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@hazedCS ;)me : I'll always have your back bro, no worries! We ride together we die together ! YESSIR him:
@katsumiFPS @OfficialAproto Same @effysgo AHAHAHHA @meg4ncs Muscle memory :)ns @TheUltraLex :( @Jesheetv It’s just blocks into every obstacle ever @meg4ncs Non le character suck @vanitycsgo I think it is bro ...YOYOYO I HAVE AN IDEA!!! Let’s ruin the omen tp completely , so that omen players look mad dumb !!! Ahahah UNLESS 👀 @WINGUARDlAN @GenG AHAHAHAH
fix omen TP fix omen TP fix omen TP fix omen TP fix omen TP fix omen TP fix omen TP fix omen TP fix omen TP fix ome…
Retweeted by Gen.G gMd 🇨🇦 @ImmortalMindsTV @MkaeLcs @HUYNH_CS @Yonji_x1 @effysgo @KnightsGG @pennycsgo aahahahahahah @HUYNH_CS @Yonji_x1 @effysgo @KnightsGG @pennycsgo You’ve dashed on afks before PLZ
@aminacov @Subroza @c4Lypso_ @Yonji_x1 AHAHAHAH @aminacov Happy birthday mon frero ! Amuse toi et prend soin de toi 🥳 @Shanks_TTV You got my Snapchat stop dreaming , I can make it a reality @xKitzi @Shanks_TTV @MkaeLcs 👀👀Sunday 6 PST, lets have some fun and ask some question!
@MkaeLcs @leaf_cs Yeah fosure @KallasDominic @PureGenieUS 🥳🇨🇦🇨🇦 @1grimcs @EvilGeniuses @BLASTPremier MY DAWG @Mauisnake ;) @Mauisnake Maybe 😎
Couldn’t be happier to work with this guy 🥳 Welcome Kenny ! #GenGWIN @WINGUARDlAN @GenG lol ok not doing any content with you ever again kid @WINGUARDlAN @GenG you didnt even watch it? @GenG 0 views on my video? weird @leaf_cs congrats , hf nathan! @arnoldwh @WINGUARDlAN LOL IM DOWN @Subroza Force them to play with all the other muted people, let them sit in silence.
Retweeted by Gen.G gMd 🇨🇦 @arnoldwh 👀👀 @RiotBallerina @JonahP_ Dude wtf man @deriquoo Ok chu mad @deriquoo Number 73 bb @BoggsCS LOL @deriquoo Esti en 5 contre 5 svpThe HABS are about to drive me crazy , STAY OUT OF THE BOX HOLY fuck
@Subroza @Papamax89 AHAHAHA @Papamax89 @Subroza Dude wtf ... @Papamax89 @Subroza nudes are secured, right? @psalm cute af @MkaeLcs @WedidValorant My dawg 🥵🥰 @Justinovah @WedidValorant Not me @WINGUARDlAN @HUYNH_CS say less winston! I'll be there bro @Slasher @mel_anji THATS CAP AHAHAHHAAH i cant
@WINGUARDlAN @GenG Omg ... @sp2ink1es @WINGUARDlAN @GenG LMAO @WINGUARDlAN @GenG Theses are all headshot even the cam noob @HUYNH_CS @GenG Sûre @GenG Always solid in that departmentI’m being super confident in this clip and I’m still stuttering , that’s tough @WINGUARDlAN <3 @missharvey Ta fais ma journée ... WoW @missharvey YESSIR @meg4ncs @ssre46137448 @vanitycsgo LOL.@vanitycsgo where are u bro @Pterodactylsftw i got u, first stream i get you to radiant @Pterodactylsftw sub? follow?STREAMS THIS WEEK , STAY TUNED MFSecret Club will be playing @ESEA premier and all upcoming tournaments/qualifiers with the following roster:…
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@giraffley @itsTenski @missharvey On dirais vrm que tu typais gMdgMdgMd pis jtai vraiment content ... w/e @Yonji_x1 @YouTube @isaiahsoli @Subroza @WARDELL416 @HUYNH_CS @s0mcs @Shanks_TTV <3 @Yonji_x1 LOL MY MANNNNNNNN @Yonji_x1 @YouTube @isaiahsoli @Subroza @WARDELL416 @HUYNH_CS @s0mcs @Shanks_TTV bro la dance a la fin, chu dead LM… @WINGUARDlAN @sp2ink1es LMAO I hate you Winston @KING_BABYBAY @Subroza ns!
@RealStrongLegs He wasn’t toxic so I like him @daveycsgo come over @daveycsgo I hate u mf @its_miasma LOL, he wasnt toxic tho so i like himdude i really cant win, I CANT MAN WHY WHY WHY bro im trynna fucking win, W, A DUB, SOMETHING, I WANT TO FEEL SOMET… @RealStrongLegs @PlayVALORANT DUDE STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT SKYEOne of the best coaches I’ve had , truly a hard worker and a good friend 🥰
@WINGUARDlAN @HUYNH_CS @PlayVALORANT @RiotZiegler toi aussi @WINGUARDlAN @HUYNH_CS @PlayVALORANT @RiotZiegler bro relaxshort morning stream come in!!! @witmer LMAO @witmer Should I be 😏Please fix omen tp @PlayVALORANT , it gets caught on random stuff (will get caught in the middle of an open area wh…
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.@GenG is one of the most successful and valuable #esports companies across the US and Asia! 🎮🌏 They're hiring rig…
Retweeted by Gen.G gMd 🇨🇦How's your morning? me : @bbfloris SOONTM @RiotXylese quebec hits diff @RiotBallerina LOL @MatthewCElmore LOL @GATpenguin AHAHAHAH no biggie @sfX_x1 LMAO NY REPRESENT BB @MattFooji Too hawt bb @SoaRDusa 🇨🇦 @WedidValorant ❤️ @SoaRDusa A lil spot next to my place ahah @vanitycsgo 🥰🥵 @Yonji_x1 🥵 @Nyylann Ice in my veins broWater and cute guy