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@sleepyfetts @connoronfilm @anishselar @ZenSkywaIker 1. no one said that he’s lying. 2. everyone has the right to h… @NitewingRock yes @RonyRonnyyyy does it look like i care😼 @2crayola2bich nooooo :(((ikr fucking fags want to take over the media and hollywood🤢🤢🤢🤢fuck sjw libtard cuck propaganda💯💯 good? @draxlul omg🥺ilyt @kingki1515 @kingki1313 @gayspacexx @draxlul @sharkmaneatsdog @wohny mega L @draxlul omg you do?👁👄👁 @Scottythebotty1 nope @draxlul nah @Scottythebotty1 nope @parasite_eveee character development @Scottythebotty1 not at all @parasite_eveee idk if you’re actually serious or not no capANH @Scottythebotty1 no, ugly and false too @fuckbentrash that’s pretty coolugly @draxlul no because it’s false😌💛 @draxlul nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno @jimmythewonton 13 IN 2 MINUTES WHAT THE FUCK @draxlul true but it’s the best movie @jimmythewonton 5 replies in 1 minute🗿ROTS is my favorite movie but the other prequels aren’t as good as the sequels so i’m picking red @thatsuperboi what you said about white ppl not being oppressed. i’m saying that i agree with what you said or what… @thatsuperboi yeah that’s what i say lol @maconfilm lolololol @BenjiLikesMyths THANK YOU @PorgHerder77 @smtaarrvwealrs eh. i don’t think it’s bad but it’s not that good either. i think it’s ok. i’ll occas…’m so excitedddd yeah @smtaarrvwealrs crimes of grindelwald so high?😳😳😳 @ThwipTDK @itscrayolabich it’s “cultural appropriation”, which in my opinion, it’s fucking stupid @parasite_eveee i diagree. i think it’s fun to debate with morons. @itscrayolabich yeah i agree. it’s definitely sketchy and her doing a different caption would definitely boil the… @itscrayolabich i just the ig post and his girlfriend put up a pic of her and her friend wearing kimonos with a cap… @itscrayolabich apparently. i don’t know for sure. @itscrayolabich apparently. that’s what i’ve read from the hashtag. idk if it’s true but if they’re calling her rac… @itscrayolabich his girlfriend wore a kimono, people were calling her racist and he started blocking those peopleNO FUCKING WAY THIS CAN’T BE REAL... gave Hamilton a half star SHUT the fuck up @capt_vaughn you better make updates i want to see @LiberalSame @stardream61016 @LessShot @jfthelolzor apparently you are... @AhsokaTanooSW @connoronfilm it’s still suspiciously incestuous and lowkey pedophilic. @AhsokaTanooSW @connoronfilm he’s a guy who basically “grew up” with a girl, him being like 40, (idk the real age)… @AhsokaTanooSW @connoronfilm do you support woody allen? @AhsokaTanooSW @connoronfilm how do you go from thinking it’s perverse to thinking it’s cute @ALCPny omg..LUIS JUST FELL ASLEEP IN THE DISCORD CALL LMFAOOOOOi was going to tweet FinnPoe and someone cleared the fucking chatvoice chat wildin'
Retweeted by 🇵🇷 𝓪𝓵𝓮𝔁 🍞 🐝 | biggest chili’s stanno, i’m good. @DOCFAKE i don’t care if people identify as that but i find it extremely ridiculous and i will automatically judge… @ThiccBoiThanos4 i don’t see a problem with it but the 18 year old has to be real careful ‘cause they could get in… @MDoggy2232 imagine mineremember when this happened? @MDoggy2232 te lo agradezco😌HEMBRISMO DOESN’T MEAN FEMINISM WHAT THE FUCK creo en el machismo ni hembrismo pero creo en el sexismo @BenjiLikesMyths thank youdare i say my best one so far? @noahwhereman such a fucking BOP @itscrayolabich nononononono @itscrayolabich hufflepuff>>>>may god have mercy on your soul @SITHFALLON @disneyplus @starwars W @ovnibellacoso LKABSJAGAHAFAN @ovnibellacoso literal @ovnibellacoso 🥱 @ovnibellacoso it iz what it iz @ovnibellacoso es nah es que una tipa ahi dijo algo y yo como que nonono y she kept arguing BUT with tweets and re… @LiberalSame @stardream61016 @LessShot @jfthelolzor are you stupida realist FOR SURE @noahwhereman no💛 @noahwhereman no. i know you’re wrong and you factually are. @MDoggy2232 @trevorthesith lo sé pero no me importa😼 @noahwhereman that’s where you’re wrong my friend @trevorthesith siSTOP SUBTWEETING OH MY FUCKING GODthen why are you saying Star Wars died in the first place DESPITE there being quality content over the years are you going to keep subtweeting or a you actually going to argue @disneyplus @starwars 1. ROTS 2. ANH 3. TFA 4. TLJ 5 ESByou right...that’s why Star Wars still better imo wars still beats it me, how much content is there of LOTR compared to SW nowadays? @JadeinFaded @TwixAreTopTier the correct answer @JadeinFaded MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEM @macnolann come again? @noahwhereman depending on where they live, yup, and it’s perfectly “suable” @noahwhereman i believe that if there were a case to be filed it would either get archived, meaning they wouldn’t d… @noahwhereman i’m just giving the facts so chill. anyways, if she’s actually a trans girl then, in the case in whi… @noahwhereman for starters, an individual does not press charges. secondly, they’re a legal adult so they can sue s… @Knights_Fear no @WhinerAnnoying offense but your friend isn’t too intelligent... @WhinerAnnoying huuUUuuuuUUUUUUUUUHHHH??????? enviale el video de Dalas para que veas que se va a arrepentir
@netero44rap aaaah sisisisi @WhinerAnnoying dile que vea el video de las que subió hace unas horas @WhinerAnnoying EITHER WAY, THEY’RE REAL. @WhinerAnnoying HOLD UP. THE VIDEO WHERE HE’S TALKING OR WHERE HE’S JACKING OFF?