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Host @BBCR1 Breakfast Show, author of the #KidNormal w/ @itschrissmith. #tailenders podcaster with @jimmy9 and @felixwhite. ‘Very funny’ - BBC

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The only video you need this weekend portrait of Sir Philip Green taken on his Arcadia office balcony on Oxford Street. He was unpleasant and rude to…
Retweeted by Greg James @DaniedmundsDani @mr_shore Haha! AmazingNew Tailenders! We try and convince the Mayor of Burnley to commission a clay statue of @jimmy9 to go with the road… @weeaims And I’m just thinking you could maybe use your energy to get annoyed at the world’s actual problems and no… @weeaims @jordannorth1 @MrsGiFletcher @stuartclarkson Stalin vibes @mr_shore Thank you very much for the nomination. I appreciate it. If I don’t win, please don’t let me know @mramiesking @englandcricket Would have charged it. Put him off his length @mramiesking @englandcricket 😂Ps. This is the reaction to a pal not winning a show where you have to eat bollocks and sit in maggots. Don’t take… @charly_fleeson She is! Very lovely
@shakeskies Love u too babes @andrewgentry_ 😂😂😂😂😂 maybe don’t post your vids ladsOH FOR FU... @roushanalam Just opened Instagram“It’s been emotional...”OK. SURELY this is @jordannorth1’s now!! IDEA for when we he’s back on @BBCR1 next week: Film your reaction when… @_LukeWilletts 100%Slow motion emo montage of them all eating bollocks 😂 #ImACelebrity @WillSommers1 @jimmy9 #clayBURNLEY STICKING TOGETHER #ImACeleb is it! From being sick on the cliff to King of The Castle is the most PERFECT Jordan North fairytale. He’s… in general, @TrussellTrust are completely brilliant.There’s been a lot of joyful chat about Burnley recently (rightly so!) but I just saw this and was reminded of the… @BBCSangita @BenRTWeisz I woke up feeling very cloudy and knackered and this conversation really brightened things.…
@Foxelms @jordannorth1 As Jordan would say... He’ll piss it @SummerellJonty Tomorrow!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 @roushanalam If you’re lucky @roushanalam Miss u too babes xHUGE couple of days ahead... Radio 1 know what to do! @callumglaze @felixwhite @itsmattchin I don’t know but I am laughing a lot thank youAs requested here is The Dinger Boy from Yesterday’s Quiz on his way home this morning. As you can see he’s also…
@ruthybee @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin 🙌🏻 @ElioPace @neilsloan Ohhhh!!!! WHAT A DAY! @MarkPRadio @scottygb You are absolutely free to move somewhere else @willbrntt @graynics @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin 19!!!!!FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS! 🎉 @gregjames is all of us hearing about the vaccine this morning 😭
Retweeted by Greg James @bunjington @scottygb Yeah and it’s fucking great. Also you know it’s a thing because you follow me babes. Don’t be that guyI think @gregjames’ reaction reflects the nation here.
Retweeted by Greg JamesSCOTCH EGGS ALL ROUND! @megan_spacey @itsmattchin 6 balls in an over, 6 podcasts in a day. (Probably 5 runs scored knowing Mattchin)
Listener Brad called @gregjames up to tell him all about a Teddy bear he found by the side of the road. Now, Greg's…
Retweeted by Greg JamesThe Right Honourable Scott CheggRoses are red This year is unreal @hewitt_7 Oh my god the PPE tree is an actual thing’S GET ARTHUR HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!
@gayleonthefence @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin Ha! Total pleasure and cheers! @gayleonthefence @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin Not a dreadful idea that...What a lovely tribute. I would also like to add that it’s absolute bullshit they saved Jamie *comments turned off… @daisyjarrett Let’s start a clubYet another 5am idea comes true. And I couldn’t be happier with the results @rachelburden @RealMattLucas @nadiya_official @MarcusRashford @richardosman @bbc5live
@dantheforestman @StuartBroad8 You’re called Craig on telly and you’re labelled a prat. And that’s the game. @StuartBroad8’VE LITERALLY WORKED TOGETHER GLORIAOh for fu... was on BBC One and INSISTS you vote for @claraamfo. GO GO GO! Call! 6225203 and vote online here for fre… @hannahcarbis @ehopechilds I also like to believe the countdown started at 4Meet @GregJames' 2020 Lockdown Awards winners - from @thebodycoach to CHANELLLLL the parrot (she's an African Grey)…
Retweeted by Greg James
@jordannorth1 IT WAS ON ME SHEEEEEEEEEEETTeamed up with @thebigissue to create a special version of their mag!! profits split between The Big Issue charity…
Retweeted by Greg James @Onlysmartys 😂 @Onlysmartys You have no idea how many people have to sign shit like that offI loved doing today’s show so much. Might be a nice time to try the podcast. It’s got a bit of everything... work here is done @piffleandwhimsy @BBCR1 Ha! Congrats Mr Bop🏆 The Lockdown Awards is happening 🏆 Your Unexpected Sport Moment Of The Year (as chosen by @gregjames) is this...…
Retweeted by Greg JamesWhich Morning Live presenter almost ran over @gregjames?! 👀 @msm4rsh | @GethincJones | #MorningLive
Retweeted by Greg James @nickheathsport @BBCR1 @BBCSounds Hahaha not at all. It was all you babes. Hope you’re well @Raj_Fox_2016 @BBCSounds Thank you mate x🏆 Lockdown Awards WINNER 🏆 @gregjames picked @duttypaul as the Live Performance Of The Year and delivered the news…
Retweeted by Greg James @PeeStevie72 @BBCR1 @BBCSounds ‘Ello Mary! @JustTheBeebs There is no better complimentEg. Attenborough was on at 7:40am (!)Papped on arrival for The Lockdown Awards. Shoutout to my #glamsquad for making me feel so pretty. Today’s show i…
@MrMichaelSpicer @SineadGarvan Can’t wait for him and Brand to start doing radio shows together @SineadGarvan 60 SURELY?! Hahaha this is amazingThis is going to be an absolutely mad show tomorrow and I can’t wait. A celebration of all the stuff that’s kept us… @Mattdavelewis Oh sweet JesusA bleakness that no one tells you about when you own a dog is how often you’ll have to reach into their mouth to pu… @5liveSport @jimmy9 @WajidKhanMayor @mrainecreative Story of my life @mikrokoscore @BBCR1 Legend. Was lovely to chat x @TheYogBar @RoisinHastie @BBCR1 @MissCHodson This is excellent @mrainecreative Hahaha wtf is this?! @tobytarrant @mrjamesob @SuttonRed @LBC FEBRUARY FOOLS! Of COURSE! @TheYogBar @RoisinHastie @BBCR1 @SuttonRed @mrjamesob @LBC Interesting... @steveymundy @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin @McMeekinM So please to hear we’ve been of some use finally Steve. Go well and get well! @henriettaeats Tune and a half that @staustellsimon @reallorraine @BritishBakeOff 😬 @smelliefox EXACTLY