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Denver based music & travel blogger, concert photographer, web designer & mom. Longtime fan of @bugfrog. #Warren2020 #VoteBlue

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Got to see my pal @LinSmitty at @SaintMotel and we want these guys to come back to Denver like 5 times again this y… @Systemskates @kolarsmusic They killing it! Drummer is also tap dancing to the beat. @Deeebluhd Oh, I though that meant they were in the transition if moving. @Deeebluhd I add Denver for search but not sure about the from part.Go early for @kolarsmusic, they said. THEY WERE 100% RIGHT! @DressyBessyBand ❤️❤️❤️
@vicesxsarah Some are beyond just that year. @vicesxsarah I have a post about all their 375th festivals but wow, one of my fave cities.I’m bringing Nate around as my personal security from now on.'t wait for @SaintMotel at @ogdentheatre tonight! It's been far too long since I saw them live. Putting on my da… @MichaelHargrov1 @GOP @JessicaGottlieb @SugarJones Who doesn't?? @arenotphotos And can be kept track of! @suzinyc I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Although, I will say - alcohol usually only makes me tweet dumb shit on Twitter. 😂 @ogbrenna @anniezaleski That sounds fun. 🤬 @rockoncolo Thanks for sharing! @arinewman I am amusing myself imagining a douchebag detector. 😂To add to my post from last night ... Thanks @anniezaleski! @StacyNick 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 @OlderBrotherSam @anniezaleski Love this @anniezaleski - and so spot on. @johnnyhatchback Dear lord. @iamENZI ❤️❤️❤️ @johnnyhatchback Both @bugfrog and I have done that several times. It's ridiculous. But I'm glad you're my friend. @CocoDavies Exactly! And, right before I stepped in the pit, the head security guard and I were swapping stories ab… @Systemskates Thanks so much. @OlderBrotherSam ❤️❤️❤️ @johnnyhatchback I was watching Run The Jewels at a fest once and they said to the crowd: "Hey guys 50% of the peop… @Spacejunc ❤️❤️❤️ @kali467 Thanks friend. <3 @CocoDavies I know you totally get it. @davecaldwell60 Love you friend! @smmprodinc Thanks so much. @jamesal34909771 Thanks for checking but I’m good! @maggielndnphoto @nicolexsolero @okaynicolita I do! Well technically for my own site if that counts. @BrynnEvida @kolarsmusic Killer! @kungfupussy @kungfupussy ❤️❤️❤️ @lafix Thanks love! @thefrankvaldez Thanks so much, Frank!This was hard for me to write, but also, sometimes it's hard for female photographers at concerts. @owillis Playing with the electoral map makes me very nervous. 😳 @KellyCBS4 is horrible but at least we know BTS will trend worldwide every single day. @darlingsavage_ Still. To this day.#AllOfUs4Warren because she's smart, she is prepared, she is compassionate and she's inclusive. Let's make @ewarren @smotus But, Seth, what's the statute of limitations on cannibalism? Is it under/over 6 years?
@burkel_randy @girlsreallyrule Hey fuckturd! Look up sarcasm in the dictionary. @ceye *TRUMP's* summary of the transcript, no less. @waltshaub @girlsreallyrule But! The Dems are messing up the impeachment process by invoking it over stupid stuff - But! If we… @BLRG933 @awolnation Double hell yes!Photos of @ColdWarKids from @ogdentheatre - they always put on such a great show! @yisingkao @LightStalking @PrinceDeepWater @JDiamond1 @maggieNYT @FredFleitz @Patrixmyth @DebLamir Oh my word, YES. @Tekee Yeah. My mom voted for Obama, but also told me to "give Trump a chance" before she passed in early 2017. In… in the late-90s, I am near 50yo. May surprise people I was registered Republican first - because my mo… happy @KTCLchannel933 #KEGGS2020 is back at @Jacksonslodo - nice large venue for this event. Can we ask a favo… for #KEGGS2020! @lovelytheband, @MattMaeson and @ThatSubUrban crack of the morn' on March 13th with… @dssken @CageTheElephant Thank you! I was sad to miss them the last time they were here. That won't happen again. 😂"Social Cues" is perhaps my favorite @CageTheElephant album and IMHO, they are among the very best rock bands to se… @BDGarp Very sorry. ❤️ @JacklynKrol @lizzo but respect for our #GRAMMYs award winner @lizzo!
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"The Land" by @GaryClarkJr is really hard to listen to, and is INCREDIBLE. So glad he won. #GRAMMYS Photo from 2016… @AndersonPaak on the #GRAMMYs win! Photographing him at @RedRocksCO last year was an absolute bucket list… tributes to Kobe Bryant and his daughter are overwhelming. Even those of us who don't watch sports recognize th… @liamoran It was all over LoDo with repeated stops back to @Jacksonslodo#onesiecrawl stop 4 and goodnight! @MadeNChynna stop 3
@frankjvaldez @bugfrog We not driving. I promise @irmalovesyou Let’s do this next year??54 degrees feels like 74 on a Denver rooftop patio. #onesiecrawl Denver stop two: @liamoran @sarahferret @TheBabyGuyNYC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @frankjvaldez Dude. Only mildly drunk @frankjvaldez Haha I just got what you mwSnt hahahaha @frankjvaldez More like, “I like Pink Freud - you know them?” 😝Overheard: “I saw this band. Nathaniel Radcliffe.” @lowms @ScruffyMurphys @bugfrog 😘😘😘 @msduh @ScruffyMurphys @bugfrog ❤️#OnesieCrawl Denver Stop One: @ScruffyMurphys @TheBabyGuyNYC Come meet us out if you can!’re headed to the Denver #OnesieCrawl today and #BillyJoelTheCat is helping us pick our outfits.🔥Fox News' top legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano: “His trial is not a charade or a hoax. It is deadly serious b…
Retweeted by Aimee Giese @DineandDish @PearlJam I’ll request to photo the show for sure and I’m really hoping for this one! ❤️ @robbynhartradio Thanks friend. @thetonyblank Yeah.
@kharyp “I’m very liar liar pants on fire.” - Donald Trump @ElizabethLemont @Deeebluhd Good pointDolly Parton has clearly hired *THE* best social media manager in the entire world. @CeeEmW Oh dear. @drpants It's a thought @aubreyhirsch @adamjury My sentiments exactly.