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Writes comic books, including KING IN BLACK: RETURN OF THE VALKYRIES, VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER for Marvel, AGELESS, PASSED. Paints portraits.

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@BambiiRiiot @AlexPaknadel @Casparnova @DanPGWatters @sispurrier Sarah, you loveliest of all creatures. What a list… THIS HAPPENED while we were streaming tonight and I'm still speechless! Please, if you enjoyed QUEEN OF BAD DRE…
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @shapirak I love it toooo! @AlexPaknadel @Artgerm
@jengrunwald @Artgerm I feel like Brünhilde Grünwald could easily kick my ass. I suppose Jen Grünwald could, too, b… final issue of Hellblazer drops today. It is quite something. If we'd had the chance, the next arc would've b…
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkLooook at the @Artgerm variant for King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #1! (yess, that’s Brunnhilde) I’m so exc… other reminder: SKTCHD is a subscription-driven site, with no advertising at all. Help fund the site and its co…
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkDon’t look at them, look at meeee you get to do exactly what you want to do. I was proposed by @annalisebissa to do a #variant #cover celeb…
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkWhat began as a funny tweet from @IfSheBeWorthy is now something you can wear. Bojack Norseman is available on all…
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkI want the new Jeopardy host to be the stupidest fucker who ever lived. Just constantly blown away by how smart everyone playing is
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This book is so much fun to write, made even better by all the brilliant art! @sirpangur is killing it on every pag… Shueue Reviews: Door Knobs. It’s the review you didn’t know you needed!
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkEverything is good, but the cigar is great.! phone keeps reminding me of the time I was traipsing around LA with Guro a few years ago. It was lovely and I mi…
(I’m buying it!)This tiny girly watching over me during wushu class, to bless your timeline.
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @nbhansen FUNNY! @nbhansen Once my reputation reaches "perverted, sadistic, insane tyrant" I'll have busts made for sureSo this planter bust of Caligula ... distasteful or BRILLIANT? @JoanneStarer Ah, that’s a great trip! We’re at that stage of winter where everything feels gloomy and you have to… @jengrunwald NEXT YEAR! @vonSlaich Brumunddal in Norway!and woke up to one million birds just outside the window. it was nice. It's nice out there in the world years ago, I spent the night in this lovely treehouse @toherrys You look stunning!“or the torturer doing eeny-meeny to determine which testicle to zap first”
@thetzechun Roger LeCarre describes the perfect woman.
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkI see your distraction-free writing app and raise you sleeping cat stretched over both arms, allowing access to not… am sorry that my behaviour in the past has upset people. I acknowledge that I am direct and have at times got fru…
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @f_francavilla That is stunning!ENEMY ACE
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@deezoid Undoubtedly. @deezoid OLD MAN DEE @jengrunwald GREAT DAD!!! @jengrunwald FANCY! I had one single friend with a Nintendo and THE ENVY! @ten_bandits That was my first, too! @skjoldbroder Niiice @ten_bandits Is it ancient or obscure?18! @SwiftofOpal Thanks! And I do the screen-as-flashlight-thing, too! Did it the other day, frantically searching and…
HOW DARE YOU PROTECT ME FROM MYSELF @weredawgz HELL YESSS!!!I'm really truly crying about this on the regular though ME! I'M WORKING ON A CAP BOOK!? WITH BUCKY AND SAM!?
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @SwiftofOpal Well, we had a lull, at least.That second wave we've been talking about since March certainly came as quite the shock, huh? @MattiaIulis I feel extraordinarily lucky to work with you.JANE FOSTER FANS, HOW WE FEELING ABOUT FEBRUARY 2021
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @chalkyheart @MattiaIulis It was the tights.. I mean holy fuck, look at this leg! scream you heard a few weeks ago? Yeah, that was me, looking at this piece of MAGIC in my inbox. LOOK AT IT! T… @theshepherdcom Hurricane! It's a panel from Johnny Red :)The snow brings birds to the bird feeder and because my pussy of a cat hates snow, she mournfully stares at them th…
@jengrunwald I don’t think any 17yo have ever found me cool (definitely not back when I was 17) so this makes me infinitely happy!What have you done for me lately Surprised, though.
I had the sincere pleasure of scheduling and hosting this fantastic interview with @jasonaaron for @spoiler_country
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @laha_jeet In that case, thanks!! 😀 @laha_jeet Is that a good thing?I’ve been moving art and furniture around in the house, and now the kitchen table is the perfect place to write whe…
@ChrisLauManson ENVY. I have a very nice ol' highland park I might reward myself with if I finally get this script done. (IF) @ChrisLauManson Yes pleaseRT and follow for chance to win a copy of my latest Hakim and Arnold book A Time to Die. Contains a very unusual Lo…
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkThis guys reviewed windows, and it’s really changed my outlook on life actually. Any enemies want to come over for…
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LORDS OF EMPYRE drops this week, collecting the Celestial Messiah and Swordsman Empyre tie-ins I wrote alongside th…
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @shapirak Skade has me well trained. The little lick means FOOD NOWRarely. a year of testing, my psychopath cat has determined - rightly so - that this almost soundless meowing combine…
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @ErenAngiolini If I laugh, her tail starts swooshing more intensely which feels like a warning, so I just give her whatever she wants! @JoanneStarer That’s perfect. Perfect manipulative creatures.After a year of testing, my psychopath cat has determined - rightly so - that this almost soundless meowing combine… mum, @BarbaraNadel, has a piece in today's Guardian about walking London's streets at night. I know all the stre…
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@mccreaman @teddyhaynes @kierongillen @GerryDuggan VERY GOOD JOHN @Leicester1989 Thanks a lot!I too miss these nice people and this specific toilet @Leicester1989 Ha, that’s so cool! Thanks! 😀
@laha_jeet iphone 12 pro :) @GeorgieBroad Thank you! Mom is quarantine knitting ✨ @johnreppion Thank you!! (I’ll tell my mother who made it.) @declanshalvey @jengrunwald YES! @jengrunwald @declanshalvey hahaha ❤️❤️❤️💋 @declanshalvey Smooooth as silk, Dec!New phone, obligatory camera test. what blessed my mailbox today! Hey @mccreaman, your world looks great!
Just a heads up- Suicide rates are not "up x% since lockdown" because studies like that take time. So far early re…
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkThis guys reviewed car parks wtf?! But I agree with him you know. I think we should make car parks great again actu…
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekkit’s not actually a coup unless it comes from the coup d'état region of france, otherwise it’s just a sparkling authoritarian takeover
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Saluting all those who served and those who are serving now on this #VeteransDay2020 🙌
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @TravHartArt I used water-based for a couple of years before going back to oil-oil and oooh it's so much better.My kid is in a store dying of laughter at this how-not-to-wear-masks poster because HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE BE ... an… AND SUBSCRIBE Let me tell you about the Good News (Buy my comic) @IDWPublishing
Retweeted by Torunn GrønbekkMy shop is live as part of the Comixology Hall @ThoughtBubbleUK Prints, pins, comics, art,…
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @garyerskine I mean @johnreppion Happy birthday, John!My Like Father, Like Daughter #ComicBook #Kickstarter is now LIVE! "A high school girl, Casey Ryder, inherits the…
Retweeted by Torunn Grønbekk @mulmbot There’s seriously some comfort in that as it might mean it’ll go back to normal at some point. I neeeeeed…