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hi everyone! ✨ i am opening my commissions for december and january spots on a first come, first served basis. i w…
Retweeted by Gresh @belicabrowe David keep your head up vro, I know it's hard but you always gotta remember there's always a light at…
@1j0seph Like no ace man?! Such a bait @hy00jschl0ng yall adjust, just dont move anything for a week or so and you'll be backonly W from tonight @Laudando7 6'8 handsome lord @plooful @Maineyxc mmmMMMM80s love ballad
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@itsPototo mmmMMMM @jessicahkim you really do deserve it @leeholic 👋
@JosephRay671 The og grind ✊ @dekkosux Love you too BEN @jessicahkim No no you're the greatest 🥺Had a rough start to my thanksgiving but, I just wanted to say I'm thankful to all the people in my life. All the n…’s our little “Tik Toker” shake a little ass for us!
Retweeted by Gresh @plooful @WedidValorant Wi dropped a whole ass pan of mash potatoes this morning 🤣🤣 fuck da potluck 😭
Retweeted by GreshW for B wordsRetweet & follow to enter!
Retweeted by Gresh @DekyFPS @bensnt @cCaydens LOOOL OK @bensnt @cCaydens ? @cCaydens L
@poorIighting it will be ok = D @IvernIRL i mean shit.... @kwistenkim @xHellaKawaiix @Zayuhh the shirt and hoodie is hard but you're harder @bliuish YESSIR @KrishTooCool had to do it for the one time @yoojpls @tinaqtart this is a change for the better.... hopefullythis how downbad i am
Retweeted by Gresh @loltinami ty tina 😳 @bensnt i do too 😔but this might be for the better @loltinami 😖idk... but i kinda like itphoenix players are so hot mmmMMM @jessicahkim need my facial hair back NOW @LawlsyPineapple nah dont feel like it but thx = D @mmDust i like YOURS better @plooful MY GOD @DekyFPS SMELL LIKE BITCH IN HERE @ImRaww thats crazy coming from you, we all know you're the cutest one here😐... @lunarkats MY GOD @ngeIbeats happy BORN DAY yuna
@Maineyxc like i dont know why it copied like that LMFAO @celicacrowe @bensnt @belicabrowe @celicacrowe @belicabrowe @bensnt @celicacrowe @belicabrowe @bensnt @celicacrowe @belicabrowe @bensnt @jessicahkim W @jessicahkim ty for the carry @viavmber Oh it looks so good呪術廻戦 - 五条悟 First take 📸 taro
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@jessicahkim @kwistenkim @kwistenkim @yoojpls FACTS the soundtrack for this fight goes NUCLEAR @matnjona its cause you're not playing with me.... @HUYNH_CS @cCaydens @cCaydens squad taking naps and spittin facts is Sammay? 🤭 🤔 🤫 😰 in math: my solution 😊 in history: MY KING 👑 😣 in art: my canvas 🎨 🥳 in science: my oxygen 💨…
Retweeted by Gresh @jessicahkim @DekyFPS LMFAOOOOOthis is how gloria listens to me when I call out in game
Retweeted by Greshy’all please i have been dying at this for like 40 minutes
Retweeted by Gresh @irlangela W's only
@Laudando7 @pondolini ABSOLUTELY @kwistenkim no way rn @epiknub sick of you cappin on the tl like this @yoojpls This is so good pls sing more @WedidValorant @Maineyxc @jessicahkim Omw with mainey and Matt 4k against wardell and subroza gg
Retweeted by Gresh @jessicahkim @LogitechG @jessicahkim @LogitechG Another huge W for jess @hoajuu YERRR @DekyFPS Ok 😖
@lunarkats Pwnage @jiggIies @LethalGamingGr Feel better don't force yourself :( @dekkosux All I know is L's Lresh Lendel @poorIighting @epiknub im so sorry he would do this to you... @yoojpls dude....sure am ! @jessicahkim @TeamLiquid that liquid fit goes nuclearthe way im screaming
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@DekyFPS Hood morning @Kyrokana why did it send like this wait LMFAO @Kyrokana eva is so funny @plooful @matnjona mmmmMMMM @matnjona nah just use mine @matnjona i told you come over @ImJustReach terrible valorant experience that day @plooful @eurekaergonomic my god this is so clean @lunarkats I play with my thumb on my space bar/c/v, middle on W, ring on a, pointer on d and my pinky on shift @poorIighting yea aight @hoajuu @milkyvitamin L @DekyFPS