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I’m not sure how one wins the respect of rad creators like @calebandrew or @bustermoody, but I know you could earn… know what you’re thinking. “Greg’s so... rad. How do I win his respect?” It’s true, I’m not an easy man to pleas… @Nosocialize Haha, TRUE, but Batman is the most popular thing that I'm the biggest fan of, so I'm especially concer… @Nosocialize I mean, the Joker is probably still my favorite Bat-villain (as "basic" as that opinion my seem), but… @Nosocialize I’m mostly being facetious but 1. It’s just an ugly shirt 2. As has been written a bit too much these… get why this ad was targeted to me—I’m a guy with a well-documented love of Batman—but I’m insultedI hate this. @benito_cereno If he doesn’t at least play Monster Mash you also have a failure to properly host Halloween triviaWant to win 2 tickets to the L.A. premiere of STEPHEN KING'S #DoctorSleep? Follow us + RT by Saturday, 10/19 by 8 p…
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@kibblesmith Adapt The War of Jokes and Riddles, have Paul Dano play both partsCan we please retire “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” It stopped being new or funny at least 3 years ago @waynespatrol Ah I knew that looked like David Finch art @waynespatrol Whats that third pic from?“How little they must think of themselves to treat others this way.” #XSpoilers @caitiedelaney There’s a fun issue from the 80s where he follows a villain into the suburbs and realizes he’s basically uselessI love when dogs bark at a guest and you make them stop and they do but then they add this little affronted woof li…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @metal_crab That is not necessarily a good quality! @metal_crab DAN WHY @abrahamjoseph These dopes always act like atheism is this mind blowing new concept to the people they say this stu… @BlaireMoskowitz Listening... the “reading” of the ears
A NON-EXHAUSTIVE LIST OF WHAT COUNTS AS READING: • Books • Ebooks • Audiobooks • Graphic novels • Comics • Manga •…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @DialHForHagai Yeah I hope I don’t sound dismissive or anything, I just mean that as dramatic as student life can b… @DialHForHagai Not in my experience. Haven’t watched that particular show yet, but school elections as portrayed in… @calebandrew It really, really upsets me that people think they’re being progressive when they’re just hurting crea… of my NYCC coverage coming down the pipeline! Cool to see @ValiantComics tackling the YA market with… @chrisarrant I get why some might see it that way but I just see it as a descriptor of what it is. “Work-for-hire”… @michejaw Alright now that you’ve accomplished something I can go back to mocking you for stupid BS like not knowing who Granny Goodness is @bustermoody @TFRScomic @calebandrew Holy crap my 5 year old brain would’ve exploded if I knew the TMNT met the pow… single issues are out of print, so now joining the crowdfunding effort is your only chance to read TASK… 2 days left to back @TFRScomic to get the collected edition with all 6 issues. It's a hilarious and affectio… a joke
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈Such a fun panel!!! Thank Greg for covering it!!!
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @daniellempaige Thanks for being there and sharing it!Patient: I'm so depressed Doctor: You must see the great gladiator Spartacus, he's in town tonight. Patient: But…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈I was thrilled to sit with @Ssnyder1835 & @GregCapullo at #NYCC for an interview about ending their decade-long Ba… ’19 Interview: Snyder & Capullo talk BATMAN: LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH
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Hi websites that pay writers! I’ve written for @ComicsMNT (and many others, several of which do not involve comics)… @ArkhamAsylumDoc @kierongillen @daniellempaige @DanSlott Yes it's hilarious that I had to write this disclaimer but… did a fantastic job, with too many memorable moments from @ArkhamAsylumDoc, @kierongillen, @daniellempaige recapped the NYCC panel I moderated, which included name-checking Taylor Swift, lots of feelings, and…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @Elana_Brooklyn seriously, so many GEMS spoken during that panel. Just impossible to contain it all in one article @kylepinion Haha idk them but I do have a conflicted relationship with Anberlin. Like their sound! Caught a farewel… didn't plan for this to be published on Columbus Day but it's fitting @kylepinion Pandora was still big for me in college. I used to idly listen to channels of my fav emo/pop punk bands… @Elana_Brooklyn Thanks for sharing! And for live tweeting it as I was too busy frantically writing notes for the article on my phoneWrite up of the most important NYCC panel (I had live tweeted it).
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It's impossible to capture, in writing, how powerful it was to attend this panel. I tried my best though! Give it… @Elana_Brooklyn Abolish Columbus Day, replace it with Orlando Day (Orlanday?) in which we all take the day off to read Steve Orlando books @Elana_Brooklyn Honestly, one of them is Steve Orlando! I'm truly inspired by what I've read of him so far. And he's Jewish, too :) @TheLadyKayB Lol I’ll establish the same rules here as I did for Venom: I’ll see it, but not alone and preferably not sober @TheLadyKayB Lol uhh how about you see it and lemme know what you find outso tired of these snowflakes judging Columbus for all of his murder and torture based on the standards of our time,…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @maliciousglee We are?! @TheLadyKayB Hold up I don’t know much about leprechaun lore... is that a thing? Do we all have little leprechaun versions of ourselves?If you are wondering why all of your favorite channels are falling apart, this thread explains why FB had a lot to…
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@NickPiers Hereditary @HeatherAntos #SignalBoostSunday! I'm Greg, a writer/editor seeking a full-time role. Most of my freelancing invo…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈It's #SignalBoostSunday Day!!! Creators step up to give your projects a signal boost and help pay it forward by he…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @HeatherAntos #SignalBoostSunday! I'm Greg, a writer/editor seeking a full-time role. Most of my freelancing invo… to be too hyperbolic or anything, but Chris' Batober is proof that life is worth living
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @HeatherAntos The latest issue of (Eisner winning!) @PanelxPanel magazine is out!!! 100 pages of great writing abou…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈What comes to mind when you read “polish”? @calebandrew Oh man I liked Twilight Princess but I just got flashbacks to how that early slog was basically “thank… @georgegustines @geneluenyang @Gurihiru Jealous! So pumped for this. Superman fighting bigots in a young-reader-fri… @hatulimyafim I, too, want to scream while contemplating the passage of time
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈Question for #XMen fans: Has there ever been a time when the X-Men "saved you"? Pretty open-ended question, but if…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @ChrisAHassan Yeah it’s great, with a stronger emotional core than I think it gets credit for. I like the “best the… @Elana_Brooklyn 🎵I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY! Doo doo I’LL GIVE YOU CAFFEINE TODAY🎶
@TalkingSuperman @metal_crab Ok but could Rodin do this?! @ChrisAHassan That Claremont/Miller WOLVERINE mini, with its themes of persevering through hardship by embracing yo…*Professor Farnsworth voice* Good news, everyone! If you couldn’t go to the panel I moderated at #NYCC, you can cat…
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈Happy national coming out day Come out when you’re ready We’re all here for you
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈It’s only a matter of time before the m&ms feast upon one of their own once more. Probably Orange, clearly the wea… @JosephPIllidge @Alex_Antone Oh man thanks for this. Love that book but never saw this image before @michejaw Based on what little you’ve told me it sounds like a top heavy list anyway @michejaw Ooooh 👀 @michejaw Is this a ranking of quality? Or just your viewing order
Wtf is this marketing campaign?! Why are M&Ms cannibals?! Why is that the narrative for their new flavor?! Ben inspires 10 mass murders does he get a free smoothie or something
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @Elana_Brooklyn @abrahamjoseph Yeah idk who to blame for, idk, Limp Bizkit, but “RATM was great and shouldn’t get l… @Elana_Brooklyn @abrahamjoseph Haha idk, it came out in 93 so the first albums by Body Count and Rage against the M… @Elana_Brooklyn @abrahamjoseph Never saw the move—don’t even know what it’s about—but it’s a hell of a soundtrack.… > Deadpool. No offense to Wade’s fans or creators but it’s not even close. She’s just a fundamentally more compelling charactergrim
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @konnor79 @GaryGulman IIRC we’re 2nd row, slightly to the right from Gary’s perspective. But they filmed 2 shows ba… @konnor79 @GaryGulman It’s also “must watch” because if you look closely you might see me and my brother in the audience 😎YOU DON’T NEED @HBO TO SEE THE @GARYGULMAN SPECIAL THIS WEEK! See below. We put it on @YouTube ! For free!
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @robertbohl Or Duchess! "Royal Blood" could work if that wasn't taken by another band that doesn't exclusively cover Queen @maliciousglee This is how I'm imagining you in the bookstore isn’t “Almost Queen: A Tribute to Queen” called “Princess”?!
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈I was about to say “huh, honestly not sure if I have one.” But it’s Batman. Like, who am I kidding. It’s obviously… @metal_crab Ok so I’ll continue not listening to him, attending shows he’s part of, or supporting him in any way.… @metal_crab So he's basically a Nazi right? I don't listen to Behemoth so idk much about him but they've toured wit… to @TorstenAdair and the Beat for reporting on ReeedPOP's Team Q&A for NYCC.
Retweeted by Greg Gory Pall Thrillber 😈 @GrantDeArmitt Guillermo Del ToroBong Joon Ho, absolute KING.
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