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@SJAMcBride It's as bad to be sectarian as to avoid open discussion of causes. Where is the contact tracing data,… @peterdonaghy By the way Hat's off to the folks publishing these numbers. It's hard to argue with numbers. It's… @peterdonaghy @Cath_Watkins23 So basically all those real life things like we have all experience of like waiting… @peterdonaghy It looks like this has been fixed between yesterday and today. This page is only to be published on… @AmandaFBelfast Flu injection in Church Hall this morning, in and out in 3 mins. 5 doctors all with fast moving so… @columeastwood Sad that most of the comments this tweet flushed out were political nonsense. Pandemic!! Hi Colum,…
@crusaders1898 Fairly logical in that it is more democratically based by head of population than the Senate or Pres… @herobelfast I thought it was just me, that other real fans found a deeper meaning in the music. @KateNicholl @PaulaJaneB This is brilliant, as long as it has regular independent audit. Is there a surface test f… @bayhota @illustratethis That's a seven day average, which only includes one Monday. Why do I get the feeling you… @timcairns Rather than talk about this as a do/don't why don't we change the debate. How can BBC/ITV get as many f… @duponline @eastantrimmp @michaelgove Oven ready @KilclooneyJohn You were always ahead of your time. The famous expression "I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole" w… @dmcbfs Mathematically our cases per day will reduce by 35% over 4 weeks 50% over 6 weeks if we can achieve r=0.9… @McCrossanMLA @quarecuttie @SDLPlive @BBCJayneMcC @markdevenport @KenReid_utv @columeastwood @ClaireHanna @RyanHendry94 @ElaineYoung94 Now. He would be one person I wouldn't tell to put a mask on. @LouiseMCullen @BBCJayneMcC @LAMcbelfast @mlchealth In wave 1, up to about June, they also published suspected case… @DarranMarshall Well done Derry and Strabane. Leading the fightback. We can do this
@peterdonaghy @BrexFactor Another dashboard issue Blank line has 990 BT1 has 2410 BT2 has 1050 umm @PoliceFedforNI @PoliceServiceNI @NIPolicingBoard @ChiefConPSNI @healthdpt @niexecutive Thanks to the PSNI for helping to keep us safe. @ProudofNI @skydavidblevins @healthdpt They plan to get to R=0.9 because we are keeping schools and retail open wh… @DJMurph79322365 @Briansmyth99 8% of new cases end up in hospital 3 weeks later 25% of those in hospital need ICU 2… @DJMurph79322365 @Briansmyth99 Spike in Co Down followed beach parties, was well reported. Sorry you can't remember!! @maguiregaa @Briansmyth99 I haven't met a politician over the last 3 months, but I have met selfish Covidiots who f… @RMcGreevy1301 @higginsdavidw There is a time to analyse and a time to do. I hear so much commentary but very few p… @crusaders1898 @peterdonaghy Happy to have you believe that. lol @dup_online "Selfish Covidiots" that's a phrase that will run and run. @BrexFactor @peterdonaghy The other thing to be careful with is what post code folks give. For four years my son in… @italianirish81 We need to work out how to convince folks that not wearing a mask/social distancing/wash hands is l… @Spengler298 @peterdonaghy @edwinpootsmla Thanks to Edwin Poots for making us find a deep seated root cause. What… @BrexFactor @peterdonaghy 990 people, you need to be careful with data @ianjamesparsley @peterdonaghy I agree with this not being used as a sectarian distraction. But in controlling the… @cmbutler1987 @sianalliance Like BLM..... oh sorry they got harassed and they weren't even encouraging people to break the law. @peterdonaghy @ianjamesparsley It's better than nothing. I knew to avoid Donaghadee today... You mention an Excel… @Jimcorrsays @allianceparty And the same story with BLM protest, many charged. How do you sort out rampant ageism?… @DianeDenizen @Jimcorrsays @allianceparty There will be 2-4 deaths every day for the next 6 weeks with the number o… @peterdonaghy @ianjamesparsley The first day had BT48 7 day new cases at 1555 per 100,000. I think I am remembering… @AmandaFBelfast We probably needed this disaster of wave 2 to make sure we protect ourselves in wave 3. @peterdonaghy Even with those wide streets @qnewsdesk I'm proud of our Police doing this job today.... @qnewsdesk Masks v more restrictions and lost Jobs. Easy choice, but a nice day for a protest. Protests are healthy. @ianjamesparsley And you are looking at 7 day averages, so it means yesterday was less bad than a week ago, which i… @__DanielleQuinn Seems to me there is a choice between Masks or more restrictions and lost Jobs. Everyone has free… @SorchaEastwood If your a time traveller, did you actually choose this year to travel to?
@BarryTheBastar2 @NW2Scott @Anothergreen @YesCornwall @YesCymru @yesscotland2 Guaranteed third place at least. @NW2Scott @Anothergreen @YesCornwall @YesCymru @yesscotland2 Is it only one way, surely we need it to be Ireland to Scotland too. lol @Spursabu55 Don't let it ruin your life... Hitting refresh from 1:55 every day Also all the little notes are important @joannem94981348 @MaccaJim46 @eastantrimmp Just for the sake of wearing a mask? I hear Derry is fully mask wearing… @shalfy286 @MaccaJim46 @eastantrimmp You can't honestly say that mask wearing and social distancing was observed in… @News_Letter The need for published information should not be seen as political. I do believe knowing for example… @BBCJayneMcC Some of us have been acting on the regulations for the last 7-10 days already. People need to act sensibly We can do this
@naomi_long Thanks for being here for us. We can do this. @CregganDerry @armagh_john @naomi_long Great to hear. Send photos. Everywhere I went today, everyone in masks. We can do this. @ianjamesparsley US are reviewing schools as super spreader events, no decision yet. @ianjamesparsley Wasn't it the case in England (Bolton?) when they closed one city the Covidiots just got taxis to… @Kelmba @niexecutive Sorry but does this not say "except for allowed outdoor sporting events" Is this a valid docum… @mourneseafood @Harrys_Shack I got chased in a Garden centre by a mask less woman who said I didn't understand her. Enforcement yes. @keithbelfast It's what they can do in 4 weeks time so that we can clearly see safe hospitality open up immediately… @MaccaJim46 @eastantrimmp 32% of the population young and old have underlying conditions. Just thought you would like to know. @mourneseafood @ianjamesparsley Brilliant. I don't see the publicity on which establishments are 5/5 and which are… @dup_online We can do this @GerryKellyMLA Hi Gerry What's your plan? Please god tell me you have something constructive to help Derry recove… @edwinpootsmla So as our potential new Leader What are your plans for helping reduce the Covid levels? How would… @mourneseafood @ianjamesparsley You guys have 4 weeks to create and manage a controlled hospitality environment in… @TaggartJoel @BBCJayneMcC Sometimes Government provide leadership sometime people need to do the right thing. I wa… @roshbeth This is the guy that spent Wave 1 telling us which forest car parks he was closing. In retrospect exactly… @SJAMcBride Great controversary and great Twitter fun. BUT Sensible people don't need guidance, published documen… @Michael90896848 @SJAMcBride Which one? @peterdonaghy No one picked on the Eastern counties while we went through wave one with higher cases. Italian Holi… @DUPleader I thought you didn't do Twitter. Enjoy @DENISEJOHNSTO10 @SteveAikenUUP @SJAMcBride Plenty of data published daily @DarranMarshall Can we focus on how to help those areas with higher transmission rates. Maybe additional restricti… @AmandaFBelfast This guy wanted to be Health Minister, @Harrys_Shack We will return.... @BBCGarethG @duponline @edwinpootsmla Maybe on the same page BUT on the other side. He could have been Health Mini… @Spursabu55 @BBCGarethG @DarranMarshall @edwinpootsmla @BBCTalkback @niexecutive @DrMaryMcCann @Harrys_Shack Those fried onions look perfectly socially distanced to me. Thanks for the memories th… @RobbieButlerMLA SO Is there more data that you see that we don't see, if the answer is yes....please share If the…
@dup_online What about an audited Covid protection level scale published on the door of each restaurant. Like the k… @NW2Scott @Anothergreen @YesCornwall @YesCymru @yesscotland2 I was doing ok with the Celtic Republic until I saw th… @Harrys_Shack I would support you campaign to keep outdoor eating open or having it as the first to reopen. BUT I a… @ianjamesparsley I think wet pubs were opened here because they had been opened in the ROI and we were encouraging… @sarahnolan77 I’d much rather be talking with you guys than the Covidiots who thinks a mask takes their civil rights away. #we can do this @PastorJimberoo1 @eileencairnduff @naomi_long @niexecutive @duponline @sinnfeinireland @columeastwood @DecLawn @dmcbfs Seeming track and trace don’t ask the questions to a level they can say where someone got the viru… @GGeorgiahilton @DecLawn How do you work that out? Is a bubble not something you create and don’t change it for wee… @AmandaFBelfast What they do publish in the daily dashboard and NISRA is very well done. I think we need New cases… @brian_osborne72 @LindsayBbent One thing could be done. For one illness to have to attend 4 Hospitals, separate pl…
@TrevorLunnLV Maybe each industry sector needs to self regulate and trigger the laws to penalise the wayward member… @Pacman4370 @StephenNolan @FatEmperor @talkRADIO Lets see the contact tracing data, the schools data, the cluster d… @BrendanRaffer16 The information from contact tracing is not being published that is wrong. We need that to protec… @BrendanRaffer16 @duzBme @NLinnane @LeoVaradkar A week on 902 @Ramseconomics Sucker punched. Eat out to Stay In.. Now what about Oven Ready Brexit We won't get suckered on that one too... will we? @BelfastLive @moneillsf @sinnfeinireland @niexecutive Sorry football is on .... NI in Norway. May yer God go with ye. @AmandaFBelfast Why are they not sharing the detail of the contact tracing data ... it must be rubbish. Why can't… @RobbieButlerMLA @SteveAikenUUP Remote and blended learning is what work life will be in the future. good preparati… @RichardBullick1 What is the aim of the Dundonald Liberation Army.... after much thought... it is to be liberated… @LindsayBbent We can do this. @BBCJayneMcC The key is how many people align with the restrictions. Initial estimates of 1500 dead were reportedly…