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Greg Specter @GregSpecter Mistake on the Lake

Writing & tweeting for @PedagogyAmLitSt. Moravians. Early America. Skyrim. Meerkat enthusiast. Catfish Mistress Wrangler.

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I didn't serve loyal customers their due shitposts the past few days. You're welcome.Purging NCEs. Criticism next.They’re coming for the blog, too.
@MobyProf ugh @MistressSnowPhD brrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiing out yeeeeeeer knotzies.....Pleased with how I used the ED Franklin as a hinge on right angle here.
@HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD no no —- Skyrim but with mods from *that* site that shall not be namedTry again. Indeed. @VegHistory ah Pennsylvania never mind that some counties started gun season early
Good day, don’t forget to slut-shame a male today as part of your selfcare routine, be blessed.
Retweeted by Greg Specter @adelaide_garden going all outPretend they’re totally legit.... a locked account? Really? had a delightful time talking sex work, adjunctification, and hypocritical academic bullshit with…
Retweeted by Greg SpecterSex workers have been discussing Marxism and sex work since Karl Marx was alive and theorizing. We can assure you,…
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also would be a good way of passing countless hoursmistake not getting a full turkey this year makes getting drunk now harder to justifyPerhaps this is the one good side of spending my early 20s being told that if someone on Facebook posted a pic of m…
Retweeted by Greg Specter @jbf1755 “What happens if I go to bed now but wake up in 4 hours” is now my number 1 bedtime consideration. @MistressSnowPhD gross gross gross and for good measure gross
Calling all scholars of the #AmericanRevolution! Our next #conference in July 2022 will be on the theme, "Underrepr…
Retweeted by Greg Specter @jnthnwwlsn Spike doesn't do justice to what's happening in Ohio. @jnthnwwlsn I never looked into Ohio because I never needed a test. Don't know if I'm surprised or not by the restrictions. @jnthnwwlsn I can't get a test in Ohio because I can't pass the screening questions, which is good. Will making going back to PA a pain.the opening paragraph of The Stranger except it’s me carelessly throwing a turkey breast in an instant pot tomorrow
This haunting essay should be the final word on this matter.
Retweeted by Greg Specterfug this place, seriously @RustyBaker647 Right? The entire album is great. Hadn’t listened in years. @RustyBaker647 Yes! It’s Libel by Tilt.slow yur roll, brah @MistressSnowPhD or the brewing army of budding supr3macists busily stroking themselves over the new viking themed… @MistressSnowPhD don't they have enough catch up shit shoveling from like every single Kalamaz00 to work on?Accusing a Jewish woman—whose family was *actually* in concentration camps—of being a puppet in a larger conspiracy…
Retweeted by Greg SpecterUpdate: Solved. @rjcrunden @mikers86 I figured it out looking through a list of punk bands on Wikipedia. Yelling out loud "Tilt" wh… @lizl_genealogy ok, thanks!Strong vocals on the lead singer. Good, crisp, clear diction. Good range. A full voice,'s what I rt'ed earlier, @lizl_genealogy my punk cds are back at the manse. I'm running through the music that I know I own, but can't remember everything. I'd need to see it.I need music help... Got a lyric stuck in my head... I think it's "can ya hear it, can ya hear it..." The refrain.…'re hiring! @EDSITEment is looking for a Program Specialist to oversee all content developed for our award-winn…
Retweeted by Greg SpecterGrateful for the opportunity to write about The War On Thanksgiving for @BostonReview.
Retweeted by Greg Specter @mikers86 Huzzah! You can do it. And I know from experience its hard with all the complicating factors and side eff… finished a re-read of The Book of the Dead. Might be a re-re-re-re-read. Lost count. Taught it once in class,…
Retweeted by Greg Specter @mikers86 awesome, boo! congrats. that is an accomplishment. i finally got back to my pre-shoulder muck up / pre-pa… @MistressSnowPhD gotta be a lot of these in the pipeline“You got around the block—“ your shit is public! And even if it weren’t, I’m an academic! You’re an academic! My fr…
Retweeted by Greg Spectercapitalism, yo a mask that matches my flight jacket part 2 hai I can style my hair & the bald spot I shaved in is going away, music nerds of the 18c @adelaide_garden I chortled
@adelaide_garden young or old Brando? @jsmokes73 @Amber_J_DeWitt @MistressSnowPhD i thought i was over the top when i drafted it but, yup, here we are at the precipicehahahahahahahahah the gpu is too beacoup and the wireless card can't fit ahahahahahahahahah fml i need wireless f… @Amber_J_DeWitt @MistressSnowPhD last week I was going to reply to Snow with something like “well, at least they di… @MistressSnowPhD anytime they try to be funny or witty or profound they just end up showing their ass @MistressSnowPhD these people must lead a very quiet boring life that they ain’t letting this shit goFeel free to share/RT if you think it will help.
Retweeted by Greg Spectergot a wireless card (with teh bluetooth) for the battle station will put that in some time today don't know if i… @MistressSnowPhD kept reading that trash waiting for the turn, but it was just a freaking stroke jobI wonder what the incubator of wild conspiracy & militant white extremism can teach me about community building. @MistressSnowPhD Or ach mein gott in this case @MistressSnowPhD my gawd @Jayheritage @NiicoleSka @librarycongress @robbkh @Steenshorne @John_Jay_Papers Huzzah!i need to figure out a wifi solution for the desktop i could swap the mobo, but i don't want to do that at the moment @CarolineHack @artinstitutechi i saw it as a teenager at one of the nyc museums a long time ago, can't even remembe… yr tweets like be gone now but they be backCurrently taking your suggestions for rage-tweet topics for today. HMU in teh replies, plz.Nighthawks is everywhere. Pictures. Parodies. Pop culture, etc. Y'all know it well. You're not really seeing it un… customer service couldn't tell me what went wrong with my order. Couldn't guarantee it would happen agai… FYI heading into gift season: @CashStar has a stranglehold on providing e-gift card services for nearly every m…, writing a subtweet @nkalamb always hasbehold the artistry my missing copy of On the Road under the D&D box surely all this is not without meaning @MistressSnowPhD I’m clinging on to the bitter end
@ashleyrattner right, ovals, got itwhat topics should i tweet about today, fam?Fyi, tweeps: meaning in "getting worse" quickly melts away when one sees headlines using the phrase every dayGreat thread. 👉 Been saying for months: VOTE BY MAIL WAS A PAGOP BILL. Far more R’s than D’s voted for it. 8 R…
Retweeted by Greg SpecterGot up extra early cuz I got that up at 3 am eagerness
@TheGurglingCod @BigSamThompson Influencer life is hard @thecarie i'm trying some of them i actually readcurrently amassing an ever larger quantity of books on the bed that i then sleep with like i'm henry fucking rollins @MistressSnowPhD they need to all chill @MistressSnowPhD should we fear all new medievalist followers?saw the big news and lol'd more villains need their just desertshowdy dude that keeps following and unfollowing me in a ruthless pursuit of followback hunting miss me with that shit, bish @ashleyrattner when i worked at home depot back in the day, i had to watch all these awful training videos. the com…
@ashleyrattner no dank nugs?meaningless note in an endless parade of just days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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