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After this crisis, remember the NHS is not drained by migrants, but sustained by them | Nesrine Malik house sales will collapse in 2020 as market goes into deep freeze, says study‘All I think of is my brother’: UK refugee family reunions disrupted by Covid-19 missed coronavirus contact tracing opportunity, experts say modify assessments to ensure year 12 students finish school this year | Australian education | The Guardian's coronavirus numbers offer hope as US enters 'peak of terrible pandemic' US intelligence inspector general urges others to speak out and defend whistleblowers grilled over continued promotion of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus – video wildlife markets to avert pandemics, says UN biodiversity chief spent two weeks in quarantine with my in-laws in a house full of puppets | Aleksandra Bliszczyk Baird on finding light in the dark: 'Coronavirus will leave a massive psychic scar' must help Pacific neighbours fight coronavirus, aid groups say hunt for a coronavirus vaccine | podcast ache of hard borders: we have never lived further from our families | Calla Wahlquist Princess docks at NSW port for 10 days but crew must remain on board coronavirus-stricken cruise ship in lockdown told not to make impulsive pet decision'We were trapped for too long': coming back to life after lockdown in Wuhan live news: Boris Johnson in hospital as Trump again touts hydroxychloroquine Zoo tiger tests positive for coronavirus the disruptors: how Covid-19 will shake up Airbnb reveals rape ordeal to 'help others who have suffered the same'
Talking Horses: Virtual Grand National generates £2.6m for NHS after 4.8m tune in latest: at a glance'Bad news': radiation spikes 16 times above normal after forest fire near Chernobyl lockdown to hit low-paid, young and women hardest, warns IFS's hospital admission suggests virus may have progressed launches training kit for coping with self-isolation's Covid-19 timeline: from 'mild symptoms' to hospital admission coronavirus live update: Ruby Princess set to dock in Port Kembla as Australian cases reach 5,687 – lates…'s virtual race ended after husband pulls out plug – video report runs the country if Boris Johnson is out of action?'Trump is killing his own supporters' – even White House insiders know it | Lloyd Green Munich to return to training on Monday 'in small groups' front page, Monday 6 April 2020: Boris Johnson admitted to hospital with coronavirus taoiseach Leo Varadkar to work a day a week as a doctor | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian'What would Shankly do?' Not what Liverpool are doing, that's for sure 'game changer' testing kits could be unreliable, UK scientists say praises the people, if not the government, and pulls off a tough gig Johnson admitted to hospital with coronavirus trading: Arnold Schwarzenegger puts Whiskey and Lulu to work Navy captain fired for raising coronavirus concerns tests positive himself Dev, Tavaré and me: Bollywood brings India's 1983 triumph to life Marquess of Bath obituary sunbathers may trigger stricter coronavirus lockdowns addresses the UK over coronavirus crisis – watch in full pictures: share your photos on the theme of ‘vivid’'We will meet again': Queen urges Britons to stay strong Jennings on approved sunbathing during lockdown – cartoon readers play a vital role in shaping the Guardian's coronavirus content | Elisabeth Ribbans Merrill obituary Guardian view on internet access: life, death and learning mothers turn to freebirthing after home births cancelled Rhapsody: isolation is catalyst for slew of parody songs us a tip on your favourite travel souvenir for a chance to win £200 towards a Sawday's stay your windows – and four other ways to improve the air quality at home games to host Stay At Home, Save Lives message What are UK's new monthly coronavirus testing goals? Vigo's Smolov defies lockdown to return home for fiance's 18th birthday for Chinese-made masks is a madhouse, says broker latest: at a glance | World news | The Guardian judge and Cummings' uncle Sir John Laws dies after contracting Covid-19 surgeon general warns of 'Pearl Harbor moment' as Trump retreats from view lesson from Italy: it's all or nothing hospital forced to consider who should be refused oxygen chief medical officer apologises for ignoring own advice – video midwife who died in Essex named as Lynsay Coventry we're all coping with being apart need to live restricted lives for at least six months – police enforced lockdowns are unnecessary | Peter Collig…'s private health funds could reap windfall from coronavirus – report backflip in lead-up to Queensland election puts youth in detention centres at risk of coronavirus no evidence anti-malaria drug Trump pushes works against virus will lead us through these troubled times? key appointments: Keir Starmer fills top shadow cabinet roles Ham plan £30m rights issue to cover revenue shortcomings challenged by Spirit of Shankly fan group over staff furlough twist in mystery of Brunel's birthday sunrise League clubs to go it alone in pay cut talks with players names Nandy as shadow foreign secretary as he starts building cabinet to play behind closed doors than not at all, says Uefa president Miller: 'Ugo passed and I said let's turn this into a song. Emotion flew out of me', exercise and social distancing across the UK – in pictures, party factions, antisemitism: the key issues for Keir Starmer owner scraps all fees for NHS to use Nightingale field hospital Lowry: 'I'm not happy to live off winning one Open title''What an idiot!' Triathlete out of virtual race after husband trips over power cord to be paid for daytime green electricity use during lockdown insists on face masks outside homes to stop Covid-19 PM: survival of EU rests on response to coronavirus crisis firm accused of cashing in on coronavirus crisis fruit farmers recruit thousands of locals to save harvest to suppress content spreading coronavirus 5G conspiracy theory and NHS deny reports of rift over coronavirus response investigate UK far-right groups over anti-Muslim coronavirus claims lockdown, parents are mastering the art of the meme. What could go wrong? | Eleanor Margolis Biden says he’ll wear mask in public after Trump says he won't up to the plate: the people helping to sustain UK food supply' recording-breaking kicker Tom Dempsey dies after contracting Covid-19 US churches and pastors ignoring 'stay-at-home' orders city creates helpline for removal of coronavirus victims of NHS doctors off sick 'may be nearly triple the official estimate'