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Professional VALORANT Player @GenG | Inquires : DMS are open Ex : @Rogue @SpacestationGG #GenGWIN #GenG

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Losing fucks with my brain so I gotta win lmfao @RiotBallerina @TheRiseNation 💛🤍0-2 vs @TheRiseNation lol ggs
@Vanityxz @TheRiseNation be in chat.#GenGWINplaying vs @TheRiseNation soon for a spot in the next qualifier! Do or die ! Come support me and my team at @arnoldwh @MatthewCElmore AHAHAH @JaxsenFPS good luck! @MatthewCElmore got it matt. @Subroza @T1 gl mon frere je taime @CSNaturEE You’re nasty @hazedCS @version1gg i aint 20 y/o old anymore...ggs 2-1 vs @version1gg didnt play my best this b03, team win tho #GenGWINplaying vs @version1gg #GenGWIN
@HUYNH_CS @TSM J’essaye @RiotBallerina @TSM 1-2 to @TSM , t’es un gamer mon Yass gl demain ❤️🇨🇦 @HUYNH_CS Danny… like … I’m glad you’re not suffering with me rn … you’re saved1-1 i guess...playing vs @tsm for #VCT RN #GenGWIN @TSM @WARDELL416 Actually I am friend with coach @TSM_Myth but ok kid @k_dunn_ige Come hype me up rnplaying vs @tsm at 3PM EST for #VCT GL and HF #gengwinThere are few things in life better than watching friends find happiness and something to push them to become better than they already are.
Retweeted by Gen.G gMd 🇨🇦 @RiotBallerina @GenG @U315A @honeyg1ow Ok so we’re being the best supporter @RiotBallerina @GenG @U315A @honeyg1ow ok so we're getting the big guns out... i see @RiotBallerina @PlayVALORANT @RiotBallerina @FionnOnFire LMFAO bad first pick … @DnorValorant @RiotBallerina @FionnOnFire Idk man… @RiotBallerina @FionnOnFire You lose
@GenG come see me play rn @k_dunn_ige @Sp2ink1es lol im tiltedTell em here
@Lanf3ust @uNKOE Fdp @RealStrongLegs You know the drill @RiotBallerina I am immortal rn so we would literally be the same rank gg @RiotBallerina I thought immortal would be a better fit @FNS Booked. You’re sitting next to me buddy @uNKOE C’est la chimie , ça s’est fait tout seul brl @floppyCSGO @priusOBS LMFAOO @priusOBS Ahahah not him ahahah!! Would be so weird ahah!!2 best friends… just relaxing … ahaha…🥵💦💦 @RiotBallerina @PlayVALORANT I am kinda nasty can’t blame you! @Swadear15 @RiotBallerina LOL @Swadear15 @RiotBallerina I knew you were a good one @WedidOfficial @MatthewCElmore Oh ok say less @hazedCS Imagine if m’y native language was English , nobody would ever think I’m dumb righr ahah!! Right ? @WedidOfficial @MatthewCElmore Fuck you how about thatso whenever someones dumb , its me???? lol ok
July 26th is always a tough day as it's the day I lost my Pops to Cancer. Always cherish your loved ones no one kno…
Retweeted by Gen.G gMd 🇨🇦EZ5 is looking for an organization! Current Roster: @C0Mtweets @dcopGG @PaincakesVAL @Kanpeki_XD @Gucc107 C…
Retweeted by Gen.G gMd 🇨🇦
@RiotBallerina @EliGE @Dronecsgo @JonahP_ Yeah for sure! @ElmoreSteven @MkaeLcs Thank you!
Mike was sleeping next to me like a lil nasty boy !!! @RiotBallerina @Subroza @MkaeLcs Plz do sur moi @CSNaturEE @MkaeLcs Thank you nick!I got my trasher shirt on. @arnoldwh I thought I was right there no? @CSNaturEE LMFAO f uReally had a ton of fun just talking with y’all ❤️❤️ thank you everyone who came by!!
Watch party with @MkaeLcs IRL come watch @Coco_VLR @PUMA @GenGesports Sorry coco t’es vrm trop gentil en fait @Coco_VLR @PUMA @GenGesports LOLI swear I thought I was a model at some point! Photoshoot with @puma and @gengesports 🥵🥵 à Los Angeles, California.😉😉 more flicks from our global @PUMA shoot 📸
Retweeted by Gen.G gMd 🇨🇦 @RiotBallerina No biggie just a puma model lol @hazedCS It’s right now bro @higcparty @GenG I never received anything … don’t wait for someone else to offer me!! @k_dunn_ige You think so ?🥵🥵 @GeorgeCGed Just like the articles …New puma , new me GL! #GENG had a ton of fun with the @GenG squad let’s do it again yeah? @effysgo @MkaeLcs You heard the man . @higcparty @MkaeLcs LOL @C0Mtweets @MkaeLcs No it’s just me being really fucking hot with mike … @C0Mtweets @MkaeLcs Just 2 best friends… they might kiss.. @higcparty @MkaeLcs One more hoodie and we got a deal @RiotBallerina @MkaeLcs It’s on mike now … I am being safe but it’s being a lil crazy sometimes … @OhaiMiles @MkaeLcs A lot @RiotBallerina @MkaeLcs Talk to your people rnHow many likes for me and @MkaeLcs to do a watch party ? I’ll be at his place tonight … imagine me and him irl doin… @Sp2ink1es @Shawn12590 no absolutely not. @Shawn12590 trying stuff... @Shawn12590 yo same... ahaha good thing we're not on the same team ahahaha would be pretty bad ahahah
anime picture. new me. gl! @CSNaturEE LMFAO I fucking love you ahah
@dapr @Vanityxz LMFAO @Zellsis @effysgo @GenG @MkaeLcs This guy is a fucking spectator in your games and he’s talking lol @effysgo @GenG @MkaeLcs Bro you’re literally trash loli got it. KOALA
@RiotBallerina @FionnOnFire LETS GO @Subroza @TSM oh TBNK c'est ca qui veulent dire quand ils parlent de legendes....
LMFAO @Subroza ca c'est sur un good day lmfao single digit QI desfois gros @Subroza non toi t'as eu 0 fun lmfao @katsumiFPS @MkaeLcs