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@jannatjaved_ "Regor" Sounds like the villainous wizard king from a low budget 70s sword & sorcery film. I think I dig it#Anybody want some no context quotes from Bible Study? "I'll give you $20 to shoot her, right now." " did all…
MAH BABY! @ediblesocks @BabblegumSam ...I guess MILLION DOLLAR SOULMATE if you define violence as "pu…'s 3d scanner is legit
Retweeted by Greg Stolzeholy shit this is my favorite joke they've made so far
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @LeavittAlone No scorpios? I guess we'd just rather make people's lives persistent low-key living ch changes
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@NiallNai GALAXY BRAINI'm editing a podcast where the raw recording was two hours. Having cast "truncate silence" I'm now at 6:45 of fine… @booksofm @BGGameWorks @joebear66 "Citizen"? "Comrade"? "Fellow consumer"? @Noirenigma @caudelac Well, Midwest and TTRPGs... @BruceRedux @BeijingPalmer @SecretCisco @KivanBay I love it when people expect applause for willingness to sacrific… had a bad bandana day at exercise class.So this is an actual grave in a Salt Lake City cemetery and I'm officially obsessed.
Retweeted by Greg StolzeToday's freelance huddle included 1) something that sounded an awful lot like casual solicitation of terrorism and… am determined to find out which year (and potentially which DAY) this "when Britain was great" post is about.
Retweeted by Greg Stolze...shit, maybe 2020 IS more misogynist than 1990... @Brie_Beau theory...Wait SANDRA DEE was in that? Like... like GIDGET?!?I am THE DUNWICH HORROR years old. in romance novels be like.
Retweeted by Greg StolzeWarlock sorcerer?!? art courtesy of Farrel Nobel at played MILLION DOLLAR SOULMATE with @caudelac. Tune in once I edit it to learn if a portly gay bar owner can t…
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @porkironandwine @thepoetjean Same.The best thing about home repair is when you pay a giant chunk of money for a new furnace or a roof tearoff and the… if you think Democrats should immediately move to DISMISS from the jury any Senator who has been recorded a…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeI got this notification yesterday and thought "Oh what a bummer! theory..."
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @casskhaw ...have you checked her attic for an aging portrait? @Iron_Spike It looks like Photoshop got drunk with the clone tool"Hm, the gooseneck isn't the right shovel for this kind of snow, I'm going to switch it out for the steelcore" is s…
@jason_m_heller @MikeRUnderwood Sorry, mine came out last year but if you wanna see it let me know, it's full of gross good stuff...HIM: with the rebate from your gas company, it's actually cheaper to get a new furnace than fix this less eff… ...could fix everything for three grand but just a couple weeks ago we started this program to replace old furnaces with... ME: Uh huh.HIM: ...delaminated heat exchanger... ME: Uh huh.ME: ...yeah, it's making a funny noise. FURNACE REPAIRMAN: Oh yeah? ME: Like, if I had to guess, it sounds like a s… I feel a LITTLE winded and anxious, but it's not like a full-on PANIC attack. More like a factory reject panic attack. @the_smart_party @GregStolze 's Jailbreak for Unknown Armies. It's simple and focused, builds tension nicely, and h…
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @AtomicOvermind It's been there the whole time! @MTachera You don't know me and I can only speak from my own experience, but I used to get suicidal ideation almost…
@JuanOfRice1'd I miss out on this?..."squirrels fall into ecstasies of reproductive effort" #amediting REIGNOK, who did the best song about the Pushing of It?Song of the Day = SWEET DREAM by Jethro Tull partly because it sounds like the theme music…'s not an artifact. It's not a status symbol. It's not something to make you feel badass or powerful. It's not so…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeOmg
Retweeted by Greg StolzeEditing REIGN and I'm weirdly happy that I put in "That's Enough, But There's More" as a heading.Dunkin Donuts: Sorry, we’re out of chocolate glazed. Me: [about to lose it] No Mark, save this feeling. Use it for your art.
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @Iron_Spike INFINITE JEST was asking for it. @CarrieMirfield @kateleth "The dad's"?
Retweeted by Greg StolzeScreech owl. Fair.
@IHeartFargo (grumblingly returns to the chill embrace of the grave) @WeaselFidget @frajds
Retweeted by Greg StolzeIt is always a surprise to each new generation of ideologues when their meritocratic-utopia-built-for-sociopaths fa…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeWhy do I keep thinking about TER NET OF SHIT (OK, I know it's not literally on the internet but it's the same kind of pointless technover-re… @IHeartFargo (rises from crypt, dust pouring from every joint) Kickstarter does not find you an audience but it all… @DenaghDesign @boymonster Yeti it indeed!still fuming over billie eilish not knowing van halen. im just fucking pacing around the house, clenching my fists.…
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @kateleth Yeah, I've got edits to distract me but I took two naps today after a solid night's sleep and that's... not great. Solidarity. :( @DeadGodsBook Thank you. I'll ride it out in a couple days or a week. The sertraline's taking the brunt of it.My printer wouldn't work and then I spent like $130 and it wouldn't work, and I messed with it over and over and it… think I got the depression or else the depresh has got me.Damn girl are you Werner Heisenberg? Because you're leaving me full of uncertainty about your principles.
Retweeted by Greg StolzeMan, I wonder if the Catholic Church is going to come across well in this 7-part Netflix doc where there's black an…
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @fleurdeliqueur @Brie_Beau (clutching every episode of THE REPAIR SHOP like a life preserver) I have no idea what you're talking about @gigaboob @star_amet "Fifteen apparitions have I seen The worst a coat upon a coat-hanger." -WB Yeats, is why I'm going to tell you this: Deeply shitty people can do big, kind acts.
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@ThatEricAlper I was probably 10 and should not have been parked in front of the TV at my… @kateleth Wait, was that "shriveling" or "sniveling"? NVM, both seem like appropriate reactions...As a reminder, folks, if a moderator asks for questions, don't say "actually it's not a question" and talk for seve…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeWah. @booksofm Ah ha ha, if my next fantasy book comes out you're gonna HATE EEET... @GreatDismal I try to explain this to people younger than me. As a little kid in the 80s, just like all the adults,…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeQuit Facebook quit Facebook quit Facebook quit Facebook
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @portablecity Rogue, starting to multiclass sorcerer.
Oh my God, this thread!
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @booksofm Shoot part of it at Maya Rudolph with one of those t-shirt launchers.Best graphic I've seen so far on how dangerous the latest models of absurdly large trucks and SUVs are today.
Retweeted by Greg StolzeFile under "When people tell you who they are...", as an undergrad, just starting upper level courses: THERE IS A PROFOUNDLY BEAUTIFUL REASON FOR ALL LAWS OF PHYS…
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @TShockPodcast ppl 10 years ago: But this trans stuff is so new and I just don’t get it and they is plural. You shouldn’t be s…
Retweeted by Greg StolzePlease don't appropriate washed up culture. At 1245am we are in REM sleep, and have left that party by 1000pm at th…
Retweeted by Greg Stolzethinking about the time adam ellis drew a comic of him taking his "let people enjoy things" comic out back and shoo…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeTekeli li! TEKELI LI! @amyignatow @Iron_Spike "...they put a little bag of sand in there..." @booksofm Teach a nice stick-choke at the dojo's Kigami Biraki celebration.Me (remembering that girls like cute things): do you like peppa pig? Date: Me (remembering girls like tough guys): I killed her
Retweeted by Greg StolzeNote to self: Make a monk corgi NPC. #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e
Retweeted by Greg Stolze @booksofm CRIMES? @GregPogorzelski Thankew!Mmmmyep.
And if you're REALLY are too scared or "think it's a waste of time" then why are you @'ing me about it? Is that no…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeGuys ffs sake quit it with the "could you mean me? really? me??? in MY red state?" replies. YES, I mean YOU and YO…
Retweeted by Greg StolzeWhat if — and hear me out here — Bloomberg and Steyer used the $220 million+ they’re spending on TV ads to pay off…
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