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School Librarian, Comic Book Reader, Dungeon Master, Contributor for @ButWhyThoPC, and believer that Everybody should love Everybody. He/Him

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@JayKottaram Definitely a Jedi name @ClickFlint Hey sweet, same birth year @__shanard Oh shiiiiiiit. That one is really goodCentennial Dukakis
@Gothdaddyslast I always heard Shah in my head so this is a big help @Gothdaddyslast Ok, this is completely off topic but I saw a moment and wanted to ask Is it pronounced Shah Or Shay? @BenCHamlin You’ll feel so luxuriant the first time you make a waffle in thatThese are two of my favorite pictures ever taken of that kid Also shoutout to the Munchkin that I got because she… @groovydm88 Weekend vibes
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DM @CastonTheBoss I was rooting for them to win that one @FeiKhal @necrologies Fantasy robot. The best race in D&DIt's anime day in the BWT Discord! Today we're watching Millionaire Detective! Come and join the fun at 5pm CT:…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMD&D tonight Maybe it’s the pandemic forcing me away from social contact Maybe it’s the rhythm I’ve found in sessi… @theramblingbard @Gothdaddyslast I’m ok with that. The only stuff that really bothers me anymore is really bad thin… @Gothdaddyslast That sounds great. I really liked Coraline @FeiKhal Nuh uh @FeiKhal I can change which one I hear on the fly @Gothdaddyslast I’ve never seen it. Worth my time? @FeiKhal’s me. I’m the final girl're LIVE!! Come join us for Episode 1 LIVE! Come join the chat and spend your lazy Sunday with us!…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DM @dykedarIing My wife is the same way with Simpsons Which is fine, there’s plenty of stuff out there that she loves and I can’t get into @Skarothian Cheers to that @dykedarIing Haha I love that show but it’s definitely a product of its time with all the references and humor @dykedarIing The ol Futurama treatmentI don’t know how this will find everyone today But I hope you leave better after seeing it no. What if this is the origins of the Graboids? @BritishCPA I hate that the creator is garbage, but the show is too good not to quote @BritishCPA I know just enough about soccer to know you were talking about it And I seized the opportunity 🤣🤣 @BritishCPA For the record. I’m quoting a show. I was, as the Brits say, having a laugh @BritishCPA The thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in @BritishCPA Did you see that ludicrous display last night? @superruiz93 I’ve had so many social distancing nightmares This whole situation sucks @PFTCommenter I’m telling Matt LeFleur to roll out a 2 QB package against the coach Crennel’s defense, because any…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMAnthology! Best of every world just really love horror anthologies.
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMI stopped in and had a good time. Shilo is better at audience engagement than me once more on Twitch with RE7
Y’know what, I’m gonna shoot for the moon I’ll do a 1000 follower giveaway And I’ll be giving away a free Cloud A…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMI’m quite close to 700 followers Should I do a giveaway?It’s the same for babies too But they’re way less grateful and capable of infinitely greater destruction So I’ll…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DM @necrologies It’s a nice little room. I like it a lotJoin the BWT family tonight for my favorite horror movie of the year That’s right I said what I said's horror night! We're getting spooky with @Shudder's The Mortuary Collection at 8pm CT. This creepy antholog…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMI’ve been struggling with depression lately Not the insidious type, but the turn into a slug and wallow type So I…, I know I’ve talked before about how words don’t hurt republicans in power But I have to think Trump is about a… to watch The Curse of La Llorona because I’m a glutton for punishment Turned it off 40 minutes in It’s so a… @UzamakiJ @GaryLGray There was a weird anime on Nickelodeon called Grimm’s Fairytale Classics It never occurred to… just let me know it's my @ButWhyThoPC anniversary! I'm thrilled to work with a bunch of passionate writers…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMThis October, Hell to Pay. Coming to Netflix @Chronic_Tired STUNNING @necrologies @Skarothian She’s better now. Managed to get off with minor symptoms @necrologies @Skarothian Yeah, normally I wouldn’t stream stuff But my mom got diagnosed with Covid a few weeks ba… @necrologies @Skarothian 7:15~ Central! I’m doing a Madhouse run of Resident Evil 7 @Skarothian @necrologies Me too! I’ll be streaming as well but I’ll watch you too @PAWpatrolled Oh I love Vincent Price Strange @ErsatzAsh Play Shining ForceFound these beauties Anybody interested in them? @Skarothian You’re welcome @Sjanderson86 @SomberDreaming @lancereddick If you have to make a video compilation of all the times your candidate… @UzamakiJ @ErsatzAsh You move quick @UzamakiJ @ErsatzAsh commissioned someone to model a custom d20 for a bard themed set and I love it so much
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMPaging @OhMyMithrandir my inspiration for this terrible joke @necrologies THAT CHANGES NOTHING. I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR WOOOOOOOOORLD @bfunkey Maybe you could dingdong ditch some of that over here... @necrologies I want a SNACK? I’m Vegetarian. Only one snack is good enough for me.. The snack: @necrologies I thought you meant in D&D and I was like you’re doing great???Trans women are women Trans men are men Trans people are people You deserve respect, kindness, and empathy ❤️
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DMI’m live on Twitch with RE7 madhouse mode How angry can one man get? Find out here, now I’m broken hearted imagining how good he would be as Magus And how unlikely it is we’ll ever see it @PhD20_Kirk @__shanard @Sandalofsnakes @WesARR @ChrisReyns @PrairiePhlox @zee_zok @BrawnyLibrarian @dilledpickle30
@dilledpickle30 @__shanard @PhD20_Kirk @Sandalofsnakes @WesARR @ChrisReyns @PrairiePhlox @zee_zok @BrawnyLibrarian coz i dig
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DM @groovydm88 Now that I thought of it, Amok started out as Conan - all badass & on a hardcore mission - but now he’s…
Retweeted by Moax The Ghouliest DM @necrologies Pretty sure I paired Tharja off with Robin in my first play through No idea what I was thinking @ErsatzAsh I usually worm my way into their mentions then invite them to play games with me @OhMyMithrandir Play Blair Witch @PrairiePhlox Yeah mine too now @necrologies So I’m right @PrairiePhlox @__shanard @PhD20_Kirk @Sandalofsnakes @WesARR @ChrisReyns @zee_zok @BrawnyLibrarian @dilledpickle30 @ItsTheGayest Folks are really chill and it’s a ton of fun. I highly recommend it. There’s even a “ping” system so… @necrologies I don’t play this game Is there a cute fairy one? @ItsTheGayest Have you played the online mode? @ErsatzAsh Tell her to stop reading my campaign notes @necrologies Ugh. Yeah she’s the worst @necrologies I always associate Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa, which is conflicting with how I view Bo But I still love that casting @Sandalofsnakes @__shanard @PhD20_Kirk @WesARR @ChrisReyns @PrairiePhlox @zee_zok @BrawnyLibrarian @dilledpickle30 @FeiKhal Love it @__shanard Oh hell yes @__shanard Who is that second guy @zee_zok These rule @ErsatzAsh I can see that I think the kid who plays Five in Umbrella Academy would be good for DalenPaging @__shanard @PhD20_Kirk @Sandalofsnakes @WesARR @ChrisReyns @PrairiePhlox @zee_zok @BrawnyLibrarian I saw a thread of people fancasting their own characters in various forms of media But I’d like to see f… Man is the wildest manga I may have ever read I love it Spoilers for issue 70, but they don’t mean anyth… @GOP He had a republican Senate and Congress for two whole years and didn’t even put a framework for these things i…