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Sometimes when you read the entire opinion, and not just the headlines, you might find you agree..not saying you wi… boss brought her puppy into the office. Productivity went way down.
Retweeted by Greta Van Susteren wonderful cousin @puckett_daniel was one of nearly 1,200 Americans who died yesterday with covid. He was release…
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenLooks like a card shark to me face ! Your poker player looks very serious about the game are two kinds of Annie (left) and this winner (right) might be right...’s it? Up to 28 months????? For this???? See below was on many continents before Wuhan outbreak, Chinese team says the world braces for a COVID-19 winter, North Korea gears up its ski resorts you in line :)'s Tigray crisis: Fears of a march into guerrilla warfare
Retweeted by Greta Van Susteren#Ravens QB Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19, per @RapSheet. That means he won’t play. But will the gam…
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenArmy Corps of Engineers Denies Permit To Controversial Alaska Gold Mine Ball is seen arriving at LaGuardia airport in New York on a cold Thanksgiving day in the 1940s.
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenYes, I meant vaccine, not virus. vaccine,not virus... this #ThanksgivingDay, a Tweet that underscores not just to be thankful for whatever we might have, but also ser…
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenKevin, I am smart enough to know I am not always right. want your dogs. :) And as for agreeing w/me...I am not always right. I did, I would be in rough shape :)
Maybe ‘forced’ is the wrong word..I know there is a controversy over a measles vaccine and not allowing kids to go… understand...but I am willing (and hoping) to get this virus sooner, rather than later, and I understand you wait… think my tweet is snarky? Really? tell your healthcare provider to contact me should your ‘number’ come up before mine did we go from coronavirus vaccine tweets to abortion? you knee jerk reaction is that I don’t like anything forced...but I want this vaccine and I will get it as soon as p… giant red spot looks better to me than a ventilator assumed the posture of defeat...but such a sweetheart... thanks for watching.♥️
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenPlease notify your health care provider that you have agreed to have me take your place in line for the vaccine and… know many disagree w/ me..but I want to get the coronavirus vaccine and if others don’t want it, than means I am… did you get my driver’s license photo? when I read others tweets that are not nasty but well presented but that disagree w/my views, I re think… will never be accuse of having too much ambition will see you in line guess I don’t have to worry about you being in front of me in line and having them run out of the vaccine right b… had no idea about the whooping cough until a close relative had a baby...I recommend everyone who will be around… because you drink so much you can’t leave your house? :) live a healthy life but I believe in vaccines to help me live that healthy life don’t think his tweet was politics - I think it was blinders/sexism...he singled out ONLY the woman for his criti…! Spectacular sunset seen tonight from St. James, Minnesota. Photo courtesy of Briar Lenz. #Sunset #MNwx
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenThank you
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenI will see you in line :) about the ‘long haulers?’ you. am NOT smarter than you. On occasion I may have more information than you have, but I am not smarter. am not critical of your decision. don’t have those ailments (I got the vaccines!) Before covid,I traveled the world and to some places w/ diseases… is certainly YOUR right...and it is my right to ‘roll the dice’ and get it as soon as possible and with your v… is YOUR just means I will be able to get it won’t be in front of me in line takes 5 votes minimum am certainly not telling you to take the vaccine - that is YOUR decision - I merely point out the obvious, when y… I don’t think my dog Annie would have a chance.. the tragic death of one local woman's son, today was a Thanksgiving surprise from the man who now has her lat…
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenI believe in the past 4 months, I have gotten flu, whooping cough,pneumonia,shingles..and I have had t… course we are all very thankful to the first responders to covid..but I also want to throw in a thanks to those… below...Of course they should be warned...transparency is important...BTW, I have read the warnings revealed th… to give $500 million in holiday bonuses to front-line U.S. workers
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenI just think it makes him look really bad - sexist - that a decision by 5 justices that he does not agree with and… I supposed to be upset by your opinion? You must think highly of yourself. don’t know his agenda...but pretty weird that he only criticized the woman and doesn’t say a word about the 4 men… is just bizarre...this former NY Times reporter criticizes ONLY the woman and does’t criticize the other 4, who… do you blame the only woman for an opinion you don’t agree with ? She is one of 5 Justices in the majority and… and Annie don’t social distance very well sure you save these definitely is not going to give this recipe to you... you for your tweet - I am back on TV - I have a syndicated show called Full Court Press and you can find out… the exception of Levis which gets a pass w/ me...I don’t understand why people buy products w/ the designer’s… than move to Vietnam, how about USA? will reportedly move iPad and MacBook production out of China - CNET Wins 'Most Iconic Moment' In Vegan Fashion Awards For Ditching Fur via @plantbasednewsThailand to sign vaccine agreement with Oxford-AstraZeneca- PM
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenCan you catch coronavirus from handling cash? New study says the risk is low via @marketsI want this koala.... look at the air traffic early this Thanksgiving morning across the United States as many travel to their holiday…
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenThis day in of the all time great movies —- would you word this question? thanksgiving to you! bet you don’t watch this video only one time... a study that I think worth every cent spent to do it! cable news organizations and print and online news spend too much time talking about each other?Nurses may be underpaid...but under appreciated ? I know what they do and I appreciate them...and I think anyone wh… deleted the tweet :) @NYTimes"More Americans are going hungry now than at any point during the deadly covid-19 pandemic”
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenThanks for info a wise granny...... were able to help about 30 families with Thanksgiving dinner.
Retweeted by Greta Van SusterenThis is GIANT news in Alaska..... are two types of dogs (jcv47music IG)
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Does anyone know the answer to this:what if you get convicted of murder at age 60,get sentenced to you get…, we should all rise above the name calling, blaming and finger pointing and look for solutions... .… is counterproductive..leading is figuring out a solution and getting that solution even when there is obstr… are right...such a sad story...and I have covered so many..Natalee Holloway...Stacy Peterson..Laci Peterson...e… can’t stand to see Americans in food lines..breaks my father told me about them during the Depression… trials is just keep your eyes on the facts, whatever they may be and don’t just take sides....… you SO MUCH for doing are so kind ..I admire you and your daughters