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Mark Gallo®️ @guhlo California, USA

Orchestrator of Beverages - Nor-Cal Beverage Company (Contract Manufacturer). At 8yrs old was California State Bubble Gum Blowing Champion.

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Reminded of what @chriscantino & @mrsharma say about the importance of "Retention" when reading this note on bevera… retailer serves the best tasting hot chocolate? Asking for a friend. @jmmohr Curious to know where (cities / states) majority of volume comes from. @jmmohr Perfect premium “sidekick” to hard seltzer. @TheLAeats no dice.. still on my list2 of the best Asian inspired label graphics on RTD beverages
Beverages are divided into 2 categories Simple Flavor names - Cherry, Lemon Lime, etc Exotic Flavor names - Glaci… @alexisohanian yep. @iiiitsandrea ...@max_blessen and his Joy Milk TeaIt’s uncanny how true Henry Ford’s “Fordism” plays out in beverage - products may or may not be improved - yet the… is a synthesis of employees / machines / materials @JustPaulMiller Vanessa is a tremendous resource of knowledge..Some terrific advice on growing sustainable beverage brands: @SportByFort depends on the category.. for beverage brands - matters a ton ! @iiiitsandrea @chriscantino To my knowledge only big breweries have them - Anheuser Busch (Bud family, Estrella + G… @iiiitsandrea The “medicine” style bottle is a sweet touch with the CBD inclusion
@jmmohr Remember seeing this at their trade booth last NACS show part of branded coolers at retail- other brands usually find their way in. In this case winner is the distri… @claytonchambrs That’s preposterous @moenichedee @claytonchambrs Stuff is legit @claytonchambrs What did you grab ?When talking beverages, it appears that people know more about what the do not like vs what they do like. @robpetrozzo @hypelev Thank you @robpetrozzo Might you have a link to purchase ?Successful beverage brands have trusted and reliable supplier relationships. @FOSAdam @samanthaa_white National treasure @andwoo perfect opportunity for some product placement with the neighbor Game Day Hacks! @JuiceboxCA @JustPaulMiller @JuiceboxCA Which bar stool do you prefer to sit in ? @chriscantino Please explainIt tastes so good when it hits your lips
@Nrcoope Which would you prefer ? @TheLAeats Excited to get my hands on a bottle shortlyA beverage should be judged on how big of a smile it delivers. Simple as that. @iiiitsandrea @JustPaulMiller Instant value (talk, social and user ease)... tons of run way - gonna spend time goin… @YourFriendEvan You are behind already @beerhere63 @PromoterRichard @GCTigerTracker @kates4cubbies Only if @chris_hagle is buying . @pcgrieco13 @garyvee Who would be picking what you drink ? ⚡️ or 🍷 @LandonAinge @mjmauboussin 1st time discovering him . What about him for you is intriguing ? @PromoterRichard Feel I would be nervous 😬 @Madhu_Sharoff @mcuban I’m I fan of this choice . Seems like a great person to hold a conversation with for just ab… @HiredGuns @blairenns @davidcbaker @launchpadgroup1 👍 @PatrickDux @ryantannehill1 @KingHenry_2 2 of my fantasy starters ! @KatColeATL @JustPaulMiller @max_blessen Too kind. @michaelmiraflor Privacy concernsI’m drawn to everything about this tequila brand right now ... @launchpadgroup1 @JoePompliano @AthleticBrewing Speaking of AB - if he performs up to his talent again with TB or S… @launchpadgroup1 @JoePompliano @AthleticBrewing Was not aware or realized he supported non alch beers .... @andymcgeady @JeremySchaap How a beverage tastes has been filtered through your preconceived ideas & biases - Enjoy !If you could share a beverage with someone you follow on Twitter, who would it be ? @jamielissette 👀 @JoePompliano @AthleticBrewing Athletes are perfect ambassadors to drive trial and awareness for the category
@birsic @iiiitsandrea Gonna be living our best yrs ... without sacrificing anything really @FurnRuns Remarkable achievement considering beer is probably hurting them more than helping @ZakNormandin All emulate and/or iterate on something created before them. Hence bringing the past forward in a mea… are liquid historyMost important ingredient that goes into a beverage - consumers need statePabst never sold cheap beers. It sold companion beers. According to GM, Matt Bruhn and @Brewbound its now transm… @mistrchristophr @tylermappe @deepellumbrewco @oskarblues @tylermappe @mistrchristophr @deepellumbrewco @oskarblues Would they know to peel the labels ? @mistrchristophr @deepellumbrewco @oskarblues This is honest transparency at its best .
Appreciate the User “Journey” Guide from “Alcohol Free Buzz” brand - Sun Chaser @FurnRuns @darrenrovell @AthleticBrewing excellent observation... only know of 1 start up going down that 0.0 route… @mistrchristophr In a pub - bring it on !Excited to see the non-alcoholic beer space continue to receive validity - Guinness enters the market Spree Continues Coca Cola plans to cut 200 Brands in its portfolio @tylermappe Major accomplishment ! 🍻 @HiredGuns yep.. we are on the same page. only think i circle back to ... Hard Seltzer's being "healthy" due to low… @SebDreher if i layer in knowing article is about hard seltzer - maybe they can drink 10 +and remain "healthy" kno… @SebDreher thanks for validating what I initially saw. Its i would anticipate the opposite - less drinks / healthie… @jmmohr party animal. but are you drinking 10 hard seltzers ? I can make the leap and say drinking 10 Hard Seltzers… @HiredGuns 1 interpretation - the more I drink, the healthier I feel (perception) ? most people would argue the complete opposite, no ?I'm confused how to interrupt this chart. Please weigh in. Came from attached article on hard seltzer.…
@mistrchristophr @newbelgium nice stained glass pieces of art.Beverage cap X-Ray machine @pcgrieco13 @iiiitsandrea Upcycled coffee fruit brand Up To Good beverage terms: upcycle and circular economy @JWatson_Bev @beveragepodcast @iiiitsandrea Ice Cream museum feel @CraftBeerBetty @mistrchristophr @newbelgium @tylermappe @mistrchristophr @newbelgium @Countryman_John do judge people who have & use branded glassware at home 🏠
@BrazeltonDan humble start.. @iiiitsandrea 1st thought updated designs from Orbitz & Clearly Canadian brands glass exemplifies premium for ima… @chriscantino but with little to no risk.. flip side tons of risk/unknowns going into private label. @chriscantino hmmm... maybe a better play - become a new "data" supplier for brands and compete against Nielsen/IRI/SPINSBeverage categories & brands making @Interbrand 2020 Top Global Brand List: Beer (3) Budweiser, Corona & Heineke… @Mr_Encouraged1 with no end in sight on can tightness.. its a livable nightmare for all..A beverage industry exercise that does more harm than good: Milk Runs 🥛🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ @Dmoneystyles Los Angeles @kaleighf @sweetreasonbev 👀Re-labeling cans - resourcefulness and shows real struggles of demand planning for multiple flavors. rivalries are tremendous - billboard wars. @TheLAeats appreciate the follow and interest in how I see the beverage world.