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@lhommielette Refreshing honesty! Anyone who “loves all creative activity” is responsible for considerable material and aesthetic pollution. @Hamletmachin @nerdythor Living as a non-racist family in TX, then coming close to being drafted for Vietnam. @Hamletmachin @pasajeperpetuo That’s what I thought it was, but they didn’t seem flushed with their success.Hugh channels his inner Alice! écrit : " L'attente, en creusant le temps rend l'amour plus profond."
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesHere's a critique I wrote of panpsychism and other "neo-geocentric" ideas: @Philip_Goff
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesTime Entanglement Raises Quantum Mysteries | Quanta Magazine Bizarre quantum bonds connect distinct moments in tim…
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintesniki de saint phalle
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesVERTIGO (1958) Cinematography by Robert Burks Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Explore our video essay guide to this…
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes"If it is necessary, our atomized consciousness invents love, imagines it or feigns it, but does not live without i…
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesThe Scream, 1893 #expressionism #norwegianart
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesIf you like this you probably’ll like the “Goofs” and “things that appear to be goofs but aren’t “ in the IMDB page…⁦@studiokazanjian⁩ I fear one of your architectural tropes has escaped into the wild. was a broke teenager in SF in the sixties so my favourite congas were played by six or a dozen mostly black guys… @AventuraObscura As curator of her screen and real husband’s forename I should point out that a mere quarter of a c… @M0REM00REM0RE Some great stories around this guy, but his political ideas are far more important: how anxieties ab… was covered by an episode of the high-quality tv show The Defenders, broadcast in the Sixties. drama school mudra training
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesAmerican whiskies that evaporate off a surface leave distinctive, web-like patterns that distinguish them from Scot…
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes @Private_Ida (Might have made a nice epigram / spoiler for Psycho.) Some people seem haunted, as if there’s a fetid… us on Thursday 14 November at 4.30pm for the next in our series of History of Art Research Seminars: ‘Francis…
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesThe eyelines seem to confirm this. a series of exhibitions at Garage Rotterdam, the first of which opens Friday. 'Orgonomics' is a group sh…
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes @ClerkofOxford Deehurst in Gloucestershire is, I believe, the only village in England with two Saxon churches. We c…
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes @riding_red @Unwise_Trousers One hardly approves of such fires, but there are a number of propagated examples of th…“I feel a little like the moon who took possession of you for a moment and then returned your soul to you. You shou…
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesThe gigantic ancient bleached skull had a small winding staircase carved into its side. At the bottom was an ornate…
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesPleasant enough, but lightweight, where the utterly pared-down quality of John Wesley Harding is like stone, like g… was a similar fest at the LRB shop some time back. Great to see Doris Lessing in person, although She didn’t… but clarifying to be fatherless, as he was from an early age. @AndrewCollins Wish I could help , but I just use an iPad instead of a radio.La Maslova en prison (vers 1900-1912) - Jean-Paul Laurens.
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes @peelmiagrape “Hi-fi Shop”?I was trying to describe his writing to a scientist friend; don’t think I did too well. I was trying to say Camera… found his work very inspirational. Simple genius to stay in the car and using the mirrors, the everyday frames fo… Buckminster Fuller, ‘Domes—Their Long History and Recent Development’ (in Ideas and Integrities, 1963/2010).
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes @NinaAntonia13 Cheers! Dunno, I’ll ask Olly the fount of all taxonomic knowledge when I next see him.Newark, New Jersey, c.1962 by Lee Friedlander
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes @vaguevisages The 50s original, for pods’ sake! So much more effective, more sci-fi, more b&w!Elective Affinities, 1933 #magritte #renemagritte
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“If you can read this you’re too damn close” and “don’t look at her rear, look at mine” is what the Klingon conting… @unfortunatalie @TamlynRogers @Trevor_Pyne ...apart from the fact that it’s at least partial composed of stow or Stow. @NinaAntonia13 @TamlynRogers No, no, it was Wreckless Eric’s original lyrics for “whole wide [wold]” before he cons… @TamlynRogers Not sure Borges ever got here except via Dickens and Doyle. The Stones and Donovan gave me an excelle… battle, 1947 #surrealism #remediosvaro
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesDeath of Marat I, 1907 #munch #norwegianart
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesLe Grand Guignol? @NinaAntonia13 Is this the root of Black Bryony which has red berries this time of year, like the hips of wild rose… @editorseditor @skipbolden BO was one of the first cultural exports from South America, and very un-Carman Miranda… Rolling Stones ~ I Am Waiting (from Aftermath, 1966) #NowPlaying via @YouTube
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesOn the Island of the Colorblind, Genetic History Affects How Residents See Color On Island of the Colorblind, Para…
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesPriceless! Great detail, acting and punchline!, but do you dare show us your cape cupboard? across the Bay, 1921 #wikiart #spanishart
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesSo it’s not only Central and South Americans who go all morbid once a year? @ADASpota @YouTube Their covers were much closer to the originals than the Beatles’ were, but it’s always good to get closer to the sources.don´t allow no downward spiral to get hold on you
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesBorn on this day 1927 Mose Allison
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesL’ <Amant Gourmant> c’est moi! (belch). @artistbalthus #followart #frenchart
Retweeted by Dezi Esseinteseven cleverness can scarcely avoid having faith in itself
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesApart from that killer side eye from Ms Inthemiddle, whose stylist we grudgingly admit does deserve some kind of aw… my timeline this is followed directly by an ad for a Ralph Lauren “documentary”, no doubt reeking of the most la… @CuriosoTheGreat When I hear the word “aim” my BS alarm goes haywire.Priceless unsnappy journalism! Will try to work it into what might laughably described as my discourse. @dobraszczyk Strictly scientific, possibly why I never warmed to JGB’s fiction. His biography, tho, was something e… @dobraszczyk Depends on your timescale, pessimism and aesthetics. They might host great crowds of unrecognisably mu… @spacemagick @Steampunk_T I believe there was an exceedingly unpleasant accident, at Imperial or elsewhere, but per…“Scopophilia” is perhaps more precise, and is an issue for all of us. Hitchcock is just one of few to stick his nec… seeing it as I first did in the late 60s, on a borrowed black and white telly with at least as much time gi…“In Greek tragedy, they fall from great heights. In noir, they fall from the curb.” Dennis Lehane
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesRemember that farmers have to ask permission to stop hunts crossing their own farms... Think on that bullshit. Hunt…
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes#RobertMitchum has other plans for your phone-call, buddy. #Noirvember
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesTremendous “own goal”! Who would want to re-read their own “corrections”?“The lover is he who waits” Perfect rap lyric. as entomologist! Not my first guess... @egabbert Explains the appeal of eg Joy Division, who I spent much time listening to as a younger person. Now I nee… @themelvillean Quality nagging!He’s always struck me as the shadow of the undead white US male, radiating doubt and defeat in his very bone struct… @LondonDreamtime @portalsoflondon @folk_cunning When I first became interested in the history of the city I had liv… moves to the crystal bottle by her Father's oak bureau and pours them each a slow brandy. He stares at her arse u…
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesHow cool! You probably know that 18C architects like Soane would have drawings done showing the proposed structure… @vvbaudelaire You wouldn’t believe the number of notional left wingers in the UK who privately and sometimes publicly “love our queen”. @CuriosoTheGreat Isn’t it perfume and similar low cost items that bring profit to the couture fashion brands? That… @CuriosoTheGreat There’s a lot more freedom, but you can’t expect it to sell or appeal to editors. @bellezzaoscura When I had temporary access to a bookbinding workshop I stuck new paper (and a newspaper) in old bo… listening to George Jones records. He’d approve.
Retweeted by Dezi Esseintes @IronsideMrs Slighly foxed, with guilt edging.The Dream, 1955 #arthistory #frenchart
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesThe mountains erase my mind, her fingers caress the granite charging parts felt dormant inside the hiss of this illusion.
Retweeted by Dezi EsseintesNothing like an authoritative voice-over to give a work gravitas. @benaustwickart @TonyHom33 @portalsoflondon While you’re in that part of the world, stop in at the charming garden… sure about the little cross on the LH one, but I can see the attraction of the symbol. Like a hand proffering a… @manpokenautilus @LapsusLima Piercing accurate image of my courting disasters.One of many problems with assessing priorities in science, from what I can gather from a few chats with professiona… it only the ones with the big rings at the top that can be easily rearranged to confuse invading troops? C.f.: “… @philipcball But let’s hope they’re properly logged. @scrambolegg @Otakundead Sometimes in the UK stores awaiting refurbishment let people use them for eg artists’ stud… @vvbaudelaire A short-lived punk fashion was to hang VW symbols around your neck, something to do with the Beasty B… misquote the estimable Ian Dury: “Wot a Waist!”. Thanks for sharing and cheering.