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If you want a whore, pay for one. If you want a queen, earn her! #GOT #LFC ❤ #YNWA I don't answer dms!

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@Scouse_ma @JonScoff1972 @Tony_Robinson Everyone is allowed a different opinion love. Doesnt mean you have to disli… @Scouse_ma Pizza, fries and corn on the cob 🤤 @whoismoira 😂😂😘If you could all be lovely and stick my new account uo so I can be back with my minions that would be great.
Retweeted by ⭐⭐⭐❤Angela❤⭐⭐⭐ @Derby_Batman Aww that's lovely, good luck xx @ianwilson69 @therealfoyster @Scouse_ma @goobervision @SwordsRita @Buffyblonde10 @TheRealGavla @merseystardust @NIKIDEE15 @SwordsRita @Scouse_ma @goobervision @whoismoira @LucyRimmer5 @micheletweet53 @mickthetaig @Ciara87C @NIKIDEE15 @SwordsRita @Scouse_ma @goobervision @whoismoira @LucyRimmer5 @micheletweet53 @mickthetaig @Ciara87C
@Buffyblonde10 @Scouse_ma @SueYork17 @jaimelou1380 @Wend1321 @Cathwilko1 @SwordsRita @pourmeavino @LouBeardsley @rubywoo09 @JustSazzle 💃💃💃😘 @JWLFC7 @Scouse_ma @SwordsRita @liverblokelfc @AnfieldUrchin @KingKennyStand @stevewin74 @mainstandred @YodaLFC1892 @whoismoira 😂😂😂 @YodaLFC1892 @whoismoira Have you seen me getting undressed nads 😂😂 @jaxlfc_jj @da_judge That's not really him love 😂😂 @whoismoira 😂😂😂 @elsieelse @LfcValhalla @AmyKate8LFC @coffeycoly @suesue1000 @SuePeace1 @Sumwitter @AnnelizaWalsh78 @anyataylor4 @suesue1000 @elsieelse @smtm__LFC75 @DivaYnwa @Rachel_BeBe30 @Liverbird121 @timbolton1 @LFCTammy @Anfield_Oracle @gavmelling @4dger @Claire_Hutchins @GingerPogue @andyliverbird @AnnelizaWalsh78 @AnfieldUrchin @AndyRob80025374 @andyhilto69
@mr_nicholl @SwordsRita Brilliant thanks @GeorgeE78134636 @SwordsRita No @GeorgeE78134636 @SwordsRita No @Everybody63 That's where I found it 😂 @emmapashmina Love this! 👌 @Gailgib02309894 Brill isnt it 😉😂😂😘😉😁
@EssexLFC1 💔❤ @magicmandz1 That is so funny. The things kids say love 😂😂😂xx @BrutusHacksimus @speedomick She is getting loads of love and support 👍 @Doll_T2 Brilliant love 👏👏😘 @Katie383980 @KIZLFC1992 😂😂 @KIZLFC1992 @KIZLFC1992 @KIZLFC1992 @KIZLFC1992 @KIZLFC1992 Hahahahaha you should be so lucky 🤦‍♀️😂😂😘 @KIZLFC1992 I wouldnt want to use someone elses leftover crap tbh 🤢 @magicmandz1 😂😂😂 @WadeJo8 So if they are getting it from some desperate men then so be it. It's still the attention they crave 🤷‍♀️ @WadeJo8 I disagree tbh. If the women had some self respect they wouldnt do it just to please others on here! @pauline_efc @GraemeKelly1 💔❤ @SwordsRita @GeorgeE78134636 😂😂😂 @JanettLesterr17 @Ginger_Carroll9 I dont know tbh but there isnt much point asking that coz it wont bring her back 🤷‍♀️ @tiberiian @J2TheE2TheN Aww just enjoy yourself love ❤😘 @sclfc1 💔❤ @bigdaveno5 @YodaLFC1892 @KIZLFC1992 @ThomasDebbieann @speedomick Neither could I, I dont think she will ever get over this tbh 😢💔 @speedomick 💔❤ @_TheBoss Beautiful girls 😍 @J2TheE2TheN Just go love, what have you got to lose 🤷‍♀️ good luck xx @MissMcLoed2020 Aww I cant get it out of my head either. It doesnt seem real 💔❤ @mathers_declan @justDeb67 @seanhall0608 🤗❤😘 @SteCulley 💔❤ @tuggyj 💔❤
@DevinaPurr No England @irenejones52 No I totally agree. I dont think they will get over it 😢 @sewell_sue @seanhall0608 ❤❤ @sewell_sue @seanhall0608 He's very lucky too love! ❤❤ @sewell_sue @seanhall0608 Oh yes I see you have met someone too. I'm made up for you love ❤❤ @Jay__Yas @seanhall0608 Yes very true actually 👏👏 @sewell_sue @seanhall0608 Aww thankyou, it is going well. He actually puts alot of effort in though which I really appreciate ❤😘 @Sarah491970 @seanhall0608 ❤😘 @Jay__Yas @seanhall0608 Yes hun, he wont be happy either 🤦‍♀️ @paddy5atch @seanhall0608 Aww thankyou 🤗😘 @sewell_sue @seanhall0608 😂😂❤😘 @lukewalshdesign 🙈 @GJRedleg Thankyou @FutbolStxve I don't get it? @GJRedleg 🙏😘 @MunkigirlEmma 🙏 @MyKopView 🙏 @ptsb32 😘 @JLB_T19 I'm sorry I've no idea love. I know my own daughter has hers in school every yr 🙏 People just dont underst… @Dionne1892 💔😘 @JLB_T19 💔 @SteSlinger @seanhall0608 🤦‍♀️ @Thespianlover12 💔❤ @JaneJac28862742 💔❤ @JustSazzle @RosieMaryBush 😢💔😘 @knit1slip1psso 💔😘 @Lolmadgee @J2TheE2TheN ❤😘 @just_me_jackie @Katie383980 I'm not sure love just yet 🤷‍♀️xx @Lolmadgee @J2TheE2TheN Yes very true love 🤗😘 @Vanillavoddie 🤗😘 @S1Siann Oh no so sorry love 💔❤ @J2TheE2TheN Very true love 😭😂😂😘 @gillykim55 💔😘 @Katie383980 That's all I know upto now love xx @elsieelse 😘 @stevieblue64 Yes it is 😢 @Lolmadgee @J2TheE2TheN 😉😂😂 @shercokholmes7