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Greg Giachino @Gregster56 Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

The glass isn't half empty. It isn't half full. It just needs to be changed. You can't call a donkey a zebra just because you paint it with stripes.

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@Scott_Wiener Eliminate Uber and Lyft, and improve public transit. Start there. Otherwise, this piece is bunk for S… @JENFL23 @UVAforBernie @OurRev305 @OurRevolutionNV @OurRevBoulder @ORMonmouth @ORArlington @OurRevolutionNE How is that even possible? @jachristian @4aPeoplesParty @ShahidForChange @SpeakerPelosi @sfchronicle Probably about as close as the… @DCdebbie Wow!!
@TheMarinaTimes Willie Brown along with the oligarchy up in Pacific Heights that support people like @SpeakerPelosi @DCdebbie He also looks like he could have signed the Declaration of Independence. Now, that’s a scary thought. He… @mackyson The only reason to stay in the Democratic Party is to vote against their establishment candidates in primaries. #votegreen @LovesTheBern Better than five, but not as good as seven. @Fiorella_im Makes voting Green so easy. @ACleverNickname @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @KamalaHarris *the @ACleverNickname @MattHaneySF @LondonBreed @KamalaHarris I am less concerned about who dates whom than they corrupt… @MattHaneySF All roads lead to Willie Brown and @LondonBreed. The city is a mess because of corruption and the beli… @Xzamilloh Way worse. People have short memories and watch too much cable TV. @JENFL23 It will be Trump before it is Biden. That’s scary. @honest_joseph1 @rockabilly_blu @ShahidForChange @PaulSorrentino3 @SpeakerPelosi @sfchronicle Will the @sfchronicle
@karish4va Rigged systems. @GeoffMiami @AmyMcGrathKY *Yet @GeoffMiami @AmyMcGrathKY Yes, she won't. Why won't she? @nowthisnews Ah, he is married to a real #karen. She also won't let him visit men's rooms on his own. @sfgogi @intercepted @ShahidForChange If one listens to this episode, one can only come away w/ the realization tha… @smerconish @wolfblitzer @CNN Where are your masks? @AlysonMetzger You know that McGrath isn’t a Democrat if @AnnCoulter is in her corner. @aniehenke Born here. Live here. Work in tech. Will not move. It’s quite nice here without the tourists and douches. @daveanthony I am far more left than I was at 18 or even 40. @AmirAminiMD #novato @knbrmurph @KNBR Spectacular - we get Joey Bart sooner! #twinning is #winning @Mrtonytig Same @jeremyscahill @intercepted @ShahidForChange @SpeakerPelosi @demianbulwa @JohnDiazChron @philmatier @dilanpcook Those tweets seem to be written by @PeteButtigieg. Biden still uses a rotary phone. @LincolnLogical @fingerbleeder @robclayt Really? Picking Biden is telling me you know who the enemy is? You really don’t get it. @unionstreetsf @RistobarSF Acme at Ferry Building. @fingerbleeder @LincolnLogical @robclayt It will then be Tom Cotton in 2024. @JENFL23 It doesn’t matter if you have the numbers completely accurate. The real issue is that Biden’s incrementalism a failure from go. @AnandWrites @peggynysom @CharlotteAlter Like for instance - @SpeakerPelosi @goodyweaver Their goal in life was never to make the world a better place. Their goal was self enrichment and powe… @DWStweets @JoeBiden We will remember that you are directly responsible for Trump’s election. Vote for @JENFL23 @briebriejoy Just another reason to #boycottmsnbc @podmanic @NoahShachtman Most recent Dunkirk. @podmanic @NoahShachtman Yes. So you can’t count Casablanca? @jeremyscahill @intercepted @ShahidForChange Every #SanFrancisco voter needs to listen to @ShahidForChange on this…
Retweeted by Greg Giachino @podmanic @NoahShachtman Actually, I don’t. It didn’t say that. So .... @podmanic @NoahShachtman Oh, thanks for that. @callmedannyboi_ @shaundnichols @LEDLuke @extrabaggs Yeah, he is terrible. @callmedannyboi_ @shaundnichols @LEDLuke @extrabaggs The problem with that is that somehow he will end up in the 1… @shaundnichols @LEDLuke @extrabaggs Hamilton has no upside. He has no business being on the roster. Maybe Duggar do… @shaundnichols @LEDLuke @extrabaggs One never knows who turns it on given the chance. This guy is going to be 30 an… @LEDLuke @extrabaggs Eh, he takes a roster spot from a young guy who can field and run. @NoahShachtman The Best Years of our Lives. @extrabaggs I am not sure why he would be on the roster in the first place. For some reason the old regime and new…
@ProjectLincoln The Rockford Files. @JaymalGreen And why I will be voting Green. #VoteGreen @Wade_Turnbull As soon as Biden is in the White House, it is over. Shame on the liberals for looking the other way… @People4Shahid Corrupt @thehill Bs @Fishbones2017 Right. And @staceyabrams in turn works for @amprog and #MikeBloomberg - so.... @TheCoalitionSF Like the Clintons, Pelosi, and Trump the you are nothing more than a grifter. @mercnews BS - it matters because in 2 years that Neoliberal stooge will be POTUS instead of #dementiajoe @KPIXtv @AP She isn't going to kill herself. She can get herself out of jail by naming names. If she dies, it won't be at her own hand. @left_on_alpha @jeffreytumlin @laughingcat2016 @GeoffMiami The Democrat who was too far to the right to have joined the DLC with the Clintons and… @jeffreytumlin Comparing SF to NYC or Paris is like comparing California to Alabama in terms of the ability to deli… @nytimes The shows on #Fox, #MSNBC, and #CNN aren’t news shows. They are propaganda shows. Reid is there to pretend… @Shugababysmydog @nytimes Only in private. Count on it. @ggreenwald @nytimes She is a fraud. Just make it simple. @BenjaminPDixon My preference would be for the latter. @bourgeoisalien The Clintons turned the Democratic Party into the Republican Party and in doing so turned the Repub…
Retweeted by Greg Giachino @bourgeoisalien The Clintons turned the Democratic Party into the Republican Party and in doing so turned the Repub… @KyleKulinski No vote from me. #VoteGreen @SpeakerPelosi Why won’t you debate @ShahidForChange? @sfpelosi @richieSF2016 @JayThePopulist @ShahidForChange @demianbulwa @JohnDiazChron @philmatier @MLNow @FitzTheReporter @richieSF2016 @JayThePopulist @ShahidForChange @demianbulwa @JohnDiazChron @philmatier @MLNow @FitzTheReporter @benigma2017 Pretty much no. To be clear as to what has happened. The Clintons helped turn the Democratic Party int… @MariaKPIX I am sure his “solid” 34 followers of his new twitter account are incredibly grateful for this apology.…
@GavinNewsom Hey Knucklehead, you shouldn’t have allowed any of these to open in the first place. @RealTimBlack It’s a safe place for those CEOs to distract people from the other issues of consequence that would r… @MSNBC @AriMelber @TheBeatWithAri Reason to turn off the show. This clown..... He needs a credible challenge from… @DCdebbie Oh, didn't notice the boobs, really. Love the mask. @Mattielisbon @proustmalone @kicranston Well, @maddow is only as serious as @glennbeck @TheMarinaTimes @sfchronicle No response from them or @KQED @FitzTheReporter @DanAshleyABC7 @demianbulwa @kron4news @TheMarinaTimes @AaronPeskin @MrCleanSF @LondonBreed *was @TheMarinaTimes @sfchronicle Pelosi isn’t remotely on the left. @thepeopleclass Every! @rajmathai @nbcbayarea Ridiculous @JayThePopulist #truth And why I will be voting for @ShahidForChange in #SanFrancisco. Why isn't local media ho… @SpeakerPelosi What a great argument for repealing and replacing the #aca with #MedicareForAll. Why arent you calling for that to happen? @jeremyscahill @intercepted @ShahidForChange Every #SanFrancisco voter needs to listen to @ShahidForChange on this… @BanquoDyar @jeremyscahill @intercepted @ShahidForChange No. He is better. @ViveAlbizu @jeremyscahill @intercepted @ShahidForChange Particularly, @SpeakerPelosi @DebraMessing Unfortunately, you get that wrong about @staceyabrams, who is a corporate puppet working for @amprog @HillaryRonen Yes, this is great. Now get to getting to the bottom of the corruption at city hall. Ignoring it will make you look complicit. @TheMarinaTimes @AaronPeskin It should have been absurd to give that authority to @MrCleanSF and @LondonBreed in th… @mackyson No surprise. Biden is a known plageriser. @annkillion You don’t even have to go to Redwood High to understand that. @LibQn32 @ninaturner @DebraMessing @SpeakerPelosi #yasqueen she is. And my House representative. I won’t be voting… @NoahAnd23988748 @FlyThaiMMA @ninaturner @DebraMessing Says the moderate Democrat. That makes you a Republican for Biden. @LibQn32 @ninaturner @DebraMessing So @SpeakerPelosi. @TomPark1n You mean the Confederate Party. The Democratic Party is now the Republican Party. The American left is n… @FlyThaiMMA @MattHaneySF @shamannwalton That’s great. Now get back to focusing on the corruption that is wide and deep at city hall. @RoKhanna We live in what can only be called a Plantation Nation. Democrats have been complicit in that, particular…
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