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Senior Editor at Paste Magazine. @paste_comedy, @pastegames, theme parks, Disney, travel, tech, music, wrestling, pinball, endless self-promotion...

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Nintendo's getting a theme park world at Universal Studios, and here's everything our games editor and theme park e…
Retweeted by Garrett Martinanother perfect france release up on Joe Pera Talks with You and I have no idea if “In the Dining Room” is a real song from 1980 or notput Radio Raheem Toad in Mario Kart
yeah the rumored rides sound nice but the thing I'm most excited about at Super Nintendo World is Boombox Toad fun georgia facts! -both of GA’s senate seats are up for election in 2020 -you need to register by 2/24 to vo…
Retweeted by Garrett Martin @jason_m_heller Guided by Voices and Yo La Tengo in '99/2000; Oneida, Life Without Buildings and Lightning Bolt from late 2000 through 2001.I WAS HOSPITALIZED FOR APPROACHING PERFECTION!
Retweeted by Garrett Martin @gregbuchanan What the Golf, Grindstone, Dear Reader, Card of Darknesssaw a tweet mentioning "big Bright Eyes news" and yeah I love a good oxymoron too @BenCarass look forward to seeing #BenCarassIsOverParty trending soon.@LAFergs reviews the new HBO series #Avenue5, a space comedy epic from 'Veep' creator Armando Iannucci:…
Retweeted by Garrett Martin @savokanikan people I never wanna meet#PutTheHammsBearInSmash Duck dreams of hunting uranium Allin is my wife’s favorite wrestler. She actually gets invested in his matches, which doesn’t happen with anybody else.Tony Schiavone looks the way I feel about this whole Bernie/Warren stuff gonna run through every classic angle in a year and I am going to love every second of itNightmare Collective recruited the wrong Mel @lafergs who doesn’t love Lowell or Antoniodid Tony Schiavone just say that Mel was a big Wings fan
@carlyewisel you gotta pay up if you want to enter the Zen Zone @epitasis it's like they just added the live+7 ratings for every episode together @bokista those ads are programmatic so that tells me you're a Trump (and Bloomberg) fan, I guess? @bokista uh wha @sundownmotel I really don't see how PAC returns. even if Vince is out of the picture I still see 'em holding how P… @ckayfabe @steve_foxe eh, I never toast 'em. I never toast any bread unless I'm ordering's me, being all skeptical of tech and whatnot here's some more info on AEW and Warner's new deal, with some notes on terms as first reported by Dave Meltzer @pattymo did he execute the bastards or was he a bastard.Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens at Disneyland on Friday. Here's what I wrote about the Disney World version… New York: Je Suis France is playing Alphaville on 2/15 with Mick Trouble. hope to see ya. lemme caution you tho…'s a really good interview from @heartimecia you are interested in writing reviews and features about the comedy business I might want to talk to you. garret… @WillCarpenterJR depends on the format. if they turn Dark into a one-hour show on weekends, I'd be able to keep tra… TNT has extended AEW through 2023 and will be launching a second show on another nightpaid attention to politics and the news last night for the first time in over a week and now I wanna go out of town… I mentioned this to my wife earlier today I called them the "peeb-uh-dees" because even though I'm from Georgi… with this #NeverWarren #NeverBernie ish Politics is about building coalitions and if you only try to win with…
Retweeted by Garrett Martinremember when Deval announced he was running for president and then promptly disappeared from public sight? what a prankster.all these democratic candidates need to stop squabbling and unite against their common enemy: Wolf Blitzer @suhhseal oh shit did you live in the well
@suhhseal or that alley behind the old Engine Room / Max CanadaBurt Reynolds Hal Needham Jerry Reed Manhattan would work too. these are Athens jokes.Peabodys should be done at the Caledonia wife is on a flight sitting next to a man in monk robes with a Monster energy drink, those fancy wireless Apple… @winnersusedrugs desperately hoping they invite US press to the Japanese opening @SarraSedghi does Vegas count as theme parkit has been over five weeks since I have been to a theme park which means my defenses against the real world are al…! There's an editor job open at Kotaku. =D I'd be thrilled if we had another POC/queer person on our team, so ple…
Retweeted by Garrett Martin @penguins Bruno. obviously.very glad to have no idea what is happening between Warren and Sanders right now.this is not how trumpets or shrimp work you’re looking for a dinner and a show in Las Vegas I can heartily recommend the Mayfair Supper Club at the Bell… is back @SarraSedghi maybe they mean juicing like steroids
@atomic_elbow don’t tell Lawler that. or Ted Dibiase—unless dropping from the turnbuckle makes a closed-fist punch legal. @BondJohnBond he’s the best pure puncher in sports entertainment history!well this looks really stupid @aaronvandorn a production could use the data for, say, Paris and have a backdrop that looks realistic. @aaronvandorn and they link up the projections with the angle and motion of the camera to mimic how the light and v… suspensions for an elaborate, multi-season sign-stealing scheme seem a little light compared to how John C… @aaronvandorn it's not CGI though. it's like a fancy new version of the rear projection stuff they used to do in dr… was showing off a virtual film set at CES that could make movie production cheaper and might also have some th… @velocciraptor you don't get to be as meaningless as the Emmys or Grammys overnightI've tweeted a few times that the Oscars are the only major entertainment awards that have any credibility at all a… I actually gonna have to watch the dumb murder clown moviemob museum was way better than I expected. only complaint is that the small bit on Tampa didn't mention Sal Italian… @RossWBermanIV yeah but what are they talking about when they do that?wonder if the mob had a hard time deciding who’s gonna rent the minivan when they do a weekend tour (of murder)the mob is like my college friends but instead of using music to hang out together they use murderat the mob museum. these guys really like murder!
Frankie’s is still a top shelf joint shrunken head of Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr
never been there but just based on the name City of Industry, CA sounds like the most depressing place @SyamaMishra WHOI’m such a big fan of y’all and I love you too @LeifJohnson does that mean there’s a dog planet @LeifJohnson was it a space doghas there ever been dogs in space trek before (not counting the whale movie, because whales are a kind of dog) @sofiesucks how about those giant dumbass jengas that sound like gunshots when they inevitably collapseI did a whole Instagram story thing about those Disney mold-a-rama toys over at my Disney-focused Instagram page be… @followthecamel @ourcityburning whoa. what’s the one they bring out for D23? I am shocked they don’t have these at the parks still. @osubluejacket they’re pretty awesome! @ourcityburning they’ve got Donald and Pluto machines herenew favorite thing at the Pinball Hall of Fame: the 1961 Disneyland Toy Factory that makes these plastic molds of D… one amazing feat of human engineering to another @aaronvandorn if anything other than his garish skyscrapers and shitty golf clubs ever gets named after Trump it wo… Dam has the biggest gap in quality between an engineering feat and the president it’s named after you know ghost towns have closing times? we weren’t able to walk around this one because we got there too late.
@GoddTill Dan Rodimer. mid-‘00s WWE developmental guy.just saw a campaign sign for this Congressional candidate are none of Samsung's Neon "artificial humans" fat @mcnater I guess it was just called NHL Hockey at the time. @mcnater nah I was a 92 guyevery time I go to a hockey game I want to find a Genesis and play some NHL 92is it gauche to wear an Atlanta Knights jersey to a Vegas Knights game