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Squishy weird human jellyfish, usually either screeching my feelings, or tweeting support to my friends. | She/Her | @AllOfMyLoveTess is ❤️

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@the_strix Okay so I took this quiz once already, and got mooncore. This time I took it, and chose answers I didn’t… read the thread. It’s very interesting. CONTENT WARNING: talk of rape, and murder.“Celebrities should stay out of politics,” the Republican said as they watch another episode of The Apprentice.
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀*very loud pterodactyl noises* I can not WAIT for this album. James, and I have been friends since day one of his… 149. #ASonnetADay
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Aang or Zuko But honestly they’re all cute😍😍’s not quite October yet, but my name has to be spooky already.Pt 2 because I’m an idiot, and didn’t post the second picture... conversation of love in two parts. Featuring @AllOfMyLoveTess @VioTCZ Me as a zombie... WHO HAD ZOMBIES ON THEIR 2020 BINGO CARD 🥴
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Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀It's Mark Hamill vs Patrick Stewart in possibly the best commercial ever made.
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @AdaAimee923 Hmmm... *checks shoe box* Can’t say that I do. Sorry. cut y’all
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀Nooot sure I care for the changes Disney+ is made to Gravity Falls.
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀Look at me showering in my masks. I now own 20 masks? Yes, yes I do. Am I safe from any sort of pandemic/epidemic? Sure. Why not? Do I care th… WELL WELL.... Who is this Lolth lady and why does she think she has any right to rule over my children? #DnD
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀"Oi Dave can you hand me that pipe fitting? Thanks mate." "Furck off Furank, have you not got some eating to do yo…
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Calling All Agents! We are live with City of Light and Shadow, A FATE French Resistance campaign. We have two amazi…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀Sonnet 148. #ASonnetADay
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I swear to god, if they bring Keanu Reeves back as Constantine, I will be pissed. Matt WAS. CONSTANTINE! Like no if… YOU DO NOT BRING BACK @mattryanreal AS CONSTANTINE, I WILL RIOT IN THE STREETS!!!! You can NOT have a Constantin… @DiscussingFilm So they just announced Yara Shahidi will be TINKERBELL 😍😍 but here’s what I have to say to some of…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I want to share a story that I have never shared before, heads up its a very hard topic and a very difficult one fo…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀The best part of Hades is the LADIES and no one will disagree because it's the obvious truth the end
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Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I love the Mimikyu just chillin in the front of the boat. @Sonnikkugrl1
I'm so excited to smuggle @Pumpkinberry tomorrow!
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀Look at this good boy 😭💕
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀Trump at the court as crowd chants “vote him out” — it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-clos…
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Future Movies I’m Excited For part 3 Movies I’m Excited For part 2 Movies I’m Excited For part 1 @JWalkerSounds ho Hi ho Off to the Doc I go I’m tired, and I just don’t wanna Hi ho Hi ho hi hoCouldn’t be prouder of you James. If you haven’t, check James Walker out on Spotify. You won’t be sorry you did.
Height : 5’5” Age : 33 Shoe size : 7 1/2-8 Zodiac sign : Aquarius Tattoos : 1… could seriously watch the videos on Facebook that show all the Asian home items all damn day. I don’t know why, b…
Honoured to have battled it out with @hamillhimself to settle one of the greatest debate of all time: what’s for di…
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@BestKindaWorst MARKUS! Your hair deserves its own Twitter. It’s glorious, and must be praised for its magnificent-ness!✨MARKUS CLUB✨
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @x_ToxicTears @BeholdMunro That is no goat. That’s the spawn of Satan, coming to tell us the apocalypse is coming.
Love this song wish it was played all around the world
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I say we bring it back 😂👍
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @Thymbraeus Not gonna lie, but I thought that was where you actually grew up...Who’s up for a sale next week?? Stay tuned for the sale announcement😉!! #lordmesaart #onlinesale #digitalart
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I sat in front of my iPad from noon until four-THAT IS FOUR HOURS-for an appointment that literally took THREE FUCK…😂😂😂 The title is up to you.
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I’ve been sitting in front of my iPad, waiting for my online doctor’s appointment for OVER THREE HOURS! I’m very very annoyed.
@WisePapaGrant *raindrops keep falling on my head plays*
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @BestKindaWorst huh. maybe i SHOULD finally watch brokeback mountain
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @BestKindaWorst Rod "The Rod" Roddstein and Bottom Bill
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @BestKindaWorst Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀The one in the front is the little boy who didn’t get to ride the pony, and he’s about to cry. The man in the bac…
Here's some #BlackJoy for the timeline. Thank you @not_your_echo for the editing and closed captioning! <3
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Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @The_Geek_Lyfe @LatinosinGaming @LatinosinGaming I mean everyone’s already given @The_Geek_Lyfe a shout out, but he IS one of my favorite streamers… like Lester Holt or the ghost of Walter Cronkite to tell our parents to wear their masks or something
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀Why are there PSAs asking *Millennials* to wear masks when everyone I've seen not wearing a mask or wearing it arou…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I have a mighty need for like ten sheets of the spooky stamps.
@TINARAES No. Thank YOU for posting pictures of your dog on the Internet, where it can brighten my day. 🥰❤️🥰❤️20/10 best doggo ever! @Nandi_Bushell....Round 2! Every superhero needs a theme song. Here’s one for you! Mad props to The Grohlettes f…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @BestKindaWorst @whatiskiss The gods allowed it, and we’re all blessed because of it.& now an important announcement from #HotOnes’ friend Paul Rudd! WEAR A MASK & watch until the end for a special ca…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀 @BestKindaWorst It’s a little bit later, but here is my Venus Fly Trap bouquet.
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀The fact that y’all put this in the show blows my mind... @BestKindaWorst I actually own a bouquet of Venus fly traps. I’ll snap a picture of them for you later. I’m busy-ish at the moment. @Kol_Ceridwen You monster... @woofpickle NO DON’T YOU DARE IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!Oh my gosh, how could you eat something so cute?? @GravenTheRed He’s the most fucking handsome dog ever, and I’ll fight everyone who argues with me. I tell him he’s… @ShadowVasTerra He has now moved to laying sideways, but still next to my bed. He loves me, but don’t tell HIM that… WANTED to get out of bed, but then this happened, and now I’m stuck here forever. just wrote a review on One More Wave via @yotpo totally not* to get 35% off my next purch…🎶Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin' Tossed salads and Solid Snake!🎶
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I LOVE ZOE SO MUCH!
I may have more problems than just crystals, but I’m totally chalking this one up to brain cancer. That’s my story,… think I have a crystal problem... (Not shown is my four Harley Quinn shot glasses full of crystal chips, and a f… @WisePapaGrant Even though I’m immunocompromised thanks to cancer, totally count me in. Any chance I can get some…, there's no wrong medium for Super Mario.
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀Because you want to see a baby goat. Being fed a bottle. By a doggy.
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀OH MY GOD LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE! can have a Kaiju snack, as a treat?? One of my favourite monster artists ever, @LluisAbadias did up a pie…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀never listened to WAP and i ain't gonna u can't make me
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When John Barrowman is better looking than you, both as a man, AND in drag. #ILoveItSoMuchJohn me while I die a lot inside hate doing this, but fuck it, here we go:
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀✨ big bisexual energy ✨
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I'm gonna save this one till the end of time
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀"Welcome to our gander reveal party" "Don't you mean.." "no" Geese emerge from everywhere. No fireworks. Only geese…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀I liked and unliked this tweet so many times just to see what happened. #ドラクエウォーク’re worthy of love, deserve happiness, and not just a collection of your mistakes. Own your past, grow from it,…
Retweeted by 💀Grimly Weasley💀My reply @snickelsox...