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Greg 🛸 @gregamiah Manchester (he/him/they)

I study literature, I play videogames, I love superheroes. Broadcast Yourself, because they sure as hell won't.

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@nausikaaah who would you cast @nausikaaah oh heck ie @vormirloki @fishbowI Or, like, they could introduce Annabelle Riggs @nausikaaah One the one hand, they're never gonna get Natalie Portman back. On the other hand, if they do, Waititi… @rainydayjules @nausikaaah CONFIRMED @rainydayjules @nausikaaah The only logical course of action @nausikaaah @rainydayjules @nausikaaah SEXIEST @nausikaaah How is Volstagg not the sexist Thor @rainydayjules @nausikaaah BASICALLY Loki turned Thor into a frog, at which point he befriended the frog clan of C… @nausikaaah He's me @nausikaaah Honestly can't believe I forgot this guy @nausikaaah fuck yeah I’m WOKE W- white guy O- overestimating my K- knowledge on E- extremely complex issues
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@UpToTASK @nausikaaah @ChecKtheCircuiT @IVWall #DoYouEvenComicBook's just suggested possibly the greatest idea I've ever heard. Casting @RichardAyoade as Death's Head, the giant… @UpToTASK I particularly enjoy how Marvel often swaps villains around to effectively create THE rogues gallery that… @UpToTASK I want this. I want this a lot. @UpToTASK @Mitch692 @TaikaWaititi Yeah fam. Give that dude his OWN movie. @nausikaaah this is you @moosefix J E S U S C H R I S TBrand twitter is good, actually @nausikaaah honestly most spidey villains seem to follow the lines of "become an animal to avoid human problems" an… @nausikaaah probably this guy tbh @agentfitz777 There's no pretense, it's a pure and simple library of pokémon data. @LibbyTidley It's Armoured Mewtwo, a special variant they're doing to promote the upcoming movie @lodix1 1000% agreed @KeanaBanana98 @Mitch692 Hummingbird just showed up in Champions issue 6! @SpeezyWonder @Mitch692 His son inherited his job since he became earth's new Watcher (essentially an immortal chro… @AmelleRose7 @Easymess I had a dream I took too many sweets from my primary school disco and got chased down by the police so uh yeah @yasminjohalx VERY WELL DONE @nausikaaah Earn that paycheckHappy birthday @scottderrickson! Your work on Doctor Strange completely blew me away and I look forward to seeing w… @nausikaaah Imagine being the person who cast Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow nine years ago so she could be corr… @nausikaaah Imagine being the person who had the opportunity to cast Florence Pugh as the new Black Widow and took it @nausikaaah Imagine being the person who now has the opportunity to cast Emily Blunt as Sue Storm @Thelaserbearguy I need to read this book
@ZaydWaheed Most people refuse to differentiate between the various kinds of love @xchloexrebekah You got it @rainydayjules (side note, this was written when I was midway through the series and before other characters starte… @JessicaMPerla They aren't human, so they don't follow the same rules of sexuality and gender that humans do, there… I am a best-selling author, I promise to use my twitter account for the sole purpose of retweeting people's th… relationship between Author and Audience is dead, and social media killed it. @nausikaaah LMAO YEAH PRETTY MUCH (also a lot of my frustration comes from the fact that it's a 29 year old book,… @rainydayjules For clarification, I was saying that reading them as agender-like-a-cat would be pointless, because… @rainydayjules lmao yeah we are @rainydayjules This is literally my point @rainydayjules being Non-Binary aren't his attempt at describing Non-Binary people as inhuman, he's just using huma… @rainydayjules But reading them that way would be a little pointless, as, I would say, all literal readings of fant… @rainydayjules So, to finally get to the point you made about them having/not having gender, I only called them Non… @rainydayjules The reason I mention that technicality is for the purpose of highlighting how applying these labels… @rainydayjules Further to the point, my stating that they were Non-Binary Asexual was a reading based on their char… @rainydayjules applies, since the text is completely without labels. Gaiman's comments are extratexual and should b… @rainydayjules So like, first of all, I'd like to establish that the discussion of minority representation through… Omens is the story of two Non-Binary Asexual lovers raising a child together and any discussion of whether or… @neilhimself I've just started watching Good Omens and, I wonder, am I recognising the name Hastur from The King In Yellow? @FrancescaLu_ Good tweetIt’s time to come clean. Scarlett Johansson and Dean Dobbs are one of the same. I, Scarlett Johansson, have been…
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@_doz__ I still love you, my queenI own a rolling stone The only stone that I have ever rolledWe called it hate mail. TBF, you really had to be dedicated to your hate in 1973 to sit down and physically write a…
Retweeted by Greg 🛸Y'all are making your plans to break into Area 51 and have absolutely no idea that this guy is waiting for you, eag… @FrancescaLu_ Fransometimes tumblr is good, actually talk down to your kids? don't expect them to talk back
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@ZaydWaheed @rehsifeimaj what about me papa @itsdaneesaur Oh I willEmma: Me: kind of dubiously human creature do you want to bang, 2019 edition:
Retweeted by Greg 🛸 @worrierqueen I fucking love comics @StephhRosee1 IT'S JULY @StephhRosee1 Visiting your profile was a mistake @StephhRosee1 S T E P H @mrsundaymovies @BenChinapen this one time Ben webbed me up and laughed he's a menaceHere's a reminder that I recently made a video all about a trio of badass lady superheroes and why it's a tragedy t… @afterdarks @xFAWNx wow never mind @afterdarks @xFAWNx I wonder if the bible depicted the deaths of Adam and Eve, and, if so, how it was framed @xFAWNx @afterdarks Georgie, thinking about apes for the third time this week:'s one of the few trilogies I've seen that doesn't fall into a trilogy trap of any sort. There's no weak link bec…'s a reminder to all you night folk and non-uk lot out there that I recently made a video all about a trio of b… @RachelKiki_ what's their nameI just learned that Belle Delphine is 19 years old. That puts a lot of things into a weird perspective.
There are a lot of ways this could go and all of them are horrifying. feels like before The Internet rich(ish) people just went to different countries, behaved in odd ways, said "Wha…
Retweeted by Greg 🛸Alright but that doesn't make me any less allergic, does it @Google? @kevinrfree I recognised your voice immediately! I love your work in Night Vale, it's great to see you in Marvel as well @TheMeganHayward honestly though like where is the money balance it's like a fifteen minute walk between the class divideCRIKEY O'REILLY THAT @kevinrfree IN S3E10 OF JESSICA JONES???? @ZaydWaheed WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT IN THE TEXT @nausikaaah fuck you're good at this @nausikaaah Name 3 superheroes @ZaydWaheed Plot hole? @GoodnightSkye @ameliofaitduski Gritty reboot @nausikaaah I'm proud of you @HazelMonforton @AFeralDavid @emma_popcorn @ameliofaitduski You're now imagining the necessary connective tissue to make this idea feasible @ScootMcLew @TessaViolet I need a cover from him, like, right now @nausikaaah you can't escape me i am inevitable @nausikaaah I am pretty tall