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@bastique @arthurstacy Hard same. Onslaught is when my fog of continuity begins. @KevinNewburn @xmenduh I only “collect” the flagship legacy numbering / uncanny xmen, but broke that rule for dawn… @KevinNewburn @xmenduh I’m reading too much of the line due to initial excitement, but I’ve actually been enjoying… @KevinNewburn @xmenduh You’re just hate reading them?!? 😲 @xmenduh I couldn’t finish the Whedon run after reading about ProfX torturing an AI as the REAL origin of the DangerRoom 🤮 @arthurstacy But there were talking mailboxes and a cigar smoking demon...xmen! @AngstyX I thought the NewMutants was actually going to be released, and covid was like, hold my beer 😈🐻💥🦠😷
@MojosWork Ha. I talk over everyone anyway, so didn’t really notice that as unusual lol @sarahkuhn @SarahWatson42 Yum! Owns 3 brands: KenTacoHut @MutantMusings @marcio_takara I like it and wish there was a decent toy of her in that, her CLASSIC look imo @MojosWork I was such a nervous wreck watching all Sandler’s erratic bad decisions. A+ for creating stress as artHonest Goverment Ad #dumpsterfire2020
I am not excited to have lived long enough to see the moment Madonna became a Karen
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @arthurstacy @GregPacknett @TROCKSTANSCABL But that scene was not built upon decades of Wolverine. Rather, It defined Wolverine for decades @DaveShevlin Hmm, I had this back in the day. Maybe it’s in a box at the parents house hmmm. The Extinction Agenda…
Skilling up #PS4share
Kirito's gang #SAO #PS4share Cataclysm Finale # SAO #PS4share Dragons #SAO #PS4share Art Online - Genesis End Boss #SAO #PS4share
@arthurstacy @arthurstacy Not Inhuman, but not mutant...must be:
@Sadie_ATL You’ll shoot your eye out! @adamtyree @meddlingmage Fair. But he could be male or shadowed face for plausible deniability. @DaveShevlin Wait, huh? @DaveShevlin Lila Cheney
This was 45s response about top priorities for a 2nd term. There is no content there in a very basic question, othe… Art Online JRPG - steam pork buns Level Up! #SAO #PS4share
Bridger, a 6-year-old hero who rescued his sister from an attacking dog, is getting the props he deserves from anot…
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @RobertSecundus Fear leads to suffering. Suffering leads to anger. Anger leads to the dark side. - The Comedian @GovKemp you are making the spread worse by banning mask ordinances in favor of political points to a base that lea… SOS from ATL
@arthurstacy @UncleShouty We talk about the 90s hits like X revamps into the initial Image lineup as huge moments,… @BigDadEnergy_ My friends that read tarot never say “fortune”. “Cards” or “do a reading”?We just got back from Disney World and I have some things to say!!
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Trump’s campaign manager is a felon. His deputy campaign manager is a felon. His national security advisor is a fel…
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Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of…
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @christieddleman Cool! I’d buy a Krakoa face mask @RobertSecundus @lizbethanne I just got the ps4 game having never played them, and the intro was an inscrutable mes… @realDonaldTrump @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews More Projection from an empty vessel
@MojosWork @arthurstacy I had a bunch of these! There were 6 armed spiral ones I liked especially. And some knight… @BigDadEnergy_ Not reading either, but not excited about many mainstream comics these days @JasonFattorusso @ClaremontRun Do we have any idea of directions Claremont wanted to go that Jim pushed back on? @PrincessOtC @ChrisAHassan I prefer 4 and 6 inch things to the huge and overpriced Legends personally, even though… @MojosWork @mistaketheory I got blocked for that comment??? @MojosWork @mistaketheory I mean, I feel like the fact Logan has a magic daughter should be important and upon lear… idea that Democrats hate America because they want it to be better is insulting. You can love our country and s…
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @mistaketheory I’ve yet to read a comic with Dakken in it, and never even heard of Soule. Wolverine still has a shr… is actually very risky and dangerous. I’m not sending my kids on a rocket ship.
@InstaTrent Here is a nice yurt example for the Desert. But I’ve seen some serious glamping in the woods for 3 day… @GhosttGray I personally find Superman too Boy Scout and boring so have read very little of it, and hadnt even hear… @XavierFiles Did not pickup, have been picking up all dawn of X though. Not sure I’m going for Juggernaut either. X adjacent? Even that? @InstaTrent Nerds camp in style! Have you seen the setups at Burning Man and other fire arts festivals? @krallbd @GhosttGray But not the part about ripping up all my xmen comics. Back off Jen! @GhosttGray Understanding Comics is certainly well known, more direct than meta in its commentary on comics, but wo… @callian31 @GhosttGray Multiversity is the Ring, but for comics. It definitely counts. DO NOT TURN THAT PAGE!!! ☠️
My son Rex is 1 month old! 🌿👼🏻🌱"Today, for the first time, the Court casts totally aside countervailing rights and interests in its zeal to secure… is shame on our military. He did his job and explained what happened when called upon to do so. Hope he gets r… wear a mask #COVID19 #socialresponsibility #remember #MaskUp
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@sarahcpr Is this chesnut from the Art of the Deal? @MojosWork Shaggy and Chris Paul talking about epic pizza was not so subtle 🍕🌱🏀 @MojosWork I grew up on Harlem Globe Trotter and Batman guest appearances. Ruh roh! @Philjimeneznyc I grew the biggest mustache of my life in the spring @KevinNewburn Ch’odd from the Star Jammers @KevinNewburn Woot, glad you put SAO on the list. I’m binging it now on Netflix.Spain's large-scale study on the coronavirus indicates just 5% of its population has developed antibodies, strength…
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @ProphetScience @mikie1mfs @NicoleArbour To get a Philosophy BA degree at UVA, 2 of the 4 required areas of study a…
Your Sunday joy. Cats reacting to Durian fruit.
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @StefanEJones @GreatDismal Warning: contact with elven nobility may lead to swelling, itchiness, black tongue, depr… @NotMerricK @SimonSidleman @mikie1mfs @NicoleArbour I took some comparative religion classes in college and enjoyed… @yauhen @meh_dark @mikie1mfs @bullhornpod @NicoleArbour From a Christian theology defense site meant to make their… @TNShellyT @mikie1mfs @NicoleArbour I grew up with no god in school, science and math values and crushed it academi…
My favorite part of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT is guessing which homoerotic scenes are werewolf-specific, and which are just…
Retweeted by FlameJugglerI’m sorry, a Cardassian? In the White House?! Not while I’m still a Starfleet officer.
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @KevinNewburn Asuna or Kirito from Sword Art Online. Proteus. Uncle Sam. @Sadie_ATL Least favorite pop star ever. F that guy.One of these women has just been arrested by the FBI on child sex trafficking charges.
Retweeted by FlameJuggler @jamie2181 @jsbrads @NicoleArbour Hers is also a little more indoctrinating and confusing science with opinion in i… @mikie1mfs @NicoleArbour 100% this. Schools can teach morals and empathy without reaching religion. @atrupar TOE TALLY TERRY A TISM
Retweeted by FlameJugglerWhen a normal person misspeaks, they correct themselves & move on. A malignant narcissist, unable to acknowledge th…
Retweeted by FlameJuggler🎤🦗🇺🇸 45 sure knows how to throw a party @uzionmain The hissy fit followed by mega delay he had at Bonnaroo when I tried to give him a chance....never again. F that guy. @KrakoaWelcomes Always disappears in the middle of a fight, smells like farts @excel522 Some very nice mountains, on both sides
@RobertSecundus My wife pounded this stuff while pregnantProud to be the 25,037th 👾 on @BackerKit for ⚡SuperCalla | Charging Cables Redesigned. Patrol wisdom for 2020 #doompatrol @ASmith_Petersen Is it more of the same of part one mostly, though? I only mildly enjoyed the first, so wondering w…
New Mutants pacing is off. Nothing much happened this issue different than last, just more arrivals. I did like Glo…
The @GOP has responded to catastrophically to #COVID19 because over the decades their party has been reduced to lit…
Retweeted by FlameJugglerVote the entire GOP out. They are Complicit. If you are not liberal but antiTrump, this is the only way to ever get… @ScottAdamsSays So sorry to see you have chosen to wield your influence in this way. 👎 @CBCCPodcast Clark is basic and a drag. Great first date, Supes!🙌Hands of Power🤙 #xmen
Who watches the Watchmen?