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Dad. Husband. Principal at Fairmont Charter Elementary School (@FairmontCharter). Doctoral student at UC Davis. Education Geek. #ReadLikeAPirate

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Day 15 #GratitudeSnaps (a day late)... I’m thankful for this bendable fidget on my desk that reminds me to stay fle…
Day 14 #GratitudeSnaps... Today I’m grateful for our school counselor, who not helps our students, but also their f… again I’m saddened & sickened, but I’m no longer shocked. Most of all, I’m angry. So I shall remind myself of…
Day 13 #GratitudeSnaps... Today, on #WorldKindnessDay2019, I’m thankful for those that stand up to unkindness and t… 12 #GratitudeSnaps (a day late)... Thankful for Dr. Natemeyer for speaking to our students about @NASA and the… @teachchoice, that #CelebratED Chat was EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks for reminding me to find the joy in the journey!A4: This quote helps me... “Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on… I find that making time for intentional moments of gratitude help me stay focused on the present and what I am… I try to remind myself of something I once read on a Hallmark Card... “With courage greater than your fear, jum… my wife and daughter are the most important people in my life. I’m always trying to prioritize that relationship. #CelebratEDHey #CelebratED! I’m Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California. My favorite part of the day is…
@jeffreykubiak Ha! I’m pretty grumpy in the morning, so it’s probably better that I’m up and out before they’re awake! @apadalino I love writing them!
@ritaplatt Oh. My. Wow. I love the fidget exchange! I’m totally stealing this idea!Saturday got away from me & I forgot to post my #GratitudeSnaps, but I’m thankful each day for the ability to drive… Day 11... Today I’m grateful for good books and #FamilyReadingNights by the fire! @TaraMartinEDU @BarbaraGruener The world is so lucky that the mind is a powerful thing and you recovered! So grateful!A7: I’m going to read more of the awesome stuff on @BarbaraGruener’s blog because she’s awesome and everything she… @jenhencken That stool is awesome!A6: The brain can only handle what the butt can endure. Get Ss up. Get Ss moving. When I was in the classroom, if w… @ifireup Ha! They do! And so do I!A5: To be honest, I need to do more of this. I’m really good at bringing the energy and getting everyone engaged. I… @TaraMartinEDU Wow. Oh. Wow. That is like the HUGEST of compliments ever! #SpeechlessA4: @KaliSlusser taught me about 5 Finger Breathing and it’s been a game changer... Hold up your hand and as you tr… I have a Break Box in my office filled with a bubble timer and fidgets. Sometimes we all just need a break. I a… Oh, and coffee. In fact, coffee first. #tlap I often need to leave for work before my wife and daughter are fully awake, so I write them each a note. I incl… Mindfulness reminds us to pause, to to breathe, to reflect - and when we do, that’s when the learning happens. #tlapHey #tlap! I’m Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California. When I need downtime, you can find me…
@BiscottiNicole @EdumatchBooks We need a whole paradigm shift, from seeing ADHD as a disorder and a deficit to a di… @MrDsengclasss There are no words, Les. Just love. I am so, so sorry for your loss. May the memories of your son gi…
@KaliSlusser @smgaillard @HappinessSteph @KahootEspen @ClaudioZavalaJr @michelelkelly @D4Griffin3 @KimGriesbach @smgaillard @HappinessSteph @KahootEspen @ClaudioZavalaJr @michelelkelly @D4Griffin3 @KimGriesbach @RACzyz 10 #GratitudeSnaps... A @seescandies opened today in the shopping center near our house! Life just got so much… @janeteacher2 @BiscottiNicole Some of it is very necessary. If a few more people were angry about the realities our… is the reality... This is what we need to remember... This is the “data” that should be driving our practice a… @janeteacher2 @BiscottiNicole Very true! I think many in society have forgotten that “everybody is somebody’s baby”… @the_edu_table @BiscottiNicole @MelSideB @AcademicMindset @thewrightleader @coachadam34 @GregSederberg
@MelSideB @ACSA_info We need to present something together, because YOU’RE amazing! How about: “How to Principal an… @jeffreykubiak @ACSA_info Dude, next year we’re presenting together! @Swayne_LeadUp Well, if we eat everything on our plates, our pants aren’t going to fit and we might need to take them off , too! 🤪A4: Every T serves on one of our school-wide teams & we all get together at least monthly for a faculty meeting whi… I’m new to my school this year, so I asked the staff to identify our instructional and school-wide focus for th… @Swayne_LeadUp That is an awesome analogy and so true! We do get to decide what we eat first!A1: I think the biggest barrier we’re all facing is the effect of toxic stress. Our teachers and students are faced…! I think our biggest barrier right now is understanding what our kids are bringing to school 'trauma' and why th…
Retweeted by Greg MoffittHey #LeadLAP! I’m Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California! Happy Saturday, y’all! @smgaillard @PrincipalFrench @JayBilly2 @BarbaraGruener @tishrich @TaraMartinEDU @KaliSlusser @bethhill2829 thanks all the #EduLeaders that have inspired my thinking about positivity, gratitude, & appreciation...… was such an #honor (and I had so much fun) presenting a worksop today at the @ACSA_info #ACSASummit on “Celebrat…
@Laurenn_Ashton @ACSA_info So glad we were able to connect today, Lauren! @ruha9’s final proposition: “if inequity is woven into the very fabric of society then each twist, coil, and code… @ruha9 is speaking such powerful truth this morning at the #ACSASummit... “Innovation will fuel inequity unless we… I’m grateful for country road sunsets. The beauty of this country’s farmland is something to celebrate and pr…
That #CelebratED Chat ROCKED, @GregJWolcot! Thanks!A4: If we’re not giving students time to think about their answer, talk with a partner, or write down their thinkin… @Greg_Moffitt Celebrating the small wins along the way makes the big wins possible! #celebratEd
Retweeted by Greg MoffittA3: Make time for Class Meetings. Make space for students to have voice and choice in assignments and then make tim… To build confidence and competence, students need small wins. They need to feel and see success. They also need… I think a space is psychologically safe when you feel OK to be your true self, when you know it’s OK to take ri… #CelebratED! I’m Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California! When I need to relax, I go to t… @CarrieTracy96 @_TheNewGuys @Mr_Braden @SSchweikhard @skimbriel @Wes_Kieschnick @SaneeBell @RossCoops31 @SaccoEric @matthew_arend Thanks, Eric! That’s what I love about the strategy: the adaptability! Just set the daily…’s been a difficult few days, but my #GratitudeSnaps for yesterday and today are for the mental health profession…
@Bill_Huber_ @fablefy @mrsmaherslp @thewrightleader @awiesnergroff @amsaffioti1 @LHBLovesEdu @drlenapearlman @TedHiff @RaeHughart Donate!
A7: Make time to check-in w/ the teacher in the room next door, the Student Monitor on the playground, the School C… The community of educators on Twitter that share ideas, challenge my thinking, and inspire me with encouragemen… My #EduDream is to have the resources to ensure that every student and staff member had their needs met. Need a… I created a YouTube channel and Instagram account for our school this year (we already had Facebook and Twitter… I have a daily countdown of things I want to get to each day (get into 5 classrooms, update 4 documents, get ou… @Rdene915 I work with incredible educators who care deeply about kids. And I think we’re all struggling with what t… I want to learn more about trauma-informed practices and how to support staff as they support students who are… I changed schools at the start of the year, so every day I’m learning something new. Every day I’m stepping out… #tlap! I’m Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California! Jumping in while I wait for my daught… I’m thankful for staff, like @KaliSlusser, who are always able to help me find the positive - especially when…
@tishrich @AYSO_Soccer @TaraMartinEDU Beautiful day and beautiful team!Today I’m grateful for #YouthSports, like @AYSO_Soccer, that teach persistence, hard work, and teamwork! The season…
Photo credit to @KaliSlusser - grateful for her friendship and #EduAwesomeness! @PrimalDhillon For compassion, I try to remember that “everybody is somebody’s baby” & to extend grace whenever I c… I’m grateful for my school family and my real family and all the families in our school community for coming… @terrellkimberl8 👍🏼👏🏼👊🏼🤟🏼Yes! Every student. Every staff member.When your daughter uses her own money to pie you at your school’s #FallFestival (and she doesn’t even go to the sch…’s all live a life with purpose and compassion... If we want students to be compassionate citizens & critical thinkers, we must model & embrace those same traits… We can start tearing down barriers to learning by building up relationships, relationships that value and honor… People need to know they matter. Our students and staff deserve to be seen and valued for their strengths and t… In order to propel personal and authentic learning, I think we need empathy, persistence, resiliency, flexibili… @KatieJMcNamara Hey! Hey! Hey! Happy Day, Katie! @sbaumgardner16 Good morning!Oh and my favorite movie is #Goonies #LeadLAP #LeadLAP crew! I’m Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California! Excited to be chatting about #AuthenticEDU!
@CoachRobEDU @tishrich @TaraMartinEDU It’s a falcon - though it could totally pass for an Angry Bird! @CoachRobEDU @tishrich @TaraMartinEDU Super cozy, too! @tishrich @TaraMartinEDU The hat was a gift from the Kinder teachers I worked with last year. They knew the mascot… I am grateful for our wise Student Council advisors that scheduled Pajama Day for the day after Halloween! It…
Come work with me! We’re looking for a resource teacher to join our team and support some of our students with spec…
Please join #CelebratED this Wednesday night 10-30-19 @ 8:30 CST as we celebrate “Tip-Or-Tweet!” 🎉🎃🎉@Greg_Moffitt…
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@KaliSlusser @gcouros @burgessdave @mradamwelcome @TaraMartinEDU @MrNunesteach @DrP_Principal Too. Many. Piles. @KaliSlusser @gcouros @burgessdave @mradamwelcome @TaraMartinEDU @MrNunesteach #WhateverItTakesForKids by…