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what if i enjoy critical analysis and being a hater, then what?

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wait how is @lnbshr literally me?help me....
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterwhy are people in the comments lying @ahmarialford maybe i can disagree with abolishing prisonsi can proudly say i hate this man
Just watched In & Of Itself by David Delgaudio on Hulu and honestly if you want your mind blown, watch it. Don’t re… @onlinegirlie yessss we can do k*ndle on the beach 🙈 ahs murder house and the way nothing about this show makes sense??these are the places y’all be talking about when you say you miss the club? you tell i miss Nanga? why do i look so sexy from the back?’m cute
why is this so funny?!?! “solange was too busy wearing issey miyake in the forest to keep Julez in check”Hi! I am Quil Lemons and I photographed @billieeilish for the cover of @VanityFair. At 23, I am the youngest phot…
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tternot me coaching my boyfriend on how to let the woman, who just gave him a massage, down smoothlyanyone else feel really detached from everything? like the internet? instagram? twitter? idk what is going on anywhere
she be releasing an album every 3 months about going to grad school but i haven’t to hear the words “devil’s advocate” in almost two years and i can’t give up that peacenot my depression coming back hard and me blaming it on not going to the gym one day... this mental illness deep af
giving people the means to put food on the table and keep roofs over their heads would absolutely change the trajec… spewing negativity for 11 whole years chile I guess nobody was listening the Oval Office.
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterKevin on Bling Empire pretending to like women is so crazyLMFAO WHAT THE HELL
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterUhmmmmmmm
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterthe way kendal jenner is sickening 😫 notice me queen i love you @KendallJenner
just me mytelf & i
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterThe way you dismiss me Will turn into missing me like I am yours
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tteri really wish i could suck V*rgil’s ass like y’all do but i just cannotRaise a glass tonight at 9:21pm. It will be the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century...
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterit’s giving tiktoker
“what happened to she by shereé?” ... “joggers”no my anxiety eats me up then i remember that i’m only 23 and literally nothing matters so i just keep vibing @kylecarrerolo the way u just put my exact feelings into words @theejayy i like clothesss lmaoo @theejayy kdjsks well i guess i mean fashion discourse is stupid but i think u already knew thatgod fashion is so stupidi absolutely do not care who dresses anyone in the white housewe really have to deal with this for the next four years’m feel bad for him or whatever but like why would he post thisss?!
If Bernie won it would be Alex G up on that stage
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterme and kamala harris’s step daughter have the same agent so i hope the paparazzi don’t start chasing me around from Africa here to tell you you’re stupid’t wait for the weird articles about how the inauguration ended racism because people wore black designerswhy is it that once you pull a muscle you can’t take that shit back?bitches be like “i want to be in a throuple with a boy and girl” babe i think you just want parents
Retweeted by Grant from tw*ttercan one of you astrology bitches tell me why I been feeling so existential lately like @flossytweets this tweet is so funny @ColtonPappas you think i’m funny?🙈🙈🙈🥰 @onlinegirlie i’m not trolling 😩😩 i be liking things sometimes!! this driver’s license song is cute af and that’s coming from the biggest hater in this appme staying off the internet incase joe gets k-worded tomorrow2018 - 2021 🧍🏿
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tter @3hollor um???lmaooo ew not Kamala in Pyer Moss
@ColtonPappas like why would i want to be around those people?some gays really think having straight friends is a flex
@slutfromthe90z babesyeah I’m not reading this shit no more
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterme everyday
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tteri hope she’s thriving
the fact that someone asks y’all how many people you’ve slept with and y’all continue seeing them Bali discourse is a great reminder that as oppressed as many of us, we are unaware of the privileges we have an…
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tternot you carrying the spirit of the colonizers everywhere you go the fuck that got to do with me?’s no reason why a white leftist in amerika should understand the intricacies of 1920s intraparty politics in…
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tter @buttersourness @seIfiedump the way we woni live with the man @ColtonPappas @senpai_loui hey neighborthe way i thought Sade was d*ad for the longest time because people usually wish her and Aaliyah happy birthday in the same postI must be following the right people since that skai jackson video ain't even touch my timeline
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterYo who is he talkin to like this?!!!😭
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterplease release my people from the shackles of 48 laws of power and rich dad, poor dad. i am begging.
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tteryou cant kill me
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterpeople sit and proudly defend capitalism... you’re a victim @onlinegirlie gorgeous bestiee 😍I KNO THATS RIGHT BESTIES
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i can’t believe there are people who wake up and decide to be against paying people a living wageFirst spread of 2021.
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterthis asshole fish decided to walk out of the water one day and now i have to go to work and pay rent
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterEvery person should read Justice Sotomayor's dissent tonight. It lays bare the extreme cruelty of the administratio…
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tteridk what they’re putting in the weed these days but that shit has had me feeling so existential for no reason
can you say “magnetic” *keep going* “charismatic”these monkeys were putting in WORK on cartoon network
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tteri love this @kwesidillaa me vs asking to be h*te c*imed @ColtonPappas lemme find out they’re bestiesnot jeffree doing her makeup is @GRNTUB burner account
Retweeted by Grant from tw*tterthe excellence that was Dance Moms. (original cast of course)
@iSapphireB the former president of france’s brotherno one: me:’re not a true bad bitch if you never flew out of state when you were younger without your parents knowing