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Race Reporter: Chaos In The Post-Race Scrum Full video over on @flobikes'Just Enjoy The Day' - Bettiol's Message To Flanders Fans #covid19 #RVV2020 @TeamSunweb @nicholasroche @RondeVlaanderen Good one, Nico!Caught in action...
This is BRILLIANT! Combined with @GoZwift we have the winning formula. one, Andy. team meeting of #TheWolfpack ahead of Sunday’s @RondeVlaanderen “Lockdown Edition” 😃
Retweeted by Gregor Brown @Tomashuuns @TrekSegafredo @TrekBikes @Bontrager @sarisofficial @EnervitSport Hehe. Good man, keeping sharp and ready ;)The Rookie: Inside Michael Mathews First Flanders @flobikes #RVV @timjohnsoncx @rusty_woods @GoZwift @EFprocycling @RideCannondale Hehe. ❤️ @rusty_woods @timjohnsoncx @GoZwift @EFprocycling @RideCannondale Looks like you left Tim behind 😂 @petosagan Love it. Not sure what I just saw, but love it. @Tomashuuns @TrekSegafredo @TrekBikes @Bontrager @sarisofficial @EnervitSport Crosshead wind there.Let's race... virtually
Happy 23rd birthday Bjorg, we don't forget you Matchbox ✨✨ #143 #ForBjorg
Retweeted by Gregor BrownHere you go, 96 minutes of glorious Belgian racing #springclassics #quaratineentertainment
Retweeted by Gregor Brown @EuroHoody Only man crush for one person, you. ❤️I enjoyed this one with Sep. Thanks! @EFprocycling @sepvanmarcke Sep Vanmarcke Reveals EF's Flanders Strategy Best Belgians In The World Tour, Ranked #cycling #RVV if in Dutch, this Van der Poel short doc from the 2019 Ronde is worth a watch... It's been a long journey for these men who raced the UAE Tour #ISurvivedTheUAETour #uaetour #covid19
Thanks @maxsciandri’ve been waiting for the call by @RAAMRaces on whether the race will be put off to 2021. If so, we’ll be there. We…
Retweeted by Gregor BrownSerious stuff... Bahrain McLaren riders take 70 per cent pay cuts |
Trek-Segafredo's 2020 Coronavirus Season Plans ( full video on FloBikes) Forces Critérium du Dauphiné Cancellation #covid19 #cycling
Retweeted by Gregor BrownSecrecy And Suspense Over Tour De France's Fate #TDF2020 #TDF #covid19
Retweeted by Gregor BrownOver at @flobikes... The Last Bergs Of Belgium: Racers Rate Their Favorites
@SvenJonker 😂Luca Guercilena gives info... Trek-Segafredo: 'Nibali Still Racing Giro, Porte & Mollema Tour'
Retweeted by Gregor Brown @itvcycling @GeraintThomas86 @mrendell Haha. Good one. Letting Thomas know times running out. Gotta sign in. How ma… UCI Boss Brian Cookson Says 'Time To Consider 2-Week Tour de France' #cycling #covid19
@jeremycwhittle @cyclocrossgal @BTPfilms @EuroHoody Good spot, Jez. Reminds me, I need a hair cut. Barber shops closed. @willfoth @jeremycwhittle Ah, Yes. Forgot. Thanks. @realDonaldTrump Keep patting yourself on the back while covid is ravaging the USA. #notfitforjob @willfoth @jeremycwhittle That was the last wet edition?📺 Did you miss Kemmelberg as much as we did, today? Re-watch last year's #UCIWWT highlights of @GentWevelgem down h…
Retweeted by Gregor BrownOdd Season: Nizzolo Unsure Cycling Will Restart Soon
@stephenfarrand @PhilSheehanLP @Calacus @AAllenSport @arseblog @CathalWogan @christoronyi @eastlower @AAllenSport @arseblog @CathalWogan @christoronyi @eastlower @Gingers4Limpar I'm savoring the last episodes of… @jarkko_leinonen *closed* @velonews It was a beautiful blue, They had some stunning paint jobs. @velonews Proper road bike? A Klein, Stage Race. @jarkko_leinonen Don't know where you are, but can't even go outside to LBS, which are close anyway here in Italy.… Season: Simmons' Covid-Delayed Paris-Roubaix Debut @SimmonsQuinn #parisroubaix #covid19
Retweeted by Gregor Brown @jarkko_leinonen My arms got a good workout. For me, it was about rotating the tire while pumping and letting the s… Tire Mount Success (without compressor) Lock down has it's benefits. After days of trying, I mounted the 2… explains how he won the Worlds @TrekSegafredo @Mads__Pedersen
Ranking: The Toughest Racers In The Pro Peloton Lock Down With A Broken Femur, Michael Woods Looks At Bright Side @rusty_woods #cycling #covid19
Check it out... Quinn Simmons Watches His Junior Worlds Win and breaks down every move... @flobikes #cycling does not bode well for the Giro d'Italia with its rumoured start in Sicily rebroadcasting some vintage Big Mig Tours — as much as everyone gets misty-eyed about old days, the TV…
Retweeted by Gregor Brown @jeremycwhittle @stephenfarrand @petercossins @friebos @DickinsonTimes @EuroHoody 🤦‍♂️ @stephenfarrand @petercossins @friebos @jeremycwhittle @DickinsonTimes @EuroHoody 🤣💪 @jeremycwhittle @stephenfarrand @petercossins @friebos @DickinsonTimes @EuroHoody Doubt my abilities?! 😁Thanks @SANTINI_SMS'd been wanting to see this stat. Bad news for number of cyclists living in Andorra, and everyone in general. Boss: 'Cycling Can Return Stronger After Covid' #cycling #COVID19 thanks @TrekSegafredo
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Ben King's US Plea: 'Please Note Italy's COVID Situation'
Just re-watching this now... #wow ... Niccolo Bonifazio Descending Like A Madman Kanza Winner Colin Strickland Turned Down The WorldTour home in the U.S., grand tour stage winner Ben King describes his experience in Italy and offers perspective fo…
Retweeted by Gregor BrownCOVID Questions: 'We Will Find A Solution For The Races'
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I did my best... FloBikes Reschedules The 2020 Giro & Monuments #covid19 #cycling Revisits Worlds: Did Jacket Mistake Cost Him Gold? @CCCProTeam @MATTEOTRENTIN
@velo_bristol Will the pâté still be safe to eat?Normally, I'd be digging deep into some linguine con le seppie right now in #sanremo Sucks not having these plates,… this climb, my heart is always beating a 1000bpm at this point. And I'm not even on a bike. #poggio To Survive 300km To Sanremo, Haussler Explains #cycling @Milano_Sanremo #MSR #MilanoSanremo Craddock's Cabin Fever: Ambulance Scare At Paris-Nice of the greats of Italian sport and cycling journalism Gianni Mura died today. His articles, especially his doub…
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Vincenzo Nibali Explains How To Win Milano-Sanremo @TrekSegafredo @vincenzonibali @flobikes #MilanoSanremo #msr Sagan Peed Himself To Stay Warm: 2013 Milan-Sanremo #milanosanremo #msr
Despite COVID-19, Monuments & Grand Tours Will Find Spots #covid19 #cycling
Retweeted by Gregor BrownOhhh, I finally saw this crash., It's not the end. Stay tuned to the very end of the show however, and see a sneak peek of a new series mak…
Retweeted by Gregor BrownRoglic Hopes With Dumoulin Toppling Ineos Possible and I discuss what could have been cycling's last big race for some time, #parisnice @flobikes from Het Nieuwsblad... Oliver Naesen left before dawn for a ride of 365km: "Do something silly every now and…
VIDEO 📹 análisis: Varios periodistas nos dan su punto de vista sobre el paro de acción del ciclismo y qué esperar a…
Retweeted by Gregor Brownoh my god, the chicago aquarium closed due to coronavirus, so they let the penguins run around and check out the ot…
Retweeted by Gregor BrownHome From Paris-Nice, Now What? #ParisNice @flobikes #cycling
@Gareth_E_Slater I was solo. 😉I walked the final 300 meters of #milanosanremo today. A massive head-wind slowed me down. #MSR #cycling #Sanremo #ViaromaReport: Cat Can Tell You’ve Been Drinking Again
Retweeted by Gregor Brown2020 Giro d'Italia Postponed Over Covid-19 Outbreak #giro2020 #covid19
@VernPitt What about this photo of you from 2017? Congratulations. Amazing change!
@julienpretotRTR Time to close. @EuroHoody You*Bravo à @Arkea_Samsic Merci au staff et aux coureurs. Un grand @NairoQuinCo sur la Colmiane.
Retweeted by Gregor Brown @EuroHoody Some still wonder if your truly crashed or were just trying to avoid the #tdfThey must have been waiting for the end of #ParisNice Wins Important Paris-Nice Summit For Arkea #parisnice
Retweeted by Gregor BrownUpdate from the line where Quintana won the final #parisnice stage @flobikes will not happen, at least in its usual early April spot this year due to #coronavirus #covid19 #RVV20Worlds Champion Mads Pedersen pulls out of #ParisNice with #COVID19 closing borders and creating problems was the last team to leave #ParisNice