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Denver based music & travel blogger, concert photographer, web designer & mom. Longtime fan of @bugfrog. #BlueWave

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@AprilTara @MainlineMom @Kath1213 Miss you friend! @Systemskates I cannot place it. We moved here in 94. Did you ever go to Skyline, behind where Coors is now?… @hurricaneregina But yay @illegal_petes! @jesszen @bshaferw I love making up backstories. I just KNOW I am terrific at it. @TheKennyMiles Yes! We were just talking about how 1Up will be even later than festivals to return, right? Unless w… @hurricaneregina No Colfax! 😆 @Systemskates I don't even know what you are talking about but meet me at P.S. Lounge? @jbradleyrushing @melissius You know it girl @BradleyRoss Would love to! look forward to one day again sitting in a dive bar, having a beer, and people watching. @misskubelik Sitting in a dive bar, having a beer and people watching. @_MariaPetrova I'm so sorry. @JordanHefler @IamDetour303 You would have been awesome. Hope you still get the chance. @LoriMajewski Oh no!!! @clairehoworth Photographing all the canceled music festivals I didn’t get to attend, while shit-faced drunk - and… @nachosarah It’s better that way, I promise. @Selena_Adera 😳😳😳😳 @SugarJones @arshimbo @laughmom @ADDcrafter @pug @arshimbo @SugarJones Not saying I haven't binged. Just get drunk faster. @ADDcrafter @pug @laughmom Wet wood is GAH-ROSS @arshimbo @SugarJones This is me since concerts stopped
@Wildermiss @nuggets @RedRocksCO Amazing! ❤️ @Civilmom Yup @TomsHomeCookin @anniefitz Good times.People freaking about the 2mil COVID hospital bill? WHY do you think everyone was fighting for ACA so hard? I am no… @AimeeIntrrupter @Interruptweets @greggdeal Ahhh you have seen it! Love!!! @averylill @greggdeal Gorgeous. @cprwarner Have you seen this @Interruptweets??? 😍Any celebrity who uses the same photo for multiple months is automatically disqualified. Show some effort, pls. @kerrywashington @ReeseW @mindykaling 100% best one yet ♥️ @BizarreLazar I did a few hours ago. I am sure they will be fine. @Diana__Janelle @girlsreallyrule @JLewisland John Elway in what became (but was not then) his Denver restaurant, Elway's. @thejuliemarsh @girlsreallyrule Yeah, I was waiting for the but, but, but Clinton Foundation garbage.Dear Screaming In The Void: If you use Facebook to announce and promote an event, you should also cancel or change… @AmberCadabra That is so nice to hear. @krause_tobias Capitol Heights Pharmacy - alcohol, snacks and medicine! Also, they have been texting the neighborho… @roxfan00 Or... make Democrats feel like someone is actually doing something?Sending "thoughts and prayers" to the NRA. @shannonrwatts @NRA @heydanschenker Totally @TayAndersonCO I’m so sorry you have to do this. Thank you for getting out there and doing great work. @deathnap4cutie @lzzcat @deathnap4cutie I’m still trying to make that happen. @addyeB 😥 @laurenduca Done! I already am looking forward to it. @MariyaAlexander I especially love how it looked like the beaver was pooping as he talked about the negatives. @MariyaAlexander You made my morning ❤️ @danibeetalks Why couldn’t THAT have been COVID time? @deeshaw @JenaGriswold @jimsciutto @PoppyHarlowCNN @CNNnewsroom I love our mail in voting system! @CloudNaii Always good to put it out there! @DineandDish So overwhelming @AmberCadabra 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 @heydanschenker I couldn’t believe this one. Just wow. @ADDcrafter Haha no
@socalmom Ignore the dufus. Show you are a human being. Have feelings. Oh, and slide some good policy in there at t… @ToriMasonTV Ouch! @bucknam @ScottMonty @McDonalds I contacted @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help (via their live chat now less) about their drivers not… want all Joe's ads to be like this from now till November. @nancywyuen I can't wait for Soul. And ditto for Black Widow.Sally Yates for AG, @JoeBiden (because @KamalaHarris for Vice President, OBVS.) @cc_chapman @WendiAarons @FoxNews @CoriBush Huge congrats! @liamoran @CocoDavies When we moved here in 94, family members *literally* asked if cows roamed the streets of Denv… an ally. @Kingkeraun Not to try and center this on me but recently my husband and I stood in the parking lot watching the co… my portrait taken tonight for a quarantine mask series and of course I now have an enormous zit on my chin.… @theworkofjar Haha attended like 50 concerts? @hellolanemoore I feel ya, sister. I am estranged from my sister. It's a rough ride but fuck toxic people. @hellolanemoore The 100% right thing to do. @Bretontheradio It's all been subliminal hasn't it? @DaddysinCharge Googling spinach powder.... @davecaldwell60
@DaddysinCharge Me too. Ohhhhhhhhh! Chapstick. Batteries! No wait.... a sprinkler head!!!🤯 @evany @shuggilippo @lzzcat @DineandDish @centsiblelife Yeah, basically, if your kid wants to stay and doc wants them, stay. Mine is still at his ped. @ADDcrafter It is SO disturbing.If there was ever anything to RT it's this
Retweeted by Aimee Giese @lksriv Seriously @Kristen_Arnett Followed by "Drunk Concerts With Aimee Giese" @lksriv He makes me sick to my stomach. @ADDcrafter @Smilan317 @educated_educ8r Yo-Semite! @msaunsen It's perfect! The *MASKED* holiday! @centsiblelife @DineandDish I do web sites for pediatricians and they say it varies - they have kids through college, depending.Happy birthday @BarackObama! Thank you for your intelligence, grace and kindness. We need you now more than ever. ♥️ @daisycakes @JohnDeVore I was sure you had 😍 @JohnDeVore There actually is huge library twitter! cc @daisycakes ☝️