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Green Man @GreenManFest Brecon Beacons, Wales

#GreenMan20 | 20-23 August 2020 | Ten Areas of Music, Comedy, Literature, Cinema, Welsh Beer, Science, Art | The friendliest festival in the universe.

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.@GreenManFest have launched a fundraiser to help those affected by the flooding in South Wales
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24 hours in and 100s of you wonderful lot have donated! Spread the kindness with whatever you can chip in 👇 @caitlinmoran 💚The lovely people at Green Man Festival in Wales have made a huge donation to the communities affected by the flood…
Retweeted by Green Man.@greenmantrust trust are raising money to help communities affected by the recent storms, you can donate here👇
Retweeted by Green Man @goundster Great stuff! GM @goundster Hi there, link should be working now - let us know if you're still having trouble? GM
We can’t replace the many things lost by Welsh communities in the recent floods. We can show that they matter and i…
Retweeted by Green ManSeeing the destruction from recent storms in South Wales has been truly awful, it's important we all pull together…
Incredibly sad to learn Andrew Weatherall has died. Pioneer, inspiration and God for so many. RIP @oneout_allout Yep it's the exact same price as upfront. GM @chrissied15 @PN_Gower @HawkHouseCrafts Stay safe out there Chris @oneout_allout Hey there, payment plan options takes the booking fee upfront, but splits the ticket price into equal instalments. Cheers, GM @endee33 Hey Neil, teen tickets should be up again later today if you try again then. Cheers, GM
For the latest #StormDennis information: ⚠️ Flooding: @NatResWales 🚙Travel: @TrafficWalesS 🚒 Fire & Rescue:…
Retweeted by Green Man @rupertevelyn @Kirsty_Williams @WelshGovernment @itvnews Crickhowell High School is open today for local residents…
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New record from #GreenMan20's @BambaraBand sounding striking, vast & atmospheric. Listen here 👉…
"I'm in love, I'm alive I belong to the stars and sky" Big love to you lot this #ValentinesDay. GM 💜 @lucy_mccourt Big love right back Lucy! 🤠
Super-proud to support @EventVision2025, helping make festivals more environmentally-friendly🌿🌍
Been reminding myself of some of the gold buried in the @GreenManFest line up today, and reminded how happy I am th…
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.@LittleDragon's new track 'Hold On' 🪐dishes out ear-wormy synth melodies by the bucketload. Listen here >…
Stewards @GreenManFest are incredibly friendly people of all ages, and backgrounds. So if your a good human with co…
Retweeted by Green ManFancy being part of the #GreenMan20 team? Stewarding applications are live, so get applying below! 👇
#DyddMiwsigCymru hapus 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 i chi bobl y byd! Gwrandewch ar sesiwn gan yr anhygoel @adwaithband yn fyw o Ŵyl y D…
Craving an entire week in the hills of #GreenMan20? 🌿 Well, the Settlement's growing - bigger stage, craft worksho…
New @bmblackmidi track ‘Sweater’ sounding mind-bendingly brilliant. Listen to all 11 minutes 👉…
Basking in the delectable sound of @caribouband's latest track 'Never Come Back' ☄️ Listen here >… @bizzy2711 @michaelkiwanuka Ohh yessss! @lilybstones Hey Lily, not currently but will let you know if that changes, GM @BenSteers 🕺
So there we gan. My new single Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love) is out in the world now and you can read more abo…
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playing GRUFF RHYS 'Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru' @gruffingtonpost #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales playing @GreenManFest 2020 x
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Across 10 magical microcosms of music, comedy, literature, arts and science, the UK's most charming independent fes…
Retweeted by Green ManBig announcement and a new song coming your way on Monday!! Its first play will be on @BBC6Music's @steve_lamacq sh…
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Bagged your #GreenMan20 ticket? 🔮 Now stuff your ears full of the line-up so far with our nifty playlists... Spotif… @DIVAmagazine @GlastoFest @mightyhoopla 💚 @rhysjevons Hey Rhys, the booking fee is taken on purchase, the rest is split into equal instalments. Cheers, GM @bristol247 💚
🎪 Yesterday @GreenManFest released their first wave of acts and with @TheOrielles @boy_azooga @KatyJPearsonnn and…
Retweeted by Green Man @chrisnparsons @lauramarlinghq Hopefully with something new for our 👂 👂 @GreenManFest tix booked. BOOM. 🌳⛰🎤
Retweeted by Green Man @chrisnparsons @lauramarlinghq It's LUMP, Chris > you there beloved @GreenManFest 🥰
Retweeted by Green ManOur very own @Fiona_Stewart talking all things GM20 on @shaunwkeaveny's show. Listen back (50 mins in) 👇 @RealBobMortimer 💦We're playing Green Man in Wales this August...
Retweeted by Green ManAlso, can't wait to get back to @GreenManFest! 🌈🌿🍄
Retweeted by Green Man @maz_hawes Unfortunately just NP8 postcodes, come for the weekend! 🍻 @asoundreaction @missspepper Green Nan does has a certain ring to it...🤔 @AnnBCCFamily @Ceriphillips27 Hey Ceri, sadly we've no more live-ins to sell! But email through details to info@gre…おとぼけビ〜バ〜ウェールズの Green Man 出演決定🔥🔥🔥 We can't wait to play Green Man Festival @GreenManFest & it's our Welsh debut.🤗 Ti…
Retweeted by Green ManThe summer of #FeltMountain begins. We’ll be performing alongside @caribouband @michaelkiwanuka @LittleDragon and…
Retweeted by Green ManWhat a line up @GreenManFest 🤯🤩🤪gonna be clashes all over, but just 👀👀at this first announcement! @nadineshah
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Playing Green Man! Tickets:
Retweeted by Green Man😮@otobokebeaver announced for @GreenManFest #GreenMan20
Retweeted by Green Man @BethanDarwin @spaceships_uk @visitwales @michaelkiwanuka @caribouband @LittleDragon Hi Bethan, all live-in tickets… @max_pilley Proustian rush of happiness - we like that! 🍻 @williammallin Currently not William, will let you know if it changes. GM✨G🌙M🔮2☄️0⚡️ has landed! ⚡️ @michaelkiwanuka, Mac DeMarco (his only UK show), @caribouband, @LittleDragon are headli…
Retweeted by Green ManMichael will headline at @GreenManFest 2020!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 #GreenMan20
Retweeted by Green Mancome green out with us 🐸🖖
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Retweeted by Green ManStoked to play this one. @GreenManFest
Retweeted by Green Man⭐ We're chuffed to have @work1ngmensclub @boy_azooga @TheOrielles and @KatyJPearsonnn on this years @GreenManFest l…
Retweeted by Green ManThe @GreenManFest 2020 headliners have been announced including: @Michaelkiwanuka, Mac DeMarco, @Caribouband, and…
Retweeted by Green Man @beckyandtheband @porridgeradio @matthewmaltese @thisisthekit @thisisLUMP @FenneLily 💚🕺 @DamonThomass @michaelkiwanuka Hey Damon, day-by-day splits will be coming in upcoming months :)Green Man (@GreenManFest) line-up includes Michael Kiwanuka, Thundercat and (Sandy) Alex G, plus The Murder Capital…
Retweeted by Green Man @russellwarfield Yes Russell, we'll be ready to welcome you and the new 'un back to GM lands! 🍻 @craigl777 @Connect_Croydon Day-by-day line-up will be landing later in the year! :) @StuColes @IanPriceArt Hi Stuart, all live-ins are sold out & no more to release. Sorry for any confusion there. GMMac DeMarco, Michael Kiwanuka, Caribou and loads more to play @GreenManFest!
Retweeted by Green ManNEWS: Michael Kiwanuka, Caribou, Little Dragon & Mac DeMarco headline @GreenManFest 2020
Retweeted by Green ManMichael Kiwanuka to headline Green Man festival 2020
Retweeted by Green ManWhat an absolute frikkin delight to be heading back to @GreenManFest alongside all these champs!…
Retweeted by Green ManBig line up for Rough Trade this year, with @bmblackmidi @thisisthekit @gruffingtonpost @LankumDublin & Parquet Cou…
Retweeted by Green ManThe first wave of names for @GreenManFest have been revealed
Retweeted by Green ManThe first names for @GreenManFest 2020 have been announced.
Retweeted by Green Man.@michaelkiwanuka, @caribouband and Mac DeMarco to headline @GreenManFest – plus Lucinda Williams (@HappyWoman9),…
Retweeted by Green ManPlaying @GreenManFest this summer. One of my favourites
Retweeted by Green Man @IanPriceArt Hey Ian, you can buy on the door or you can add to your order with Cheers, GMGREEN MAN ANNOUNCED 🏄🏼‍♂️🏄🏼‍♂️
Retweeted by Green Man @bevlov Hey Bev, it's around a 47% female/female fronted. More acts to be added throughout the year as well! 😀 @slrpryce @carolineplz 💚Back to our favourite place amongst incredible company! ⛰
Retweeted by Green Man @IanPriceArt Hey Ian, all live-in vehicle tickets have sold out now unfortunately. GM @daihowells Hey David, all live-in tickets have sold out now! GM💛💚 GREEN MAN 2020 💚💛 Brensiach y bratiau! - da ni'n rhan o line-up anhygoel @GreenManFest ⬇️ Tocynnau ar werth ⬇️…
Retweeted by Green Man @AaronLavery Hi Aaron, they have indeed sold out - it's our most popular ticket type & went very quickly this year. GM @DrBantoid @CRL_Penny Hey guys, all live-in tickets sold out super quickly. It's our most popular ticket type and u… @IvySuth Hi Ivy, you'd need to be a student at time of the festival. If you touch base with customerservices@ticket… @not_catherine 💚💚 @_ALACS We've a ticket limit of 8 per order to help avoid touts. We've no association with viagogo & discourage any… mlaen yn arw i chwarae Gŵyl y Dyn Gwyrdd eleni Really looking forward to playing @GreenManFest this year
Retweeted by Green Man @TobiasCotton @michaelkiwanuka @caribouband @LittleDragon Hey Toby, when booking a payment plan your first instalme… @joewhitehead__ We'll do our best for you next year Joe @curlygig 😘