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Green Day @GreenDay East Bay, California

New album Father Of All... out now. @HellaMegaTour w/ @GreenDay, @FallOutBoy + @Weezer coming in 2020 Personal accounts @billiejoe @trecool @mikedirnt

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On this day in 2016 Mayor @LibbySchaaf declared Feb 19th to be “@GreenDay Day” in @Oakland! Come down to the shop t…
Retweeted by Green DayHappy #GreenDayDay Oakland aka the best day of the year
Happy bday to “Mad” Willie Jackson aka @billiejoe 👌🎂
Looking so fresh on @amazonmusic!! 😎#AskAlexa to play #FreshRock
UK YOU ARE OUR VALENTINE! Thank you for the number 1! From the bottom of our scummy hearts ! get 'em Australia and New Zealand! @HellaMegaTour shows on sale now... let's party! who in australia/new zealand has their #HellaMegaTour tix?! 🙌🙋🏻🙌🙋🏻 🎟️
Retweeted by Green Dayhey ho, let's go brisbane - #HellaMegaTour tickets on sale NOW
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LET'S GOOOO 🤘"We made a party record for the end times." @GreenDay's @billiejoe is LIVE with @zanelowe talking #FatherOfAll. Lis…
Retweeted by Green DayCOMING UP IN 15 MINUTES! Checking in with @billiejoe from @GreenDay @AppleMusic
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🖕 Are we there yet? Read up on @NME australia and new zealand, do you know where you're gonna be at 11am tomorrow? getting your…
Retweeted by Green DayJust tellin' @JKCorden how we've thrown our seed all around the world
🎶 I'm just a face in the crowd of spectators, to the sound of the voice of a traitor 🎶 - @GreenDay
Retweeted by Green Day🚀 Oh Yeah! meets @JKCorden 🚀!!!
Drank all the coffee and played Oh Yeah! on @GMA #LateLateShow is back tonight with @DrPhil @lanacondor and music from @GreenDay!
Retweeted by Green DaySo what did you do all weekend?Check out @GreenDay’s music video for “Meet Me On The Roof” off their newest album “Father of All...”. You may see…
Retweeted by Green Day. @GreenDay are on the cover of the new issue! On the 30th anniversary of their debut, we join the trio on the road…
Retweeted by Green DayThe @mikedirnt ’stache is back and on the cover of @QMagazine! Get your hands on the exclusive cover along w/ a l… NOW: @GreenDay performs live on @GMA! #FatherOfAll
Retweeted by Green DayIt's a GOOD morning at @GMA 👋 #FatherOfAll UP ON @GMA: Our #Oscars After Party! @GreenDay performs their song "Oh Yeah!" at the El Capitan Theater!…
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YES FOR BOTH AUCKLAND AND DUNEDIN!!!! Bring it on #HellaMegaTour this is gonna be my 5th @GreenDay concert 😂🦄
Retweeted by Green DayJUST GOT TICKETS TO @HellaMegaTour !! Seeing @GreenDay in Dunedin and Auckland 🦄🤟🤟
Retweeted by Green DayWe make the cover of @youtubemusic’s Rock Hotlist look (and sound) good ask yourself, WWWD (What Would Willie Do?) and watch the Meet Me on the Roof vid for the 10th time … @GMA bright and early tomorrow morning ☀️☀️☀️ Now your Monday won’t suck 😉 This filter will make you Horny! Instagram: Snapchat: soundtrack for the weekend #FatherOfAll
Get Horny... gifs (by @dettlefff) on @GIPHY!!'t it a beaut?!  This could be yours too 🤩🤩 a load of the @PandoraMusic New Rock Now cover  😎😎 this party going. Watch @latelateshow Monday w/ @JKCorden #FatherOfAll't miss tracks from @GreenDay's brand-new album all weekend on Rock:
Retweeted by Green DayRise, grind, repeat with new #FatherOfAll goods!!'re rocking out with @GreenDay during their exclusive Album Release Party RIGHT NOW live in LA! 🤘 Tune in now o…
Retweeted by Green DayAre you ready?! Celebrating #FatherOfAll at tonight's Album Release Party w/ @iHeartRadio in LA 🦄🦄 Watch live @ 7pm… out here taking over the 🌍 me n my homegirl @MarthaStewart guest hosting @TheEllenShow today ! Thank u Ellen for having us come thru 🙏🏾…
Retweeted by Green Day#twitterdown
We broke twitter!!!! Thanks for all the questions earlier 🦄🤘 happy Father’s Day! #fatherofall  #AskGreenDayPut your helmet on + watch "Mad" Willie Jackson save the day w/ @gatenm123 in the Meet Me On The Roof vid…“I think rock music should make you feel bad.” Lock into @GreenDay’s new album #FatherOfAll now.
Retweeted by Green DayWhatta day! Whatta week! And it’s only getting started. Stopped by @TheEllenShow to perform #OHYEAH... and of cours… How does it feel to be immortalised one the form of a bass playing unicorn #AskGreenDay - @lo_rassicpark A:❤️ great thing about Green Day, is that we can do whatever the fuck we want and believe me we will! Happy Father’s… Preston is officially bad ass and has officially been a member of the Green Day family for many years! literally just played that song in our hotel room and you missed it dammit #AskGreenDay how do you guys stay so young and energetic? Would you say music keeps your soul in shape? Because…’re already working on one called small hands and spray tans!!! song may have the deepest bass tone I’ve ever recorded! Absolute blast to play What is your personal favorite out of the songs in the album? I think mine would be Graffitia #AskGreenDay -…👌 the library, 16, and wrote you acceptance. Are some of the ones I love playing unicorn bites or dog food!!! usually I just eat whatever @batmansmom put in my dish! #AskGreenDay What was your main source of inspiration for Father Of All...? - @thekyleman296 A: love playing meet me on the roof, and father of all motherfuckers! Those bass lines are walking all over the plac… if green day had a perfume what would it smell like? #AskGreenDay - @hellamegaswmrs A: 😂 #AskGreenDay NO QUESTIONS HERE. JUST WANTED TO SAY HI! - @Eva_4Moon A: used a 1958 fender mustang bass with flat wound strings for half of the record, and the other half was a Mike D… there will be plenty of unicorns for everybody the magic of the unicorn will be spread throughout the universe… do u guys ever stalk your fans on social media? 🤔🤭 #AskGreenDay - @sventhsister A: da gold at? Haha Joe created the entire album artwork including our new mascot “Horny“ the unicorn!!! #AskGreenDay Where did the new album title come from? - @AndrewW_97 A: took us about a month and a half to record the whole album, but there was about a years worth of doing demos bef… #AskGreenDay Which is your favorite #Foamf song to play on bass? - @_GreenDayItaly A: 16-year-old self would think how can I get tickets @hellamegatour @MikeDirnt jumping on here in an hour to answer everything you've ever wanted to know (or never wanted to know?…'ll make an exception there 😉 you know what to do 😏 #JustAsk Alexa to play the Song of the Day + jam to Meet Me on the Roof on @amazonmusic ⚡️… my copy of @GreenDay new album #FatherOfAll today. Cant wait to annoy the neighbor's with it at full volume!!!!…
Retweeted by Green DayGreen Day tapped 'Stranger Things' star Gaten Matarazzo to play a middle school daredevil in the new video for "Mee…
Retweeted by Green DayWatch @GreenDay's new video for "Meet Me On The Roof" below!
Retweeted by Green DayThe new @GreenDay album just hit 🦄 Turn up the volume on #FatherOfAll now
Retweeted by Green DayTONIGHT! Rock out with @GreenDay tonight during their Father of All… Album Release Party at the @iHeartTheaterLA!🤘…
Retweeted by Green Day.@greenday's brand-new album has arrived 🙌💥 Listen to "Father Of All..." now:
Retweeted by Green Day.@GreenDay let their hair down on raucous new album 'Father Of All Motherfuckers' – read the ⭐⭐⭐⭐ NME review
Retweeted by Green DayScrew caffeine, wake yourself up with #FatherOfAll we have this shiny new album out we decided to drop a video w/ it too!! Take a ride with Meet Me On The Roof… is finally out!! Time to turn it waaaaay the f🦄🦄 k up
This week is one giant party and we're getting the fun started at @TheEllenShow tomorrow! @GreenDay @Weezer @falloutboy australia + new zealand, $1 from every ticket sold for these #HellaMegaTour shows wil…
Retweeted by Green Day @HellaMegaTour @falloutboy @Weezer You can also sign up to the mailing list for free to get pre-sale tickets starti… @HellaMegaTour @falloutboy @Weezer Pre-sales start Monday February 10th. Order #FatherOfAll to get the code for the… waiting for this!!! 🇦🇺🤘🇳🇿 Let's party on the @HellaMegaTour Australia and New Zealand 🍾🍾…
Partying with @iHeartRadio on Friday 🤘🍾🦄 LA, want to celebrate #FatherOfAll w/ us at the @iHeartTheaterLA? Of cou… plans: - Listen to Father Of All... (on repeat, of course) - Wrangle the unicorns 🦄 - Watch our @MTV World…
In this week's issue – out Wednesday, February 5 – @GreenDay take us inside the dark heart of Father Of All…, and r…
Retweeted by Green Day1) #FatherOfAll drops Friday! 2) We're on the cover of this week's @KerrangMagazine! Th…
Riding & rock have always been about experiencing one helluva rush. Hit the link to enter for your chance win a VIP…
Retweeted by Green DayNot all heroes wear capes, some wear mustaches and eyebrows. Watch Frank Storm doing his thing in the Oh Yeah! behi…