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The idea that if we can just change that one racist heart and mind we could change the world is an idea steeped in…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterAt this point, Trump supporters are like flat-earthers. They believe that shit for no other reason than THEY WANT T…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterHey, I know it's late for a thread, but I have been thinking about all of the calls for white people to "talk to th…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester
@trussleadership 1️⃣ Less concerned about where we go and more concerned about where white & non-Black POC America…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterOpening a thread for FOLKS OF COLOR ONLY. 1️⃣Where do we go from here? 2️⃣how are you really doing? 3️⃣how do you…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterA Song for White Allies:
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterPlease read happy Black books too. We don't just write about slavery and colonialism. Consume Black history and art…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterGive black people some space. Damn.If you see this, ask me instead. I'm not claiming to be the arbiter of black thought, but I can at least point you… you are a not-black person and you see a post about right and wrong ways to participate in activism and you want… @EscoBlades I'm so sorry people are so loud and so tiring and so in your face right now.Roll that beautiful bean footage.
@missingminotaur I'll be your dad.
If any of my white/not-black friends are struggling with where to start learning about racial injustice, please ask…
@Amarisse Another excellent place to start. @IjeomaOluo does an exceptional job breaking down race as a system in a… @Amarisse How do you do with audio books? @Amarisse Track down any and all videos of James Baldwin speaking. Every talk, every interview. don't believe in God but I believe in us and that is the faith that sustains me.
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @WesPhillips Nice! Give our birthday love to Sarah please. @nickchester Ok! @ElectricLeo @MrPope Mad love. @ElectricLeo @MrPope I just so happen to have an extra copy of this fantastic cookbook that I can send to you. 😊 @MrPope @ElectricLeo Korean or Chinese? @ElectricLeo @MrPope Also they are dead simple to make! @rich_gallup @rich_gallup Nick wants to try to make one.
@AnnaBarlog My friend Kate has her gates open at 480-something @kateburning @colettebennett I'm not averse to spending money, just wondering if that's overkill or if I'd be better off using s… @britishphill Not 100% sure what that says about the stage we are at in our lives, but I like it. @johnl0k There are actually several increasingly ridiculous options all at the same price, I have some thinking to do.Me considering this chair ... Excuse me? @megganpez @GregRicey We should have a watch party so we can all cry together.Black people have every right to burn down a country they built for free
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterWhen will the majority of protests & outrage be led by white people & police officers everywhere? These are your pe…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterHonestly I am so beyond done right now with smug cynicism that insists doing the right thing and telling the truth…
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @ObiCynKenobi @kateburning @CortanaV Already use and love. 😊 Plus the little jar is cute. @DASBUNKER I did!! I probably massively over-bid but I got sick of waiting. 🤣 @jacquicollins_ @kateburning @ObiCynKenobi @CortanaV When you're ready let us know! @jacquicollins_ @kateburning @ObiCynKenobi @CortanaV Have you tried any products with niacinamide? @kateburning @ObiCynKenobi @CortanaV Chemo has made my skin weird af and I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.… @DaleNorth It was one of our must-haves when house shopping. Can't imagine our lives without music. Was just about… @corybarlog I only have like 1100 followers and it is *criminal*. I should make a game or something then people would love me. @corybarlog The kids were watching this last night and I had the exact same thought. @DaleNorth Both. We have a music room and it's not unusual to find one or more of us in there just taking in music,… peeps: SK-II toner or essence? I've been using the toner and I'm happy with it, but wondering if the essence packs a bigger punch? @AgentTinsley I have never been more gay than the exact moment that happened on screen in front of me.Chemo yesterday, so I'm staying in bed and watching my comfort food. The world is changed. @corybarlog Please let that be true.I am *fully sobbing*. @corybarlog Cory, you are very platonically handsome to me and also the brain worms make me see everything in slow… @dunkman @EscoBlades My mom eats butts and likes it. @Faucius I will, I promise. @sydsogood @alexrubens It was so nice seeing your faces tonight even if it was just for a couple of seconds. Hope y…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@kateburning @NSSteph Showed this to my infusion nurse and we both had a nice chuckle. @MaxScoville I wish I would have known you then, we would have been dear friends and I would have kicked those kids' asses. @dgdobie I mean... yes and no. Depends on your console situation. A lot of the Vita games were decent ports, but un… @Owly at the risk of seeming like a total creep, you just liked one of my tweets and I wanted to let you know that… Vita was a great console and everyone mocking it can eat a bag of worms. @CaseyMalone Thank you! I enjoy being delighted, I look forward to it very much.I KNOW I’m not the first to say this, but please. Care for black LIVES, not just deaths. Go to local shows where bl…
Retweeted by Debbey ChesterQuestion about the What We Do in the Shadows show: do you need to have seen the movie first? Or is it better to wat… @Kahjahkins I wish I could give you a break from... everyone. But I see you. @kateburning same energy @nickchester @MrPope They should have come with the chair? @MrPope @nickchester photo shoot! @MrPope Nick got this chair recently, he's been really happy with it. No stitches yet. @corybarlog Ate all the snakes.
@Megadestructo @omglazerkittens You've got this! And so does she. 💖💖 @omglazerkittens I forgot slippers. Packets of Crystal Light if you want some flavor in your neverending water cups… @omglazerkittens Lip balm, lotion, sugar free gum, dry shampoo, face and body cleansing wipes, comfy socks, your ow… @NSSteph Let me bring you stuff! What do you need!it would be so annoying to be this interesting and smart and good looking and then get famous for some racism
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @jacquicollins_ @nickchester @Lowes For real. @Kahjahkins Hey @lizziekillian, fresh meat @RyanWGleason Depends if your aim is luxury or efficiency.It's odd that I didn't wear clothes in the shower, but did when I left the house. @Chad_Concelmo @jinnyjuice While we're at it, could they please put something in people's purses/bags? They are alw… @CaseyMalone @MrPope Pretty sure that's Outback Steakhouse.I'm not dead yet, no one has told me to get my affairs in order, but I don't think I'm going to see my kids have kids.Had some scans done. Everything is shrinking, so that's good news, but at this point there's an upper limit to the… @ObiCynKenobi Dude, that is a perfectly rational reaction. @ObiCynKenobi I can't remember, have you gotten an antibody test, or did you get a positive covid-19 swab, or are w… @NSSteph the Venn diagram of those people and the people who needed to be reminded to wash their hands for 20 full… @Tantalyzer @hofftv Still the only brussels sprouts I've ever enjoyed eating. @ObiCynKenobi You. do you mean i didn’t reach out i literally thought about you
Retweeted by Debbey Chester @Amarisse @NSSteph I'll come over later with pockets full of red and kitsch. 😊 @johntdrake @andrearene Does she also take all of your Transformer and Voltron stuff? @NSSteph @DavidEllis Boiling takes all the tasty fats out, I'd rather microwave if I can't grill. Just be sure not…
@megganpez Hard agree. @Kahjahkins This is attempted murder.Human capital stock @MrPope @Ubisoft Shouldn't that be garçon de beurre? @MrPope @nickchester this sounds cool! @MrPope Tag yourself, I'm Golmli.
Tag yourself, I'm "Butte."