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good morning
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@hrtcults Cobaenough healing.....turning into a villain again >:)
Retweeted by gemthinking about creating chaos here 🥰 this place is fucking dead broorg indo kerjaaannya grebak grebek grebak grebek let people NGENTOT in peace “moral” police are scums @prosperititties yaallah it looks so sexy
I am so grateful for my friends broo @commierola I KNOWWW RIGHTTT ITS SO CUTE MASIH GA IKHLAS @rugunator SAMA ..... @nixumbriel @t_l_d_r_ FOR THE PERSON IM DATING IN MY HEAD 😭 @t_l_d_r_ My behavior too @bitterpapaya Aminncome to Odin Jakarta! Kita yang paling murah disini 😙 jualan gw laku amin
No... i ate so much just nowUGH THIS IS MY FAVORITE BLOUSE AND I LOST IT bacodss @beatsyjelly HAIII TAPE YA @PepperCleaps AH GEMASSSS KALIIIIIIII I’LL RUN UR MONEY BABYkwkwk capekMe listening to my whole family downstairs talking shit about me
Retweeted by gemkayaknya abis nyicip kopi kenangan lgsng tremor terus die abt time this is thriftedclub first event ever after 1 and a half year! 🥺 please come by drink and hang! There will be… @fairygothm0m let me know when u single. HiMe when i meet the inventor of croffle INVENTED CROFFLE INGIN SUNGKEENNMMMMMMMMMMit taKES EVERYTHING IN MEEE NOT TO CALL YOUUAND I CONFESSS BABYYY IN MY DREAMS YOU'RE TOUCHING MY FACEE AND ASKING ME IF I'D WANT TO TRY AGAIN WITH YOU AND I A… @prosperititties i wanna fucking fight who is that bitchman i fucking love taylor swift IN MY ROOM ITS A TYPICALLLL TUESDAY NIGHTTTTGOOD MORNING FUCK UUi wanna buy waffle maker so i can waffle-ize everythingdah gila pagi pagi
@lgabyt Yuk mainJust stalked my own tweets. God im so funny. I love me so much @marinnaraz Baby girl its okay the universe has something better in store for you❤️ keep your chin up queeeenI LOVE LUXURYYES TO KARL LAGERFELD...RIP THOSORRY KARL MARXCANT WAIT TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AND BE SOOOO RICH SO I CAN AFFORD MY FRIENDS ART / PRODUCT / SERVICES ANYTHING TO… @eriyung Me TOO BESTIE..and leave tings the way it is for like one week @PlNTUSORGA Ur om is me everytime speaker mesjid next door act upgod i cant wait to buy everything i wanna buy next monthatta halilintar demi allah mirip ajo ajo di senen yang waktu itu ngasih gw harga bh 45 rb duaI just saw someone pair a blazer w biker shorts. Pain @prosperititties I SAID CROFFLE NOT COFFEEtime to buy crofflebeing in this room makes me sad @prosperititties LMFOAOOAOOSISISOSOODKDKDKDKCRAVING FOR BAKERMAN’S CROFFLE @bitterpapaya NDNDNDNDNSJS NANGIS @prosperititties Cant wait... @woosexuals house reveal soon!! @jordaustin u wanna move in to my unit b @bitterpapaya people are getting tired of my shit! but i just cant stop <3anyway who wants to move in to my unit, its so pretty <3 i dont want other ppl to have the room bc i FUCKING love i… @jordaustin yeah i tarot-ed it the other day and the answer was to move out KDKDFKDKFthinking abt moving out !!!!<3<3<3 thinking abt having to pack and unpack :(:(:(:(:( @prosperititties nnti housewarming party @haelfmoon_ making more money party @guides_angel D ❤️🔖 Free morning card pulls 🕊:: First card - What is the overall energy for today. 🕊:: Second card - What can I look…
Retweeted by gem @haelfmoon_ yesss ! disha moving out party
I’VE BEEN MISS MISERY SINCE YOUR GOODBYEEE AND YOU’RE MR PERFECTLY FINERIGHT BESTIE @woosexuals Yes its final i am moving outaight so i’m moving out... did interactive tarot reading call with @delunecygne and i love how Puan knocked some sense into my no wrinkle… INTM EPISODE YANG GEA BAWA “TEMENNYA” LUCU BGTTT LIKE SUREEE HONEYpinkan mambo everytime i’m in my feelings
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBUUU KONI @konimxx WISHING U ALL THE BEST DAN KITA BENERAN BISA TRAVEL KE BALI W MISS @rayskuh OK HAVE A BLASTTTTI also manifested duit banyak, semoga beneran banyak duit😇😇I saw a lot of tweets about Gemini’s manifestation coming to life and I’ve been manifesting.. to get a typhoid feve… MY HEAD I DO EVERYTHING RIGHT WHEN U CALL I FORGIVE AND NOT FIGHT BECAUSE OURS ARE THE MOMENTS I PLAY IN THE DAR… JUST A SUPERCUT OF US........ night i had a dream abt u & u said u miss me too
me birthday to my hot girlfriend @xijinpinkkahmad dhani’s music slaps so hard.. i hate problematic men so bad @traggot99 I’m already a milfi just wanna sleep for 15 years
and do cryptocurrencyI am going to work so hard and set up multiple insurance accounts for my nephews and nieces so when i die they would get money
Retweeted by gemme just now i was just kinda broke down in front of everyone and i was crazy.... but now im craving indomieyaalllahhhhhhh emang gw ga bs capek apa yakwho wanna go on a date w memingyu from seventeen??? buy!!! i’m selling some sauce
@tar96k YUK STREAMING PINKAN MAMBO YUKKKKKKkira kira pinkan mambo dapet duit ga sih dari streaming spotify?????? gue udh sebulan penuh dengerin kekasih yang t…‼️ RT & HELP ME BOOST my next customer might be on your tl !! hello i’m an aspiring make up artist based in Bandun…
Retweeted by gem @traggot99 GANTEEENGGG BGTTT SAYANGNYA AKUUUU @alexdanardanu PLS!!!!! :,(pengen teriak lo semua anjing tapi ke 1 orangbut on serious note thank u for this vid I finally can laugh ??? and makes me feel much better krn HAH @PlNTUSORGA yaudah yuk