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Host @BBCR1 Breakfast Show, author of the #KidNormal w/ @itschrissmith. #tailenders podcaster with @jimmy9 and @felixwhite (my views, probs not the BBC’s)

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@marc_ws77 @MusicWeek @moyli @BBC6Music @AnnieMac @jowhiley @SomethinElse @ChrisMoyles @steve_lamacq @IVW_UK @drewsonix @bbcbitesize True. I no longer feel quite as tall as usual surrounded by this lotGood to see @jimmy9 showing the makers name in the middle @graynics ... (The Tailender whipping the ball through mi…
Retweeted by Greg JamesThis book is brilliant and hilarious and is out today. It’s by @AmplifyDot and is, amongst other things, about how… @Vitu_E 😬
@josbuttler @beak_howarth @felixwhite @jimmy9 @AlisonMitchell At least he’s getting good use out of it @josbuttler @beak_howarth @felixwhite @jimmy9 @AlisonMitchell @TheJoeHarland Get it on Anthems @best_gabby Pits @Siegmundziggy @EllyOldroyd @bbc5live @TridentSportsX @itsmattchin @Athersmike Ideally. We can call it The Rollasole ‘99 @beak_howarth @felixwhite @jimmy9 @josbuttler @AlisonMitchell He’s out of practice. There’s a lot of cricket ahead. Have faith. @EllyOldroyd @bbc5live @TridentSportsX @itsmattchin Maybe Moochin needs to develop a half spike half Rollasole cricket boot? @EllyOldroyd @bbc5live @TridentSportsX @itsmattchin REMEMBER THE NAME.... 1) MATTCHIN TENDULKAR!! 2) MOOCH-IN TEN… @tomroles @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin Cheers! @janinegibson @janinegibson *does Kenneth Williams face* @janinegibson Oh god @adinho85 Gotta show the racists they’re not welcome. The message is getting through.The bit afterwards was astounding too @dazzlerc @ejrainfordbrent Incredible wasn’t itEveryone watching the return of cricket this morning was treated to this extraordinary bit of TV. @ejrainfordbrent Sharon Stone is a very good actress. 🌶 cc. @jimmy9 @felixwhite @gregjames @itsmattchin
Retweeted by Greg James @MusicWeek @moyli @BBC6Music @AnnieMac @jowhiley @SomethinElse @ChrisMoyles @steve_lamacq @IVW_UK @laurenlaverne brilliant feature by @SkyCricket with Michael Holding and @ejrainfordbrent on #BlackLivesMatter. Suddenl…
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@jonboy_avfc @TimPeachBBC @itsmattchin @felixwhite @jimmy9 Peachy, Tim PeachUpdate: Have made it into the ground, delighted that for some reason there doesn’t seem to be a queue for the bar t…
Retweeted by Greg James @thenewtailender @felixwhite @isaguha This checks outNothing like the smell of freshly cut grass in the morning 😊. Tomorrow - ENGvWI !!!! 🤗🤗 #testcricketisback
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@microphonemayne @BBCSounds @bbctms This is exhaustingEXCLUSIVE: Emma Bunton reveals she dropped her phone on quite a hard surface earlier but thankfully it didn’t break
Retweeted by Greg James @BBCSounds Also what are all these idiots moaning about underneath?! @microphonemayne @BBCSounds @bbctms Yes they have thank you Ed. No one said they haven’t. The point is it’s unusual and unexpected. @_gaximus @tortoise CHEERS! @DanielH97183467 Cheers! @therichardcobb @tortoise 😂 my first interview with a ponytail tonight...excited(Sad that I even have to say this but I am not getting paid to say this btw! I genuinely think it’s a great service… this tonight with @tortoise - a news service I’ve been using a lot recently. They avoid relentless breaking n…
@TimPeachBBC @itsmattchin @felixwhite @jimmy9 Oh my sweet lord @ellenhmacleod Oh. Cheers @ellenhmacleod Taken this year so this comment has made my day
@PhilTigg CheersLooking forward to this on Monday evening... @TimPeachBBC @markpougatch @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin 😂😂😂
@markpougatch @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin Sorry. Found it... It’s a lawn mower with built in broadcast positi… @markpougatch @felixwhite @jimmy9 @itsmattchin I’m very much hoping that due to the BT Sport money it’s one of thes… @collinsadam @felixwhite cc: was Johnners! @collinsadam @felixwhite Oh my god thank you for finding this mate. Amazing.Oh man. @gregjames has written about Tailenders reaching 99 and I’ve just read it with a huge, stupid grin on my fa…
Retweeted by Greg JamesJULIE! OH MY GOD this is incredible #TailendersOfTheWorldUniteAndBakeover 🎂 not out. Well batted Tailenders team! @Athersmike & @alextudorcoach share their 99 experiences in a special…
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Tailenders, somehow, is 99. What better way to celebrate than with getting @Athersmike and @alextudorcoach to ‘cele…
Retweeted by Greg James @isaguha @HomeOfCricket @sachin_rt Want to come and have a net with his nephew sometime? @AmplifyDot @1Xtra @1Xtra’s loss is @ClassicFM’s gainWins award for best breakfast show, gets record listening figures and leaves at the top of her game to take on a ne…
Radio 1 presenter special of #UnpopularOpinion 👍🏼👍🏼 @George_AdamG @felixwhite @itsmattchin Cheers! @ell_gallagher @felixwhite @itsmattchin 😂This image has more or less been the inside of my head all summer.
Retweeted by Greg James @felixwhite we should have done commentary with @itsmattchin 🤦🏻‍♂️ATTENTION EVERYONE! Live cricket!! Yes it’s an England intra-squad match, but IT’LL DO! @luke98523 Hahaha cheers
@GeorgieCKelham @BBCR1 #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeoverUnpopular opinion: Just because you have a few thoughts on a specific topic... does not mean you need to start a po…
Retweeted by Greg JamesStar of the show Ava wobbling along! #Wobbleathon's full size wobbler getting involved! #Wobbleathon your wobbly man out for 9:45am as we try and cheer the nation up on Day 100 of lockdown with a good old fashion… @geoffjein Absolutely. Go well! @anulikesstars @ellietheelement Huge congregulations to you Ellie and a very Greg Morning to you both xx
@CarrollRc1975 @MrNishKumar I give a fuck. The angry racists don’t make it an easy place to love I gotta be honest… Britain sees itself How the world see us
Retweeted by Greg James @thomasb31800271 @realDonaldTrump Tough one. You’d back both Denly and Crawley to take us to tea (through the primaries) unscathed. @JonathanDean_ SOFT COVER sounds gross @joelgolby InterestedWhen your scarecrow has a better body than you
Tonight’s show with @thisNAO @celeste @lapsleyyyy & @TDCinemaClub, reliving their Glastonbury @bbcintroducing sets.…
Retweeted by Greg James @TomOptom Were we all welling up?Tailenders is as much about sport bringing people together as it is about the sport itself. And it’s more often tha…
Seriously fuck offSTOP ITAnd thisShame on you if you’ve liked this @CBeebiesHQ do naaat look like this anymore. I stand by the story though. @collins_sd71 Ugh. Everyone’s awful.ustrli't miss my fun chat with the brilliant @gregjames and @itschrissmith, plus EXCLUSIVE news on their latest projec…
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Geri Horner perplexed after encountering mystery creature in field near her house. “It was too big to be a dog but…
Retweeted by Greg James @GreggsOfficial Oh fair enough. More than happy to give you the details of the listener who claimed she invented it… @GreggsOfficial You need to give free Greggs for life to the listener to my show who came up with this (admittedly… @thomaslarge123 @NathanLambert97 bloody love a bit of footy me can’t get enough of Mark Lawrenson’s reaction 😂 time at Anfield last night. Absolutely buzzing. Amazing atmosphere. The beautiful game eh? Nothing better. @JonnyCGilbert Cheers @lucam1ch @alexrice4ever Chaotic
Small victories, eh? @ChrisHewgill Hopefully both @Bryn_Hall @JessieJ @BBCR1 Haha! I mean, it’s written on the screen for me so I can’t claim a victory here @Bryn_Hall @JessieJ @BBCR1 It’s Juicy J the rapper though 👍🏼 @Ianwood67Ian fancy being my agent?