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jack @GREASESTAlNS under these bitches' skin

jojo siwa fan | backup @GREASESTAlNZ | he/him

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remember when you hit the breaks too soon @honeyydeeds i’m so creative @fakeggot her eyes are giving minecraft sheep herewoody from toy story when his pull string gets caught on the door handle and andy walks in OF THE CENTURY
Retweeted by jacked sheeran joker era.. @jahntoo should have answered fortnite chat @GeminiCuntt hehTAYOR OMFG JNKNEW IT WOULD BE TRUE$|!\$~!|!~!| JUNE 23RD THATS SO CLOSE AJDHHDNSBDNEHDBSBDJSN OMGGGGGGG STYLE IS GONNA SOUND SO GOODwhat was the reason @suspiriaangel @taylorswift13 if i don’t get 1989 tv announcement tonight she will be my 13th reason.@taylorswift13 @samaoxcx I DO @samaoxcx one this picI NEVER QUITE FIT IN TO THE HOLLYWOOD THING I SHOULD BE MOTHAFUCKING CRAZYYYYYT @samaoxcx potentiallyMARINA TICKETS BOOKED @honeyydeeds first sub slayme, @pinkmattur, @lnfinitygirI and @yarbycece on fortnite @keylimeog loser @pinkmattur @TAYMACC_ the fuck is mvb @TAYMACC_ @pinkmattur never @pinkmattur and @GREASESTAlNS stop the violence
Retweeted by jack @cowgaill
Retweeted by jacktaylor swift is part of the victorious icarly universe donkey
@TAYMACC_ it’s true @TAYMACC_ <3.@TAYMACC_ iCarly season 5 episode 4taylor 1989 tv announcement tomorrow… i am not ready @HathawayLesMis sicko
Retweeted by jack @HathawayLesMis i’m in the shower @HathawayLesMis 😭😭 @TAYMACC_ wait ur rightwillow and avril… suicide postponed @HathawayLesMis im trying to run home but can’t bc i’m hugeWILLOW AND AVRIL ARE COMING
Retweeted by jack @HathawayLesMis just clocked out @HathawayLesMis at work kms @HathawayLesMis me when my plane crashes on an island @ForeverElSanto ur embarrassingin that order.freddie sam carly @skinnypimpt me @hannahrevenge glass @hannahrevenge mirrors @hannahrevenge watergn final tweet i hope @raven_a7fog @TAYMACC_ hanna jaeun @TAYMACC_ i love
@TAYMACC_ @nillshake this art is so goodbillie eilish queerbaiting?? queen...@jerrytrainor heydad walked in on me showering @TAYMACC_ when our planet starts to collapse and the boarding gates open to wzrdwrld picking a struggle
this is ginger fox’s world and we are just living in it @TAYMACC_ my face being stretched
Retweeted by jack @hbhudson8 so so so cute afArt n Cows Art Art n Cows had my first ever art booth at a festival yesterday feeling so full and grateful!! creat…
Retweeted by jack @TAYMACC_ we r so hot @GREASESTAlNS us
Retweeted by jack is going to be absolutely shit i can already tell
Retweeted by jackHEHEHDHSHDB hold awn.. @perfectllover @TAYMACC_ it’s true baenot a lot of people know this but Charli actually wrote this song about @GREASESTAlNS and I btw
Retweeted by jack @TAYMACC_ <3 @HathawayLesMis he won’t utaymacc fancam @animalitosdae @TAYMACC_ @peechipop nope @scheibestan not yetlike.. i’ve sat and ate about thirty thousand live off twizzlers and cokedoing a customised order oh mien got this colour combination is adorable @bedbathandbadd1 sure i didn’t make it 😭kesha serving omggg @peamutbubber me at the jaray store all honesty i got these shoes and now i forgot how to act!!!
Retweeted by jacktaylor and clairo fighting over who can use jack antonoff they’re fighting i can’t take the pressure of this look at my friends they are so pretty! u reach me? no! you can’t :) @yarbycece @hannahtheebaker 😭