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Amadeus a.k.a Deus | Will | 22 | πŸ†–οΈ | 9th in Indiana | Sheik main w/ pockets | Indysmash Rep | smash philosophy | Free Agent |

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rewatching the smash doc, shit really makes you want to be a part of smash history.Finally all just ulti mii brawlers in a sm4sh mii brawler worldmii brawler is the secret top tier of ult
My love for smash started with melee, I watched the documentary and been playing ever since please @NintendoAmerica…
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merry fucking christmas, holy hell! i cant wait!! @Geist_SSB of course its tcmk.. @TheDoorstop_ ego is a midlevel players best friend and worst enemy
if cat not enjoy being held... why baby sized?
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½getting gift art from someone and immediately making it your icon
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½ @VesselBros everyone on elite does roll in dsmash a lot. the true aggressive roll is rolling to cross them up in advantage state. πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ @EddieNorthStar @ShittyMario @AlphaOmegaSin this mf look like ed kemper morning. @gsmVoiD mang kinda panicked when he got accused @ArtiriaWho please god let it be real. just this once, god.i need this shit to be over by February, my heart cant take more than that @CopterTheDoctor you are by far the coolest grenThe face / The pokemon finally playing decent on elite tonight and was on like a 7 win streak then as it said game this dude dc'd and… @XeroXenFGC we'll all learn with time hopefully. i find myself only counting the pros in a mu and not the cons or vice versa. @XeroXenFGC i feel that, i remember your confidence. part of what made you so good tho. @XeroXenFGC especially in ult. people seem to think just cuz they have tools in a mu, they win it. @TAS_DIce so yes, its pride @LoaferSsb ur built different
@CantolopeSSB dtilt @Thor_SSB i can see pika and maybe shulk but joker sounds very even @Thor_SSB i think he beats snake but loses to sheik @SignoloWes even top players will often only put like 1 or 2 losing matchups on their lists. it just doesn't make s… @SoulComet fairseein its a trend that no one wants to admit there character loses mus, is this a pride thing?been playing a lot of hero lately. came to a realization that hes really good AND i played dq growing up a ton so t… this bc it’s important.
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½good morning @Parmas3an ah, it was so simple all along. i will decide not to care about others opinions. @wa_ve100 true @cilvanis i be forgettin twitter snitchesyall ever wish you were a narcissist? i feel like itd be a lot easier to do things like advertise your shit if you… @LilyFuchsia id be playing melee if not for sheik tbh @SoulComet were obviously just built different, lets have a talk with him. prolly coulda di'd it too.
@qwillinthefish one of the biggest disappointments of this year is that @GucciMalloochee won't be able to go to Saw Con this year 😭
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½anime merch has become a love of mine tbh, it looks soooo cool to me idk @LilyFuchsia @NintendoAmerica #FREEMELEE @gsmVoiD ive had similar dreams, shit scares me more than a nightmareIn this time of social isolation, a nearly 19yo game called Super Smash Bros Melee connects a community of tens of…
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½#FreeMeleeJust to be clear, Nintendo wants you to use a Gamecube or Wii(discontinued as of 2013) with a copy of game(disconti…
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½ @Jesstopherson nah thatd be so cool. like for me, not for yall.
what if?.. they gave sheiks upsmash a scoop hitbox.. @gsmVoiD holy shit what the fuck??? @imkillinyou πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”is crash bandicoot a cuck? @LoaferSsb bro put a little seasoned salt on these and they're addictivei would literally rather play monkeys with controllers in their hands.touched elite for the first time in a week or two and omg i lost faith in these monkey brained fuckin idiots immediately.
@smash_pacman yea shes got tooooons of stuff, before quarantine she was one of the least developed characters but now her meta has layersss @lordsturm473 @smash_pacman smh that shits easily covered @lordsturm473 @smash_pacman cuz you aint comin down @lordsturm473 @smash_pacman watchu do after the double jump @lordsturm473 @smash_pacman you not getting upair juggled enough, her upair beats all his moves but down b its funny @lordsturm473 @smash_pacman sheik beats yoshi tho?sheik is broken. once offline come back safely, yall gonna see sheiks rising up. @rightasreine one of my favorite quotes, "its the game, dude, its the way it is. its like if you wake up everyday… bong @rightasreine i just think its exhausting and a waste of energy @__imchrissss haikyuu, hajime no ippo, kurokos basketball @ven_oaks @pizza_jesus_ i thought this was @ me for a sec, was boutta go ham @JeffPBLK ive been waiting for this forever @JeffPBLK im gonna play this shit CONSTANTLY @pizza_jesus_ sports anime is the closest thing i can getfeel like im in a dream, and idk if its a good one. @TheObsiidian WHAT THE FUCKi dont have a pic lolthe day after Smash out 2019. my best result to date, 17th at a B-tier :( need to watch more sports anime. love the tournament arcs so much. @MisterbeepEric im ready for mistereric fleetscomma splices are my biggest flaw as a human @AB_Jawn loving things is always a fine personality trait @INbusinessOwner @AB_Jawn @GovHolcomb this is okay.hating on smash is NOT a personality trait"Melee feels less competitive ever since most of the gods left" "It's online it doesnt matter" So many reasons to…
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½ @LilyFuchsia as someone on antidepressants, yes, its a life changer. its like it gives you more power against depre… @LilyFuchsia tytyty!! @LilyFuchsia ty for carrying sheik @LilyFuchsia @LilyFuchsia bruh, is this why my dash back fsmashes from neutral getup dont cover roll anymore? used to yank mfers from behind me @LilyFuchsia wait when did they nerf it?
@RrJus10 @MINTOSdaboi @TaariqBethea5 nah, my nintendoid is NeoDeus. @isohel_lol my senior quote was "No" -Squiddward Tennisballs. i was done as fuck with school. @katyxparry put*practiced IDJ and other crazy tech inputs last night with @GucciMalloochee. found some success with some of them…
Retweeted by πŸ’€π•―π–Šπ–šπ–˜πŸ‘½ @katyxparry i knew youd out them to good use lmaoo i love it
havent had this drive and focus to improve since august.
@magefalco give him a two dimensional bong @magefalco g&w definitely could rip a bong offline with a few friends today, im so excited! @imkillinyou high risk high reward