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Dad. Husband. Principal at Fairmont Charter Elementary School (@FairmontCharter). Doctoral student at UC Davis. Education Geek. #ReadLikeAPirate #CelebratED

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@TheWeirdTeacher @PrincipalFrench In many SF Bay Area private schools it’s affectionately called Ski Week and everyone goes up to Ta… @_TheNewGuys @benjamingilpin @AllysonApsey @RyanBJackson1 @CarrieTracy96 @EricEwald_Iowa @bethhill2829 @dbc_inc
@MelSideB @JayBilly2 Ha! I actually took a serious picture, as well, but they can’t find it - so Grand Poobah it is! @KaliSlusser 👍🏼🤪🤟🏼 @MelSideB Some folks have their #SockGame, I wear a fun hat every fun day of school. And everyday should be a fun d… @jeffreykubiak 👊🏼❤️🤟🏼A4) Hard to pick just one, but @jeffreykubiak oozes EduLove! And the entire #CelebratED crew is pretty EduAwesome, too!A3) The picture book The Jester Has Lost His Jingle because there’s a line in it that reads: “It’s up to us to make… @MelissaPatschke That means a ton! Thank you!A2) Students change my heart daily. When I see their determination. When I see them spreading kindness and standing… I’m passionate about making schools awesome for students and staff. I want everyone to know how much they matte… @StaffPodcast Woot! Woot! Chey and Pav are here!Hey #CelebratED crew! I’m Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California. Excited to be here tonight! @Jarrett_Lerner 👍🏼👏🏼👊🏼🤟🏼 I worked with a writing teacher that would always say: “writing is never done, it’s just due.” @RosaIsiah @ASCDconf @EdLinkSolutions @LMUDoctoral @ACSA_info I got approval to go today and I can’t wait! This is…
@jeffreykubiak @BarbaraGruener @ERobbPrincipal @CoriOrlando1 @HollyDDowling @TAYLOR_does_IT @schnekser @ariannahuff
@bbray27 @bethhill2829 On days when students (and parents and staff) are having a hard time and sharing that strugg… @MelSideB You’ve added value to mine, for sure!
A3: Visiting classrooms with my former Superintendent @DrToddCutler and fellow principals was really transformative… If you want to show up as an instructional leader, you have to make instruction a priority & that means getting… @PrincipalRLA @JayBilly2 @PrincipalFrench @jeffreykubiak Always great! Always learning! Always trying to remember to breath! @PrincipalRLA @JayBilly2 @PrincipalFrench @jeffreykubiak Ryan! Hey friend! How are you?A1: #TheCoachApproach by @PrincipalJ @shiraleibowitz @KathyPerret changed the way I saw my role as a principal and… #PIAChat! I’m Greg, an elementary principal from Northern California. I’m inspired daily by the instructional l…
@SueTranchina That’s awesome (and so are the words you saw)! I took the #OneWord that the some of the staff I work… @ann177345 I'm so sorry, Shelli! This is a difficult EduPuzzle & one that I think we're all grappling with. One's b… @MelissaRathmann I say to follow the advice I got from a Hallmark card once: "With courage greater than your fear,… @mrThamilton Thanks, friend! @nankr1120 Hey @MelSideB and @BiscottiNicole, @nankr1120 is asking the same question as the @the_edu_table! @clegleiter Right back at you, Chris! I learn something from you every chat! @pinkpatterson HA! @PrincipalRLA I think folks like to think that if we just had the right curriculum or the right program or the righ… for working through all these #EduPuzzles with the #CelebratED crew! Let's keep learning with and supporting each other this week! @DustinPearson2 I love that you're asking this question! I wonder what students would say if we asked them?Challenge: This week, offer to help someone with a puzzle, problem, or challenge they are dealing with! #CelebratED @GregJWolcott Can we please ask this question more often? @KaliSlusser Are you calling me old? @mrThamilton Figuring out next steps can be daunting and so exciting! Opportunity awaits! @nankr1120 R for RIGHT ON! If we're not taking risks, we're not doing it right. @JenJkesler Hey Jennifer! @ann177345 That's such an important role to play! @pinkpatterson Is January ever going to end?A4: I'm wondering if there's an SEL program out there that takes a trauma-informed, culturally relevant, strengths-… @MarciaMentor Yes, please!Q4: What's something that is puzzling you about your educational situation right now? Pose your question to the gro… @Hahne_Elyse So true! @rabuns_readers BOOM! @GregJWolcott Glad you felt SAFE to pick a new letter - because it's an essential vision to have for our schools! @mrThamilton Boom! No that's a powerful E word! @clegleiter Yes! We're always learning! @KaliSlusser That should go on a t-shirt: "Try the crazy stuff. Tweak. Repeat." @pinkpatterson YES! @MelissaRathmann Can you imagine what schools would be like if we asked the @gcouros question: "What is best for ea… @nankr1120 LOVE this! You're the extra piece we don't even know we need sometimes!A3: I'm picking the letter E and I'm choosing the word EMPOWER. I want students to feel empowered to change the wor… @themusicweaver WAHOO! Welcome Brad! So glad you're here!Q3: Think of a word that starts with one of the letters below. How does it describe your vision for education? Don'… @BarbaraGruener You're the HOPE and HEART for so many, Barbara! So glad you're part of the EduPuzzle! @StaffPodcast I can't like this enough!!! @Hahne_Elyse Understanding and perspective is so important - sometimes it's the only thing that helps us solve the puzzle! @GregJWolcott Thank goodness for the corner pieces! @nankr1120 You need no introduction, Kristen! @drew_glass That's such an important piece of the puzzle! @CounselorPaco Yes! Yes! And yes! The whole puzzle falls apart without you sometimes! @mrsbutler209 Love this! It's through connection that we can motivate! @nankr1120 HA! I'm ROFL! That's perfect! @CounselorPaco You know, some people are fond of saying that hope is not a strategy. And they may be right. But I t… I think I add passion and positivity to the EduPuzzle. I hope I help others feel like they fit, too. #CelebratED @mrsbutler209 Welcome Alyssa! Glad you're here!Q2: Like pieces of a puzzle, each of us plays an important role in our school and community. How do you fit into yo… @BarbaraGruener Sometimes we make the rules up as we go! So you can absolutely find two words - especially when you find those two! @StaffPodcast Anyone that has ever listened to your podcast knows you bring the FIRE and the PASSION! Can I come be… @drew_glass Love it! @Hahne_Elyse If we can inspire the heart, we can do anything! @DustinPearson2 Love that - and your passion! @PrincipalRLA Can you imagine the world we could create if inclusion and equity were at the center of all we did? @clegleiter What an awesome belief, Chris! You see the best in everyone! @MelissaRathmann That's what I love about this group - we support and push each other! @StaffPodcast Always rockin' and rollin' down here in Cali! Hope all is well with the two of you! @BarbaraGruener Awww, shucks!A1: I see the word EMPATHY right there in the middle of the word search and it stands out to me because I think tha… Take a look at this word search! Which word stands out? How does it connect to you as an educator? #CelebratED @PrincipalRLA Thank you, sir! @Hahne_Elyse Hey Elyse! Welcome! Glad you're here! @BarbaraGruener BARBARA!!! Wahoo! So glad you're here to share your awesome insight! @StaffPodcast Chey and Pav! What's up? Thanks for joining! @mrThamilton Sweet! Trent's here! Welcome, friend! @pinkpatterson @WeAreGRHS @AimeeRubin01 That's awesome! @KaliSlusser Slusser! What's up? @DustinPearson2 Always a great night when you can join, Dustin! @PrincipalRLA Woot! Woot! Ryan's here! @drew_glass Hey Drew! @MelissaRathmann @HuttoISD Melissa's here! It wouldn't be a #CelebratED chat without you! @idacavagec Welcome, Craig!Hey y'all! I'm Greg, an elementary school principal from Northern California! Excited to be part of the #ModSquad f… to the #CelebratED Chat! It's #NationalPuzzleDay so tonight we'll be discussing some #EduPuzzles! Please… about an hour before tonight’s #CelebratED chat! Who’s joining us as we try and solve some #EduPuzzles?
@Maire_from_NJ Maybe also let teachers have a say in what the look-fors should be?January 29 is #NationalPuzzleDay! Join the #CelebratED Chat as we discuss some #EduPuzzles at 8:30PM Central Time…