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the new Michelle Wolf special is on Netflix today and I enjoyed it. you might's our assistant comedy editor @OhhCathcart with a great piece on some of the top photographers specializing in… @GoddTill Jandek is incredible and there’s absolutely a time and a place for it but driving to Chipotle at 2 on a Tuesday ain’t ityou’re kinda living on the edge when you do an all songs shuffle on an iPhone with a dozen Jandek albums on itit is nice to be able to watch something like this and see my representative and not be embarrassed by them. Lucy M… @_denisesalcedo @Camila_Cabello what Atlanta neighborhoods does she mention this timeI watched some of the impeachment hearings on a flight today because I want people to think I am a serious adult an… @OptimistPanda I do not know of any! lots of debate online about what constitutes theme irt theme parks though, but… @bokista a couple of things I saw on Instagram or hereunderrated videogame name is interesting to hear how people got into writing about theme parks because there’s no clear path to follow for… Japan running Atlanta before AEW does is surprising
De Niro might’ve looked weird but The Irishman’s de-aging tech worked really well with Pesci. did people go to hear everybody’s opinions on movie trailers before twitterI won't believe that thing is actually a Baby Yoda until it has a showstopping meltdown on an airplanethe end result of the Nike swoosh on the front of MLB jerseys is me thinking teams are named things like the Detroi… Hollywood’s version of The Mummy is like half a ride @bcfortenberry maybe the first time I realized an actor was good at playing an unlikable character, when I was like seven or something?René Auberjonois was good in those Altman movies and gave a classic sitcom performance in Benson. honestly didn’t e…
@GoddTill go listen to Podcast: The RideI’ve only listened to two episodes of the City Walk Saga and yet I immediately feel like I know this placeonly three Je Suis France songs in my top 20 of the year on Spotify, I’m slipping @maltyhops background ham @Benglesmith okay, the only good holiday overlay that’s easily accessible to people in America @steve_foxe Jack would agree with me @bokista I absolutely love itIt’s a Small World has the only good holiday overlayI wouldn’t wish the pain of being a Georgia sports fan on anybody. even YouTubers.
just saw what might be the Clash Royale League equivalent of Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS @WendyrPR yep—Ready or Not, the one where they play hide and seek.okay no it’s still those damn Mississippi State cowbellsobviously everything about every non-Georgia SEC team is endlessly annoying but the whole “geaux tigers” thing might be the worstwondering if I can get ‘em to put the Dawgs game on one of these giant TVs at the esports tournamentYoung Andy Richter plays esports is a player at this esport named Dandelion and I think he is my favoritethis show is good. give it a shot. @thebstardsback not bad. worked fine on a flight. @thebstardsback yep!I spent an entire movie thinking somebody was Margot Robbie and they weren’t
Delta has an entirely different safety video today than yesterday. @JonesOnTheNBA @jaredrusso what if they offer JD and the Straight Shot a slot at Farm Aid @AStraww @PasteMagazine Nothing like it!here's me talking to @JosephPera about the second season of Joe Pera Talks with You, which starts tonight on Adult… @PasteMagazine @AStraww there is a very short sensation of falling--by the time you feel it / realize it's happening it's already over.okay here are my thoughts on Rise of the Resistance. it's pretty much a classic. Lucas calling it "the Force" shows the same kind of thinking and dedication as Roger Meyers Jr. naming him "Poochie" @david_j_roth him and Nicolas Cage and Adrien Brody are always fighting over who gets to play Bruce Willis's younge… @david_j_roth I can't vouch for the "competently made" part but I feel like this is all John Cusack has gotten to d… between pinball and theme parks: hardcore fans want original concepts, but almost everything new is IP… is going to be a Rick and Morty pinball machine yeah lotsa #RiseOfTheResistance photos over here don’t even remember the name of that Netflix show but it has the Halt and Catch Fire teen and Pamela Adlon’s kid…’t remember if I voted but my ballot would’ve been: Righteous Gemstones, I Think You Should Leave, Sherman’s Sho… ran its list of the year’s best tv shows today:
@NotThatTomGreen well they’re like 0 for 1000 with this thingSpotify’s algorithm must be busted. this is full of stuff I’ve never even listened to once.'ve ridden Rise of the Resistance, the amazing new ride at Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Florida, a half d…
Retweeted by Garrett Martinwill always remember 2019 as the year I discovered Neil Young for my full thoughts tomorrow but yes, again, this ride is fantastic #RiseOfTheResistance further ado, here are the best videogames of 2019:
Retweeted by Garrett Martin @SarraSedghi is Mark E. Smith on itfancy mice!’s Nien Nunb in the background) a friend
@ohlaika_ the nemesis of Jimmy Smitswhat kind of Star Wars character would Andy Garcia playblue is the star warsest color @NEwertKrocker at the topWe've ridden Rise of the Resistance, the amazing new ride at Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Florida, a half d…
Retweeted by Garrett Martin @dialacina the good thing about lists is that anybody's free to rearrange any of the numbers as they see fit. or th… is a list of the best games of a year gonna keep refining this one don’t believe anybody anywhere is actually excited about Mayor Pete @jonsolomon @newartillery a real delight for true Nunbheads @jonsolomon @newartillery yes sir!always put hammocks in the media room I have made gifs, turn these into the next giant bomb guy, twitter reaction memes should be Nien Nunb now more at Paste soon-ish I just got off Rise of the Resistance and hey: it’s great. geez. wow. @ohlaika_ did not see that area but based on what I did see I think that might have been scrapped to make room for the ridetook a short tour of the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway building and Disney-MGM Studios traditionalists will b… Rise of the Resistance content over here much would it suck if your dad was a stormtrooper #RiseOfTheResistance @ScottMadin if uber existed in 1995 WWF would've had an "uber driver who wrestled" character @kasavin I honestly never played Tekken 3! sounds great though. @kasavin this would be my list too but with Um Jammer Lammy taking Tekken's placethese adorable puppets seemed so real that I was ready to die for them are cool cakes’s new Canada circlevision film will be narrated by Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara—hopefully as Bobby Bittman and Lola HeathertonGalactic Starcruiser opens in 2021 @steve_foxe RotR event but all kindsa stuff going downso Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is opening up on March 4, 2020oh hey there
oh hey I blurbed Disney+’s The Imagineering Story for Paste