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Host of the @BBCR1 Breakfast Show, author of the #KidNormal series and proud #tailenders podcaster. ATOL protected

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@NotABatsman @itsmattchin Which shows you what a glorious magical accident the whole thing is!That was so much fun! #UKSingalong As @gregjames said, isolation doesn’t mean you have to be lonely ❤️ Thank you…
Retweeted by Greg JamesToday’s the day! What a strange time to launch a book. But do please join us over on Greg’s Insta, live at 6:30pm,…
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@MattyMiller14 Welcome. We should get you on the next pod as a visitor from the past. @jimmy9 @felixwhite @MattyMiller14 YES! @k2rah_ YES TO THIS @BeardedGenius AuntWe’re really keen to go ahead with launching the final #KidNormal tomorrow but instead of a school visit we’d plann… to likes of @gregjames, @YinkaBokinni, @laurenlaverne, @EdGambleComedy and more, radio listenership has rock…
Retweeted by Greg JamesThe love story we all need right now. Nigel and Lauren ❤️ King and Queen of Quarantine because we’re on lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t have a flippin good laugh on the best day of the year! (Or has…
Retweeted by Greg James @ColdHandsHeart WOW. Good memory!’s your answer: @JJShreeve wtf are you talking about everyone listens“People who drink coffee are WEAK!!” ☕️ @AnnaKendrick47 agrees with this Unpopular Opinion and @jtimberlake DOES N…
Retweeted by Greg James @aarwills @jowhiley @BBCRadio2 @itschrissmith We do actually have the seedlings of an idea... @janinegibson oi @nursejennyw I'm on at 7! @gailc74 @josbuttler Get the bloody Sounds app on mate! I'm still here
@ashleybarfoot24 @josbuttler cheers @josbuttler If we get your pen back from Aravinda, we could auction off that off too. De silva always goes for a hi… is AMAZING. You can win @josbuttler’s actual World Cup shirt. The money raised will go to an incredible caus… @jowhiley Oh Jesus. @ArrghBee Good point well madeThis photo has made me quite emotional. Partly because I’m really tired. But mainly because I love Jo so much. She… from the good old days where we could touch each other and go into buildings btw 😢)We’re going on @jowhiley’s show at 7:30pm to read her a bedtime story! Have a listen to @BBCRadio2 to hear me and… will Kid Normal's story end!? Find out in #KidNormal and the Final Five by @gregjames & @itschrissmith - publis…
Retweeted by Greg JamesThis thread about goats is probably all you'll need today
@Kane_014 @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin Jealous @rhirhibeee @felixwhite @jimmy9 What a moment @WeeJudiee @itschrissmith Well, as you’ll see, the story never really ends xWhen #KidNormal authors @gregjames and @itschrissmith needed inspiration... they turned to the experts
Retweeted by Greg James @Payn81 So good! @PaulDodds @itschrissmith Ah! So pleased. Tell them they’re legends @snorklehorse @itschrissmith Didn’t say it was our last *ever* story together... Just that Kid Normal’s story is complete.Can’t quite believe that after living with these characters for the last five years, this Thursday @itschrissmith a… @AliPlumb Looks like you’ve done a “on your marks, get set, go” though which is making me laugh. Also the noise whe… @AliPlumb This is so lame @TheEmilyRose @_LeahReads_ This is insane.Everyone’s rubbish! This story will take some beating... show extended to 11am from today! Here’s a nice thing about how Radio’s keeping everyone calm and conne… @iandeeley Glad to be of serviceYour first laugh of the day courtesy of @RitaOra 😂
@antonio_nespoli Cheers! @andyjhowe Oh! Good to hear and get well soon xxThis from @arusbridger is WELL worth a read: “If this is the worst of times, it is also the best of times...In our…
If you are a football person please join the challenge of posting a football photo. Just one picture, no descriptio… @drewsonix Hahaha. In my head that guy who gets in early is called Christian @drewsonix Interesting...thank you for this. Starting at 7am on Monday so this will be interesting to monitor... @RobertCorp Got this in my favourites now for easy access. (That’s also one) @scouserachel @DP1239 @scouserachel Just shouted to Bella but she’s gone for a run. Can’t wait to see her face @samwolfson You’re looking into my soul'Taking loads of wickets, wickets, wiiickets' 🎶 When Mark Wood sang the Mark Wood song at #TailendersLive Listen…
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@_B0ust You’re right. It’s incredible @PolkyPls @felixwhite Yesss 🙄 @JCHC001 @DebBlanch44 For eternity @amymilik Very good effort @DebBlanch44 Cheers! I was having a shocker until the music roundFriday night...perfect time for a nonsense quiz! @joelgolby SWITCH CARDS OFF IF PEOPLE ARE NAUGHTY
@jonathan12wat @Lord_Sugar HahahahaOh my god that was properly brilliant wasn’t it. Also, most brilliantly British thing ever bashing pots and pans!… @ZoeTheBall “Doing the silly voices so parents don’t have to...” xx
@crookersss @NiallOfficial Consider this done. @NiallOfficial Yeah sure. Might even take a year off and join you on tour. I could sell ‘nice to meet ya’ T-shirts in the foyer or somethingOh and my friends and familyI really miss the pubWe interrupt this pandemic for a special announcement... FREE AUDIOBOOK FOR CHILDREN! anything encapsulates what Tailenders is it’s this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Greg JamesA special Tailenders treat! @itsmattchin is your quiz master for the first ever Tailenders Interactive Isolation Q…
Retweeted by Greg James @careabub My second home @ashwinravi99 🌶We all need as many fun things as possible so we’ve made the audiobook of #KidNormal completely FREEE! @audibleuk just on @BBCR1. I recommended: Hell Or High Water What We Do In the Shadows Booksmart Zootropolis Mrs. Doubtfi…
Retweeted by Greg James @TheCricketerMag Sessions @TheCricketerMag Milligan Cleese Everett @mikeyfish1982 @jimmy9 @felixwhite @itsmattchin No need 🌶
Matt Lucas is a National Treasure. I’m going to watch this every day until we’re free again it a couple of weeks and this will be all of us Italy today, a priest decided to live-stream a mass due to COVID-19. Unfortunately he activated the video filter…
Retweeted by Greg James @BigDirtyFry Oh my god no need to thank me. So in our wheelhouse of stupidity. So...they gonna use it full time or whatSo it turns out I was on BBC Radio One this morning. Thanks to @gregjames for the shout out!
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Radio 1 as normal tomorrow btw. Speak at 6:30am. Goodnight from us both x @JonathanDean_ Already looked into suppliers. All annoyingly saying production is delayedMaybe next to a GreggsWhen all this is over I’m opening up a spite storeYou sure this isn’t staged? Nobody else around, no security staff, and whoever is filming is managing to get all th…
Retweeted by Greg James @PCA 🥭 @SportsTeam_ You’re all idiots and I love you
THIS THIS THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THIS. Please watch and share. Brilliantly and simply put. always, cheese is the answer This is a great read. I’m off to have a bottle of wine in the bath yes silly me! It could well have been several tennis-loving families consisting of 4 similar aged adults who all… @suziruffell @shane_reaction_ @joelycett ❤️ @apmparker @mirandafilmer @bluebellnorton Yeah I guess as long as you’re not playing tennis on a horse you’re fine… @shane_reaction_ @joelycett Oh and of course, on behalf of me and @suziruffell, go fuck yourself @shane_reaction_ @joelycett Hahaha just seen this x @mirandafilmer @bluebellnorton Yeah it’s literally not fine. Show me the advice from the NHS that says ‘stay indoor… @dinosofos (Got to buy a treadmill first but still)