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i make pretty music and pretty art | metaphysical healer

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im gonna kms @juicenwater me too imma do a binding spell on his uglyass @czechwun awww so cute😭updated meet the artist aka me
Retweeted by graveyardkid | bijanim feeling very depressed rn @_ColeBennett_ @3arth4ngell PLS @dre4mluvr to hell @3arth4ngell yourmom.com127 @artangel333 very @m4dzy exactly🤨 @9_1111111111111 GIVE ME UR #### or snap!!i feel like i might take time off of twitter tbhreal r annoying @dre4mluvr @gL0rybridg3 ur going to hell @grvyrd3 literally was talking to a yt boy the other day who called himself super spiritual and said he’d identify…
Retweeted by graveyardkid | bijan @dilfdealer HELPPPPPPyall wouldnt rock w so much of that ugly shit designers make if it wasnt attached to their nameMe when I’m done taking pictures with the Snapchat filters
Retweeted by graveyardkid | bijan @luvorix it shows dedicationin essence i am a middle school boy but also an elegant old womanmy favorite part is when he combines them @THEMBOJF dicksco @THEMBOJF close bestiecan yall guess what my favorite word is had enough of you fuckers6 Lol @gL0rybridg3 ur sickWTFFF @gL0rybridg3 FUCKCKCKmfs will scroll past my tweets without RTing but aint even got a dadi see ugo rt my shit whoresGO STREAAMMM @swagteeen18 ungrateful daughter argues w her overbearing mom @devilmamii FUCJCKCCKmen that cry everytime they’re forced to face who they actually are be like “i hate astrology”i want a nintnedo switch @ccumsockk meon todays episode of tiktok witches saying something antisemitic without even realizing it @brain_mold it fr kills alittle part of me @artangel333 i like hwror when im automating stems on a trackrt if u agreesometimes when im tying my shoes i get so frustrated that i start hyperventilating and screaming @artangel333 lolid look so hot in those lil red shirtsjust applied to target x @artangel333 i dont😭when u have commitment issues @artangel333 PLShate bitches that talk shit to talk shit but could use some work on themselvesshes so unnecessary like ur annoying dont talk to me @SinnerDinner666 BYEEEE @sanvaIentin HELPlike i was homeless at 6 years old babesthinking abt when me and ex oomf were talking about trauma and he started crying talking about how he broke his arm… @jaydeImo PLS @hokageofsexy yeah bc they act like theyre all knowing or some shitfit check @sukkidixx FUCJCKCCKK THAT SHIT MAKES ME SO MAD😭😭😭 @hokageofsexy and theyre still racist and homophobic and stupidhey, it’s me, i just got my second COVID vaccine shot and was wondering what would happen if we gave it a second sh… @cropsparty god ppl are so annoying im sorry luv
I found It. finally
Retweeted by graveyardkid | bijan?
Retweeted by graveyardkid | bijan @xxdbreezyxx ong @wormsinabrain exactly and its like 5 bucks1 like is how i know yall are gay THIS SONG TODAY AT 12 :DDD proud of this one time i was playing truth or dare in school and i dared someone to go away candy icecream from thrifty @illumixbitch realthey should add dicks in among us @TwinkTrap LSJSFHCJ @illumixbitch its barely even a culture if even @wormsinabrain HELPSKSKsagittarius, libras, and cancers are the white gays of the zodiacstarbucks isnt good @leomoongirl2 theyre so annoyingand then its the sameeee bitches who have evil eyes and dreamcatchers and who knows what else decorating their room like r u actually dumblike yall are so damn annoying and from arkansasif i hear one more catholic person say wearing rosaries is religious “appropriation” like girl fuck u u sound dumb… @d3dnymph making some more soon!! @faeimp nah fr😭😭😭💀🤦🏻 @cyber_unlt TY BAEE @XoFcz kinda like alien alt psychedelia @sweetCroutons TYY!! @XoFcz musician @sweetCroutons yass!!björk shirt funny because men think that they’re necessary @maxwell2169420 thanksdoes anyone know any oc smoke shops that dont card @d3dnymph embarassingyall are too weird and annoyingwhite men shouldnt be allowed to do psychedelics