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Writer/editor/concert-goer. He/Him. Eisner-winner via generous technicality. @comicsbeat staff writer. Bylines @dailydot @panelxpanel @shelfdustsite @AiPTcomics

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Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @GreggKatzman Such a great comic. @seankmckeever Yeah I think that’s my answer too. I grew up in NJ and it was on TV all the time in my teensYou are a private investigator/detective. What is your outfit, weapon, and vehicle? Retweet with the answer.… the M&Ms okay
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberAn octopus probably talks to fish like, "I think my favorite land animal's the human. They're so smart. Did you kno…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silbermy baby and i got our own sports talk show
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@explodingarrow @TheMike31 Came here to say this @robertbohl (By “shady history” I mostly mean the allegation that she wasn’t great with the tiger business early on… @robertbohl Idk... when I watched it, all I could think was “this man is a monster. An entertaining monster perhaps…, I’m sure the producers didn’t intend for Joe Exotic to become some kind of American folk hero, but it’s gross… misgendering a trans man... editing out the racism... these aren’t small things. And while I don’t thin… more I think about it the more I’m changing my tune on #TigerKing. Like everyone else, I enjoyed it when it c… OK, I’m cool with this shirt.. True Gs…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @kibblesmith reviewed @geneluenyang, @Gurihiru, & @TheJaniceChiang’s latest graphic novel that you (and your kids) need to rea…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberLiterally yes wtf
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silberthere is literally no joke I could make that would be funnier than this headline
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberI know more about Superman than Jerry and make references he doesn’t get you, @comicsbeat! I knew from my initial reading of @geneluenyang’s script and looking at @Gurihiru’s artwork…
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I’m not much of a drinker so this is pretty much still me. Kedem grape juice >>>Every Jewish holiday @CoriMarie21 Worst member of the Legion by far @CoriMarie21 I know that’s just not where my mind went haha. I’m like “Br*an... Wood... lad?” @CoriMarie21 Not QUITE what I was thinking in terms of how rhymes work lol @CoriMarie21 Neither of my guesses rhyme with that! 🤔 @CoriMarie21 Who wrote this (I have 2 guesses)Needed this today. have I witnessed 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silberop-ed is short for "an opportunity for Edward"
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @thsheridans Congrats!Kids WB ran Superman and Batman’s animated series’ back to back and it kinda shaped my entire personality @stevewmorris She was in Zdarsky’s Spectacular run which I believe confirmed they’re not technically related. Idk if she’s shown up since"It’s not just an exceptionally-crafted superhero story... Superman Smashes the Klan might just change kids' lives.…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberEnema Ace I could come up with on the spot was Mavis Beacon Teaches Hyping but honestly that’s not ruined it’s just a gam…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @seankmckeever Haha, no worries! I appreciate the signal boost either wayWhoops! Good writing, Greg.
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberThe #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement won. I wrote how that may affect the future of fandom. All fandom.
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@metal_crab @beccastokes I did the owl pellet thing at camp (my mom ran the activity!) but writing with squid ink w… @GregSilber Fandoms are scary nowadays. I’ve read so many horror stories about creators being bullied off social me…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @metal_crab @beccastokes Wtf I didn’t get to do either of thoseI’m really proud of this piece.
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @JRtheeReview @ShanenSays Might be a better marketing strategy to focus on what they do put in the forkBoss @Comixace shared her thoughts on the matter too. As usual from Heidi, it’s well-researched, well-reasoned, a… do not send me sexy Animal Crossing artI must run a wholesome TL because I’ve never seen sexy Animal Crossing art ROUND-UP: SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN is the best Superman comic since ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber"It’s difficult to see this as anything other than a slippery slope. There will be more “Release the [Director] Cut…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberMOVE OVER, KRASINSKI, WE GOT SOME GOOD NEWS.
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @ScottFromNY That is an excellent point @GregSilber HBO looked at the demographic, realized the cost of repurposing archival content was less than the cost…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberThank you @GregSilber for using that #DCUHarleyQuinn image! 😆
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberAs always, you’re not allowed to yell at me until you’ve read the article in its entirety.The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement won. I wrote how that may affect the future of fandom. All fandom. the Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE sets a troubling precedent
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberA family member suggested I write about the pandemic and I immediately said “no, absolutely not.” @abrahamjoseph I didn’t know you wrote about it until I finished writing my own take on the situation, which goes u…’s obsession with “bloodlines” and “good genes” is directly connected to his ableism and eugenicist beliefs.
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberI'm not sure if we, as a culture, have fully reckoned with the deeply human pleasure of using your bare hands to ri…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @JoeCaramagna Space Jam 2, but it’s Looney Tunes characters helping you organize your emails
In case anyone needs a reminder
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @matt_okeefe I said this to a guy in a private group I posted the article in, and it applies to most of the angry c… expected, this article got a lot of angry comments across platforms, but George here is correct’s now 70% sold out. If this is really successful I might do this again. WHO KNOWS!
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @Hello_Tailor @DavidCovucci ...hate this @maliciousglee Nah it’s cool because at least we’re getting *checks notes* Morbius the Living Vampire @stevewmorris @shelfdustsite CorrectEverybody read @shelfdustsite, Steve’s *incredible* website. @maliciousglee Holy crap I forgot that was happening @metal_crab This is... adorable? @tomshaps Broke: President Superman Woke: President Swamp Thing @tomshaps “Drain the Swamp Thing”So it was *narrows eyes at bird suspects* MURDER MOST FOWL
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberDude’s an Oscar winner! Wild. very weird to me how Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, two of the worst movies i have ever sat through, cul…
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I understand the fear about Trump not leaving office if he loses, but also, the transfer of power doesn’t depend on…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberComicsgate is a hate group and the people who claim to be "comicsgate" are not comics fans; just idiots with too ma…
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @comicsbeat "But we will adapt, somehow. We have to." What a line @GregSilber! 😍
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @MagsVisaggs The Shining.I accidentally poked my eye so hard I’m typing this through tearsI’ll have more words on this on @comicsbeat later.This sets a terrible precedent and could make online fandoms worse for generations to come. @weredawgz Congrats! You deserve your joy @sajidaayyup @comicsbeat Thanks Sajida!TL;DR @soupytoasterson Thanks Brandon! That means a lot coming from youI’m really proud of this piece. Will comics survive the current crisis?
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @ChrisAHassan @cracksh0t This might get me canceled but... run it next X-Men MondayI guess you would’ve had to be there.
Retweeted by Gregory Paul SilberIt’s so unfair that I’ve never been allowed to punch anyone in the face
Retweeted by Gregory Paul Silber @GhosttGray Part of why I stopped reviewing was “nice > honest” pressure. No one’s fault really. It just permeates… @BrenttHarshman The Brentt Harshman of Steve Orlandos of Comics @maliciousglee Allison I feel like you’ve created something new. Something with unholy power @CoriMarie21 Relax I literally can’t name any other Ricky Martin songs. Nine Inch Nails on the other hand... @CoriMarie21 One could also say the X-men are livin la vida loca @CoriMarie21 “She bangs” can refer to a lot of X-men in the 00s