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Greg Giachino @Gregster56 Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

The glass isn't half empty. It isn't half full. It just needs to be changed. You can't call a donkey a zebra just because you paint it with stripes.

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@pattistanger @lyft Why keep taking @lyft? @GeoffMiami Nailed! They generally are more concerned with protecting THEIR privilege than real action. @JayRod212 @giacoknox @NaveedAJamali Of course you didn’t know. This sort of shenanigan should be unacceptable. It… @JayRod212 @giacoknox @NaveedAJamali Any Ukrainian laws. So... the optics are appalling and that should be enough t… @politico No, I don’t live in a Republican neighborhood or state. #NeverPete @IStandWithIlhan Oh, and the CIA candidate. That means MSNBC and the Post just love him. @JayRod212 @giacoknox @NaveedAJamali Same. But that doesn’t make it okay for Biden’s son. @Morning_Joe So no actual progressives. No, @staceyabrams is now at @amprog which means she is not a progressive. @SAVoltolin @onekade @stephlynn1982 More like a John Kerry. @Fiorella_im @PeteButtigieg @theconvocouch He is the king of word salad. He is as good at it as Bill Clinton. That… @SFDeplorable #thankslondonbreed @LondonBreed @cowMANtwit @bebesee3 @Scott_Wiener @CA_Dem Sadly, you are right. That’s why it is #BernieOrBust for me. @bebesee3 @cowMANtwit @Scott_Wiener @CA_Dem Both are Neoliberal Clinton Democrats. Both are ultimately why we ended up with Trump. @cowMANtwit @bebesee3 @Scott_Wiener @CA_Dem She has another four years or so. She also isn’t the far left. @stephlynn1982 He doesn’t know that he is really just a character on the TV show @SiliconHBO @IStandWithIlhan If you liked Bill Clinton and how he helped destroy the middle class and Democratic Party, you will love @PeteButtigieg
@MSDNCNews Why does this remind me of the 2019 version of Clinton Gore? @SRuhle @amazon So why are you not 100% in for Sanders? @FogBelter @maddow @MaddowBlog Maddow’s job is to fool people who think they are left leaning into being less left… @Susej137 @peterdaou Yes. #sanders2020 @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed Lee was no progressive and there were other “issues” with Adachi. @latimes Let’s tax them at 90% instead of talking about the 90s. @sfzombienation Actually, if you widen the sidewalk to include safe space for the campers, a bike lane can also be… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed If you are talking about the bearer for Breed, perhaps. If he w… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed That’s not going to happen. Remember, Breed has four more years… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed #neoliberalville - both Haney and Breed - along with the polit… @bebesee3 @Scott_Wiener @CA_Dem I was going to say the same thing. All this does is further the argument that this…
@Susej137 @peterdaou Social issues. Reagan Republicans with liberal social values. Clinton also signed the repeal o… @peterdaou Those folks you mentioned moved the Overton Window significantly to the right. The Clintons with their 4… would you caucus for if you lived in Iowa.
Retweeted by Greg Giachino @daisy Lol. Better get on that bus or we are going to have more Trump otherwise. ;-) @MattHaneySF @EmbarcaderoSafe Then you need to start preventing developers from building office towers and force th… @daisy #sanders2020 @sfchronicle @JustMrPhillips Or shitty restaurants with themes that might work when the Giants win fail and need to… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris @chesaboudin @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris Newsom is a Republican… @EmbarcaderoSafe @val314159 @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @sfcontroller We ARE NOT going to solve this locally. That is the… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris Until we realize this… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris Like I said. The pols… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris Unfortunately, at 330M… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris In a society that cons… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris There will always be p… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris Because SF and other b… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris The reduction in HUD h… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @Scott_Wiener @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris 40 years of the Neolib… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF We need to end the reign of all Neoliberal politicians no matter the party.… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF It isn't BS. I am not saying he isn't lying but he has his hands tied. He an… @SFanon2 @EmbarcaderoSafe @MattHaneySF In fairness this should be called NEOLIBERALVILLE. This starts with the embr… @FogBelter @CNN @JohnKingCNN Exactly. As I tell most everyone I meet, It will either be Trump or it will be Sanders… @FogBelter @TheDemocrats And it is either #sanders2020 or an actual revolution on the streets. @alesscleverguy @sflookslikesiht @SFanon2 @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @JeffKositsky You mean - the Fog. Calling it s…
@Mona80817022 @claris101 @schdmh_h @kirstiealley @colinflaherty The ones that don’t want to pay taxes. @Jose_bern2020 @bayofarizona @AveriHarper @briantashman @BernieSanders @CA_Dem She had to check with her sister. @FogBelter @TheRevAl Not only that, but it was @davidbrockdc who is a Clinton Democrat and who constantly punches l… @EmbarcaderoSafe @SFist Prosecuting these crimes aren’t going to change a thing.
@TheMarinaTimes Yeah, he misses the fever in the country with that terrible advice.
@DCdebbie No. @EclecticRadical @peterdaou @krystalball Or @KamalaHarris or @PeteButtigieg
@FogBelter The word “fog” is enough. Thank you. @daveweigel This guy is the hardest of nos. @Ebonafied @Morning_Joe Banks and billionaires. @EmbarcaderoSafe @TheMarinaTimes Oh, I can’t even. Understand why we are here or suffer from being here. Business a… @TheMarinaTimes We don’t have a progressive style of government. We have a Neoliberal style of government being pas…
@SuperPACman_ @MattHaneySF @SFPDTenderloin And an untethered scooter.“On the one hand she mimics Sanders, she’s copying him to a T. But on the other hand she goes around loudly announc…
Retweeted by Greg Giachino @knbrmurph But this guy? Come on? No one else available? Seems odd. @freedomrideblog Anyone Clinton Democrat. Let’s make it easy. @sutros_revenge @TheMarinaTimes @chesaboudin *locked @jheil @KamalaHarris @alexwagner @SHO_TheCircus From San Francisco! She is one of the hardest nos. She is the end of the Clinton Democrats.
@bettersoma A bond? Wtf? #recalllondonbreed @Ellen4SFMayor Ellen, you have NRA in your bio. How on earth do you think you have a chance in San Francisco? Also,… @DavidChiu The tow truck and storage companies - obviously. This is just one more corrupt aspect of business as usual. @sutros_revenge @TheMarinaTimes @chesaboudin Let’s see what happens. It is obvious what has been happening isn’t wo… @bourgeoisalien Let them stop Warren. Then Bernie will have a smoother ride to the nomination. @alesscleverguy Sure. One case. @daisy Lol @mtracey Because it is Queen Hillary. Same as Queen of England without the lineage. @FaerieWhings @ewarren She doesn’t want to offend the “centrists” @AnandWrites Good question - I bet no. That was a doozy of a puff last night on @60Minutes for arguably someone who… @mtracey It’s called trying to make Fetch happen. @BethLynch2020 What else is new? @JordanChariton @JoeBiden Because Joe is a Republican? Oh, yeah. @BernieSanders Not a single person should ever sleep on the street!!!! @SalamMorcos Brokered convention. That's his lane, and the lane of all the other centrists. @SteveKornacki So what you are saying is that Patrick is a Republican who has liberal social values. No thanks. @DevalPatrick @alesscleverguy It isn't really comparable.
@Clarknt67 I hate it that I agree with him, but he is 100% right. @TheMarinaTimes @Uber @SoftBank @dkhos #BoycottUber @JordanChariton That puff piece on this crook on 60 Minutes was deeply disgusting. Dimon and his ilk are what is wr… @alesscleverguy Which communities, and how many people live in those communities? Also, SF is the mecca for users f… @alesscleverguy What has been happening is and has failed. At least we can try a new approach. Let's give him a cha… @knbrmurph Meanwhile, your station doesn't even cover the presser, and can't stop with the 49er talk. FFS. Time to turn on MSNBCIA. @bourgeoisalien *successful @wrawlsfl @PeterFrancois9 @march4progress @BlackSocialists Then so be it. It’s time to turn the page from 40 years… @AmarShergillCA @BrandonHarami @TheMarinaTimes @sfberniecrats Lol @TheMarinaTimes @sfberniecrats Harami @TheMarinaTimes @sfberniecrats He isn’t even for Bernie. He is a Clinton Democrat. @auweia1 @EmbarcaderoSafe @LondonBreed She will have to betray her donors and vote with them or be ousted on four y… @EmbarcaderoSafe @auweia1 @LondonBreed Omg. #runningwithscissors. That made my day. @EmbarcaderoSafe @LondonBreed She only cuts ribbons. But it is about overall optics. She won’t be able to get any o…