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On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston & the Texian Army defeated Santa Anna & the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacint… good day to connect the sports and religious worlds. (Of course, in Texas, sports is a religion.)
The Democrats' refusal to support children born alive will haunt them in the upcoming elections. Republicans are on… and quality, not politics, should decide who's a judge in Texas. #txlege New York for Easter 1956. May we never forget that we were created as one nation under God. you for upholding the role of a District Attorney. you're at it, why don't you call on the House to reform a broken immigration system? Senators & Representativ… must learn the Constitution. 10th Amend. is guiding principle "The powers not delegated to the U.S. by the C…'t buy this paper's suggestion at the end that Texas needs an income tax. Not going to happen. Government at all… Enforcement and government leaders agree that the Dallas District Attorney's proposal not to prosecute theft of… family appreciates @GovAbbott & and First Lady Cecilia Abbott for hosting this year’s Easter egg hunt at the Te…
Retweeted by Greg AbbottMore Texans have jobs than ever before. The Texas labor force tops 14 million for the first time as monthly job gro…
Obituary from Friday: via @SlideShare
That’s exactly right and why I urge others to get on board with my property tax reform plan. It does more than any… Easter Egg Hunt is a favorite tradition at the Governor’s Mansion. We have fond memories when our daughter did… said. a blessed Good Friday. #GoodFriday2019 get prison for immigrant smuggling that led to 2 deaths. You can expect more prosecutions, but Congress must fund…
Occupational licenses are a government barrier to work & job killer. We must continue to lead in job creation and h… Some dangerous weather is streaking across our state from north of Amarillo to south of Austin. Stay alert… to have the wonderful Ambassador ⁦@NikkiHaley⁩ in Texas. She has powerful words for the role America play…
I admire the Ellis Co. DA stance against the reckless idea by the Dallas DA to not prosecute theft < $750. "If the… issued a disaster declaration for East Texas counties hit by storms. I thank 1st responders & local officials in… had the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Governor’s Mansion and Pancake came dressed for the party. ⁦@TexasPancake⁩ Galveston Co. District Attorney is investigating possible voter fraud by non-citizens. It’s always appropriate… Patrol apprehends 35 Hondurans near Presidio, Texas. We thank the @CBP for always being on the job. Texas we support the lives of innocent children. The Texas House voted 93-1 for the Born Alive Act. "A baby who… city begins universal basic income experiment. Recipients will receive $500 a month with no conditions s… Texas we #BackTheBlue. “It was a good day for cops at the Texas Capitol, as separate bills to create a student l…
Excellent news. Texas House unanimously passes Dallas Rep. Victoria Neave’s bill to end state’s rape kit backlog.… @KarmaGDMFgeddon Glad to have you here @Monica_Sells21 Great to have you here @realBobPlanet Remember, the "real" part of it won't kick in until the law finally passes and goes into effect. Tha… @ATX_PATRIOT @Shannon63081192 Glad to have you here. We are dog lovers too. @Childlikefaaith @Tea4Freedom We're glad you are here @WillichCassy glad to have you here @dynamite_scott Welcome to TX @NeyNeyByers We're glad you're here @CurtisFDickinso welcome to Texas @EddieWins_ Glad to have you here @RogerSt415 Proud to have you here @txtheater Proud to have you here @WhitakerAl We're glad to have you here @Shannon63081192 You fit right in. @AHeath56 We're glad you think so & glad to have you here. @ZEO5520 You'll fit right in. @trueholygoat You're a capitalist. We are proud to have you.RT if you’re a proud homegrown Texan. Tax Reform Step 1 delivered by the Texas Senate today. They passed limits on the ability of taxing authori…'m very proud of the RGV working together on this road building solution. This can further advance the region with…
First lady of Texas, Cecilia Abbott, will lead the Houston Polish Festival. Judicial selection reforms are long overdue in Texas. Every living current or former Chief Justice of t… raised the homestead exemption 2 sessions ago & no one feels the benefit of that tax relief because it was erode… tax day this year let’s focus on property tax reform in Texas. If you agree that skyrocketing property taxes mus… for taking the bait. TX provides for the hungry & needy through TANF & other programs. You proved my point.… tax itself is unfair. Any amount. What it boils down to is, the government owns it , not you. Period!!!!!… Co. District Attorney stokes crime by refusing to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750. If…
I believe the tax appraiser should be subject to election every two years so you can fire your tax appraiser if the… helps explain how the Texas property tax system is unfair to us all and must be reformed. We want to reform ap… a blessed Palm Sunday.
Today we honored the first responders & civilians who died while working to save others during the explosion and fi… must stop sick and predatory health care providers who violate their patients’ trust. Pass SB 1259 #txlege money used to reduce property taxes is used to buy down/reduce your property tax rate. There are many appraisal… you rent an apartment or a house part of that cost is property taxes. Wherever you buy anything (groceries, clot… my property tax reform passes it will reduce your M&O tax rate by 16% in the first year & decrease it an additio… can use current revenue to buy down your property tax rate several % points. IF the choice is to increase sales… full plan is 3 parts. 1. Appraisal reform to address the skyrocketing appraisals. 2. Use billions of dollars to… tax bill you recieved is based on current law. We're working this session to change that law & lower property t… @watchingfreedom The tax bill you recieved is based on current law. We're working this session to change that law &…
@GregAbbott_TX @Brett_Bailz Thank @GregAbbott_TX for standing up not just for me but for every conservative student…
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Government programs often become more expensive over time. Medicare for All is growing without even having gotten i…
Retweeted by Greg AbbottToday the President was allocated about $2 billion to begin building the wall. Initial plans focus on Texas. Also… moves to become next state to protect free speech on college campuses. truly question if taxpayers should still fund schools like this. There’s no place in Texas for this. Our state… 'Catastrophically harmful' property tax bill is the one local governments send to taxpayers. Tomorrow, legislat…
The Republican Party Platform calls for using a sales tax to get rid of the Maintenance & Operation part of propert… Antonio leaders are fighting against giving taxpayers the authority to reduce the property tax increases impose…“Texans demanded bold reform for real property tax cuts and it appears @GregAbbott_TX, @DanPatrick &…
Retweeted by Greg AbbottTexas National Guard sets up concertina wire at El Paso border bridges. need to stop surprise medical bills and stop the hit to credit scores. Pass bipartisan SB 1264 & HB 3933… Texas Senate passed a bill upholding free speech on college campuses. I look forward to signing it into law. work every day honing strategies to pass immediate and lasting property tax relief. Thanks to these members of t…
States are rising up against the recklessness of sanctuary city policies. Texas and other states have banned them.… the finish - Go Tech! #GunsUp @GovAbbott @RepDennisBonnen @FrulloForTexas
Retweeted by Greg AbbottWished for a different outcome tonight for @TexasTechMBB but am so proud of their run, their season, and the way th…
Retweeted by Greg AbbottExtremely proud of the Texas Tech Red Raiders! A remarkable season! All Red Raiders should be filled with pride...… a Red Raider watch party with the Texas House. #WreckEm ⁦@TexasTechMBB⁩ #GunsUp’m with the Texas Senate at a Texas Tech Red Raider watch party. #WreckEm #GunsUp ⁦@TexasTechMBB⁩ ⁦@TexasTech⁩
Texas Department of Public Safety does a great job helping to secure the border on the water, on land & in the air.… haircuts are illegal in Texas even if the barber is licensed. That’s not right. That’s California! SB 1394… Permian Basin Is Now The World's Top Oil Producer. Everything is bigger in Texas. right now. #WreckEm 122 by Rep. Burns is being heard today. It focuses on prohibiting unfunded mandates which is part of my propert…’s a recent picture of DPS working along side @CBP at the Rio Grande at the border. for asking. I have the National Guard at the border right now. Additionally I have deployed hundreds of Depa… to Baylor Women’s Basketball on winning the #NationalChampionship. Great win by fabulous team. Te…
#GunsUp. It’s what we do. #WreckEm for the DPS Trooper shot in the line of duty. Swift justice for the shooter. @TxDPS #BackTheBlue to join you and all the guests at the Clark Co. Lincoln Day Dinner. Great group of patriots. time in Lubbock, Texas tonight.