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Joined Twitter 11/18/11's misshapen blob: miso sourdough I should really shape it for more oven spring lol video footage of the greatest ever kpop dance on my pc don't be soft
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @ExiaFGC like 5'7"now that I'm walking next to you, you're kinda short" - my sister've entirely stopped bothering shaping my loaves because the cleanup is too much of a hassle just dump em out the…
@sleepysharkuu veryscrap the last one lmao Radio City to Jay st metro tech @Ryyudo no idea I ain't shelling $$$bouge ass tater chips's upcoming Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Cable Figure is an insta-preorder.
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @wnesuki yes but with sovastuff i want to see in valorant: hostage rescue mode more flashes gun type specific kill money awp scope in sound replays @AMurderOfBears @KidViperFGC @OSRyanHunter no I refuse
Due to Covid-19 I will not shake hands or hug anymore, You may either Kneel or Bow to me
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @SuperDEBico woah a k @KidViperFGC @AMurderOfBears @OSRyanHunter tribute of the astros, i will now post a series of gifs from when they were absolutely god-awful like four years ago
Retweeted by SOVA MAINsurprise gift you get it don't say anything. dont explain it to those who dont know. just aeiou
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @OkaySway we got him boysThis is fucking disgusting. "I DEMAND A FEMALE OFFICER" Austin, Texas PD @Austin_Police
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worked ~21 hours straight lmaoo good bye world players when they knock out Whitney’s Clefairy
Retweeted by SOVA MAINstill working 😔how in the actual fuck
worked through the night and i have hit my second wave and now my sleep is royally bonedbtw all your mains are toxic af, unless I’m playing as them, in which case “camping is actually kinda sick” and “th…
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @shine_potyo I haven't had coffee for almost 4 monthsexcuse me what the fuck @KoreaJ1N @HezaChandotcom @olandgren if you buy from independent bottlers you can get older scotches for cheaper "… fights in other countries are way better #streetfight #mma #tkd #fight
Retweeted by SOVA MAINFox News edits Trump out of photo with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Mar-a-Lago
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @keeponrockin_db O V E R W H E L M I N G S I M P I Nshooting with no crosshair for shits and giggles had to work 2 jobs so she could support you making pennies while you pursued your dream in esports. You cheate…
Retweeted by SOVA MAINSupporting Anonymous with her statement against Nakkiel Read:
Retweeted by SOVA MAINClarifications to some of the replies I've seen on the Nakkiel situation. 1) DMs of the victim about their experie…
Retweeted by SOVA MAINThis is not my story. I was given consent to share this and the person wants to remain anonymous. @PG_Nakkiel abus…
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massive march in Brooklyn right now. Been like this for 10 minutes
Retweeted by SOVA MAINThe US Government in 24-72 hours:
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @ANDNOTHINGHEART I'm a professional internet peruserSocial distancing
Retweeted by SOVA MAINyooooo this thread calls with the gang
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just *an* unga master??? one among many???? I'll have you know, you're speaking to the progenitor, the foundation u…
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Retweeted by SOVA MAINエモくて速いオリジナルフレーズです。カポの限界を突破しました。
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @UR_Ninja National Guard exited from Red Cross marked vehicles to oppress peaceful protesters. @MaxBlumenthal
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @pri_kachuu thank you 🙏 stay safe @pri_kachuu yup, still based in Chicago, though I'm in Singapore right now @pri_kachuu for sure, always down to hang out @pri_kachuu i'm sorry that you had to experience all that i'm happy you're in a better place now and hope life keeps looking up for youI got whiplash @shine_potyo @GGINOBOYZ still banned from the pot discord for using a penguin avatar🤡
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @zidanel33t @zidanel33t dont worry about it青リロたのしいーーーーー 青キャンのエフェクトめっちゃ好き
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @zidanel33t i have now watched the wire repenti thought the pentakill was sus cause i didn't ace that game turns out the 5th kill was me killing myself trying to… @zidanel33t fuck youワシオスペシャル(仮)を調べてたらなんか綺麗なのできた
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This perfectly describes In-N-Out
Retweeted by SOVA MAINI just spilled some macallan 34 years fuck luckily I drank most of it alreadyyeah okay but you dont have to do it on some stupid shit like account region maybe base it on actual location @SuperKawaiiDesu nah I'm goodEvo Online Numbers! North America! 1) Skullgirls: 2nd Encore - 0 2) Killer Instinct - 0 3) Mortal Kombat 11: Afterm…
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @PepperySplash @zidanel33t ok boomer
@shine_potyo June was mad interesting the whole year has been mad interesting bro just fucked @shine_potyo June/July @zidanel33t @hecksmaniac maybe you took the 2nd one @zidanel33t didn't @hecksmaniac take these
Retweeted by SOVA MAINDo sharks play the harmonica like this or this
Retweeted by SOVA MAINforbidden japchae...
Retweeted by SOVA MAINcome on bro not again
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Retweeted by SOVA MAINhonestly is it really that hard to not think with your dicksmall dick energy ass bitch
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@keeponrockin_db :laughs nervously: you're welcome haha :^)WHERE DO I COP THIS English language is so crazy! I’m working on a list of words with silent K’s: • One Silent K — “Knot” • Two Si…
Retweeted by SOVA MAINGoood morning NYC, back at #OccupyCityHallNYC where dozens of NYPD have lined up adjacent to occupied public plaza.…
Retweeted by SOVA MAINI don’t think people understand. This is NYC right now. Day 30. In a row. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is just…
Retweeted by SOVA MAINand here comes July’s #1 draft pick
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN강풍과 싸우는 비숑 진주
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @wnesuki @sleepysharkuu that's just me when I take my glasses off
Retweeted by SOVA MAIN @faultydefense "America is the Florida of the world" @sleepysharkuu she's copying me