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I’m convinced she’s an alien disguised as a dog trying to learn about humans have a picture of my dog sitting weird @Damien_Verde THEIANK YOU DAMIENWE GOT SO MANY RAIDS TONIGHT AND I'M TOO SHITFACED TO TAG THEM ALL SO I'LL DO THAT TOMORROW BUT I APPRECIATE ALLL O… @WelcomeJupiter 😘AND I HAVE AN ENITRE RUM AND COKEOK RUCK YEAH LETS GO I HSY HAD AN EGGNOG SHOT WOOOOOOOOO @SpookiVT WATER IS FOR NERDSI put a salt shaker in my boobs and it broke my face.Impromptu tipsy stream in like 45 minutes YES OR NO I'VE ALREADY STARTED BROS LET'S FUCKING GO. #Vtuber #ENVtuber
WE'RE LIVE! Come check out the dynamic lighting I FINALLY GOT TO WORK and the new redeem that y'all have been lite…
As far as what language we'd study it'd have to come to a poll probably. I'm personally interested in Japanese, Kor… frens! Would anyone be interested in starting a duolingo project together? Like maybe once a week we spend th…🪁TONIGHT @ 8PM EST!🪁 As Edith, we’ll explore the colossal Finch house, searching for stories as we explore her fam… @RUSTicVtuber Looks awesome Rust!! FRENS! What would y'all like to play tomorrow? :D If you're not familiar with any of these games you can eit… @TTVAugustIsMe Well said.
@Talamaar_VT Thanks I thought it looked pretty acute @buboplague I LOVE IT @ker_vt …fuck. @WallaceTheDrag1 Angle joke may have been intentional can be your devil Or I can be your angle. @arcanecoinvt Yo YAAAAAASSS @EnvieVT IT REALLY IS AND THANK YOU!!I FORGOT TO SET MY ALARM LAST NIGHT FOR WORK AAAAAAAAAAA.Thank you @junithedryad and @MancerTenshin for the raids tonight!!! <3 We're LIVE! I'm pretty bad at League of Legends, but I'm sure we'll make it through with a…
Also this is not an organized collab stream. During the stream we’ll ask if any current viewers would like to participate!ARAM - All Random All Mid. It’s a league of legends game mode where you’re assigned a random champion and y’all jus…💥TONIGHT @ 9PM EST!💥 We’ll have a little Just Chatting where I talk about my opinions on debuting vs not debuting.…
@ArachnidArcade I can say from experience it’s definitely no fun streaming a game you’re not enjoying and you can only force it so much.Still got a few cuties for sale! ♥️ @junithedryad such a FUCKING MOOD
@Sakuharyu @CaisieVt Over the piece. I’ve never run in to this issue myself thankfully, but I can imagine it’s a huge pain in the butt. :/ @Sakuharyu @CaisieVt Like 5 minutes I don’t personally charge. But I feel an artist has a right to charge at that p… @Sakuharyu @CaisieVt From an artists perspective, if it’s something that needs changed that was clear on the ref, a… @SkaiVT All random all mid! Also called murder bridge. Basically you get a random champion in the game to fight the enemy team with haha.Hmmm League of Legends ARAM with viewers? 🤔
@AsmophetVTuber Accurate. @MancerTenshin Is someone doing this cause this is the third similar post I’ve seen today xD
Hey all no stream tonight or Thursday!
@MancerTenshin I don’t have a cat I have a Nuggies. @kizanari_vt I got it from a place called tropical smoothie cafe! @HunterGrakka @DarkLadySamael @Tam_Troll @GrimmvaleVT @kizanari_vt It’s got mango, bananas, pineapple and orange juice! @kizanari_vt It’s a good smoothie. 🥰Apparently all I had to do is complain cause as soon as I posted that someone picked up my smoothie.Someone better pick up my fucking smoothie. 😤👻 Shop is open from Nov 23 - 30! This is the last time for this year! Select regular stock available, as well as t…
Retweeted by Vale (Ghost VTuber)Changes are acomin’. @AzureLemonVT That’s what you want me to think @AzureLemonVT LOL AZURE IM SORRY. Cats just can’t be trusted. Y’all are too devious!! @ghostie__toast ALL DOGGODogs > Cats You can’t change my mind. @MancerTenshin WHY29. I designed me! 30. I can’t say don’t focus on numbers or worry about growth because let’s face it that’s easi… Nope! It would be awesome if I could some day though! 27. 2D and 3D 28. Not really. I can learn a choreograph… Stream! Occasionally I make videos. 24. Anything fantasy inspired! 25. No mascot yet. >:)Thank you everyone who came out! And thank you @BayeBriar @MancerTenshin and @IAnthropod for the raids!We're Live! Let's tear up Tamriel! #VTuberUprising #Vtuber stomach feels like someone punched me in the gut. T n T
20. Indie! 21. This is gonna sound gross but, Tuna Casserole. It’s a dish my grandma always makes! 💜 22. Nope! I… Hole clusters, deep water, and needles. 19. Nope! I would like to be though.15. Nope! 16. Hard to say tbh. Ideally it would be wonderful for this to be a full time thing, but I don’t want to… A Silent Voice! 14. DOGS DOGS I LOVE DOGS HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE DOGS THEYRE LITERALLY THE BEST.12. Drawing, rping (mostly through d&d but I do text based too), and knitting!9. Aaaaa again I can’t pick just one! Skyrim, Genshin and FFXIV! 10. Sort of? I think I have a naturally decent si… Twitch! 8. Hard to pick just one tbh. My favorites are Violet Evergarden, Noragami, Erased, Angel Beats, and Madoka Magica!3. A nice mint green. 4. @WelcomeJupiter 5. I’m seiso in terms of lewdness. I don’t like lewd content or lewd re… I would say my favorite vtuber is Zentreya! But it was AI Candii that really made me want to start being a vtube… me up frens I totally stole this from Kamini hehehee. #Vtuber #VTuberUprising everytime someone follows 💖
Retweeted by Vale (Ghost VTuber)We’re gonna play some more Skyrim tonight! 8pm EST. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t crash as hard as last time AHAAAAA.… @pinkhibiscusx RIP. But if it’s something like that then I’m not honestly too worried. I’m more so concerned about… let me know if there’s anything about the stream you find boring, unnerving, or that might turn you away - be i… am of course insanely grateful for my crowd and I guarantee you if you’ve spoken in my chat I remember it. But if… frens. I made a curious cat because I’m looking for some feedback that might be a little bit harsh. I’ve noti… everyone for coming! We got through Albedo and Eula’s character quests in preparation for the new patch!! ❄️
We're Live! Just a short stream catching up on some of the Genshin character quests! I've avoided them for too lon… Genshin story quest stream in a bit!
👀Yo what happened, only 7 more to go. This ah..might be wishful thinking but maybe we'll get 7 more during tonight…
Retweeted by Vale (Ghost VTuber)Which game have you guys been enjoying the most so far? ♥️WE'RE LIVE!! ✨ Starting with the dad dating sim, then continuing our not-so-slaughter of genshin bosses with our b… do you prefer? A streamer who only exclusively plays one or two games? Maybe plays one game mostly and occasio… have to get up to get ready for stream but my dog is being super snuggly and adorable so if I’m late honestly it’s her fault.
@MancerTenshin Without love @Damien_Verde Thank you! He’s the ff14 version of my main oc! @hanachuVT Primal! But I believe there will be cross data center play! @ItMeFrey YAAAAAAAASSSS @ItMeFrey BNUY BUDDIES @ItMeFrey 👀I am gonna miss my cat boy tho ngl @MancerTenshin Be bnuyBtw when Endwalker comes out we are gonna be streaming a TON of FFXIV so yknow stay tuned for that. I WANNA BE A BNUY @HunterGrakka There’s a strong lack of you stepping on me here that needs to be rectified asap.