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Artist, VFX, Writer, Filmmaker. Amongst other things. A Kiwi in Oz. Individual parts of my life may sound way more interesting than they really were.

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@ManMadeMoon A bit of a burlesque fan dance for your entertainment. @umataro42 @JonKasdan I know Disney+ has a few docs on it alongside some movies, but it's generally woeful.
@JonKasdan Ubiquity. But I do miss the Special Features. I think the streaming services ought to make an effort to… @CuriousUkTelly Reykjavik comma Iceland full stop. @BarghestBlack I try to do this as often as I can muster. It's surprising how empathy and patience can disarm peopl… @AdeleKThomas @DCWonderWoman Maybe we can come up with an original character for you to make a comic of instead. Ca… someone pay me to draw Wonder Woman, please? #WonderWoman @DCWonderWoman
Retweeted by Paul Potiki @emelaarghh They ran this in NZ too. Excellent show.#Luca is really sweet and funny, as you'd expect from #Pixar. The character designs remind me of #Aardman, though,… @AdeleKThomas Legogru?I am deliberately not buying a video game that I really want to play just because it might go on sale next week. @JontiSparrow @DigitalDMtweets Is that you dusting off your Graphic Design? Whoever it was, it's very nice work.
Somebody should really make crimes illegal.
Retweeted by Paul Potiki @CarmenSinek The good news is, so will have the corn. @emelaarghh That's surprising. I was under the impression that wouldn't do an efficient job. @AdeleKThomas My favourite Frasier episodes are the ones where they steer away from the formula - the Radio Play; t… @blast_points When I first watched this show in the 80s, and it had the authentic Ben Burtt sound effects, I was transfixed. @gizmos604 @Oddnut @Madworld2020 @carguy_1970 You're both misinterpreting my intent. @Oddnut is thinking of pandemi… @Madworld2020 @carguy_1970 It won't stop me. But if it's not universally adopted and accepted it has less effectiveness. @carguy_1970 I had been hoping ever since we started wearing masks that it would become the ongoing norm for us to… @AdeleKThomas I like that I have no context for this remark. @emelaarghh Pretty sure you can't. They also say it's the first dose that is the risky one, so if it didn't harm yo… am a bit annoyed that the fear of blood clots has caused the age limit on AstraZeneca to be raised to 60, two wee… @AJ_Maud Every time I broing up that I want Cad Bane in one of the live-action shows, someone points out he "died".… @ladycariad I think they're annoyed that they weren't told the coats had a hood.This week's episode of #TheBadBatch is called Reunion. Well, it sure is. @bobbyllew It's the easiest way for rapid take-up and adoption of EVs. I think that's the Model T approach that ope… @RahulKohli13 Naked robot, NSFW! @PhilSzostak That must have been when it was (regretfully) still called Japanimation. I'm not into Anime, but swap… @Coolest_Breezy We are witnessing the evolution of Generation Alpha. @KristinBaver @korpil Rek-ah. @Coolest_Breezy He's right. @AdeleKThomas You and me both. I definitely deserve it, I'd not be extravagantly wasteful hardly at all!
@ElizabethBanks @NaomiScott @ellabalinska Even though another movie is highly unlikely, I still secretly hope for o… arrives tomorrow on @DisneyPlus! Comment 🏖 if you’re ready to stream the movie!
Retweeted by Paul Potiki @dasparker1960 @daraobriain Infinity is treated as a number in a lot of equations, but there's the infinity of coun… @CuriousUkTelly I can't vote, as I'm not British, but in NZ we had just one. We got to two in 1980, three in 1990,… just got myself some bluetooth headphones for my PC, because the wired ones inevitably fail when I trap the cord… @dasparker1960 @daraobriain Having recently learned that in maths there are different kinds of infinite, I can conf…, this is Mr Lee by the Bobbettes. so often this song gets stuck in my head. It's the Census Count song from the educational children's show 3-2… @danshapiro @thephysicsgirl Micrometer. @thephysicsgirl C: wacom tablet @RahulKohli13 I have also determined which show you're doing, because clearly it's not a secret you're keeping. @BobShorten @qikipedia My grasp of European history is embarrassingly weak. @qikipedia Only he said it in Latin. @amblin @PhilSzostak @studiotstella It's got that pulp novel cover feel about it. Perfectly done. @wheezywaiter Fair enough then! I wish I had heard of them where I lived, back in the days when I was willing to dress up in silly clothes. @wheezywaiter Question: Were there RenFaires in the mid 80s? Because I think they didn't really start to take off until the 90s. @SparkyRobot @jodyvanb Ooh! Pretty! Hey, and I was right too! Wikipedia says "Lithops is a genus of succulent plan… @jodyvanb Whassat? Is it an ice plant or a succulent or something like that? A cactus in Canada seems unlikely...
I've seen a lot of Indiana Jones poster fan art in the past week, a lot of which seemed to not include Sallah. Has… @kristinanndb The poetry that I pursue Has a calibre others eschew I spend too much time Seeking optimal rhymes Sad… @PhilSzostak I was watching #Loki, the thought occurred to me that I would like to see @twhiddleston and @michaelsheen in a r… @ladycariad After I made the following complaint about the disproportionate distribution of sweets in a bag of Part… @disneyplus Really great episode for the Loki / Mobius double-act. And a lot of plot development too. @jgownder Makes me think of this: @daraobriain The majesty of infinity. @AdeleKThomas Me either. When I was a teen I used to know a lot about Star Wars, but there's been so much more than… is banter-palooza this week.Excited to share the return of Impact Australia which aims to discover, cultivate & empower Australian screen & TV…
Retweeted by Paul PotikiIf I force a trend line, and ignore April as some kind of weird anomaly, it almost looks like my weight loss has be…
@emelaarghh I figure the King Arthur story can be tweaked to fit any game. It doesn't have to rely on the romantici… @CarmenSinek @emelaarghh Words to live by.As Breath Of The Wild is in the zeitgeist, here's my idea using the same formula. King Arthur! With Merlin's guidan… @TheJulieBenson You have recently expended a whole year's worth of pent-up energy. I think it's probably that. @Discworld_com @rhipratchett I prefer to call it "the B word". @daraobriain I wonder if the rule is that whichever team makes a Dara joke never wins.#HotToys 1/6th scale #Hunter collectible figure from #StarWars #TheBadBatch is available for pre-order now!…
Retweeted by Paul Potiki @AdeleKThomas What make Indiana Jones different to modern action heroes is how clumsy and awkward he is, in the mom… @AdeleKThomas Jo Lie Miller @ManMadeMoon Aliens! Probably. @TomSpinaDesigns Hey lookee, it's @CworthDynamics! @garywhitta @jabso @CelerySorbet @cameronwilson @realestate_au @Domaincomau @newscomauHQ I just today read this useless waste o… @AJ_Maud
Trump won because of #VoterSuppression. Voter suppression gave us Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, $8T in new debt, 60…
Retweeted by Paul Potiki @CuriousUkTelly On New Zealand's Play School the doll was Maori and her name was Manu. @qikipedia I apologise for skewing the statistics. @sofageddon Hmm... *double checks* ...No.I just met the perfect person. She was delightfully sweet, funny, creative, interesting and engaging, and quite pre… @JontiSparrow Not to be confused with "Outer Wilds," which I just did.I tweeted a reply yesterday that got like 30 likes, so I muted it, as the notifications were getting a bit annoying… Aladdin Dead Poets Society Popeye's in another climate change-caused pickle. @edgarwright Yes sir, Mister Luthor! @TomGleisner @HYBPA Sam has a new haircut. Same shirt, though.MarSco From Saturday morning down at Sligachan, #IsleofSkye.
Retweeted by Paul PotikiJust remembered a game a childhood friend of mine had that creeped 5yr old me out. It had many names, but this was… @AdeleKThomas It's a 12 week wait for me, for AZ. But they scheduled it when I got the first so I'm set. @wheezywaiter Sorry. I mostly didn't tell you because I haven't seen them either. @CarmenSinek Why are you living on the surface of Mercury? @ManMadeMoon Feel free to operate in Australian time, as it's been Monday here for over half a day already. @ManMadeMoon I think the real reason requires even more cynicism than that. @RahulKohli13 I'd just be asking "Have you watched Sweet Tooth yet?"
@Nemesisgoldhair Enjoy the new environment. Write stories.The best thing young people can do early in their career is get ridiculous lucky breaks repeatedly, in my experience
Retweeted by Paul Potiki @feliciaday @Xbox If you're looking for a new co-op game, that Sea Of Thieves update looked good.