuby is great! I think he might hate women tho! @lizyerby @CaitMarieM Alex was weird on SO MANY LEVELS. Like WHY was this the way you decided to go? Why do you thi… @CaitMarieM Adam was LITERALLY the worst part! I’m all for Sammi! I also loved Karyn! I can’t being how won over I was by Joey! @EzpressoGhost @ Ezra: thank you exclamation Point exclamation point exclamation point! I’m glad you really see me…, open chat: Who wants to gossip about The Circle with me? Who wants my favorite quotes from The Circle??One founder team ➡️ two Guild Leaders! @even_kei and @han_tani are IGF-nominated game makers with massive art, musi…
Retweeted by Archie BongiovanniThis includes comic submissions for @The_Rumpus @marisasaystweet @christinexmi @The_Rumpus !!!Ty @heyAnnieMok for interviewing me“I Am The OPPOSITE Of A Perfectionist”: A Conversation With Archie Bongiovanni! Check out this interview on…