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Denver music & travel blogger, concert photographer, web designer & now empty nested mom. Big fan of @Bugfrog. #BlackLivesMatter

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@shainerose86 Yes. I definitely exported Aunt and Uncle off the phone to sound files on the computer after losing m… @currentlyclare ❤️❤️❤️ @blue_eyed_lizzy I’m so sorry ❤️ @_autish ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @UROCKlive1 @bryanbehar I know I just searched. Please say the remaining guys are ok. @TheDavidJW @TeaPainUSA I’m sure all of the above. @TeaPainUSA “And now I’m just trying to get out of trouble.” @CBS4Tim ❤️❤️❤️ it’s really nice to just *know* what their voice sounded like. Mom died 4 years ago next month and…
For those of us with parentals getting up there in age - I highly recommend you save off nice voicemails when you g… @DaveWeasel @Snowden Be afraid. Very afraid. @approxqueenjane @Home_Halfway Thanks - I know what you mean :) @Ja9_KS @RogerMarshallMD @goldengateblond @KatyTurNBC Many congrats! @Home_Halfway Well. I broke my arm last month, which sucked - but as I laid on the sidewalk crying and waiting for… @justthisguy distinguishes between "unity" and bipartisanship, saying that you can pass a bill on party lines and that doe…
Retweeted by Aimee Giese @DannyReichertNY @ddale8 @ddale8 @BrotiGupta Nice try ;) @jenleighc I just start playing trailers if we are not ready @jenleighc We have to eat downstairs in front of the TV in recent years because my reaction to chewing has gone off… @Patrixmyth!!! We have excellent health workers - and a bullshit bureaucratic pay system meant to fuck both them and us. A? @ShawnInArizona Double A @whitneypba Thanks! It was bad but recovery going well. I now have a bionic arm with titanium spikes! a month of feeling lucky that work was slow so I could recover from breaking my arm, I feel lucky to be getti… @inthefade And then start crying because she'll probably win @FLOTUS This make us all so happy! Thank you! ♥️ @inthefade the literal worst @SugarJones @mrsflinger And you got my reference for me right - concerts 😁 @SugarJones @mrsflinger I have a friend who does it for a living and swears by it @ananavarro @newtgingrich Thank you Ana. I was sputtering in disbelief at his tweet and could not even form the words. @mrsflinger @SugarJones I used to do sound therapy 4 nights a week! @CNN You forgot to mention how many times she lies a minute.
@jenleighc That was fun to watch - thanks for sharing! @anniekatherine I was just thinking at something similar when looking at glowy orbs on Etsy. Like some are pretty a… @dbinkowski @AdamParkhomenko ok i scared the cat laughing @ABC A whopping 70% of us do!!! - but this headline is better at least. @goldengateblond @AdamParkhomenko scared to click @ScottLinnen @kissedbythesun uses a Peloton to save taxpayers $144,000,000 by not playing golf - how about that for a headline NYTimes?
Retweeted by Aimee Giese @designcrush ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @GeoffRBennett This is the kind of news I want to see from our President. @cosmyra64 @JRehling @abqralph @JRehling @designcrush Generally doing great. And, with the diabetes, I’m honestly shocked at how well I am healing - same wi… @metalia @designcrush Oh no girl. Sorry to hear that and sorry I missed it. Sucks it made a hard time harder! @cindymccain @guyincognito It was pretty bad. I enjoyed it for the nostalgia + Gal and Chris back together again - but in general nothing made sense. @MayhemStudios That looks delish! @PrisBlossom If you are serious, one thing we do is write a pro and con list in Excel and assign numbers 1-5 to how… @QuancyClayborne Yupppppp @DCdebbie Glad all ok! ❤️❤️❤️ @designcrush And what happened with your hands? @designcrush Just standing there. Showering. Omg. @metalia Is this a new friend?!?! @LeahsLounge ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Rschooley I hate their lust for drama so much.And he’s off - back to Canada for a good long while. 🇨🇦
Dinesh D'Souza thinks he's scoring points by mentioning that Democrats were the party of slavery 165 years ago, whe…
Retweeted by Aimee Giese @Deeebluhd Recently I was asked about my retirement goals, and I replied, "day drinking." Hand to God.I love how some people are defining unity as: "I still won't admit you even won the election, much less reflect on… @MichLovesMoney Yea, yuck @DevlinBarrett FUCK THAT @GirlsGoneChild Needed this, Rebecca @justthisguy 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Thread. I understand they have to figure out the rules somehow but some of these enclosed outdoor patios are ridicu… @keepupwmrsjones @keepupwmrsjones It’s going to be a crowded field for sure. @xVictoriaSophia SO GOOOOOOD @Patrixmyth @jessicalscotty hear Bernie fans are saying the popularity of his meme proves that he could have easily won the election. If true… @svershbow Hold the phone... heated jacket?Never underestimate the wondrousness of taking an unsupervised shower. First one in a month! kid heads back to school in Canada this afternoon, after extending his stay to help me with my surgery and I'm… @MsEmilyEdwards Our nation is so selfish @piersmorgan Ever heard the phrase, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?” @AmberCadabra Yup. I had read an article about some groups who consider the Proud Boys to be like the Backstreet Bo… @JoesDaily Every second it got worse and worse I can’t unsee that Joe @AmberCadabra Yea. This whole thing could have been a million times worse. @aral It’s astonishing really @theworkofjar @theworkofjar I have these words written on a post it in my office “stay in your lane” 😍 @NostrADAMusly Are the white millennials? @NostrADAMusly My husband and lots of friends feels the same. If you are a fan, awesome. @NostrADAMusly If he’s exactly how he is personally as professionally I dislike him even further. I find him to be… @itsjojosiwa Love this!In this PBS KIDS video, @TheAmandaGorman, the Inaugural National Youth Poet Laureate, recites her original poem "Ta…
Retweeted by Aimee Giese @kellywhalen1885 @MommasGoneCity We do make an effort separating lights and darks but honestly that’s about it @MommasGoneCity The good thing about 99% of your clothes being jeans and concert T-shirts is not much of the above matters. @DineandDish 😂
@latorres I loved her giant golden bird! All bird all the time! @suzinyc Fair. I’m just annoyed. @VoLinxx I think many white people care about animals more than *any* people but yes sadly you are correct.Can people start inserting Amanda Gorman and JLo and Kamala Harris (and, waves hands at like 20 others) into this s…