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Gregor Schwayer @gremisch auf der Breitseit of life.

To be Viennese is to permanently feel slightly inconvenienced and complain to everyone except to those who could do something about it.

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Putting on sweatpants for lockdown like glorious block shaped houseboat in ARK. I will not take questions about the name. it's gonna be 4 weeks of lockdown here instead of the rumoured 2 @mpk @lituainianach @DeanRed123 @andraswf @JCUK1981 "Fine doesn't get daddy a new yacht." @andraswf @JCUK1981 "Time of death: 23:47" "But doctor, the patient came here with a broken toe..." "Recovering pat… @JCUK1981 I tried to ask the basic "cui bono" question you ask to find out if smth is a conspiracy theory but it ca… The same government that starves most services and botched the pandemic response pays insane premiums for *ch… @lituainianach "Let me play devils advocate for a second here"It has been 503 years today since Martin Luther went to the church in Wittenberg and said "/THREAD" Happy Reformat… @paperghost Balls deep in spookykneesI am relatively relieved that our upcoming circuit breaker lockdown has the full support of most local economic int…
@almostconverge Threatening the dashboard at gunpoint"Hi! My name is Jesse! I will be your dom tonight." @Helen_Something "Obey me""If you don't believe me, Jesse Sumpter, that women should be obedient to men, read this excellent independent pape… @paperghost @jesse_sumpter I doubt it. He'd 100% put "proud husband" in his bio the second a woman held hands with… this point, taking a nap in a cauldron full of methamphetamin seems to be a regular part of DTJs interview prep.… @HavingChips4Tea Righteous Keirastrayan clay @antic2000 @ClippedHussar Give us Corbyn, Umunna and Wheetman reforming change UK. This timeline can do it.
Apparently the repairs of Big Ben failed - it is now going backwards. @YesMissMurphy That's not an English thing. That's a thing in pretty much all central and western European language… @_traceymason O noThe fact that DTJ looks like a well used pipe cleaner with a coke habit at this point documents how confident Team… @Aerohaveno Not necessarily - their relationship cooled down a lot over their ten years of coalition in Vienna and…
@colken16 @simongerman600 We got good food, we go chunkyStrong "We hold all the cards" energyA bunch of Viennese Greens in forums are currently warning that the coalition with liberal Neos (holding 7,5% of th… Fury here feels the time has finally come to lead the basement avengers into battle @talkRADIO @danwootton 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by Gregor Schwayer @Wer_ko_der_ko This is relevant to your interest @Helen_Something @Nicovel0 @Michael_Dunn4 German media - not even politics yet - is currently swaering in the public to postpone the… can call me a soyboy every day under THIS trade agreementSo what are YOU gonna do with all your extra soy money? New car? Fancy restaurants every damn day? Or just use it t… just read a Viennese election post mortem of a popular social democrat scientist who suggested that looking for a…
@ganymede_sinope Looks great! If nothing else they soften up the greens for potential later coalition talks. "Hm... we have a more attractive offer, sorry." /fin2) They could establish Neos as a real alternative for more liberal conservative voters and potentially hit their a… Neos are weaker. The SPÖ would have to hand over only one resort and thus as an added bonus reduce friction with… their relations cooled down considerably lately, it's still a bit of a surprise and especially the further ou… social democrats SPÖ will start coalition talks with progressive liberal Neos first. Doesn't mean they will… @Luiseach @HKesvani He.. looked at that plate.. and thought "Noice, gonna share that. I even put on unmolten pregrated cheese for the Gram!" @drphiliplee1 And you just know he Gary Sambrooked that whole plate @youwouldknow @Nibus The inconsiderate bastard
There is no Austrian National Day without remembering the crimes of the past. And I dare say a lot of countries wou… @GarySambrook89 @scottmann4NC, does voting against feeding hungry children sit well with your £54,124.42 of expenses claims last year?
Retweeted by Gregor Schwayer @almostconverge I'd Gary Sambrook that @almostconverge I already Gary Sambrooked another plate of Gulasch @Luiseach I heard he Gary Sambrooked all the curry they had that eveningI Gary Sambrooked another plate of the Gulasch I made yesterdayOther hedgehogs have to work hard in the hedgehog mines every day to feed themselves and their families while this… @freepearn @YesMissMurphy It might still work because it establishes dominance @Sorrelish @RichFiend @PublicChaffinch Why is there no cold egg for 28p involved? @freepearn @YesMissMurphy I am giggling like an idiot now because "abseilen" is Austrian slang for taking a shit @techpriest @drphiliplee1 Tbf we are obligated to be capable of defending our own airspace by the very rules of neutralityMy grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand gran… @youwouldknow Of all the weird specifics of the current lockdown situation in the UK, the division of essential and… Austrian village of Sankt Corona had to put up with a lot of shit since the pandemic started but personally I l… @JimMFelton @LetsPlayJen Waiting for some Bengali news site to pick up the story like it happened with milk coke...Tory recipe twitter when they see me cooking an egg longer than 2 minutes @rich028 @Firesnakious "Boil for 2 minutes, extract the still cold nutrient sludge using your mandibles" @ctimmermann A nap @Sorrelish I mean... that's one way to get the statistics downIn a very Austrian turn of events the first celebratory flyover of our shiny new and quite controversial Eurofighte… @rich028 Mhmmmm... sludge. @DominicFarrell 2 minutes? You never made eggs, did you? @mpk Omg i read over the 2 minutes... "consume raw egg sludge with bread" @Helen_Something @Wer_ko_der_ko @Etienne_Sheff @Luiseach I can't cook what I don't like - it feels wrong. I'd be a bad judge of what I cook @Helen_Something @Wer_ko_der_ko @Etienne_Sheff @Luiseach I can't do sweets @Ambrodesigns Simmer on low until the meat is buttery tender - at least 2 hours, up to 8 @Ambrodesigns Deeply brown 700g of sliced onions in clarified butter, add a lot of Hungarian paprika powder, some t… @Helen_Something @Luiseach @Wer_ko_der_ko And a shocking amount of people still basically share the Malthusian thin… @unsquare925 Prost! @youwouldknow Ominous name though - sounds a bit like it is made by draining youth from orphansThese patronising tweets really add insult to injury. Personally I am fine with kids getting free meals no matter i… @Helen_Something @bchadwickfrance We eat rules for breakfast. @Wer_ko_der_ko @Luiseach @Helen_Something Lutheran agnostic living in a hyper catholic region here @Helen_Something @Luiseach @Wer_ko_der_ko She lives in Bavaria - Bavaria is hyper catholic like Austria - German Pr… @Helen_Something @Wer_ko_der_ko @Helen_Something @Wer_ko_der_ko Handsemmel? @Luiseach @Wer_ko_der_ko @Helen_Something I will have to try this legendary abomination food at some point @Wer_ko_der_ko @Helen_Something Tbf it is about as rich but more easy to... eat in healthy amounts if that makes se… @soapachu I once had one while out and about with a friend and the only thing that changed in my behaviour was that… @PublicChaffinch @Michael_Dunn4 "You can get transfat nutrient paste for under a pound. Also there's an obesity cri… @Helen_Something We are also delightfully full and ready for a nap @PeteDeveson Basically a riff on the classic Plachutta recipe swapping out stock for a mix of red wine and bone bro… @Helen_Something Gulasch, fried egg, pickles and ungodly amounts of horse radish because I felt like it. Austrian National Day - one of todays traditions is "die Fahne in den Wind hängen" which literally translates… @DeanRed123 @Sorrelish "Oh hi, weather is lovely! Anxiety crippling!" @PublicChaffinch That's the deep social taboo of mhp teaching us to hide them - and then people are like "you seem fine olol" when we do it.People heavily misjudge the visibility of mhp too. Back when I had a panic disorder some people actually didn't bel…
@DigbyWhat Beef indeedTrench warfare wasn't contagious though.