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@MutantMusings I think it’s Apoth in Fallen Angels bringing about the end times here.
@CrushingComics No I do not. Maybe XForce, I guess, if you make me think on it? But no, I think xmen feels by far t…
@ComicReliefPodc Fun, but full of plot holes as you mention. Why didn’t they just stay on Krakoa and go through the… @DaryllBenjamin @mturetsky @Elana_Brooklyn The scene with this pair playing dice with AIM agents and befriending them is amazing
@MagnetoRocks Thanks Cable!
@excel522 Roberto as narrator is THE BEST @DaveShevlin88 I had some of these once. Maybe in the parents basement hmm. @excel522 Buying all of DoX for posterity, but regretting FA. Happy to try Hellions. Love X-men. Xforce most impro… @CrushingComics So, a little bit about me...
@excel522 or that the set up of Xmen:Red was Jean speaking to the UN about a Mutant Nation (but sans actual nation)…
I’m all for this fresh start with DoX and enjoying it, but the lack of good through lines from recent themes and st… read v1 of Xmen Red finally after high praise, and must admit the themes surprised me given Krakoa and Dawn of… @excel522 some of Xmen's data pages reveal the least new info, like the menu, but i like them the most? @DaveShevlin88 i am concerned about the former Hellfire Club kids as the main villains in Marauders right now. really? @robertliefeld xmen with circus in it. my jam. 🤡 @lodix1 @cracksh0t maybe? i kinda hate floppies, pricing matters alot. id prefer some sort of pre-buy physical TP… @lodix1 That would be Radd @LittleRed409 @sendavidperdue @SenatorLoeffler They are coming to gut prexisting social safety net programs to fill… @TROCKSTANSCABLE @XavierFiles This just sounds like editorial in punisher land not realizing he was unusable due to… @TROCKSTANSCABLE @XavierFiles Thanks for the head canon, but that was a story I was looking forward to reading. Sh… @PELightning Agreed. I meant to imply I was reading prophet and liking it at one point, just not his. It was legit… @MojosWork Totally. I used to spend a lot of time when visiting cities hitting music and comic shops to find weird… @PELightning Prophet was really really good I thought. Once it was rebooted in 2012 without the Rob. @MojosWork Yeah. Collecting paper feels weird at this point, but I grew up in an analog world. Stay off my lawn! @TROCKSTANSCABLE @XavierFiles Just showed up with no mention? Or was there at least a passing hand wave explanation… @XavierFiles And he’s just...back? Gold balls can’t repair mystical gems. @DaveShevlin88 @MastersThePen I’m drawing the line at only X-men silver age for myself, but that spider cover is CL… @XavierFiles Did he though? Cain is not a mutant is he, and have we seen him recently? @XavierFiles Getting better from dead I get. Did they just egg up a new one and Darkchilde is out there too though… @DaveShevlin88 Huh, Karma is in this? I learned something
Weapons grade idiocy.
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @sendavidperdue @SenatorLoeffler Turnaround? You are going the wrong way... @sendavidperdue As one of your constituents, disappointed this is your take. The trial will clearly not be fair wi… @TheMutantMenace i like the cast and lineup and tone for sure. More excited for this one than recent X movies honestly! @zachrabiroff they are going to have Demon Bear in a widely available printing one would think...Dead Souls would w… New Mutants movie is back on track with a new trailer! This horror spin on the Demon Bear saga looks legit, and… I have a lot of work to do Also me:
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@arthurstacy @mistaketheory @XavierFiles Clearly Daap should be higher on resurrection protocols. Or can goldballs… @XavierFiles Congrats @About_Failing @XavierFiles Videogame setup screens
@MagnetoRocks I may be biased, as my first Franklin comics were PowerPack/X-men crossovers. He’s always been a muta… @MagnetoRocks Proteus needs a reality manipulator buddy in the 5 for Team Resurrection anyway. And yeah, Secret War… Venn diagram of "people who bought defense stocks earlier this week" and "Trump allies who knew about the Iranian…
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @Marvel Franklin is a better Xman than Wolverine as member of FF and the Avengers“Shavka’s Song CAN be stopped” #eternalcardgame @end_hits @DaveShevlin88 You can see all your covers less obstructed 👍 @CrushingComics It was my first thing by him, and totally related to it. @CrushingComics @gerardoaudelo I haven’t read Meet The Skrulls. Not sure of other out of context books. Squirrel Gi… @CrushingComics @gerardoaudelo Surprised you liked one and not the other, I was a big fan of each for the realness… @gerardoaudelo @CrushingComics I see this book like it’s self aware it’s not a typical story, so that did not bothe… @CrushingComics @gerardoaudelo I liked Dead Souls but not my fave of his xStuff as it seems to be of most. I really… @CrushingComics @gerardoaudelo Keep in mind, my favorite author is Grant Morrison. Mindbender paradox is my jam. Th… @CrushingComics @gerardoaudelo The story was awesome in a trippy way, and it’s timeloop nature made it be ok it was…
@CrushingComics @gerardoaudelo Multiple Man was super good in a weird way, if not perhaps a bit standalone feeling… commentary on XMen #4, the best single issue follow up to House of X/ Powers of X so far #xmen #newworldorder @excel522 what is Sextant, is that foreshadowing, or some Illyana team affiliation I've never heard of. Sextant ..… @DaveShevlin88 @end_hits this is the one i have: @DaveShevlin88 👀 @end_hits getting one has made me enjoy old covers every day, i love it.and the triskelion is actually likely Celtic/pagan gods, not Norse...hmmm. WAR OF GODS incoming.tomoe shinto i think: The mitsudomoe is closely associated with Shinto shrines, in particular those dedicated to Ha… pantheons. Omega = greek, old games. Bottom left is Norse i think, ie: this game. Egypt themed gods game i… prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @ComicsSteve @maliciousglee @AquamAnder is "rich elite playboy" still Warren's brand when Xavier is the wealthiest man alive? @ComicsSteve @maliciousglee @AquamAnder Hickman is clearly planning an original 4 Horseman return story, likely inv… @MutantMusings They are setting up a big Arrako/Limbo/original horsemen story. Mephisto was hinted at being in a fu… foreshadowing? #GodofWar #PS4share
@lodix1 I like that this was a reveal that was not a reveal...except it looks like Charles and not young Phantomex.… @lodix1 Why have I never seen a plush Bamf doll for sale? This needs to happen. @DaveShevlin88 Nice! I’m working on Silver Age Xmen myself, just splurged on a #6 with the Kirby SubMariner cover. @OneWheelchairX Love Combat Storm. Dislike yet another power dampener fight. X-men, New Mutants, and XForce have al… @AquamAnder the dual intel analysis/covert wetworks angle really starts to feel good in issue 2 i think, and the pl… @AquamAnder yeah. Psylocke isn't really Psylocke anymore, Kwannon is not Betsy, and i am not into it at all myself.… @AquamAnder Looking forward to Arrako/original horseman plot, but haven’t liked Kid Cable. I liked The old ladies p… @zachrabiroff The Emerald Witch cometh @AquamAnder Marauders seems to be the crowd favorite, and i like it, but its a bit breezy and campy for me. I like… @zachrabiroff is that Polaris' new costume on the cover? :) @AquamAnder ok, Excalibur too, which i rank as #5 out of 6 DoX titles personally, neither of which feel central to… @AquamAnder i admire your diversity in hero books vs my focus on the X-line, but Fallen Angels as only other DoX bo… @MagnetoRocks core indeed. Fallen Angels has little to do with DoX. That said, if asked by newbs what to follow up… @bastique @DaveShevlin88 I did LOVE [A]’s response though. Worth it. @DaveShevlin88 @ak08252 Hickman’s Secret Warriors was a great read imo, and some of his best superhero work before… @karen_xmenfan @XavierFiles I’ve heard Xman is the highlight of his work on the x books? It seems like the ideas an… @XavierFiles @karen_xmenfan I like Warren Ellis and have never read CounterX. I should have been dialed into his vi… @ComicsBookcase I do circus/ fire performance, get paid gigs and do occasional shows, but having tons of fun as I t… Ouroboros Mandala #GodofWar #PS4share
Confident Power Suit Energy at the Davos global economic forum. Great single issue! #xmen @karen_xmenfan I really enjoyed it, the Davis power suit energy and confident talk was great. I liked we saw Xavier… @XavierFiles I sorta miss wordy thought balloons at times @XavierFiles Stan Lee is beloved, and yet early X-men is full of creepy inappropriate flirting and interest in Jean… @CrushingComics I thought 4 was strong as a single issue, exuding confident don’t mess with us energy or a global s… @DaveShevlin88 Yeah, the final SNES game and the Outback Xrun were excellent and blew me away, and made me a lifelong fan of each franchise.Also, “fate of Mephisto” == Inferno part 2?#xspoilers Did Galactus just tell us that Emma Frost and Tony Stark will be...married soon?! Any prior interactions… @XavierFiles A couple of good characters, but did not find it compelling on its own nor nostalgic and faithful enou…
Tyr´s Vault #GodofWar #PS4share Thinker #GodofWar #PS4share
Nice 'stache #GodofWar #PS4share
Baba Yaga hut #GodofWar #PS4share
While I kind of enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment of getting better and love the vibe, I gave up at the 2nd bos…