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the gratuitous @gregamiah Manchester (he/him/they)

I study literature, I play videogames, I love superheroes. Broadcast Yourself, because they sure as hell won't.

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Contained stories are REALLY valuable. They always will be. Not just for the consumer, but the creator as well.
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lmao when i first met my boyfriend he was wearing a shawl and i snapped him up as soon as i could
Retweeted by the gratuitous @ladyfaceplant @ZaydWaheed She's still into that slithery peen
@madz0rs Well now I just wanna know what that name is @ZaydWaheed YOUR INTERNET B[R]OWSERLISTEN,,,,,,
@ellen__jones @itsdaneesaur Ellen Jones!!!!!!! (mine was a cocktail)
Just finished reading Captain Marvel Issue 11. Damn! What a powerful conclusion to the storyline. I'm super excited…
@OhMyMithrandir Dracula. Castlevania. WHAT IS A MAN?? @PRAGMA @pokejungle Doing the lord's workIf we're being 3:30am real over here, at one point my reason to stay alive was that I was damned if I wasn't gonna…
Watching the new @ContraPoints video has got me and Emma talking about Five Nights And Freddy's being a key example of The New New Gothic @ZaydWaheed @TheMeganHayward What if it was pronounced the italian way? @madz0rs @BrettBall No I'm with Brett on this one it would have been a corker @ZaydWaheed @TheMeganHayward NO WAIT S̴̨̡̛̘̹͉̟̥̫͚̉̇͜c̷̹̠̈́̿̓̿̓̏͛̆͠ọ̴̢̙̮͓̫́̈́n̶̺̜̦̮̊͌͑̀̀̂͋̃̑͗ę̷̡̹̰̰̝̗̋̽̄̀̍͝ͅ @ZaydWaheed @TheMeganHayward No wait Şćôñė @ZaydWaheed @TheMeganHayward Scøne @ZaydWaheed You are wasting your life @izzyinkpen even the bitterest of rivals can enjoy a good ol' plain scone together during peace timeI don't drink hot drinks. Nor do I put anything on my scones. Not even butter. Fight me I know my rights. WHAT SHE WAS IN THAT MOVIE?? HOW DID I MISS THAT WOW HAHA EASTER EGGS THESE DAYS ARE HARD TO SPOT @ameliofaitduski TAYLOR SWIFT INVENTED BEING 22 AND YOU CANNOT STEAL HER GLORY I WON'T ALLOW IT @ameliofaitduski GET OLDER BITCH I DARE YOU @CharlesPulliam Dammit you're right
@Hattiethepirate what
@scarlettrose_s Don't we all? Tear down the house and shout at the stars @scarlettrose_s part of the fun of rules is breaking them @brielarson punch me in the face challenge @nausikaaah You should play Mini MetroPigs can't look up. But I could pick a pig up one night and raise it into the sky and tilt this pig ever so gentle.…
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@jakeftmagic do it for me @TheMikeTre I agree with everything you said. No additional comments lol"BLOODY HELL IT'S A 💀💀💀💀-ING GREEN GIANT. I'M GUNNA SHOVE A SHOVEL UP IT'S ARSE."
Retweeted by the gratuitous @ladyfaceplant no u don't
2019's fully christen this account with a timeless classic.
Retweeted by the gratuitousPSA: brie larson @tweetByZeb The only reasonable response during periods of intense stress. Jazz hands. @tweetByZeb MY GOD @Stephh_Rosee1 it's all very on brand tbh but i'm v entertained by the other pics you've got down there @Stephh_Rosee1 I'M PULLING THE SAME FACE AS YOU @Stephh_Rosee1 18th one back is how I did it @alliegrce @mattgilp @joshyouare96 It cuz he basic @Stephh_Rosee1 IS THAT CARNAGE- lock screen - home screen - recent song - 18th picture tagging @ladyfaceplant @ZaydWaheed @Stephh_Rosee1 but als…, I see Marvel have adopted a new marketing strategy. Littering. (for real tho this is really funny and an inte… HELL YEAH @poppy IS COMING TO MANCHESTER I AM SO GOD DAMN EXCITED @worrierqueen i adore u
@jrome58 Thank you for your books and thank you for this thread. Both as a reader and as an aspiring writer of Marv… @rebecca_ish Y E S @HeyRowanEllis INCREDIBLE @rebecca_ish @NYCwebfest @geohenleyreal @antw0rld @HeyRowanEllis Hot damn that's fantastic!
@izzyinkpen every step forward is something to be proud of, no matter how small ❤️
2019 @Jon_Aitken Jon please"it's a shame you don't have a foot fetish, I'd be really impressive"
@GoodnightSkye @ladyfaceplant @BenChinapen WELL THEN @izzyinkpen let's be real, being a theatre kid was my backup option @izzyinkpen me, really ❤️ @izzyinkpen 😈 @RageNineteen "go on, Batmen, pull my boner with me" @macaulay_moran @DeanDobbs an expert on kino, i can confidently state that comic book movies do not have the cultural significance of *chec…
Retweeted by the gratuitous"comic book movies are bad because they make lots of money" is the most galaxy brained take I've seen in a long tim…
@pd4culture You know what? You're absolutely right, but I wouldn't want to lose any of them from the pack @agentfitz777 @saladinahmed @mymonsterischic @79SemiFinalist @MTFIII @ISnowNothin @ladiesofcomics @MrNiceGuy18_58 @doyouknowellie DOOM FEELS NO COLD!! DOOM WILL KEEP YOU SAFE!!warner bros: we're making a joker movie the people: oh cool so you're gonna critique how the mental health system…
Retweeted by the gratuitous @RachelKiki_ BIRTHING TIMEif you wanna go REAL buckwild then you could also consider picking up a copy of CONTAGION #2 from @edbrisson,…
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@DrakeandJosh_NC @reggiegotlag @ladyfaceplant @helen_townsend_ thanks i tryWho Wants to be a Millionaire? is so old school. It's all about Who Wants to be a Billionaire? now, grandad. @RachelKiki_ what u gonna do now u've caught it @gwenpool_ebooks @MTFIII @ChecKtheCircuiT AGREED. also, kind of an obvious choice, but captain america without the icehello my phone automatically made this cute gif of my beautiful girlfriend @ladyfaceplant so now I'm making you all… @Arno_online Arno, you are my museALL I WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE IS TALK ABOUT THE FEMALE LENS & THE POWER OF FEMALE STORYTELLING IN PREVIO…
Retweeted by the gratuitous"Because he had notions." - @DrMagennis, referring to the Choices™ made by Ezra Pound. Yeah, Modernism is a good module.
I need these on my wall, like, now @silvie_rk silvs this is gorgeous @izzyinkpen love you with all my heart, I'll keep the earth alive while you're away
everyone smokes a bunch now and wants to die and has detailed opinions about art and it felt cool and interesting u…
Retweeted by the gratuitous @ellen__jones @LiamDrydenEtc @hildewereld @PokemonGoApp this is the utopian ideal i strive for
Remember when Batman Begins started with Bruce purposely going to a prison in Bhutan just to beat them up and yet n…
Retweeted by the gratuitous @helhas3letters cHRIST @boxofghouls agreed @JonDBarker @thisissigrid I was there!! I didn't know it had been filmed!! Ooh!!
Optimus Prime Mia at the morning his beginning of fallen comrade La La…
Retweeted by the gratuitous"Why would those who work forces advertise to those who burn crosses?"
Retweeted by the gratuitous @EmilyOldknow Or a playful partner! @TheWeebl @JConDerby I used to go there! Have fun!if you've got time to lean, you've got time to rescue me from the bottom of this ravine.
Retweeted by the gratuitous#untitledgoosegame First thing I did upon finding a leek:
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@itsdocretro That would be so funny "YES we had to include JoH he is an INTEGRAL part of the Marvel Narrative you mother-punkin no-goods!!" @itsdocretro Jack of Hearts in the MCU when????? @pokebeach_wpm OH THIS IS INTERESTING