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it’s beautiful day in the hood

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Karen ass went to Sleep 😭
Retweeted by geezyMe:
Retweeted by geezyHow come Donald Trump didn't get hacked?
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Retweeted by geezyBut I am happy to see a white man supporting a black owned business
Retweeted by geezyThis has Putin's fingerprints all over it.
Retweeted by geezyWell, hello there.
Retweeted by geezyDonald Trump has turned America into the GHETTO.
Retweeted by geezyLet's talk Chris Cuomo.
Retweeted by geezythis election in November is life or death
Retweeted by geezyEye Candy you @flushednsticky Awww. Sooooo cute.Hi
This was just another phony hit job by the @nytimes. They had no source, they made it up. FAKE NEWS!
Retweeted by geezyYou know what I need to be recorded in the history books? That black people tried to stop this shit.
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Say her name....Skylar Herbert, the daughter of Detroit first responders, is the first child with COVID-19 to die i…
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@briebriejoy Her mom was taken from her bc of cancer and was she cancer researcher (and btw, a civil rights activis…
Retweeted by geezy @briebriejoy Wow. You are a terrible terrible human. Her mother died of cancer.
Retweeted by geezyReasons Why Bernie is Unpopular and Will Never Be President: Number 6374737👇
Retweeted by geezyAfrican-Americans are the primary target of voter suppression. African-Americans voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden. Think.
Retweeted by geezyYou are parasite. #FireBrieBrie
Retweeted by geezyBecause she’s trash AF!!! #FireBrieBrie
Retweeted by geezy#FireBrieBrie @SenSanders
Retweeted by geezy#FireBrieBrie
Retweeted by geezyBrie needs to be jobless tonight. #FireBrieBrie
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Retweeted by geezyYeah. It’s me.
2020 he drove through the parking lot playing the Cardi B #coronavirus remix 😭
Retweeted by geezyThe fast food spots are not wearing masks. I side eye that.
Retweeted by geezyBREAKING: There are now 8,115 cases of coronavirus in NYC, per City Hall. At least 1,450 are hospitalized, includin…
Retweeted by geezyHe seems nice of you people are f*cking stupid @LoveThePuck GoodnightMa’am @FiercelyFrank EXACTLY @NegraYLibre @BombayK2 Who’s going to fly right now?Why the heck don’t we have this?
Retweeted by geezyFor all those still hoarding & losing it in the midst of this moment, remember all those movies you have seen where…
Retweeted by geezyAt some point the stores have to be held accountable. Why are they allowing people to buy in bulk like that???
Retweeted by geezy @LoveThePuck Very proud.Successful is questionable, my friend. thought it was Dubya. Blacks that are spreading misinformation are in trouble now!
Retweeted by geezyWhew, chile.....The white ladies are out here calling the manager on @KamalaHarris this morning y’all. I know she…
Retweeted by geezy @LoveThePuck Miss Puryear Hall.
Is Donald Trump the only one who can invoke the Defense Production Act?
Retweeted by geezyWhere?, if you come up in my mentions defending Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar, you're getting an automatic block. No questions asked.
Retweeted by geezy @chrisdameanor19 I know. Lol @chrisdameanor19 That’s perfect for my hands and all.Sending positive thoughts and prayers to the congressman and his family. we say, “elections have consequences,” what we really mean is: ELECTIONS HAVE MF’N CONSEQUENCES!!! SO IF YOU…
Retweeted by geezyHey sick/unemployed White people who voted for Trump — now you know what it feels like to be an American citizen in…
Retweeted by geezyI miss Natalie Cole. Ugh.let's get #djdnice trending for the culture....a real dj from the bottom up
Retweeted by geezyNatalie Cole - Tell Me All About It (White Label Mix) #NowPlaying @chrisdameanor19 I love your hairy chest. Grrr.Oh Jesus.
Retweeted by geezyIf you’re self-isolating, tweet: “ABOLISH ICE.”
Retweeted by geezy @chrisdameanor19 Baby.RUDE!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by geezyNot Miranda Hobbs?!? thought twitter needed to see normani and ryan destiny do the savage challenge
Retweeted by geezyCan I bite that wing? CAN I BITE THAT WING?!
Retweeted by geezy @GregHowardJr1 @gregarious_x Bitch imagine
Retweeted by geezyHozier's cover of 'Toxic' by Britney Spears is the quarantine baby making song we didn't know we needed
Retweeted by geezyI’m moist. @tysandsnyc EXACTLY👀👀👀 government: please stay in the damn house everybody:
Retweeted by geezy @scotia626 @notcapnamerica Thank you. @notcapnamerica He’s a case study in discover and accept your authentic self BEFORE you enter politics- or start a family.
Retweeted by geezyI’ve said it before. When we get through this, I want to read Fauci’s account of how he had to put up with Trump in…
Retweeted by geezyHOWLING. agree, just as I did when #KamalaHarris warned of the dangers Trump's Twitter. While she was mocked for it, Trump…
Retweeted by geezyHighly recommend watching this:
Retweeted by geezy🗣Sometimes the snow comes down in June..
Retweeted by geezy @tysandsnyc Most likely not.Three generations of social distancing as my dad meets his grandson for the first time 😭😭😭
Retweeted by geezy @DonnaFEdwards @SenSanders
Retweeted by geezyJust received this text message on my phone. @SenSanders is this what we’re doing, now? “Hi Donna! It's Leonardo w…
Retweeted by geezyThis would’ve been popping on Twitter... this was HUGE back then.
Retweeted by geezyThis is Pam Triolo, mayor of Lakewood Beach, FL. She's resisted shutting down the beaches and now has refused to…
Retweeted by geezy @firefire100 He’s probably 46 -47 @firefire100 @LoveThePuck @superstarsephy I transferred to Pace in 93. @firefire100 My friend, Eric from VSU used to spin “still in love” house mix @firefire100 @LoveThePuck Your sister went to VSU? @notcapnamerica since it ain’t gonna be Andrew Gillum 🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by geezyHOLLERING think we've just located Trump's next press secretary
Retweeted by geezy @Enchengo2 No judgment here.I just gave Mayor Pam Triolo a piece of my black ass mind. 🗣 📣 561-586-1735
Retweeted by geezyDRACARYS!