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@shawnethegirl I’d say pretty high @AstralBode Her name’s Dottie. She’s got a bunch of spots!Happy 4th!
2020 Forth of July y’all! @LeviRyken Fake @rachaelschafer Dottie suddenly is showing an interest in human food too. Pandemic is changing the pets! @hannahnicklin @LeenaVanD Was Kid A all day over here @hannahnicklin @LeenaVanD Oh wow I haven’t thought about Dntel forever. @LeenaVanD I liked Death Cab in the day too, but Postal Service is his best work! @LeenaVanD Postal Service @rachaelschafer I vote Trinidad
In the spirit of celebrating independence, here’s a fun new PlayStation Indies website! @yosp @iam8bit @TimOfLegend Yay! Hopefully one day we’ll be able to get you out here for the big show!
@fahmitsu I always wanted to make a good road trip adventure game!Getting the red white and blue going early @rachaelschafer @SFFDPIO Uhhhhhhh @itsJenSim Ahhhh to sit in the Drafthouse and watch beautiful games on the big screen with wonderful people again one day. @KommanderKlobb @jwaaaap I just wanna keep watching more old cooking lessons! @itsJenSim Agreed! :) @jwaaaap Wow, she be trippin @Wrenegadey 🗺 @foamswordgames @DANIELPEMBERTON 🎶 🚲 🗡🦢Turn. it. up. Knights And Bikes soundtrack by @DANIELPEMBERTON is available to stream from today! ❇️ SPOTIFY:…
Retweeted by Greg Rice @grrlaction You're right, you're right @djbteamsters @yosp @shawnethegirl @PlayStation @BlasphemousGame Yeah watching the BAFTAs with the Knights and Bike…
@jwaaaap Ahhhh blocked, but now I wanna! @djbteamsters @yosp @shawnethegirl @PlayStation In another dimension where the world wasn't turned upside down I wo… @aramjabbari Oh I've tried that. It's hard! Gotta work on my dashi @siobhanreddy low and slooooowPandemic life sure has helped me perfect my omelette skills. @nsuttner @henryfaber Looool. I'm surprised how much advantage that has given me throughout the years. Mostly in concert viewing tbh.This rad grid of awesome Indie games is also live in the PlayStation Store now: @CorneliaGeppert Fun to see how everyone’s favorites are different! @lekochen @nsuttner The world needs more games on big screens! @tomgvalve Agreed! It’s a super charming world with a interesting mechanic and the puzzles are really smart!Such awesome games in here. Hope you dug em! @yosp HOORAY!! @JakubAmanita @itsJenSim Congrats Jakub! Can’t wait!Worms is back y’all! a mysterious planet with the one you love in relaxing co-op adventure Haven:
Retweeted by Greg RiceCarto was another Experimental Gameplay Workshop and Day of the Devs standout. And features super sharp writing fro… @ooblets CONGRATS Y’ALL!You’ll notice in that post we also confirm a new indie title will join the PlayStation Now service every month, sta… to share the first details of our PlayStation Indies initiative, starting with these 9 awesome games! @PTibz @A_i 9 years ago!!Explore, fight, and hack your way through a virtual world to avoid deletion in Recompile:
Retweeted by Greg RiceYet another amazing feather in the cap for @A_i. This one wowed the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC years bac… a fan of @Amanita_Design since Samarost and early flash games like the one for @PolySpree. Been amazing to wat… pumped for people to get their hands on this one! Was originally introduced to @2ptStudio by the fine folks at… @alexanderperrin Congrats y’all! So pumped for people to get their hands on this one!The lines between truth and fiction are blurred in narrative adventure Where The Heart Is:
Retweeted by Greg RiceHop into the industrial world exploration platformer F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch:
Retweeted by Greg Rice @acwilliams Yessssss
Do recommend this The Last Of Us Part II mini concert with Gustavo Santaolalla! @TheRealAndyMc YOU'RE A LEGEND! Thanks for everything Andy. @BlessingJr Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiz @sethmarinello @nsuttner Will have to rent a AirBNB in Noe and hang family pictures up and pretend to have a going… @acwilliams Paper Beast!! (and Tetris Effect) @nsuttner Pandemic moves are weird, huh? @j00zt1n What if we all just stop using it?
@lizziekillian Maybe it’s the extremes @lizziekillian A looooooot. I think I need more cause I’m so big.
@TimOfLegend @rexbox The fun cupboard is always open for ye! @rexbox Is that your name for my tiny closet bathroom? @Wrenegadey Down to the coast just outside SF! @ghostordie Passion fruitOrange DF tiki time @RobynHarada Down to the coast! @LeviRyken last thing to leave the old place. Had the rest, but couldn’t find him and it looks like Dottie had pull… @shawnethegirl Indeed! And saaaaame. Welcome at the new place any time! And I will be down for Drafthouse trips and… SF apartment. It’s been real!
2020 final SF grocery trip before moving day @MattBodega YESSSSS! Hi Newton! @rachaelschafer She had a big day of dirt raining in the house. Was a champ! on the babes and one of daddy looking out nearby with owl pals. The two babies were born in April around when lockdown hit. Getting big!
@spacetreasured @thespaff I'm always surprised how quick Spaff is to find even the smallest bit of goat cheese flav… @spacetreasured You should talk to @thespaff about thisAt 10:15am UK time tomorrow (Saturday, June 27), I’ll be interviewing fine people from @Mediatonic on Fall Guys on…
Retweeted by Greg Rice @Charalanahzard HIGH FIVES!Can't stop humming that toe-tapping Bugsnax theme? Learn how @KeroKeroBonito created it:
Retweeted by Greg RiceWhenever people ask if my name has two g’s I say “two, not three” and it really seems to throw them.Seems weird to have guys using blowtorches on your house, but what do I know? @TimOfLegend Guess we’ll find out in the morning! @TheBlueCurls Was it the friends I made along the way? @TimOfLegend I briefly considered I actually might have when I noticed!
@DevRelCallum Good get!Just opened a fortune cookie with no fortune. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!! @rachaelschafer I fear I may get a stone fruit stone I'm eating so much of it.
@yosp @YouTube May have to keep those skulls up in the house!
Hey y'all, submissions for our July Day of the Devs showcase in Summer Game Festival are now open! Send us your you…
@sstaver I'd call it lack of a haircut! @dinosaurrparty @lysandraws Awwwww thanks Sarah!This is a Good Idea. I know I always ask about this when invited to… @geoffkeighley @DoubleFine @iam8bit Thanks for helping make it happen Geoff! Glad ya dig the games!Day of the Devs live now with a beautiful performance of the Outer Wilds soundtrack. Games coming up in 15 min!:⁣Starting today and thru the coming months I will be releasing my entire collection of 3d models. The EVERYTHING LI…
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