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Greg Marine @gregmarine Indianapolis

Disney fan, home chef, software engineer. Former CTO turned Freelancer. Host of the @TalkingTechGM podcast. #javascript #ionic #reactjs

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@codename_tj @pizzahut @dominos @PapaJohns @littlecaesars Do they deliver, though? I’m down with companies that deliver the dough 😏😆 @codename_tj @pizzahut @dominos I would say yes. @PapaJohns, do you wanna chime in as well 😏 @JavaScriptCoff1 I love that name ☺️ I would like some green growing. Bonsai makes sense for my tastes. @JavaScriptCoff1 That was supposed to be “home” office 😬 @JavaScriptCoff1 I do not have any. However, I would like to start having them in my new gone office. I’ve only att… Snap says “Hi!” Ginger has been my pup for just over 2 years. I rescued her when she was about 6 weeks old. @a_howard8 I haven’t finalized what art I plan to hang on the walls yet. But I’m on the look out ☺️ @mesetatron I’m looking forward to finding art to hang on these walls. Coming from a basement office that was unfin…’m really happy how this space is turning out. @BrettThurs10 The. Hardest. Thing. To. Do. 😆 Code names often become the official name for my projects 😆 @javebratt 🤤 Looks delicious @mhartington Wood fired? @wesgrimes I believe you ☺️ No video or photo needed 😏 @TheJackForge @kyla_Christin_e 🙌
When is a baseball player like a spider? When he catches a fly! #DadJoke #DadJokes @RickHunter7 This is beautiful way to create art. 🥰 I love it. @PrasoonPratham I recommend using @Ionicframework for the UI of a ReactJS project. It also works great for Angular… excellent opportunity coming from the wonderful folks at Ionic ☺️ Check it out and see if you might be a gr…“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and - SNAP - the job's a game.” - Mar… @RickHunter7 Tacos sound good 🤔 Now I too want tacos! @IT_MikeS 🥰 @IT_MikeS Doesn’t sound dumb at all. I’ve heard the same about egg cartons. It actually makes a lot of sense. @codename_tj I have met a few on Twitter and Facebook that I now consider good friends. I hope to meet them all in person someday☺️ @TheJackForge @AnnCodes Thank you for the new one. I wasn’t already following her ☺️I finally got around to adding my podcast to my website 🤣 I decided I should get to it now that I’m generating tra… @JustinNoelDev Ah, that makes sense.
@JustinNoelDev Interesting 🤔 This is a good idea and could potentially be portable 🤔 @walkingriver I can’t say I have ever tried this. But upon looking up the technique, it sounds great to me. So I say yea.Now that my office is on our main level, I’ve noticed more sound gets in from outside the room than when I was in t… do hedgehogs say when they hug? Ouch! #DadJoke #DadJokes @paranoidcoder @NxDevTools @Ionicframework This was an excellent episode. I really enjoyed your talk, Devin. And co… @danbucholtz @GuyHutchinson As do I. It has been a while. It is hard to believe that movie came out 21 years ago. T… is #MakeADogsDay in my house 😆 @GuyHutchinson @ClaudioTrains That is indeed a fun fact. I did not know this ☺️“There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that the world is crazier than you are.” Dr. Erik Selvig (Thor The… @mesetatron
What did the mother tomato say to the toddler tomato? Catch up! #DadJoke #DadJokes @walkingriver @wesgrimes I love Satu’li Canteen. I also love Flame Tree. I’ll be eating at Yak & Yeti on my next trip, though. @wesgrimes @walkingriver We had thunderstorms last night. The pups did not like that at all. But it’s the mid-west.… @walkingriver @wesgrimes Yep, sounds like Florida ☺️ Do you get one of those ears of corn at Disney’s Animal Kingd… @walkingriver @wesgrimes I probably won’t have a convertible when I move to Florida 😬 When I’m at the Disney parks… @wesgrimes My wish came true. The skies opened up and the air temp rose ☺️ @wesgrimes This is what it looks like here today. A bit chilly as well. want to be where @wesgrimes lives today 😆 It is gloomy where I live today. I need to get a Tempest weather sta…’m looking forward to this meetup 🙌 Ionic’s implementation of VueJS integration is 🔥 is an excellent episode. Everything I learn about how Disney trains their Cast inspires me to apply the same i… @elylucas 🤣 @elylucas If you think that was disturbing, check out this one 😆 @dinomite_dz I completely understand @dinomite_dz This is quite accurate in my experience. This can lead to burn out. Too many great people are consumed… is probably the best one 🤪 @dinomite_dz @TheJackForge Yes, yes I have 😏😱 wife is having fun with the Reface App And I love Mt Dew Zero 🤪 wife is having fun with the Reface App 🤣 @TheJackForge The a-hole jumps around and makes noises my banging around his cage. He is not a pleasant animal. Not… @TheJackForge The music I play drowns out the rest of my household 🤣 (spouse, 2-3 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cars, and a Guine… @leenyburger @mjwhansen This episode had me 😬😬😬 @mesetatron @TheJackForge @TheJackForge @mesetatron @TheJackForge @mesetatron I meant to say follows me too 🤣 I wish I could edit posts 🤣 @TheJackForge @mesetatron I’ve been following for a bit. Follow me too ☺️ @disney_dish @jakepoore I’m really looking forward to this. Reading resources like Be Our Guest helped me learn the…
I am so glad we get insurance through my spouse. This week’s @SoftwareSocPod episode sounds like a saga I don’t wan…'m reading a book on the history of superglue. Can't put it down! #DadJoke #DadJokesFree preview of the audiobook! @kvlly Not only that, but it is good for learning the importance of processes.Tomorrow, the man (on the right in the first pic) who officiated my wedding and I will record the first episode of… @disney_dish Great point 🤪 @disney_dish Dang, I have to get back on Facebook. Oh well @RickHunter7 The perfect TV character for me @RickHunter7 They were all fed shortly after this pic was taken 🥰 @DThompsonDev @catalinmpit @TheJackForge @FrancescoCiull4 @florinpop1705 @MattCodeJourney @traversymedia @dinomite_dz @TheJackForge Where’s the link to your book!? I can’t find it anywhere!!! 🤪 @wesgrimes This was the sunset Saturday. This is the first Autumn in 42 years I truly took the chance to enjoy Autu… @statefulwidget Various times they have been in my home office this past week 🥰 @statefulwidget Yep, dog heaven 🥰 Yep, he’s a beagle mix. All three are mutts (mixed breeds) @statefulwidget We also have 2 cats and a Guinea pig @statefulwidget The black one is the youngest and is overly protective of the food when it is poured 🤣 The dude on…
@statefulwidget We have three pups. When they are hungry, this is what they do. They don’t do the food bowl dance 🤣… is his way of asking for food 🥰 @wesgrimes Well, it isn’t quite an Indiana sunset 🤣 But it’s good enough 😏 (thanks for sharing) @codename_tj @codename_tj lol 😂 That’s the light from my ceiling fan 😆 I didn’t even notice that 🤣 @TheJackForge @TheJackForge @Saadeghi 🤣 @FinkVacation @CCarlMoore @disney_dish @mackdrummer627 @CCarlMoore, us under appreciated dudes of awesomeness need… do you do if you see a spaceman? Park the car, man! #DadJoke #DadJokes @CCarlMoore @disney_dish @FinkVacation One vote!?! I’m rally the troops for the next one. Bring your A game! @mjwhansen Adding your experience to those tidbits will definitely help those who are use to your style of sharing… @mjwhansen I like the idea of you gleaning the most practical pieces out and highlighting them in blog posts. You c… @FinkVacation @disney_dish @FinkVacation My man @CCarlMoore didn’t win!?! weeks @LadybugPodcast chat was an eye opener about Web Accessibility. There is much more to it than screen rea… is in full force now ☺️ @itskarolbrennan When I was 8, my dad got me interested in programming. One of my earliest memories is creating a M… was a great chat! Thank you, @ClaudioTrains, for joining me in this week's episode. Your use of…
I’m enjoying this lovely Autumn evening editing the latest episode of @TalkingTechGM @_ManthanPatel Stronger