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Best known for working on browsers (now @WebKit at Apple; opinions still own), but largely tweeting about reliable software, mental health, and human rights

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@tom_forsyth I keep taking breaks because I can scarcely bare to watch it… @TartanLlama Darn, it's now too late for me to make it there by morning.
Self-Affirmation for cisgender kids VS for transgender kids.
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @seaotta @webwewantfyi DOM APIs or new language features?Apparently you have to be buff to be a buff gf??? This seems discriminatory… @torahwilcox I approve of this look @unwttng 😍-Takes around 7h on average for peak browser mitigations to be deployed against a phishing op -Even so, ~38% of tot…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @AmeliasBrain I'm definitely doing this based on "in period" @AroraXD others are much harder ("did [customer] come to us with a requirement for _this_ app? have we examined the… @AroraXD many of these often are easy to get consensus on ("we will ensure quality through a combination of code re… @AroraXD questions that are often appropriate: "is this the right solution to our business problem?" "who are the… looked up to notice a BA A380 on approach to Heathrow; G-XLEL returning from storage in Chateauroux. Heading t… @AroraXD the most important skill in software development is communication: with your peers, with your managers, wi… @foolip @johnwilander @othermaciej I mean, you _could_, but also it would probably be less than helpful for others… @Minkovsky @freezydorito *opens a bar named The Real PHP Developer's Footgun* @KiraArghy *looks around* I have neither you nor matcha @ondrejhanslik @mcclure111 They can certainly place limitations whereby outside activity would compete with them, m… @EurostarJustinp There's a part of me wishing for mask inception. A mask with a train wearing a mask.Nirvana, Bowie, Blur, and Carter USM And if I somehow got double the budget for a second stage: Spice Girls, Whit… @rachelnabors Notably, when running macOS on Intel, it compiles and runs your iOS app for Intel. I don't know what… @foolip Currently just experimenting with getting fairly basic things, not really sure if this is going anywhere! @SBinLondon hi cutieeee @JulietteBuet No
Landlord mentioned recently that I've now been here for over a year. My life is so incredibly far from where I had… cos: Hire self-motivated people. People so passionate about code they program even on their own time. If you l…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @rachelnabors It requires months between March and December to happen first @adrianba Are you saying I can drop IE5? Maybe require 5.5? 😜 (I'm trying to do historical analysis of a few things… @foolip Yeah, I've been debating a bit with how far I should go back with historical analysis; it can feel like the… @IanCutress Condolences to you and your family. You should take any time you want away from tech (and tech twitter)…
@TheEnbyperor Sticking to a ~2010 API definitely won't work in a browser from the 90s. 🙃 When it comes to librarie… @smfr @grorgwork @gfxprogrammer @remindmetweets in 4 weeksIf you were writing JS targeting browsers all the way back to IE5, what would your approach be? Go all out old scho… current BA1/BA2 are apparently gone permanently. Shame, I had been planning on going on BA1 this year… @GarethDennis Now to be grumpy: shows the (already disused military) railway not 750m from… @GarethDennis Right?! The things that make it hard are presumably capacity on the West of England line (and terminu… @GarethDennis Total number of daily visitors (and of course only some of these come from London) amount to the seat… @edent But at a time when more and more people are watching primarily on computing devices? Broadcast TV will never… @GarethDennis I do wonder if it's worthwhile considering how to provide good public transport from London to Stoneh… @edent I wonder if we will see any interest in trying to get live streaming using multicast again, though how to do… can now deploy @github Pages from any branch! This also removes the hardcoded dependency we had on the master b…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @robinberjon @adrianba @roessler A sample size of one should be enough for anyone @stephenmcgruer @foolip @slightlylate @jensimmons @vdscratchy What made confluence so hard? Just the execution in enough browsers? @AGeekwithaHat @AroraXD Every single time this appears on my time line 🥺😍 @foolip @slightlylate @stephenmcgruer @jensimmons @vdscratchy And even idlharness.js isn't really helpful; we still… time at the GIC pre transition, I was told that I wasn't making enough of an effort to be femme presenting. Yea…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @25kV @LNER @HitachiRailENG @sw_train @34002salisbury …why is it going to Eastleigh? That's a long way from home.If you follow WebAdv, you've noticed that some of the adtech folks have what may seem like strange positions, for i…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @adrianba @roessler @robinberjon A sample size of one should suffice, I presume? @johnregehr @chewedwire @jfbastien It's still beautiful if you view the first person of the tweet being the tweet itself.
@robinberjon wait what also wait what who/what/how did they derail DNT? @isislovecruft Per we're soon to all be subs @BeingCharley Oh, indeed, it totally makes sense. Probably increases the chance of incidents at the PTI if you don't open the doors! @BeingCharley An attempt was madeCW: domestic abuse, violence, stalking If you are in tech + truly care about victims of domestic abuse, spend more…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @AriDrennen I am also strongly in favourWith the impending shutdown of Pickering, #Ontario is going to go from low emissions leader to laggard as 3,100MW o…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them)I'm always using percents in CSS, but often have to stop and ask: "% of what?" hint: it's probably not what you th…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them)Following the @BBC's decision to remove all trans organisations for England, Scotland and Wales from their website,…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @JolyonMaugham Thank you for this thread 💖
@RReverser Are you sure they aren't doing an A/B test on user uptake of a potential new feature? @archaeogremlin It's hard to pet someone and maintain an (anti) social distance 😟 @saraislet From a UK point of view, no, absolutely not. Depending on the exact terms of being on-call you may be du… dislikes how CSS outlines and CSS inlines are wildly different things
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @archaeogremlin don't make me come to the park to pet you 🥺 @larsberg_ @pcwalton @jgraham, of course (not that he's signed in since creating it); I think someone else did most… @bondj700 @OppyPenguin @PaulCliftonBBC @patrickkeneally May well have not been maintained for them; pretty sure the… @bondj700 @OppyPenguin @PaulCliftonBBC @patrickkeneally And Fawley Refinery continued to be used until 2016, so it'… @AroraXD @alanhitchin I don't want to be a copy cat but also 😍🥺🤩 @AroraXD I think I might be gay 🥺 @nomadtechie There should be enough paths out of their limitations that frankly it's just confusing why they haven't done themFeeling this strongly right now. Logging into a whole load of Slacks, getting their whole tutorial every time I joi… realised that this year marks 18 years of knowing, at least in as much as I knew about gender back then, that… if I'd been informed about gender dysphoria and possible medication when I was prepubescent. Imagine if I f… @lynncyrin *boops*
@seaotta I'm here if you want to talk 💜 @ohunt @erynofwales At least in principle (and in practice most of the time) they get in trouble for that in the UK @Daniel15 @devsnek @fabricedesre @dalmaer @jaffathecake Note that on macOS kernel-mode drivers are deprecated and w… TfL travellers, your mask does not help if: - your nose is not covered - it is on your neck - it is in your… @hober @zip (I referred her for that already) @jfbastien *screams in strict aliasing* @TheEnbyperor @Hazelesque 32GiB should be enough for anyone Would sharding it (by first character, so you're only… @BeingCharley @TheEnbyperor Such a successful startup. True entrepreneurs.We’re in a golden age of UX. Why is video chat still stuck in the ’90s? : A question I thi…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @tobie Prior to USB-C, each port was shaped specifically as a host (type A sockets) or a device (type B sockets). T… @jamesthomson Closer to 150 days for me… @jamesthomson Not the same scale for length and diameter, though! Every time I'm back in Glasgow nowadays I'm alway… feels frankly illegal (shaky cam because me and smol(-ish, it's nae Glasgae) train arrived at the same time)… @SBinLondon It's 2020, so probs naw⭕ Buying a detached house to have land to have garage space for more cars than one person could possibly need
tech can help you execute on good art direction, but tech can't give you good art direction.
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them)Or is, at an even more basic level, non-integral scaling _still_ a pain under Linux? It's been nearly a decade, so I'd hope it's okay now?If I were to buy a U2720Q, could I get it seamlessly working in its HDR mode across macOS, Windows, and Linux? (Obv… @TartanLlama 42 others, actually @1701aStarship @25kV @Captain_Deltic @philatrail Oh, there's undeniably a solution for all the problems; it's a que… @25kV @Captain_Deltic @1701aStarship @philatrail AFAIK it's not even the bridges that have been considered the hard… @evacide 🥺 Someone needs to get me such a mask…this is genuinely by far the most ambitious set of cycling and walking policies unveiled by any British government…
Retweeted by Sam Grace Sneddon 🏳️‍🌈 (they/them) @ChaoticThey *MY THERAPIST asked me, goddamnit can I not write one sentence