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griffy @grjffy 5teen - he/him

@_NotTeryn - @xanful - @Irgpriv - @6rendo - black lives matter

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@cuartocore @sabpie_ vouch
@ELPWSwastaken what the fudge is shungite @Mxdieee @hudsonwisler @TristanGHill do it. @privful order some food brah @dagostlno @Frawzt actual goat youtuberLMFOAOOAOAOAOAOAOA @ajquealy yea that’s insane i cannot believe it @ajquealy nah bro @kidfromindy @error_4oh2 @wetasspwordd she replies to me all the time ac you have no hoes!! @error_4oh2 @wetasspwordd she responded. @FishyFeelings @Irgpriv ur both losers @ajquealy @wetasspwordd ... @Irgpriv ur single and stalk me to embarrass me get a job bro @dagostlno good one
@Nefertidddy it’s me @wetasspwordd heyyyy lol @ELPWSwastaken @CallMeCarsonYT he wants u bro @HarryButAverage AVERAGE HAROLD REDEMPTION ARC LETS FUCKING GOOOO @blooprintgames HOT AS FUCK TBH!!Twitch has been accused of unfair treatment after banning a streamer because he made his account when he was under…
Retweeted by griffy @HarryButAverage YOOOOO PLS @mikeislocked @saditysyd @ajquealy yea we gay so what?? @Mako love u mako <3333 @Chloricc yikes holy look into nzxt prebuilt for rn atleast @CorvixWasTaken u play wow and league that’s all y need fr @reaIlysexy ty rossington @Chloricc what’s ur pc rn @reaIlysexy tell him i say hi and hope he’s doing well if u get the chance @reaIlysexy he always used to dodge my 1v1s on stream i miss that dude so much @reaIlysexy trying to have a nice talk and make sure everything is ok, if he denies said talk 1 tap to the head @reaIlysexy trying to kill lamborghini and then ez 1v4PLEASE FOLLOW @HarryButAverage NEW TWITCH, Because of a ridiculous rule he lost his whole channel and has to start…
Retweeted by griffy @poopcacclious nah fr deservedbro wha @HarryButAverage head up bro ily @cuartocore welcome home
@ELPWSwastaken u got this elbows i believe in uPretty sure I explained everything.. If yall could follow the new Twitch channel it would help out a lot 💙:…
Retweeted by griffy @EfrainRO7 is it ur 18th? @EfrainRO7 happy bday e f r a in @XxQu1cKSc0peZz love u jean ❤️Hey yall, live on a new channel just want to start to get affiliate ASAP so all tabs are VERY MUCH appreciated
Retweeted by griffy @Class @BakeHatesItHere Twitter user classify calling someone else a weirdo Ion know where to start
Retweeted by griffy @lordshipp it looks to me like he’s desperate for attention every single tweet on his account leads to it being att… @yNope_ yurrr @NesoEE vibin u know me @NesoEE how are wehello
@SagemodeTyy @allie02322335 @chrisberriess give it up @said5q @angel__babi @said5q @angel__babi yea man for sure @CorvixWasTaken i despise you bro @CorvixWasTaken oh brother. @privful sorry dude. @lordshipp @chrisberriess they think men are repulsive my bad @lordshipp @chrisberriess what @chrisberriess nah fr cause for the ones i’ve talked to men are repulsive so when i get a compliment from them it’s like OWWOWOWOOWW @privful @chenesefood get on apex @Yuhuuur @Nefertidddy bussin 😣 @Chloricc to each their own @Irgpriv soon @Chloricc i called him out for fat shaming and got blocked nkt my fault brother an @Chloricc i cant go i’m blocked @Irgpriv yo @kidfromindy yea i am @kidfromindy recent @kidfromindy @ilovechawarma he needs help @CorvixWasTaken bro LMFAOO @Irgpriv IM LITERALLY NOT GOING TO USE THIS @vialxx and ur growing horns whay the fudge ur a devil @whaddupbruuuuh shut up dude @vialxx omg ur bleeding clean it up 😟😟 @Irgpriv ok this is actually off limits @MystxcTV i’ll literally say it @kidfromindy akimbo has 2 songs better than drakes disco @kidfromindy it is good silence drake stan @whaddupbruuuuh he on the come up @privful I JUST WENT AND POPPED A PERKYYY ‼️‼️‼️ @privful L @whaddupbruuuuh some rando tik tok fella @Eizanad that shit bussin right @Eizanad you rocking w it ‼️everyone give this a listen and then come back and give me ur opinion it’s only a 1:30 long 😁
@lordshipp thanks boss @Sushiwastaken @SPOOKYCHRXST thanks @lordshipp boss @vialxx gaming @XxQu1cKSc0peZz love you jean, stay stuff man @JustThatFishh i’m vibin @kidfromindy ive been up since 10 feels like a long day to me @Irgpriv wha happentell me ab ur day lol @Iefraud stop rejecting her now. @SamManlol how old are u today sam @HarryButAverage @Twitch average harold should be the next pogchamp tbh @SamManlol happy bday goat!!
@privful FR @vialxx @_NotTeryn L @ltsCamo @TwitchSupport ok so there’s still hope