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@GregRicey Perfect. @WillJPowers I think of this every time. @JasonKendall I'm so sorry. @TheHashtag0nist @AlexaRayC @aNuChallenger @hannanimal @NSSteph y’all canceled High Fidelity???
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterLast five games I played: 1. Ghost of Tsushima 2. Animal Crossing 3. Last of Us Pt 2 4. Don't Starve 5. Fortnite 💖… @MrPope Gauntlet II!!!Okay, I've been challenged to explain my VP reasoning fully, rather than just saying "Warren good, Harris bad." Fai…
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@DavidEllis @PTibz @nickchester @MrPope @nickchester Yessssss @chrismccurdy_ 🤣mam furned upside down spells wow @aegies Oh this stinks.Or you could, I don't know, switch to the better platform? You think Apple gives a shit?
@TheHashtag0nist Anything Sago Mini or Toca Boca!actually i like watching the shadows on the cave wall. theyre good
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @chrisfurniss @NintendoAmerica I mean, he's the first person I thought of 😊 @NintendoAmerica @chrisfurniss !!
Retweeted by Debbey Chester🌏 Eco-Packaging: A Thread 🌎 As you may know, we recently revealed the first-ever official eco-focused PS4 game pac…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterThe Lebanese people desperately, urgently need help. Send me a receipt of *any contribution* to any Lebanese aid or…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @AeronauticsAnd @MaieAiyed the forbidden gusher @CaseyMalone @jimtoepel @Kahjahkins But so is going to the theater.
@Kahjahkins Same, I have no idea what people are going on about. @nickchester I'm the front grill that looks like a sad square with tiny legs.
@tinymediaempire @CaseyMalone Wow, congratulations. The baby is ok too I guess.Each day this month I'm auctioning off a different record to help the community after my friend Chris passed. Today…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @MatthewACherry @Kahjahkins Here he is. 😊This captures so many of my feels about Studio Ghibli movies.
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterTomorrow I'm going to call and make an appointment with a therapist. I'm putting it out there so you and… you all for your loving responses. I sat in a hot bath with the shower running over me and made a solid attem…"I stay home all the time anyway, this won't be any different."
Too real for Twitter, my b!I don't really let myself cry a lot because... well, I'm afraid if I start I won't stop. But I'm thinking about sch… @msdixon I figured out my problem! I'm a dummy. 🤣 @msdixon 😫 @brockwilbur @DaleNorth You should keep an eye on these, there might be stuff in here you've been looking for!Hello, here is today’s record I’m auctioning off to raise money for local Covid support because my pal died. DM me…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @msdixon Is there an error in today's crossword (on the app), or am I crazy?A friend on Facebook posted about how Emily Dickinson used the common meter and so her poems can all be sung to the…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @mikegaboury He looks like he'd crawl into my lap for snuggles but grumble about it the whole time. Perfect pupper raising my spirits.... get it? eh? @omglazerkittens I had to be hospitalized twice for mysterious abdominal pain in my early 20s. It was excruciating.… had chemo Wednesday and I'm still super beat, so I'm raising my spirits by lying in bed ordering Halloween decorations. Highly recommend.
Today's record is up now. DM me a bid. At midnight, highest number gets it. Don't worry about shipping. This is goi…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterDAY ONE: Let’s start early. lemme know what you’d spend on this one before midnight tomorrow. DM submission. Highes…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterOne of my best friends died of corona today. I want to make change happen and I don’t have liquid cash for charitie…
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Why you shouldn’t eat at restaurants during covid-19: A thread by a host
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @nickchester @FilthyCasualco @mikegaboury So you can tell your cool friends. @FilthyCasualco @mikegaboury @nickchester these are cool for cool dudes
@akhmourne @nickchester @AgentTinsley @Pewology Feminism. @nickchester @AgentTinsley @Pewology Show them my bat too!We urgently need to focus on ventilation. Six months into a respiratory pandemic, we're still not given sensible an…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @AshleyEsqueda @jenisicecreams Raspberry rose @NSSteph @PezRadar feel worse for the innocent people who were infected and killed in part due to TPUSA's "Covid is a Red Plot to We…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterEvery single one of us is going to die. That's the deal. Not every single one of us, however, is going to build a f…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterFolks I regret to inform you that the funniest shit has happened.
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@TheBlackNerd @RegretaGarbo Just your friendly neighborhood snack cake fairy.Chemo craving.Anybody know where I can buy some high quality salt water taffy and have it delivered?Hey @GRRMspeaking
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @Kahjahkins It's not the worst, but she's not as experienced as I'd like, And she's way too middle of the road. Wou… @chrismccurdy_ Thai curry
@MsMinotaur If you're looking for a little more high-end, Mulberry is my favorite leather goods producer, period. @MsMinotaur If you're not totally married to a color, you can get it way cheaper on like Poshmark or eBay. for a hi… @MsMinotaur I have this one and it basically replaces a purse for me when I'm just out and about. It's big though. @MsMinotaur Big or small? @ZLow4sho @nickchester Oh ok good, I was about to order a bunch.Can I be honest? I give absolutely, 100% NO F*CKS about the Emmys w/ the exception of this one particular take: Op…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @aegies @CaseyMalone Why are they making it so difficult for me to do anything but hold my nose and fill in that dot @aegies @CaseyMalone lol she sucks @jinnyjuice Same, but every taste.Fuck it, potato chips for dinner.Seriously wtf have not played Animal Crossing for over a month and somehow watching delightful new things come to it still puts…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterPo-ta-toes
@MrPope Oh my god @jimtoepel A hole in one.yes hello good morning today i will be thinking about the early 2000's Toybiz Xmen Movie Mystique action figure and…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @GregRicey This picture is so soothing. @scottlava @grickle Nobody has ever captured my spirit more fully than in that cat sketch.
At least they were attempting to wear masks, unlike the total assholes making this TikTok. @brockwilbur No @RegretaGarbo I KNOW I GOT SO MAD
@arCtyC You can see the exact moment his heart breaks love an inventor
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @kateburning @jacquicollins_ @hannanimal @megganpez @nickchester @Disneyland I'm the saddest @jacquicollins_ 💖I’ve seen the news about aliens, but I’m ignoring it because honestly now is just not the time.
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @ObiCynKenobi @CaseyMalone Fuck these assholes to hell @CaseyMalone @ObiCynKenobi Less than a minute. Bet they're already on eBay. @CaseyMalone @ObiCynKenobi ☹️literally what the fuck is wrong with men @PezRadar Double babesI have zero respect for anyone I see eating out at a sit down restaurant right now. Yes, even if it’s patio seating.
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @joeynoelle @johntdrake @AshleyEsqueda @acarboni @jenisicecreams welp @johntdrake @AshleyEsqueda @acarboni @jenisicecreams There are no wrong answers here, they are all perfect. Brown B…