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Greg Buchanan @gregbuchanan Scottish Borders

Author 🐴 Debut literary thriller novel #SixteenHorses (2021): 13 May UK @MantleBooks, 20 July USA @FlatironBooks, 18+ languages 🐴

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Just watched Host on Shudder — so so good, lockdown horror movieApologies for the delay in announcing and indeed to the many exceptional candidates I was not able to pick -- even… to announce the game devs I'll be working with for my (final) games writing scholarship are: Andrew McKiss… kitten Table a little concerned about today’s reading choice
Retweeted by Greg BuchananMy kitten Table a little concerned about today’s reading choice Sunday
Just saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies — so well done. It kept a straight face about the whole thing the whole ti…! It's #screenshotsaturday!! When you wishlist Adios, it helps us out in a huuuuge way. If Adios sounds interest…
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan🔥 Okay, folks! I have ONE (signed) proof of my new book #THEBURNINGGIRLS left! Who wants it? RT and like to win! Be…
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan @mariath11 Thanks! 🐴This is the saddest thing I've ever seen.
Retweeted by Greg BuchananWoke up with headache and bleurgh feeling (that is a scientific term). Cats being super affectionate but want to ju… UK and US folks. Reminder that UK clocks change this weekend, but US clocks change next weekend. So, for a week…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananTories complaining about being called scum
Retweeted by Greg BuchananImagine being more concerned about the phrase Tory Scum than kids starving
Frenz finally got our guest room fully tidied up (it was a ‘random boxes we hadn’t unpacked room’ prior to now). Cats a… should have had mass flu vaccination campaigns in the UK for years, with increased NHS eligibility and more awar… featured in @bookbreakuk's '11 Apocalyptic Books To Get You Ready For Spooky Season':…
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You dare imply I would delete your Minecraft world? You speak out of turn, boy. Perhaps if you cared about your res…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananIt's astounding that the Tories are -still- going on about the 'Last Labour Government's Legacy' after so many year… this pandemic is concerned, we're all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat. Some are in huge…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananI hope you're satisfied. You bankrupted a bunch of naive movie folks. Folks from Hollywood where values are differe…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananOne of the few nice things about my pandemic life has been going outdoors more, enjoying nature and wild swimming a…
Second - and you don't want to miss this - is the LAUNCH PARTY on Thursday. I'm chatting with @cjtudor and there ar…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananHaving a break from the Pokeball @therainaman @LittleBrownUK @stubbleagent @ailahahmed Looks great!Thank you!! 🐴 #SixteenHorses @Vialixia A MICROWAVE??Also plz admire my hedgehog pot really don’t understand the ‘Americans can’t make tea’ meme. Do Americans really not understand tea? I honestly d… users, a special announcement...! The death game written by Els, "Fox's Wedding", is out on the Tales app! (Com…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananIf you are trying to make sense of the government’s ‘negotiating style’ with Greater Manchester this might help.
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan @Batsphinx It took me a while to get into it too - I found as soon as I realised dashing around frantically worked…
Updated my bio to reflect recent news and release date announcements! Also, consider following… now at 27 reviews on #NetGalley! (out 13th May 2021 in U.K. from @MantleBooks and 20th July 2021 i…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananShout out to @elskwhite for this freakin' rad series! 🤩👏
Retweeted by Greg BuchananMy headcanon is that cat meows are cats trying to impersonate people, I will not be taking any further questions#SixteenHorses now at 27 reviews on #NetGalley! (out 13th May 2021 in U.K. from @MantleBooks and 20th July 2021 i… Awakening Of Bucket, please share 'this inspires me to write!' reflections on writing, whether articles or books or whatever. It'… people should care less whether they should use the word fewer or lessTable sleeping don't understand why pundits are getting upset about young people being purposefully infected in challenge trials… you’re going to email people asking for career advice, please check whether the questions are answered on the pe… has climbed over to sleep next to Bucket for first time. Unfortunately, my arm is trapped Correct me if wrong, but agents and editors are pretty good at spotting quickly if something they've been sent i…
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan2. Over the past 21 years @NaNoWriMo (not for profit, completely free for all participants) has encouraged creativi…
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan1. Writing is good for people's mental health, something widely acknowledged. It gives us a break from the real wor…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananWhy I'm asking published authors, agents and editors to be supportive about #NaNoWriMo - a thread
Retweeted by Greg BuchananUnpublished authors! My submissions inbox is open again. Look at at the *superb* writers I…
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan‘Young people have never had it easier’
Retweeted by Greg BuchananOne year ago today I finished the first draft of #SixteenHorses, sitting by the sea in Broadstairs am EXCITED & NERVOUS to reveal the cover for my next book.... UMA AND THE ANSWER TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Buy…
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Bucket and Table, the album cover to share the US cover for my debut literary thriller #SixteenHorses, out 20th July 2021 from @Flatironbooks
Retweeted by Greg BuchananThe US Cover for @gregbuchanan’s atmospheric five star thriller Sixteen Horses is out! @Flatironbooks
Retweeted by Greg BuchananI challenged myself to finish a twine game in a week and... I did it. "I Knew You Would Find This" is a <10 min int…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananI'm wondering if the problem is expectation/aesthetic (TV writers and viewers increasingly gaining a taste for this… TV manages timeline jumps with ease -- Haunting of Hill House / Bly Manor good examples -- but contemporary nove… was at Clapham Junction station in the cold, freezing, trying to find a waffle to buy while waiting for a train o… you're in the US, here are a few links where you can preorder my upcoming novel, Sixteen Horses (see the thread…'s in the detail
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Retweeted by Greg BuchananCannot stop thinking about the fact that the COVID tier system is literally designed around a nation of cultural al…
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Retweeted by Greg BuchananAdvertising guy: "guys nobody is buying our acetate sheets anymore what can we do????" Me, high out of my mind: "fe…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananSixteen Horses: forthcoming from UEA alumnus @gregbuchanan!
Retweeted by Greg BuchananKittens hanging out while I work (they are gradually calming down from their nonstop chasing each other!) good meme. I think it's funny
Retweeted by Greg BuchananFollow me on Instagram - - for new extra Table/Bucket photos, such as the below!
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan @LiToast Made a sanctuary room where they were kept first few days especially at night / after the first night, I l…
Sleeping next to each other me on Instagram - - for new extra Table/Bucket photos, such as the below!, living up to his name I am here.
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan @CosRyan I think if you use the offline app you can add them to your library, but let me know if it doesn’t work!
Bucket and Table now friends
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan @babelfishwars Thanks Olivia! ❤️🐴One of ours is doing well! Videogame boy conquers publishing! Woooo. :)
Retweeted by Greg BuchananThis book is all kinds of creepy goodness!
Retweeted by Greg BuchananAnd read @CJessCooke on how spooky it is here!: to share the US cover for my debut literary thriller #SixteenHorses, out 20th July 2021 from @Flatironbooks the early days of the daily briefings my wife confessed to having trouble telling Hancock from Raab, and I said…
Retweeted by Greg Buchanan @paulscherbak Yep!There is a little hissing from Table sometimes, but Bucket (our existing resident cat in black) is now absolutely b… that anime
Retweeted by Greg Buchananemotionally, if the corner of my fitted sheet pops up one more time, i will die
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Getting to that stage where my fiance is trying to assign Cats (2019) cat identities to our new kittens :( She isn…
Retweeted by Greg BuchananThere is no escape
Retweeted by Greg BuchananThe Eurovision film was amazing, I don’t understand critics sometimes to that stage where my fiance is trying to assign Cats (2019) cat identities to our new kittens :( She isn… mean, at a certain point, even if you only care about the economy -- if you're locking down the majority of major…'m doing a very cool online event on Tuesday night. Come along!
Retweeted by Greg BuchananHow it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Greg BuchananThere is no escape