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Dimitri @Greekgodx United Kingdom

local twitch idiot

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@syanne77 💪💪💪💪
2021 likes and I’ll go live and walk around aimlessly while I stream it. @mayahiga6 ❤️ @ddofinternet 😟
@Shrenkoo Did u edit this why is my face like thatI’m about to rewatch desperate housewives that show is something special. @Valkyrae @100Thieves very nice 🔥Live in the pit gang. @sonii Help this man @LosPollosTV W @bellapoarch 11
@StableRonaldo good one ron @JustaMinx and a nice smile :) @bellapoarch MEEEEEEEEEEE @bellapoarch cool outfit! @jschlatt cheat day eat what the heck I like. Mmmmm this shit hit diff not gonna lie. was raining last night. The outdoor gym probably wet. No stream today and I’m having a cheat day / re juice. Keep u updated😈
Tomorrow we are going to the pit for more gym time. I have a lot of anger. Ready to be changed in to gains I’m about to level up. @KaleiRenay Oh my god sexy goddess 😍😍😍This guy was chillin on my hand for like 3 minutes then I ate him. stream in pit 😈 @wildcxrd_ Been here for 6 years I seen enough. @J32154747 Honesty not hate there’s a difference. @CuriousFrog1 Exactly I’m honest when I beg. @SzymonWojtynski FAX @Hayzazel This guy has always been content he’s amazing.If you want to make it on twitch stream snipe like I did or date a successful streamer. No talent needed. @KarlJakober Working out every day getting sun eating like a fucking king. Never been better. @AutumnRhodess Excuse me. @KylleQ Then your watching greekgodx @ithacaingrey It’s 12 I’m in Greece @duanpao Yes and I will end it. @DontDoItDann Yeah I know it’s to easy anyone can do it. @KaleiRenay You different. You on a whole other level. You are too good at war zone you are worth watching. And bea… fishmoly I check twitch and no streamer is doing anything fun other than watching videos stop giving these laz… @HeyAnon__ No a day off makes me depressed and I have all the time in the world to work out. Juiced up to the max @SLIMEYGunther M8 just lift anything stop overthinking. You will figure shit out like I did. @Shudmirelurk Wow man that’s rudeWho’s ready for a gym stream today and maybe some basketball 10 likes on this tweet I’ll go live early. Up to you.…
@ddofinternet can u eat it @AvaGG @NaturesBounty 😎 big brain @LosPollosTV Yes @scum_art LOL @sonii 😈meAMZING STREAM TODAY NOTHING BUT GOOD VIBES. GGX GANG. 😈 @BobbyTooIs HahaMeet this random cat I found. I’m live soon for more workout. @NICKMERCS you guys are too cute <3
@sonii Sonii would love to <3 @Trainwreckstv Wait you was a cool kid?Big flex 💪 @syanne77 ill take a large pizza with pineapple no cheese and no sauce. @AvaGG @bellapoarch Bruh that hair is fire 🔥 love it. @ROSHTEINS Love you 😍 @TheGroovion You have to much time on your hands lolGood first day back. See you tomorrow like and I'll go live truck it.
@SashaGrey Greek food sounds fun @andymilonakis Fell off / ratio’s crazy to think that twitch will finally be worth visiting in 1 more day when the IRL king is back 🔥Im going to be live in the next day if i get my internet right. im scared its like a first date 😳
@bellapoarch hiii
@itsjoeseef @ROSHTEINS W
@sonii @bellapoarch 💪 @bellapoarch Oh i would love to play Minecraft with you sometime!
@gnarlyrita 😭😭 @KP5ive @AvaGG CUTE <3 @bellapoarch Nice chain 🥶 ice
@TheRealDareon More than me let’s goooo 🔥💪🔥 @neegelly any chocolate theres suck! @ROSHTEINS @GeeNelly PLEASE DO WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!Time is the ultimate currency
Retweeted by Dimitri @AvaGG go live ava i miss watching you queen @METAPCs ill take a pc :)
@_AMBISH 🙏 sending love your way. this looks awful. @MiltonTPike1 Big W you look amazing 👏 @SashaGrey Now we are talking. @m0E_tv Me @sonii King @m0E_tv W @LosPollosTV Ratio and ill stream instead. @matt_marcu W
Mutant Ape Yacht Club🔥🔥🔥 @ddofinternet You better remember that daily bow down to me or suffer the consequences boy. 😈😈Yes 👍The amount of followers or likes you get on social media doesn’t mean anything you are way more than that. Don’t le… @rand0mh3r02 This picture is so cute I might cry 😢 @GregChartier59 It was a play on words like ruff ruff @RealGoodlooka I get let down by people 😕 dog is always there for you. @JoshStrykerx I want it 😫 @hurleyisgod Cute @Christi75733524 Cool cat now I want oneThis dog has helped me though the ruffest times. Showed me how to love take care and have patience.
@Trainwreckstv You showed me this back in the day changed my life thank you. @k_shetty17 @LosPollosTV I did not need to see this today out of all days man. @LosPollosTV