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Host of the @BBCR1 Breakfast Show, author of the #KidNormal series and proud #tailenders podcaster. ATOL protected

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New Hundred kit looking sweet @RachBeth89 @bellamackie No offence at all - I just didn’t understand. Tired and hungover and with fuzzy brain. Twi… always imagine he had stood on a piece of Lego halfway through this sentence.
Retweeted by Greg James @RachBeth89 @bellamackie Yes it might what? And I literally said it will ‘help so many going through a similar thing’.
if you’re wondering whether to put something in bold or italics in an email, why not take a leaf out of this mediev…
Retweeted by Greg James @DumanSachi @EmilyM1999 @felixwhite Alert the @ICC immediately. This is clearly corruption. WHICH THEY HATESeems weird to celebrate how brilliantly @bellamackie writes about such a devastatingly horrific subject but here I…’t wait for this idea to be turned into an episode of Midsomer Murders. Petition for Wiley to be DCI Barnaby’s n…
@EmilyM1999 @felixwhite Fucking hell. The ‘didn’t happen’ epidemic. Emily - you’re amazing. Go wellRoses are red. Violets are blue. Tailenders have done another romance special. Just for you! ❤️🏏 Subscribe on…
Retweeted by Greg James @Charlotte_Psych Please keep me updated on his condition @jordannorth1 @BBCR1 Happy Birthday mate xxHappy Valentine’s And if you’re single like me don’t worry, we don’t have to join in everything every year I missed national prune day too😂
Retweeted by Greg James @_MissC19 @itschrissmith Yes! Tell us the names and we’ll do a little video next week @darkrock17 @bluedino73 HahahahahaBILLIE EILISH, HANS ZIMMER AND JOHNNY MARR. Ridiculously brilliant hell Billie Eilish that is amazing cc: Hans Zimmer bcc: Daniel Craig @omgitshols He’s the worst
And I’d like to add this. ALWAYS THIS. THIS IS IT. @zoebxxx It’ll be around long after I’m gone @DarrenHornsby_ 6THREAD 👇 (1/8) Today is #WorldRadioDay 📻 Around the world, radio helps communities in unexpected ways - these thr…
Retweeted by Greg JamesOn #WorldRadioDay, let’s celebrate the most intimate and important medium around. It can change your day, it alters… @emmafreud Dibs on Onion Table @Stuart543211 @ejrainfordbrent @jimmy9 @felixwhite @bbctms @itsmattchin @5liveSport @BBCSounds What a bloody lovely…! BIG NEWS! THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE @BarnetCouncil, REFUND THE MONEY YOU FINED JENNI FOR LEAVING HER BINS OUT DESPITE IT BEING YOUR MISTAKE AND THEN… @BenDunneRRF Oh of COURSE. We'll do an extra song for them just after 9 for the Ten Minute Takeover. Sending you all love xx
@BognorBarry @5liveSport @ejrainfordbrent @jimmy9 @felixwhite This is a really depressing comment. Go and read some books.🗣️ 'There's an "old" image of cricket in communities that haven't been exposed to T20' @ejrainfordbrent wants to i…
Retweeted by Greg JamesA new dinosaur has been discovered... 🤔 @GregJames turned to 6 year old George to explain! 🦕
Retweeted by Greg James @Luke_Bradl3y No thanks but cheersUpdate: only story you need today. Or maybe ever. Perfection. story of a badger falling through a ceiling of a Superdrug store is defo how I needed to start my Wednesday 😂😭 @gregjames
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Thanks to the #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover crew for having me on Tailenders @bbc5live to talk cricket and…
Retweeted by Greg James @EllyOldroyd @PhilWilliams Wow. Go well, Phil. And welcome x @Bree__Annie @junodawson Ha! Thanks Bryony. @LDevineMusicI know there’s great trepidation diving into a podcast that’s been going for a while but this week’s ‘Romance Speci… @PaulNut @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin We’ll take you up on your offer of balls thank you for offering up balls @RosaJane25 @dollyalderton I don’t want to be fun at 6:30 but have to be @RosaJane25 @dollyalderton Tbf I’ve basically made a career out of forced fun @dollyalderton Forced fun at any age is a crime @itschrissmith Oh! Good idea! I have doubles of these too if there is the demand! Plus quite a few American versions...We are loving this author masterclass with @gregjames and @itschrissmith as they discuss Weird and Wonderful Heroes…
Retweeted by Greg James @markchapman @LloydGriffith @BBCR1 Just pop out of the toilet and come and say hello @emma_l_moore Branching out
@yorickisntdead Made my day @Fordys_twits @TheCricketerMag @sillythirdman It certainly doesn’t put me off that’a for sure"Babies smile when they fart, dogs smile because you tell them to." 👶🐶 A strange start to the week in Unpopular Op…
Retweeted by Greg JamesBest bit of the Oscars by a mile. Booking Julia Butters for the breakfast show ASAP
@ahchrissawyer AN URGENT UPDATE:
And this is *exactly* what the BBC needs to be saying — very, very assertively — every time this Netflix nonsense i…
Retweeted by Greg James @EllieEllz7 Hair does need a wash tbf @EllieEllz7 @ahchrissawyer Stand by it. And I know others will too
@Parky_teaches @primaryteachew Cheers @grimmers Have I been included because Heather thinks the left is a photo of me? Fair, I guess."Go Charlotte, it's your birthday!" 🥳 An excellent misheard lyric this morning on The Fact Controller with…
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@harriet1marsden @RobertCorp The fucking bananas might be ready to eat by thenTHE BBC WITH A PROPER ROBUST BRILLIANT DEFENCE. MORE PLEASE. @kirstenmavric SHUT UP KIRSTENIT’S GETTING LIGHTER LATER HOLY SHIT IT’S GETTING LIGHTER LATER GLORY BE OH MY GOD IT’S LIGHTER LATER WE WILL ALL BE SAVEDIncredible story today told to @GuzKhanOfficial on the show today. What a twist! is the BBC Canteen @AshClarkeythe1 @LFCTerryL4 @BBCR1 I would support this idea. Stupid noises are and will always be 70% of the show @GarethBarlow @RoisinHastie Wow. This is excellent.
@BenMcNally_ @cdurack9 @davidwalliams 🥭 @BenMcNally_ @cdurack9 @davidwalliams Hahaha @cdurack9 If only there was an easily accessible summary one click away on my Twitter profile or a website that let… @davidwalliams This is why I got a very stupid Labrador. He’s not smart enough to get bored. Kindred spirits @IndieGates @davidwalliams Barn would have 100% jumped in the Thames. He’s not quite ready for coming to work with me... @DeclanMcKenna You’re bloody welcome, it’s so so good. Excited to hear the rest! @NCTailenders @itsmattchin @jimmy9 @felixwhite Oh my god this is going to go down like a sack of shit
Another one of your ideas for a breakfast show advert. This is ridiculously good. Nice work, Alisdair...also, carto… The latest Tailenders is here 🏏❤️. It should come with a warning that if you…
Retweeted by Greg James @neilsloan @adrianpearce Featuring a very fine newscaster...#SuperbOwl
Our @WorldBookDayUK £1 book KID NORMAL AND THE LOUDEST LIBRARY from @gregjames & @itschrissmith publishes in less…
Retweeted by Greg JamesThis is too much. 😂😂😂 Stormzy just CANNOT get the Unpopular Opinion theme tune right! 🥴😂 Watch @stormzy playing Un…
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@AlexBlow15 @mrdanwalker Too late m8 @mrdanwalker Labra D’or @jadeyoxladey @stormzy More than happy to stand aside for her. Let us know when you’re all in London next and you c… @daviegarlik46h Also here! @daviegarlik46h She’s a LEGEND. Here you go mate About 1hr30 onwards... @NathanEdge1990 ps. It's the radio edit. Out of my hands! @NathanEdge1990 the end is the best bit I guess @primmer_david @felixwhite It was workshoppedThis is so sweet. @stormzy on great form on the Breakfast Show doing #UnpopularOpinion @RBeaumont9 She's a mental health pharmacist. @stormzy wanting tips from @gregjames about his flow. 2020 peaked?
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#tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover GET @BBC6Music on! 🌶🥭 @simonptuck @OFalafel Busy day is it.@GregJames managed to track down the original @BBCEastEnders doof doof drum machine 🥁 Of course he had to use it…
Retweeted by Greg JamesIce cream vans
@bethjwoodcock In the politest possible way, this is not Ask The Nation worthy. You are 100% with child. The most ‘with child’ you can be! X @OFalafel Labra d’Or @walsh_maw19622 I strongly disagreeThis is my favourite story for a long time. The noise makes me laugh SO much of the best radio shows ever hosted by one of the all time greats. Very sad news. What a career. Worth giving…