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Sarah @greenclogs Santa Cruz, CA

I'm a dyer of yarn and deep learner. I like defending all human rights, being anti-racist, making things, and loving the earth. Native Oregonian.

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@KristineLVe @kathynancygirl I try to build connections and slowly open people’s eyes. Sometimes you can. But somet… @mariavhawkins @hsofia I want one of the two of them because I want a VP who is ready to step into the president's… @KristineLVe @kathynancygirl I struggle with this too. And the reality is that most farmers/ranchers do vote red. W… @noirbettie @hsofia Same with mine! Except the one weekly class, but we will be done with that after this year. Sch… @_kate_ray @rachellake Mine too. It's the worst.
@hmschlingmama That's a good switch. I still have to go to the post office twice a week to ship packages, so I am t… @so_angie_writes @AdviceChicken I’m so sorry that other people aren’t stepping up. And grateful that you are. @so_angie_writes @AdviceChicken Are you on next door or another neighborhood group? Someone probably has some to share. @built I’m so impressed! I really need to set mine up. @hmschlingmama I am the designated essential errand runner because it’s my job anyway and I can do it efficiently.… @Smedette Fully agree @_kaitlin_s Same @KristineLVe Our system is not set up to support workers. It’s a crime. @KristineLVe Ugh! I’m so sorry. My son got zero because he started his job in SF in October after moving back to CA…
@_kate_ray Zoom calls can’t effectively replicate a classroom. I know that he’s being told to do them, but as a lon… @_kate_ray As a parent of a high school student, I can tell you that it’s hard to get him on Zoom calls. He’s much… @HonestToddler This is actually a far more effective form of homeschooling (I’ve done it for years) @helloyarn Plus you can’t hang out with your neighbors and hear things through the grapevine @helloyarn That’s so weird. We have gotten so many robocalls. Mainly from the school district, but there has been a lot of communication. @KristineLVe 💔 @RomiDesigns I have to decide what bread I’m tackling tomorrow. Shooting for something that is sourdough but meets… @RomiDesigns It looks amazing!
@erin_m @Whistlepea What a bummer for her! My birthday is also at the end of the month. I'm ordering takeout fancy dinner. @Whistlepea We just did a 10th birthday. Special cake, all the food of their choice, a banner, lots of FaceTime cal… @GeigerinGirl I would also do House 2 but only if Quentin Tarantino can be locked out. @GeigerinGirl There aren’t any guarantees of course, but everything being done improves her chances of not getting sick. @GeigerinGirl She should also wear a mask on walks and try to go when there are fewer people out. @GeigerinGirl And yes! Your family is doing absolutely the right thing for your grandma. @GeigerinGirl Yes - that’s what it sounds like. If you look at the numbers in CA you can really see the impact of s… @GeigerinGirl Also, when people do stay home, the peak is lower but later - it takes longer to spread, peak, and di… @GeigerinGirl It’s the length of exposure time and how long it takes to express itself as illness, along with peopl… @Whistlepea Skip it. That’s not learning. @sotosewn I’m so sorry Maritza. I hope they’re both okay. @Leighbra Yeah. I need to cut them down a little further. I absolutely abhor masks anyway so making one that doesn’… @Leighbra Looks great! The fogging of the glasses is making me crazy.
@rachellake It’s basically the same thing as phone murder @rachellake Just tell her to figure it out herself @rachellake I would love to be able to get away with that level of incompetency @jillithd @rachellake How has she managed to live under a rock for all of these years? @jillithd @GeigerinGirl Same. I wear one if I’m going to the store or farmer’s market, but not for solo walks. Mayb… @hsofia I think fireworks just went off in the distance here too. @sonyaphilip Definitely! I usually buy from Bob’s Red Mill which is also employee owned. Plus they have been family… @kathynancygirl @sonyaphilip I’ll probably stick with Camas from now on - the bread flour is amazing. @sonyaphilip I’d rather do local than King Arthur, who will get plenty of business. @kathynancygirl @sonyaphilip That’s what I got last time. I love it.
@sonyaphilip Which mill? I have plenty for now but I will need some soon. @gfrancie Mine is so happy. I am about to make a levain for my next bread batch. @helloyarn They will be just as happy today as last week! @helloyarn Not so! How are you supposed to remember everything in your house? They still need them now. @kimu @timcoffman I just read this when I got up for the morning because the dog wanted to go outside and I’m the one who hears him. @rachellake This is my shocked face 😐 @Sun_Daze_11 ooh jealous. @kathynancygirl I was really sad to hear this too
@noirbettie Why superwash wool is subpar and untreated wool is a far superior fiber. @thatpatti I’m trying out a pattern tomorrow and if I like it, I’ll send it over. It’s pretty straightforward. @noirbettie I have never watched one!
@OnBradstreet @BradstreetFarm Sending love to Alex and you. Even with estrangement, these losses are so difficult. Take care of yourselves. @jonnysun I’m so grateful it was released right now. I was able to give it and a Switch Lite to my daughter for her… @kitchenmage Yeah they have not been taking this seriously at all.Super glad my neighbors are taking the Shelter in Place order seriously and are having a small party.
@oslowe it's going to be something @RomiDesigns @knitgrrl Kit named ours Herman @knitgrrl I have definitely embraced my sourdough starter as my tamagotchi. Lord knows I babysat enough of them for my eldest in the 90s. @oslowe People probably had them from the wildfires last year. We discovered a box in our house. @jillithd I found out yesterday that extended family members have it - two different branches. One is in the hospit… @campcreek We are so screwed @campcreek That was enraging. How on earth does someone get that level of self importance?
@jillithd @Pixelfish All good things! @Pixelfish Routines are important! He doesn’t need curriculum at his age, but having a good routine and structure w… @leahmcelrath It's going to Florida @hsofia @campcreek Yeah, mine has 32 @built Or a desire by gas stations to lay off employees due to a lack of business @hsofia @campcreek That’s crazy. Our stores are nearly empty and they’re enforcing limits. Everyone is keeping distance.
@Leighbra 😡 @OnBradstreet Purging craft supplies never pays off in the long run @pinkpicketfence Good idea, now that you’ve fixed that necklace. ;) @KYouell @built This situation is really hard on everyone. @KYouell @built UGH @hsofia @gfrancie I can barely breathe the whole time I’m at a grocery store. The farmer’s market felt less oppressive. @Leighbra It’s so dumb! It is MORE hygienic to keep the attendants pumping gas and everyone else’s hands off the eq… @sonyaphilip @helloyarn I also have time for this. And supplies! @6_berries I just spent the rest of our homeschool charter $$ on spinning supplies for Kit as well as all the wool…’m feeling like we old school craft bloggers are so prepared for lockdown. I’ll never question my craft supply/boo… @ellenbwright @BookshopSC is taking online orders and is a fantastic bookstore @dudeluna @oregon_history Gas stations being mad that they can’t lay off employees. @campcreek Guess I’ll be making masks this weekend. We have a few but I was holding onto them in case one of us gets sick. @oregon_history @dudeluna This is actually less safe than only employees touching the equipment. @jillithd I get a full on anxiety attack in the grocery store if anyone comes into the same aisle. But we have to eat! @RomiDesigns Not a GIF but my actual dog @campcreek He only cares about his ego @RomiDesigns @noirbettie BACK AWAY FROM THE SCISSORS @dsrouse @KristineLVe @helloyarn AGREE @KristineLVe @helloyarn We all have too but there are effectively no cars driving in Santa Cruz except on major art… @kitchenmage We are fine. Divorce not yet imminent. @noirbettie ANNIKA @marlojen @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris @SenFeinstein This is what finally made me break down and cry. Our country has… @helloyarn @KristineLVe I just walked to the post office with my teen and he wore pajamas